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0 Chapter List 324 No, I'm Not That Kind Of Person
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Giovanni Castle.

     Everyone has returned, but the atmosphere is very heavy. Most of the twelve clans are depressed. No one expected that the Asian prince would win.

     Now the regret comes without enough time, because Duke Nicolas is the master, and the clans have to give Duke Nicolas face.

     So that day, the major clans parted on bad terms, left the castle early and gave up her majesty.

     Of course, their actions also indicated that Lao Tzu would not obey her Majesty's orders.

     After the clan left, Daphne pulled Ye Shu into the room, single male and female smiling.

     "My little lover, you are so awesome, I see people burst with joy, I wonder if you are better below?"

     Daphne looked down at Ye Shu, full of tender feelings, she was indeed conquered by Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu squinted: "Stop the waves, I'm not interested in you, let's talk about business."

     Daphne pouted and pretended to be wronged, but it didn't make waves.

     "The clans are powerless, thanks to Duke Nicolas, otherwise things will not be so simple."

     Daphne said sternly, Ye Shu naturally understood that Duke Nicolas played a key role.

     "The clans left without knowing that they would meet Her Majesty. I don't think they will submit to Her Majesty. The blood clan will remain the same."Ye Shu groaned, Daphne still smiled, said: "They of course don't surrender, because my daughter is still very weak now. In half a year, she will be an adult, when she will match your father and evolve her purple eyes. She is the real majesty of the emperor, and she has become her majesty. It is only a matter of time before the duke is crushed. In the end, the blood clan will still obey her."

     Ye Shu rubbed his temples: "Do you have to match my father?"

     "Of course, this is a secret method developed by the blood race over thousands of years. If you want to reach heaven in a single bound, you must be a father. Do you want Aiqier to wait another thousand years to become the emperor?"

     This secret method is very peculiar and against the heavens. It uses the blood of the father to nurture the daughter and eventually becomes the daughter. Listening to it is evil.

     "I understand, let's talk about it in half a year, I have to go back to Dongyang, my friend is still waiting."

     Ye Shu was going to leave, otherwise Ai Qier would have to toss him.

     Daphne was taken aback: "Little lover, why are you so anxious? There is no danger now. You have to return to the Reiduo family to inherit the prince position with me."

     "How long will it take to succeed the prince?"

     "Soon, as long as you embrace it for the first time, you can become a vampire."

     "What? Stop it, I have to go."

     Ye Shu insisted on leaving and inheriting the position of Mao's prince. Daphne was also anxious: "If you don't become a vampire, how can you match your majesty's father? There has never been a foreigner's father. If something goes wrong, it will ruin her majesty."

     Wow, I have a headache and dizziness.

     Ye Shu helplessly smiled bitterly: "Isn't there half a year left? I have to go back to deal with my housework anyway, I am a man with a wife."Daphne not at all surprised, mischievous smile: "So, you agree with your father in your heart. My little lover, don’t have any psychological burden, the blood culture is exactly like this, it has nothing to do with the Eastern ethics, you enjoy it. , Maybe it will feel very exciting."

     "It's alright, don't say anything. I am going back today. I will come back to my father in half a year. I will not leave my daughter."

     Ye Shu compromised, Daphne giggled and walked away with her ass.

     Ye Shu shook his head. I'm really a sinful man.

     Afterwards, he went to meet her Majesty the Queen and drove Emily out casually.

     Only Ye Shu and Aiqier were left in the boudoir, and Aiqier pretended to be an emperor, with a crisp and sad smile.

     "Mr. Ye, the emperor's right to mate has been granted to you, how would you treat the emperor?"

     Ai Qier lay on the bed, her snow-white feet rubbing against the pink sheets, her slender thighs were exposed.

     She is really majestic and attractive, the two styles are intertwined, which makes people uncontrollable.

     Ye Shu has compromised with his father, and now he doesn't struggle much, just feels a little awkward.

