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    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the chamber of the Liangyi Family, a group of elders sat opposite each other, all silent.

     There is a middle-aged man who is awe-inspiring might, who is closing eye meditation.

     At the bottom left of him, a Young Master Nianqing hesitated for a while before speaking: "Father, will Uncle Liangyimu's move cause big trouble? He is almost crazy, and you still let him make trouble."

      When Young Master Nianqing spoke, the elders looked at him one after another. The middle-aged man who went up to opened his eyes and smiled: "Liang Yimu is indeed crazy, but it is just the right time. Now there are ghost kings destroying the sacred stone outside, and Chinese people inside. Isn’t it a good time to kill me in the Liangyi family?”

     "Father, you mean, this is your strategy?"

     "Yin Yang Liao has long since fallen, and it's no longer a big deal. My demonic family is standing, but unfortunately I can't find a reason. Now the reason will come?"

     After the middle-aged man finished speaking, the door was pushed open, and a man ran in in a panic.

     "Patriarch, the big thing is not good, that Chinese man has recruited the Demon Sword Fairy, who is slaughters in the dungeon, no one can stop."

     The elders in the room smiled at each other, and the patriarch stood up calmly and said: "Immediately notify the major exorcists and go to Tsuchimikado Family to seek justice. I will be there later."


     In the dungeon of the Liangyi Home, Ye Shu's face was cold, and he strode out. There were corpses along the way, all hacked to death by Demon Sword Fairy.

     The crazy Liang Yimu was seriously injured, but took advantage of the chaos to hide behind the crowd, and also hijacked Tuyumen Xiazhi, and was fast backing.

     "Give it to me, kill him, incredible rewards!"

     Liang Yimu roared with blood in his mouth, and dozens of people in front of him gritted their teeth and rushed over.The Demon Saber Ji's long sword swept away, and blood suddenly appeared, dozens of people all flew out, and the person who rushed in the front was silent.

     Liang Yimu's eyes were cold, but there was also a hint of fear.

     "I can't kill you, I will kill your mother!"

     Liang Yimu grabbed the Tu Yumen Xiazhi and rushed out, Ye Shu lifted up with one foot, and when he fell, he had already blocked in front of Liang Yimu, raising his hand to slap.

     This slap slapped Liang Yimu high up and hit the wall, turning it into a puddle of mud.

     When the remaining Liangyi people saw this, they all screamed and fled, where they dared to stop Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu didn't pay attention to those little ants, and carefully looked at Tuyumen Xiazhi.

     Xia Zhi's head was scattered, wail, but did not dare to touch Ye Shu, did not speak, and kept wiping tears.

     Ye Shu is also speechless for a while, holding back speechless for a long time.

     He had to pat Xia Zhi on the shoulder, and then strode out of the dungeon.

     Outside, a boiling cauldron of voices, gathered all the masters of the Liangyi family, they surrounded the dungeon exit and stared at Ye Shu nervously.

     Ye Shu stood in front of the crowd and said coldly: "You want to die too?"

     No one answered, but the crowd separated, and a middle-aged man came with a group of spitting angers.

     "Vice President, such a mighty prestige, slaughter my Liangyi family members with the Demon Sword Fairy, Is it possible that Yin Yang Liao wants to destroy my Demon Clan?"

     This person is the head of the Liangyi family, and Ye Shu met him at the Huakaiyuan home.

     "The patriarch of Liangyi, you have a big hat buttoned very simply, I want to ask, what right does the lunatic Liangyimu have to imprison me? Who is behind this pushing the wave and add to the billows?"Ye Shu is not a fool, Liang Yimu appeared suddenly, and entered the dungeon without reacting to it.

     And Liangyimu itself is a lunatic, and it is impossible for the Liangyi family to let him control a bit of power. Obviously, it is the Liangyi family who is behind it, and Liangyimu is only one chess piece.

     "Hahaha, this is surprising. The vice chairman suspects that my Liangyi family is harming you? What happened today, I can’t understand. Liangyimu arrested you without authorization. My Liangyi family didn’t even know, I thought Come to mediate as soon as possible, but I don't want the vice president to kill so many people. How do you ask me to mediate?"

