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0 Chapter List 315 Blood Relationship
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The sky is already bright, the gloomy and dim castle is bright, and all the Dark Creatures enter the castle to rest. 』』

     But the castle is not quiet, because many guests came today.

     Luxury cars were everywhere on the lawn, and various servants were walking around in the light-free corridor in the castle, bustle around.

     Ye Shu wordless and uncommunicative returned to his residence, Emily kissed him forcibly and ran away.

     Not long after, there was a knock on the door, Ye Shu went to open the door, and the three people standing outside were the Yayi people.

     The three of them didn't know anything at all about the castle, and didn't understand their own situation, so they were agitated sitting or standing. At this time, the castle was noisy, so they quickly got up and looked for Ye Shu.

     "Vice President, things are not right now, I suggest we go back to the hotel first to avoid accidents."

     He Maoling frowned and said, in this strange place, anyone would be worried.

     Yayi and Xiang also meant this, but Ye Shu had already understood the situation and naturally wouldn't leave.

     "Don't panic, I met an old friend last night and I have understood the situation of the blood family."

     Ye Shu calmly said, and talked about the matter count by fives and tens.

     After the three listened, Xiang said, "Her Majesty the Queen is not crowned king? Is it the Giovanni family and the Torrido family planning to use the yin and yang?"

     "You can say so, we are an external force, intervening in the blood clan, it is equivalent to a mediator."

     The three of them looked at each other, and they all pondered. After a while, Ye Yi hesitated and said: "The alliance can indeed transfer internal conflicts, but it is too much to attack the Chinese monster, and Master, you..."Yai cautious and solemn look at Ye Shu, the other two also expression was strange.

     Ye Shu smiled: "It's impossible to form an alliance. Wait a minute. It's safe here. There is no reason for the blood family to take action against us. After all, Yin Yang Liao is the target they want to win."

     All three nodded and were relaxed.

     Soon after, a servant came to invite the four of Ye Shu to have breakfast, with a respectful look, apparently treating them as distinguished guests.

     During the meal, Stephen showed up again. He was very comfortable with the daytime, showing great strength.

     He came without other things, just to ask Ye Shu how many people slept, it was all kind words.

     He Maoling couldn't help asking: "Mr. Stephen, when will your patriarch see us? I have been waiting all night."

     Stephen chuckled and said he didn't know.

     "Dear guests, forgive me. Because of the sudden incident, we were not prepared. A few friends can only wait."

     Stephen didn't dare to be arrogant anymore, his attitude was very good.

     Ye Shu neither fast nor slow said: "It seems that there are many guests in the castle. Is this what is called a sudden thing? Is it convenient to talk about it?"

     Stephen look anxious, lower the voice and said: "Frankly, all 13 vampire clans are here, obstinate, we are also very nervous."

     Is it?

     Ye Shu groaned. There were only thirteen clans of vampires, and all came today. Obviously there was a major event. No wonder the Giovanni family could not meet the Yin Yang Liao.

     Judging from the current situation, the messenger of Yin Yang Liao has completely become an outsider, and the blood race is dealing with internal affairs, and Yin Yang Liao can only stare at the side."I see, we just wait."

     Ye Shu calmly said, Stephen left after thanking him.

     As time passed, the castle was noisy throughout the day, mainly because there were loud quarrels and even terrible roars in the deep rooms of the castle.

     Obviously, the contradictions of the thirteen clans are very big and still cannot be resolved in a short time.

     Soon, nightfall was over and the quarrel stopped. After a day of quarreling, they should be tired too, and probably dispersed.

     Ye Shu is reading in the room. It is very boring here, but there are Western books. It is not bad to learn English after a few glances.

     At the same time, Ye Shu was also waiting for dawn.

     Ai Qier asked him to meet at the next dawn, which was quite a tryst, which made Ye Shu a little weird.

     He has to acknowledge that Ai Qier is truly beautiful and is definitely the most beautiful woman in the world. Its charm may only be comparable to Nine-Tailed Monster Fox.

     I was indulge in flights of fancy, knocking on the door sounded.

     Ye Shu thought it was Yayi and they came, but when he opened the door, he was stunned.

     Outside the door stood a plump and tall golden girl, whose features were typical Western beauty, and she was dressed very coquettishly, with her belly button exposed and a ring on it.


     Ye Shu was dumbfounded for a while, and the golden girl smiled very easily and walked in with her waist.

     "My oriental lover, have you forgotten me? That night in Ram Alley, you were crazy."

     Who else can talk like this except that Daphne?

     "Daphne, do you dare to show up in front of me?"Ye Shu looked cold, he loved Aiqier, but did not love Aiqier's mother, to be more precise, this mother is his enemy, and he embarked on the path of everything in disorder, which was also a gift from Daphne .

     "You are really a guilty man, do you hate me because I didn't give you 100 million euros?"

     Now that he is still talking about 100 million euros, Ye Shu is no longer an ordinary person, and money matters have long been left behind.

     "You don't play dumb, I know that you planted Bloodline Mark in my body to feed Aiqier, I will calculate these things slowly with you later, you tell me now, Aiqier in the end is it not my biological daughter."

     Although Ye Shu already has a very certain guess, he still has to ask clearly, otherwise he will be uncomfortable for the rest of his life.

     Daphne sat down gracefully and raised Erlang's legs, which seemed to be a bit of a queen.

     "I'm here to tell you. Back then, I guessed that you were destined to be extraordinary and would not be sucked to death by Ai Qier. I guessed right, you should thank me."

     "Don't talk about it, just talk about business."

     Ye Shu didn't want to have too much bb with her, Daphne covered her mouth and smiled: "Aqier how can it be is your daughter? You are not a vampire, how could I have children with you?"

     Ye Shu loosened his whole body, and was a little bit lost, complicated and difficult to understand.

     "Aqier was born to my relatives and I. When I was pregnant, the veteran of the blood family had already assumed that Aqier was the majesty of the emperor and needed a better blood supply. It happened that I met you at the time, and you were like a walker. People can't help drooling at the big blood bank, so I used the blood secret method to introduce your blood into my body and pass it on to Ai Qier."Daphne smiled and said, very satisfied with her original method.

     Ye Shu remained silent, let her continue.

     Daphne again said: "With your blood, Ai Qier is really extraordinary. When she was born, the moonlight gathered on her body, it is a miracle. So, Ai Qier's gene is not Yours, but the blood is yours. Orientals pay attention to blood transmission. You and Ai Qier shed the same blood, so you are her father too."

     Can this happen?

     Ye Shu felt that he had been played with, and it was uncomfortable.

      "All right, don't tell me, I will help Achille, but the alliance will be avoided."

     Ye Shu was very tough, he was still a little unhappy with Daphne.

     Daphne smiled and shook his legs: "Alliance do indeed insist not, those clans also see through my plan, that does not thing you left out those sons of bitches ah, now just one thing you want to hear. ?"

     "Not very interested."

     "It's related to Aiqier."


     Ye Shu stared at Daphne, Daphne sighed sadly: "The two-thousand-year-old duke, the twenty-year-old little prince, even the ugly and smelly werewolf, all want to mate with Aiqier, my poor daughter. what."
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