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0 Chapter List 314 Cub, You Changed
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At the quiet dawn, there was not a single ghost. 』』

     Outside the huge castle, there is only the dazzling moonlight and the dark jungle in the distance.

     Ye Shu followed Emily. The two did not walk through the corridors in the castle, but went straight out of the castle and walked around the walls.

     This way the terrain is not complicated, just go around the room where Ai Qier is.

     Most blood races have entered the castle to rest, but there are also some powerful blood races still wandering outside, absorbing the essence of moonlight.

     Emily turned into a blood bat and didn't attract attention, but Ye Shu dodged her body, and when she encountered the blood, she turned into a wind and disappeared.

     Soon, Emily took Ye Shu to the back of the castle, where the walls were high, and there were many bats fluttering.

     "My master's father will watch me move, I will open the skylight, you just seize the opportunity to go in, don't move."

     In the corner, Emily whispered, Ye Shu nodded expressing understanding.

     Emily flew out immediately, some bats looked at Emily one after another, and then looked away.

     Ye Shu stared at Emily, only to see Emily flying high, flying to the center of the castle wall.

     There was a window there. Emily opened it and flew straight in.

     It seems that Aqier lives on the second or third floor.

     Ye Shu understands clearly, after locking the window, his body was like lightning, and he rushed over.

     The bats around only felt a wind blow, and saw nothing.

     Ye Shu successfully entered the window and stood inside the house.This is a spacious and luxurious room. The dressing table, boudoir bed, and curtain are all full of medieval atmosphere, like the boudoir of an aristocratic princess.

     Emily smiled low, and flew out again, closing the window.

     The room was suddenly quiet, and Ye Shu's eyes stayed on the curtain.

     The pink curtain completely covered the boudoir's bed, and the scent of the girl was in the air.

     Ye Shu could not help but to think of Sleeping Beauty, maybe there is a Sleeping Beauty lying on that bed.

     Ye Shu walked closer to the curtain, feeling a little nervous, so strange.

     He takes a light breath and pulls the curtain away.

     Suddenly, the beautiful girl's body greet the eye.

     Aiqier is lying on her side. She is wearing white pajamas, her thighs are exposed and her eyes are closed, she is asleep gracefully and charmingly.

     Ye Shu looked at her face. She was now a seventeen-year-old girl, her facial features were fully extended, and her face was capable of causing the downfall of a city or state when she was a child. At this moment, she is even more enchanting.

     Thin eyebrows and lips, curved eyelashes, a golden head draped lazily, and golden silk on her cheeks.

     The biggest change is undoubtedly her temperament. Although Aiqier was very beautiful when she was a child, she did not have the queen temperament because she had not yet evolved to that point.

     But now, she fell asleep quietly, but she outlined the queen's style, as if she opened her eyes, the world would shake.

     Ye Shu was fascinated. The glamorous empress is the existence that will make all men's heart move, and the existence that will make people delighted to (do sth, idiom) kneeling under her feet.

     Ai Qier is undoubtedly the existence of that's it.Ye Shu extend the palm and gently stroked Ai Qier's face. Ai Qier's face looked like the most exquisite silk, and even the water droplets could not stay.

     Ye Shu's heart was agitated, but Ai Qier's eyelashes trembled and slowly opened the eyes.

      The dark crimson eyes are like the scarlet jungle under the night, hiding the pressure of Supreme Existence.

     Ye Shu actually shook, this strange and familiar girl is no longer the cute little loli.

     He drew back in a hurry, but hadn't retracted yet. Ai Qier had already raised his hand to grab him, put his palm on her face, and smiled calmly.

     "Mr. Ye, don't come here unharmed."

     Ye Shu's heart was extremely depressed. Just now, Emily had been joking with him, making him feel that Qi'er was still attached to herself, but now Qi'er's words are obviously already born.

     "Fine, how are you?"

     Ye Shu responded, very awkward, the thief was uncomfortable, and a word from Aiqier made him extremely uncomfortable.

     Ai Qier released his hand and passed her own hand to Ye Shu.

     Her jade hands are like green onions, and there is no blemish on her white skin.

     "Mr. Ye, do you know Westerner's meeting ceremony?"

     Achille sat up with her hands on her hands, her pajamas slipped a little, revealing a delicate shoulder.

     Ye Shu looked at her hand, held it gently, and lowered his head to kiss the back of her hand: "Praise your Majesty."

     Aiqier chuckled and looked at Ye Shu with her head up. Dark crimson's eyes were filled with lazy and charming light.

     "The kissing ceremony is just the basic etiquette of the blood race, the most important etiquette Mr. Ye did not do."Ai Qier joked, Ye Shu was taken aback: "What is the most important etiquette?"

     Aiqier slowly pulled him, pulling him onto the bed, with her lips close to his ears, breath was filled with an orchid fragrance: "The most important etiquette is... to dedicate your body to your majesty."

     Ye Shu's ears numb, and his heart throbs like a sea. But he also reacted, his old face twitched, and he jumped far away.

     "It's annoying, you're playing tricks on me!"