     Old Sly Fox(es), the patriarch of Liangyi, continues to buckle the hat.

     The elder next to him also said: "Vice President, why Liang Yimu arrested you, you also understand that you didn't expect you to be the illegitimate son of the year. Tu Yumen deceived my Liangyi family regardless of old feelings. No. And the vice-chairman, you molested Liangyitao, but that's your sister, Liangyimu's daughter. How can he not get angry and arrest you?"

     Ye Shu frowned. This time he was right. He had a lot of calculations, but he didn't count that Liangyitao was his sister. At that time, so many onmyojis had seen it, and he couldn't wash himself when he jumped into the Yellow River. .

     At this moment, we can't continue to use violence. The Demon Family Force is huge. If one Demon Family is destroyed, the entire East Ocean will be shaken, and oneself will be in where the wind and the waves are the fiercest.

     "Vice President, how should this end? Do you still rely on Demon Sword Princess willfully slaughter the innocent, right?"The patriarch of Liangyi sneered, Ye Shu lightly let out a breath, and also smiled: "Interesting, you want to use me as a springboard, rationally and clearly structured against Yin and Yang. Then there is nothing to say, I have a thick-skinned face and I have a bad name. What does it matter? I'm waiting for your demonic family at the Tuyumen. If you dare to come, you will kill one. If you dare to come, you will kill one!"

     After Ye Shu finished speaking, he turned back and picked up the Tuyumen Xiazhi, does not turn round and left. The Demon Sword Fairy also disappeared wordless and uncommunicative.

     The scene cleared up for a while, and the patriarch of Liangyi said cruelly: "Since this is the case, there is really nothing to say. Go to Tsuchimikado Family immediately. Now that there is no power in Kyoto's Yin and Yang Lio, we will kill Tsuchimikado Family first!"


     Throughout Kyoto, surge like a gathering storm, all kinds of news are circulating. The four major extinction families rushed to Tsuchimikado Family, and the other small extinction families were also notified and rushed to Tsuchimikado Family unconditionally.

     In Kyoto, Onmyouji Family also mountain rain wants to come everywhere.

     "Patriarch, the Demons Clan has rebelled, What we do?"

     "Don't act rashly. The four Great Onmyouji families are not in Kyoto. It is useless for us to quell the chaos. Besides, it was the vice chairman who killed the two families first."

     "Why send someone to the states to inform Four Great Clans?"

     "Alright, go... by the way, inform the royal family."


     Inside Kyoto, the smell of blood is permeated, and luxury cars are galloping everywhere on the streets, frightening mortals to avoid.

     Ye Shu has not yet returned to the Tsuchimikado Family at this time. He took the Tsuchimikado Family to Tsuchimikado Shrine.There was also a tense atmosphere in the shrine. When the onmyojis stationed here saw Ye Shu come back, they all showed weird expressions. After all, they personally see Ye Shu molesting the shrine maiden.

     Ye Shu ignored it and put Xia Zhi in the palace and said, "Liang Yi Tao right here, you go find her, don't run around, it's still safe here."

     Xia Zhi's face was full of tears, silently nodded.

     Ye Shu didn't say much, leaving for Tsuchimikado Family. Xia Zhi looked at him away, tears couldn't help but fell down.

      Tsuchimikado Family, the elite is lacking. President Gongxiao took almost all the elites and went to the Protection Divine Stone. Today's Tuyumen only has one empty shell.

     At this time, the four major extinction families, many small extinction families, thousands of people, have broken into the mansion of Tsuchimikado Family.

     The patriarch of Tuyumen brought several elders and dozens of clansmen to intercept, furious and shocked.

     "Liang Yijia, what are you doing? Do you want to rebel?"

     The Tuyumen patriarch stood in front of thousands of people and yelled. The patriarch of Liangyi held a sharp sword and said with a sneer: "It's not a rebellion, it's here to seek justice. You, the descendant of the Tuyumen, Ye Shu, the current vice president of Yinyangliao, openly slaughtered my Liangyi people. And he Or Xia Zhi’s illegitimate child, your Tuyumen actually concealed it without telling it, new hatred piled on old, my Liangyi’s face countenance where to put? If you don’t speak to me today, I will throw you Four Great Clans!"
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