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0 Chapter List 303 Liangyi Tao
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Shrine maiden?

     Ye Shu didn't know much about witches, so he didn't ask much, and followed Gongxiao to enter the gate.

     This small building is actually the ancestor worship hall of the Tsuchimikado Family. The layout inside is like an ancestral hall, with incense burners and spiritual positions, which is very common.

     Ye Shu entered, glanced at those spiritual positions, they were all unrecognized names, but on the top of the spiritual sign, it was written with Tu Yumen Qingming.

     It seems that since the ancestors of the Heian Period, the Tsuchimikado Family has been dedicated to an ancestral hall. This ancestral hall has been handed down for thousands of years. I don’t know how many generations it has been repaired or remodeled.

     Gong Xiao bowed towards the spiritual position, and then led Ye Shu around the spiritual position wall and entered the inner hall.

     This inner hall is not wide, even obvious at a glance, empty.

     But it was very clean, and apparently the witches came back to clean it every day.

     Gongxiao walked quickly through the inner hall and then entered the wooden corridor.

     It is strange that there is a long corridor in the ancestral hall, and there is a closed door at the end of the long corridor, the door is covered with charms, which looks very scary.

     "President Gongxiao, where does the corridor lead? It seems to have entered the mountain."

     Ye Shuqi said, according to his observations from outside, Tuyumen Mountain is close to other mountains. Behind this ancestral hall is another mountain, not shorter than Tuyumen Mountain.

     "Yes, the treasures left by the ancestors are all in the mountains, and only the people of the tribe can enter during the annual worship."

     Ye Shu nodded to show that he understood. Gong Xiao took out the key and opened the door, leading Ye Shu into the mountain.

     Inside is a man-made stone chamber, wide and bright, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a palace in the mountains.There are always bright lights hung on the surrounding walls, illuminating the palace as bright as day.

     Ye Shu had a feeling of tomb robbery, and this palace was probably handed down from ancient times.

     Ye Shu deliberately looked around, and found that there was a sculpture standing in each corner, with amulet on it, guarding the surroundings.

     Gong Xiao walked straight to the center of the palace. There was a towering blue stone platform in the center, which looked like a square coffin.

     Gong Xiao took out another key and went into Shitaizhong.

     Immediately the stone platform separated, revealing a more delicate small stone platform.

     Ye Shu looked over and found that the stone platform was smooth and shaped like a cylinder, but the top of it was ravines, like a few deep characters.

     Ye Shu took a closer look and found that it was really a word, the three big words "Tu Yumen" connected to each other.

     "What is this?"

     Ye Shuqi said, Gong Xiao said solemnly: "This is the guardian jade left by our ancestors. It is related to the matter of life and death of my Tsuchimikado Family."

     Guardian jade?

     "Jade psychic, can contain ghosts and gods, is the most peculiar treasure. Onmyouji's exhibition cannot be separated from jade."

     Gong Xiao explained that Ye Shu did not ask too much to know one and understand half.

     "How can I verify my bloodline?"

     Ye Shu went straight to the subject, and Gong Xiao moved aside: "Mr. Ye, please place your hand on the god jade. If you are not from my tribe, the god jade will reject you."

      so simple?

     Ye Shu nodded immediately, walked a few steps, and pressed his palm to the god jade.

     The divine jade was half a meter long and wide, and Ye Shu couldn't even cover a word with the palm of his hand.As soon as the palm of his hand touched, it suddenly became cold, Ye Shu shuddered, felt a strange throb.

     But for a moment, a burst of light flashed on the surface of the god jade, with three big characters shiny.

     Gong Xiao had a surprise, Ye Shu was also shocked and hurriedly withdrew his hand.

     As soon as he moved his hand away, Shenyu returned to its original appearance and no longer shined.

     "The god jade is auspicious, in the last ages, the god jade never shines, Mr. Ye actually makes the god jade shine!"

     Gong Xiao was shocked, the joy in his eyes could not conceal.

     Ye Shu thought that the god jade was really magical, but he didn't have the mind to think about the auspicious omen.

     "What does this reaction show? Am I a descendant of Tsuchimikado's?"

     Ye Shu nervously said, his mind was raised, his expression was extremely complicated.

     Gongxiao hurriedly stabilized his emotions and laughed openly: "Shenyu not only did not reject you, but also shined, which shows that you are not only a descendant of Tsuchimikado's, but also a strange person. My Tuyumen's revival is expected haha!"

