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0 Chapter List 320 Makawi Ubi
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ai Qier wanted to see Ye Shu again. 』』

     What else did you say to rehearse the father's match? It was impossible to look directly at it.

     Ye Shu is helpless, her daughter wants to see herself, can she not meet? However, I don’t need to go furtively, I don’t need to hide my identity.

     "You go back first, I don't need to cover up. I'll see Aiqier later."

     Ye Shu said, pushing Emily away, and the guy's wet water flowed to the ground.

     "Yeah, the master dad doesn't need to cheat anymore. You can go to see the master open and aboveboard. Come, I will take you there. You don't know the way."

     Emily has been rubbing Ye Shu wherever she is willing to go. Ye Shu's brain hurts, so she has to go with her.

     Emily dragged Ye Shu out, and after walking through a long corridor, she reached the stairs and continued to the second floor.

     But at this time, some people came down the stairs. There were still a lot of people, a dozen or so, all young and handsome vampires.

     Emily hurriedly stood against the wall. She was wearing a little dress tonight, but she still looked very cool.

     A dozen young vampires all looked at Emily and smiled frivolously.

     But they are not mentally retarded, and they didn't molest Emily.

     Ye Shu shifted his steps to let them go downstairs first. The group looked at Ye Shu, laughed in a low voice, and left arrogantly.

     After they left, Emily said: "They are the princes of major families. They must have gone to see their masters just now. Fortunately, we do not have furtively go to a tryst, otherwise it will be miserable."

     Ye Shu shrugged: "Don't care about them, let's go."Ye Shu's evaluation of these princes is only two words: weak chicken. He of course doesn't care about a bunch of weak chickens.

     But Emily was a little worried about tomorrow’s competition, and she said as she walked: "Vampire's princes have superior bloodlines. They can live for hundreds of years without evolution, and they will hardly be injured, and they can recover quickly if they are injured. It's hard to deal with."

     Ye Shu faintly smiled and cannot deny it.

     Emily said again: "Especially the prince of the Murkawi family, Murkawi?hbi, his grandfather's grandfather's grandfather is a vampire duke, and he has given him the best blood since he was a child. He is so many princes. In, only one is better than the master’s."

     Murkawi?h? This name is very personal, it is two extremes with Bi Zhenren, very strong.

     "I'll pay attention, Emily, you don't have to worry, see me tomorrow."

     Ye Shu chuckled, and Emily suddenly fell in love again: "Master's father is so cool, I like confident men, fuck me!"

     Ye Shu pushed her aside, and then opened the door in front of her. Inside was the boudoir where Her Majesty lived temporarily.

     Aiqier has changed into white pajamas, lying on the bed quietly and reading, full of intelligence.

     Ye Shu smiled and went to sit next to Ai Qier: "Praise your majesty."

     Ai Qier glanced at him crisply and stretched out Xiu's hand.

     Ye Shu held up a kiss, but it looked like.

     "Emily, you go out first."

     Aiqier left Emily to be alone with Ye Shu. Emily left with a puff of mouth, not to mention unhappy.Once she left, there were single male and female in the boudoir. Aiqier laughed, turning over and holding Ye Shu, her thin legs are full of strength.

     "Mr. Ye is here to practice my father's match with me? The emperor is very nervous."

     You are so nervous, you are almost killing me!

     Ye Shu rubbed her little head and said helplessly: "I came to agree on three laws with you. After I get the right to mate, you can't force me to mess with you. Now it's half a year before you become an adult. Don't worry about your father's match."

     Ye Shu spoke solemnly, and Ai Qier pouted after hearing it, raising her head high.

     "Dad, you just pretend to be serious, you read this book."

     Achille grabbed the book she was reading just now, the book was old and the cover was so tattered.

     But Ye Shu recognized it at a glance. Isn't this "A Daughter's Daughter Is a Daughter"? The book he obtained in the monster market.

     "Why is this book in your hands? You naughty ghost!"

     Ye Shu was embarrassed and guilty, and Ai Qier snorted, "I found it at home. I took it away long ago. You still pretend. When I was six or seven years old, you read this kind of book and said you don't want it. With me... so annoying!"

     Digging grooves, I was really wronged!

     "No... I haven't seen it, really haven't seen it. It was to understand vampires. How could I have other ideas?"

     "Dad, don’t explain. People are not angry. Anyway, I’m not your daughter, if this is not the case. Because my mother is fond of your blood, we are complete strangers, strangers be kind and love one Isn't another reasonable?"

     Ya'er, it seems quite reasonable.Ye Shu was unable to respond, so he had to say: "Let's talk about it later, anyway, you still have a period of time to reach adulthood, so take it easy first."

     Ye Shu acted like an ostrich, and put his head into the sand first.

     Ai Qier was quite proud, and then said with a good face: "Well, listen to Dad."

     Her Majesty behaved so well that it made people want to commit a crime. Ye Shu wanted to swallow her beautiful to the extreme face.

     "Okay, okay, it's a deal, I'll leave first."

     Ye Shu hurriedly ignored it, it was better to run first.

     Ai Qier lay down gently, rubbing her calf with her white toes, and a lazy smile on her face.

     "Mr. Ye walk slowly, the emperor is waiting for you to return in triumph."

     Damn, this fairy!

     Ye Shu ran away, ran back to the residence, took a bath and calmed down, then fell asleep and stopped thinking about everything in disorder.

     In the early morning of the next day, the castle became lively. Although the low-level kinsmen hid, the high-level Vampires became active.

     After vampires can adapt to the sun, they also begin to live according to the human lifestyle, doing business during the day.

     Ye Shu got up and went to eat breakfast, and then was taken by the servant to walk outside the castle.

     There were also many vampires with them, the elders and princes of all major patriarchs, and even powerful servants. And the front of the team is her Majesty.

     They are going to fight in the open space far from the castle, so as not to damage the Giovanni castle.

     Ye Shu also acted cautiously. After walking only a few steps, a servant came to talk to Ye Shu."Mr. Ye, Miss Daphne asked you to come forward. You are the representative of the Toruido clan. Don't follow behind."

     Ye Shu was taken aback, yes, I'm the representative of Toruido, follow behind what to do when salted fish.

     He stepped forward immediately, and immediately attracted many eyes.

     There were people from the thirteen clans all around, and the princes glanced at Ye Shu disdainfully, as if they were a beggar.

     Ye Shu followed Daphne, very indifferent. I want you to see what Eastern Kung Fu is today.

     Daphne looked at Ye Shu and said in a low voice, "My lover, don't be arrogant. Your strongest opponent is Murkawi Hbi, in front of you, at nine o'clock."

     Ye Shu looked in that direction, and he saw a tall man in casual clothes.

     He is 1.9 meters long, a golden head, and handsome features. He is awe-inspiring might, grandeur like rainbow, and indeed cannot be underestimated.

     And his eyes are dark crimson, almost pitch black.

     This shows that his level of evolution is very high, even past Aiqier.

      It should be noted, vampire's strength has a lot to do with age. Although the princes of all races can walk through the back door, one day, a thousand miles, but a very little like Mokawi?h must be the last The Duke of the Cavi family is promoted, and the strength is far above the princes.

     "Yes, this person should allow me to use seven levels of skill."
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