     "I'm leaving today. You pay attention to safety in the West and wait for me to come back."

     Ye Shu directly destroyed the ambiguous atmosphere, and Ai Qier sat up all of a sudden: "What, dad, why are you so anxious?"

     Ai Qier refused, Ye Shu sat down and squeezed her cheek: "I am an Oriental and I have a wife. It is really awkward to be with your father. I have to go back and ask my wife for instructions."Aiqier rolled the eyes: "It's that vixen again, I'm so mad, I've grown up now, look at my legs, my breasts, and my face, no way is better than her!"

     Ai Qier overturned the jealous jar, where is the emperor style.

     Ye Shu coaxed for a long time before she calmed down, but still refused to let Ye Shu go, and pulled him to bed as if she was a child.

     "Disobedient, I will punish you!"

     Ai Qier hugged Ye Shu tightly, fiercely said, Ye Shu smiled and said, "Well, please punish your majesty."

     Ye Shu still treated Aiqier as a child and thought she was going to play around, but he was too naive in thinking.

     Ai Qi'er stretched her hand down and grabbed Ye Shu's thing directly.

     Ye Shu squirted, his body bends: "Hey...Stop your hands, it hurts..."

     Ai Qier's face was a little red, and she snorted: "What? Dare to defy the emperor's punishment?"

     Wow, cub, you have really changed. Dad is very disappointed in you.

     Ye Shu didn't dare to move, because Ai Qier had a lot of strength, she had never touched a man's stuff, so she caught a few randomly.

     "Qi'er, I'm really hurt, enough punishment, let go."

     "No, I want to catch... an hour!"

     Ye Shu vomits blood, you want to die!

     He was about to coax Aqier to let go, but unexpectedly, there was a knock on the door, and someone outside saw her Majesty.

     Ye Shu was shocked, and Ai Qier was shocked, but her Nima still refused to let go.

     Ye Shu was sweating: "Let go, I jumped the window and ran away.""No, the emperor wants you to lie down obediently and not to move!"

     Achille sat up, pulled the quilt over her lower body, only revealing herself.

     And Ye Shu lay on the back of her ass, shrinking his body and soaring.

     "Your Majesty, Patriarch Giovanni has seen her."

     A servant shouted outside, Aiqier straightened her body, holding Ye Shu's things with one hand.

     "come in."

     The door was pushed open, and Patriarch Giovanni walked in with the two elders.

     Ye Shu didn't dare to move, he was actually a bold person, and he was quite good at playing.

     But now it's different. The object is Her Majesty, the Future King of Western blood. If it is the present things, Aqier will not want to be king in the future, her reputation is not a joke.

     Therefore, Ye Shu didn't dare to take a breath, curled up cautious and solemn.

     Aiqier lifted the gold with one hand, and rubbed Ye Shu's thing with the other hand.

     "Your Majesty, all the clans have left without leaving a word. I think the situation is still not good. Duke Nicolas is still in the castle of his clan. Your Majesty can ask him to escort him a way to avoid accidents."

     Patriarch Giovanni suggested that Aiqier nodded: "The emperor knows, and I will visit Duke Nicolas later. If there is no other matter, you should withdraw first."

     Aiqier is quite majestic and must be a holy goddess set up on high in the eyes of outsiders.

     But Nima's hand in the quilt was rubbing Ye Shu's ominous thing evilly.Patriarch Giovanni and the two elders both said goodbye, glanced questioningly at the arched quilt before leaving, but said nothing.

     When they left, Ye Shu got out of the quilt to breathe, and his face turned blue.

     Aiqier heave a sigh of relief, and her cheek flushed instantly.

     "So nervous... Hee hee, Dad, you seem to enjoy it."

     I bother!

     Ye Shu quickly grabbed Ai Qier's hand, and then to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), the person was gone.

     Ai Qier pouted and looked at her jade hand with a mischievous smile.

     (Some serious things to do tonight, no change, four more tomorrow)
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