     Ye Shu's heart sank, startled, startled, really startled.

     Although mental preparation has already existed, Ye Shu still couldn't accept it. He doesn't have the slightest affection for Dongyang's family and country, he has no affection for Tu Yumen, and he has no impression of his parents. Now suddenly he has become like this. It's really bloody.

     Gongxiao saw that his face was wrong, and probably guessed his thoughts, and said softly: "I will keep this matter secret for Mr. Ye. As for whether to make it public, it depends on what Mr. Ye means."Ye Shu rubbed the temples and said in a condensed voice: "Don't worry about the insignificant things, I want to know who my parents are. I heard that the old lady from Tuyumen eloped with the Chinese people. I want to know that the lady is now where."

     Ye Shu doesn't care about family relationships, he just wants to know where his parents are now.

     Gongxiao heard him say that he couldn't help but avert his eyes, and hesitated: "Miss Tuyumen Xiazhi, she has been married to the two families of the demons and demons family, and as far as I know, she by no means has a child in China. ..."

     "Chairman Gongxiao, you have a little frustration, what's the situation? If you don't tell me, I will go to Liangyi's house to find Miss Xia!"

     Ye Shu was anxious, Gong Xiao smiled embarrassedly, Gu left and right said to him: "Mr. Ye, don't worry, I have to discuss this matter with the owner... By the way, it's March 3rd. Today is the Hina Festival, Girl's Day, and later. There is a shrine festival, Mr. Ye can stay and watch, Tsuchimikado's Kagura dance nothing more beautiful can be imagined, Mr. Ye will definitely like it."

     Gong Xiao forcedly shifting the topic, Ye Shu was anxious, but could not force Gong Xiao to speak.

     "Okay, I'm waiting, you go and tell your Patriarch the truth about my situation, I must see Miss Xia Zhi!"

     Ye Shu also took a step back, not to force his filial piety.

     Gong Xiao sighed saying, took Ye Shu out of the ancestral hall.

     After that, Gongxiao left alone and wanted to report to the family leader in Tsuchimikado Family.

     Ye Shu heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil, walked around the back mountain, and ran back to the lotus pond to wash his face.

     At the main hall of the shrine, vast crowds, unusually bustling with noise and excitement, locals are preparing the Hina Matsuri, celebrating the Hinamatsuri.Ye Shu didn't want to watch, his one person wandered in the back mountain, thinking about his situation.

     With this thought, the sky gradually darkened. Many tourists left, and the locals started the Hina Matsuri ceremony.

      Both above and below the mountain are unusually bustling with noise and excitement, Ye Shu even saw some children running to the back mountain, watching him curiously.

     The lights were lit up everywhere, only this behind the mountain was dull.

     Ye Shu takes a deep breath and walks to the shrine.

     He was irritable, but Gong Xiao never came back. He didn't want to stay at Housanchu forever. It's okay to go to the front to relax and get something to eat.

     When he walked past the lotus pond, he heard the sound of water.

     Ye Shu was startled, walked over slowly, and saw the girl in white shirt again.

     The girl was sitting on the rock in the pool, her legs swaying gently in the water, her body wet, her lips and her neck tight, pure and seductive.

     She is neither a loli nor a royal sister. She is an ordinary girl in the human world, but she gives people an extremely real feeling of a rush of excitement.

     Of the women Ye Shu has ever seen, she is definitely not the most beautiful, but she is the most unforgettable.

     The girl was playing in the water, and her jade hand scooped the water and rubbed her body lightly, as if she was bathing. Sometimes her toes would be out of the water, and her five jade toes rolled playfully, splashing water on the lotus leaf nearby.

     Ye Shu looked for a good while, the girl finally noticed, raised the head to look Ye Shu, flushed in panic, got up to run.

     Ye Shu hurriedly said: "Don't be afraid of the girl, I am a guest of Tsuchimikado Family."

     The girl stopped, looked at him curiously, and walked slowly back to the lotus pond.Ye Shu smiled, his heart throbbed, not infatuated with beauty, but a strange feeling.

     This dissipated the irritability in his heart, and he couldn't help but walked over.

     The girl sat on the rock and looked at him, panicking, but still more curious.

     Both seemed to be attracted to each other.

     "My name is Ye Shu, what is your name?"

     Ye Shu walked over and sat next to the girl. The girl was embarrassed to look at him and looked down at her toes.

     Then she picked up a wet stone from the side and wrote on the ground: Liangyitao.
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