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0 Chapter List 335 Gay In Gay
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Caobi family has been guarding here for many days. They have exhausted their heavy casualties. Now that Ye Shu is here, they naturally think that reinforcements are coming.

     However, there is no reinforcement, and even the Demon Sword Fairy has gone to guard the sacred stone of Kyoto. Ye Shu will not summon her until only when absolutely essential, but Ye Shu still has to comfort her.

     "Don't worry, I have brought Demon Sword Fairy, and a powerful partner, enough to deal with the ghosts here."

     When I heard Demon Sword Fairy, these people were relaxed, and Demon Sword Fairy was more useful than reinforcements.

     At this time, over the camp, the Great Elder Caobi and many elders rushed to greet him, all looking tired and excited.

     "Vice President, you can count it, the Demon Sword Fairy is here? Haha, we will counterattack immediately!"

     These people were too optimistic, but Ye Shu frowned and said: "I saw a white deer with a deer face and a human face on the mountain just now. He is very powerful. We can't act blindly without thinking. It won't be good if the Demon Sword Fairy is injured."

     "Deer body human face? Is it a fawn male?"

     The great elder exclaimed, and the other advanced in age elders also changed color in amazement.

     "The upper body is a human, and the lower body is a deer. The legendary deer male is one of the most mysterious ghosts, but he has never heard of him attacking humans. It is rumored that he is a ghost living alone in the forest, be cut off from the rest of of the world."

     The elders bewildered and uncertain, Ye Shu asked: "How strong is he?"The Grand Elder pondered for a moment: "According to Master Qingming’s handwritten notes, Heian Period, a group of onmyojis besieged ghosts and killed Deer male’s companion. The male deer who originally seemed harmless to human and animals suddenly went crazy and hit with horns. , Killed twelve top Onmyojis, and crashed a huge mountain as high as one hundred meters, and then went straight to Kyoto. Master Qing Ming personally apologized, and the deer male returned to the mountains and disappeared."

     Ye Shu was surprised, the deer man was so fierce? But it sounds like the deer man is not an evil ghost, but he has a very kind heart.

     "It seems that Xiaolu Nan is also a ghost king. He is responsible for destroying the sacred stone of Kyushu. Is it possible that every state has a ghost king?"

     Ye Shu was surprised, and when everyone heard it, his face paled.

     If every state has a ghost king, and a demon sword girl is also powerless, Dongyang is afraid that it is in danger.

     Ye Shu paced with his hands, thinking about countermeasures. At this time, the outside suddenly screamed and shook the sky, with a terrifying breath swept in.

     An onmyoji master with whole body covered in blood ran over to announce: "Big Elder, something is not good. Suddenly there is a strange deer outside the valley. He can fight Contract Formation Law and is attacking!"

     Everyone broke out in cold sweats and was already speechless.

     Ye Shu was a little bit puzzled in his heart. According to the onmyoji outside, he saw the little deer man the day before, why did the little deer man attack now? Was he releasing water before?

     The more the killing shouts, the more the air vibrates, and the Contract Formation Law is being hit by the deer man, fearing it will break soon.

     Everyone hurried out, Ye Shu also ran to support, but at this moment, the bird wearing a hat appeared.Everyone who was already nervous was startled, Ye Shu said hurriedly: "Don't be nervous, this is reinforcements, I won the birds."

     The elders glanced at each other, and said in shock: "Anyone who likes to eat children?"

     Ye Shu's old face turned black, this group of people was too hurtful.

     He was about to help Gu Hu Niao explain, but Gu Hu Niao smiled softly: "Yes, you are not children, so don't be afraid."

     The elders expression was strange and were very jealous of Gu Huo birds.

      "All right, do business, I will meet the little deer man, you can beware of the other ghosts."

     Gu Huo Bird is gentle and gentle.

     Ye Shu hurriedly said: "I'm tired, I'll go with you."

     Gu Shuniao did not refuse, Ye Shu walked with her to the front line, and the elders followed cautious and solemn, always fearing Gu Shuniao.

     There are running Onmyojis along the way. On the frontline battlefield, densely packed ghosts roar high above or on the ground, show off one's military strength.

     Numerous Onmyojis stood side by side, fending off ghosts in panic.

     And a white deer, ten meters away from the front line, constantly hit the void with its horns.

     With visible to the naked eye, every time the deer man hits, something like a water film will appear in the void.

     That is the Contract Formation Law, which is also the key to resisting ghosts.

     The water film was constantly hit, gradually thinning, and about to break.

     The ghosts holding various weapons of everything in disorder are clamoring behind Xiaolu Nan. As long as the Contract Formation Law is broken, these ghosts will swarm in (of people etc).

     The Caobi people are all ashen-faced, and believe that they are bound to die.The arrival of Ye Shu and others boosted morale, but everyone was still heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     Gu Huo Niao talked little, she moved across the void and appeared next to Xiao Lu Nan.

     The little deer man was startled and jumped tens of meters back, his handsome face was full of shock.

     And those silly ghosts, seeing Gu Huu bird appear, rushed over, "Kill!"

     The bird did not move, but Ye Shu's eyesight only saw her umbrella sword sway.

     And the sounds of ghosts rushing over with a grunting sound it stops, breaking in half way into two.

     In the eyes of outsiders, the ghosts and monsters automatically turn into two pieces as soon as they get close to the bird.

     The Caobi tribe was stunned, unable to say a word.

     The ghosts who were still charging immediately did not dare to charge, and all hid behind Xiaolu Nan.

     The fawn male is white and elegant, he is really a rare beautiful man in the world. His horns are faintly white, like a unicorn.

     "Little Deer Man, it's been a long time."

     Gu Huoniao said with a smile, a peaceful smile on his face under the hat.

     The male deer stepped on his hooves and said, "I'll catch the bird, why are you here."

     The little deer man’s voice is really... numb, and Ye Shu has a layer of goosebumps. This is so gay. It is said that the mother is not a mother, it is just a hint of gayness under the heroic anger.

     "I want to know why the ghost kings broke their contracts. It is not ancient anymore. Human beings don't know our existence and we shouldn't be born."Gu Huo bird asked with an umbrella sword in his hand, and the little deer man blinked and said helplessly: "I want to help my friend. Humans have robbed my friend's lover. It's too disgusting. I can't make my friend sad."

     The friend he said should be Jiu Tun, Ye Shu frowned and thought. Gu Huiniao laughed: "Shuten-douji? Are you friends at what time?"

     Speaking of friends, Xiaolu Man is obviously very excited.

     "Jiutun likes to drink, I know how to make wine, so he entangled me, we are naturally friends."

     Ye Shu raised his eyebrows and looked at this little deer man with excitement. He felt that this kid was a little bit stunned. He seemed to value feelings very much and was silly.

     Gu Shuniao shook the head with a smile: "Jiu Tun is a good person, and it’s good for you to make friends with him. But I don’t think he will attack humans, because he is lazy and doesn’t do such big things. Think about it carefully. who is it led the head."

     Fawn male was a little confused, carefully thought a bit then said: "Is it Ibaraki-douji? He has been with Jiu Tun and doesn't like me."

     Gu Shuniao nodded: "Sure enough, Ibaraki was cut off by the warring states general Watanabe Tsuna's right wrist, and he kept taking troubles to heart. This time he must take the opportunity to retaliate. He has not forgotten his millennia of hatred. He is really a stubborn person. "
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