     Aiqier shook her head dumbly, "No, Dad...Mr. Ye, this emperor orders you to come and dedicate yourself to the emperor, hurry up!"

     Mom, it’s too much!

     Ye Shu rolled up his sleeves, with a fierce look on his face: "Okay, you stinky girl, you also bluffed me and your buttocks are up!"

     Just now, this girl actually cheated herself, pretending to be a thief, and made herself fooled, and she also showed her messenger etiquette.

     Aiqier saw that Ye Shu was about to beat her, so she stopped pretending, she hurriedly got into the quilt, and smiled mischievously with her eyes flashing: "Humph, just now, my dad was obviously very emotional, and he sneaked on me while I was asleep. If you don’t wake up, you must touch my chest, touch my legs, touch my..."

     Touch a fart!

     Ye Shu jumped into the bed, pressed Aqier to the bed, and gave him a beating.

     Aiqier yelled a few times, rubbing her buttocks and grieved: "Dad, this is your majesty."

     "What about your majesty? You still have grown up?"

     Ye Shu was full of joy, but still pretended to be angry.

     Where is the queen style of Aiqier, she is a naughty little daughter at the moment.When Ye Shu finished his fight, she directly pressed Ye Shu, rubbing his chin with her small face, like a kitten.

     The two hug together, and Aiqier has grown a lot taller, but she still feels like a loli.

     She pressed on Ye Shu, as she did when she slept with Ye Shu many years ago, and refused to get up.

     Ye Shu put his arms around her small waist backhand, feeling a lot in his heart, it is really hard to explain in a few words.

     The two embraced for a long time, but Ai Qier still refused to let go, and gently bit Ye Shu's chin and nose.

     Ye Shu laughed and said, "The saliva is flowing out, do you want to drink blood?"

     Aiqier said twice, and two fangs came out.

     The dark red eyes and snow-white fangs are obviously terrifying things, but they are so cute on Aiqier.

     Ye Shu gave Ai Qi'er his wrist, and Ai Qi'er took a skillfully and sucked.

     Ye Shu gently stroked her head, feeling warm.

     Soon, Aiqier stopped breathing, and her fangs shrank back.

     "Papa's blood is the best drink. In order to repay Papa, the emperor has decided to accept your body immediately. Please take off your clothes."

     Ye Shu choked, raising his hand just to slap gently: "Little things, it's still making trouble, rest assured."

     Aiqier is restless, she eyes turned, stopped/stood, looking down at Ye Shu.

     The posture of the two was very inelegant, Ye Shu was lying on the bed, and Ai Qier straddled his chest with her legs apart.

     Ye Shu could see the inner thigh of Aiqier, as well as the bulging breast.

     "What do you want to do? I'll hit you if I'm not obedient."Ye Shu said he was polite, and the corner of Ai Qier's mouth curled, and then she smiled lazily.

     At this moment, her temperament changed drastically, and she was not a naughty little girl at all.

     "Honorable Emissary Dongfang, in Asia, is there a beautiful woman like the emperor?"

     Ai Qier looked down at Ye Shu, the emperor's temperament was undoubtedly evident.

     Ye Shu raised his head to look at her, his heartbeat speeded up a bit, this fascinating queen!

     "You are the most beautiful, please stop making trouble."

     Ye Shu said somewhat unnaturally, and Ai Qier raised her feet, gently stepped on Ye Shu's chest, and moved it down.

     Her feet are white and slender, her toes are round and her arches are sexy.

     "Honorable messenger, your pants seem to bulge."

     Aiqier was enchanting and aggressive, her feet moved to Ye Shu's abdomen, and she was about to run into something evil.

     Ye Shu actually turned Nima's face red, fucking, this Aiqier, it's life-death!

     He quickly grabbed Azil's feet and prevented her from moving down.

     "Stop playing... Let's talk about business, be good."

     Aiqier lay down on her side, as if playing with a male pet, slowly sliding her fingers on Ye Shu's chest: "Don't you like the feet? What about the hands? Or, do you want a mouth? You are too much, you want the emperor. Help you with your mouth... The emperor has to think about it before making a decision."

     Ye Shu spurted blood, but... He Nima to support the sky as a single pillar!

     I can't stand it anymore, it's going to explode, how pure and cute daughter was back then, how did she become the Lich King? Westerner's education is not good, it is really filthy!Fortunately, at this time, the sound of the window interrupted Aiqier's demon.

     Emily hurriedly flew in: "Master, there are a lot of cars coming outside. It seems that many family members are here. Something must happen."

     Ai Qier's expression was proper, she got out of bed gracefully and started to put on clothes and boots.

     "Mother is back, Emily, you take Dad back, don't be caught."

     Emily nodded quickly, and Ye Shu also stepped out of bed, planning to jump out of the window and run away.

     Before parting, Emily had her head tied and put on a black dress.

     She smiled at Ye Shu, dark crimson eyes were like the most beautiful stars.

     "Mr. Ye, next dawn, I'm here waiting for you."

     (I feel I am not good at writing dirty things, after all, I am pure in nature, I also can't do anything about it, ah)
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