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0 Chapter List 339 Basil Beef
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When the Qingxing Lantern was gone, the ghosts naturally had no choice but to slip away. They weren't Ye Shu and Gu Huuciao's opponents at all, they could only die if they stayed.

     The surviving Onmyoji master cheering excitedly admired Ye Shu so much, he would definitely not reject Ye Shu again.

     Gu Huiniao also praised: "You can talk really well ... 31st day what exactly is going on?"

     Ye Shu choked: "I made it up, there is no 31st day."

     Gu Huo Niao cannot help laughing: "You really have smashed Qingxing Deng. She will find it for a lifetime."

     The matter has been decided, and the sacred stone here can be held.

     Ye Shu immediately issued an order: "You send someone to contact the Great Elder Caobi to reinforce this place. Kyushu has been decided, and I have to go to other places. The matter is urgent, so you can bear more."

     "Yes, please rest assured, the vice president!"

     Ye Shu and Gushu did not leave many birds, so they rushed to other sacred stone contracts without stopping.

     Since there is no ghost king in the remaining contract land, the strength is not very strong, and Onmyouji Family has little loss.

     But Ye Shu and Gu got the bird's reinforcements, and they directly smashed the ghost away.

     In one day, Ye Shu and the two men resolved almost all crises.

     Moreover, the four kingdoms’ sacred stone contracted land to go to Guikong. A group of He Mao’s family were very dazed. They suffered heavy losses and thought they could not keep it, but the ghosts suddenly retreated.

     Ye Shu came to ask, already thinking of the reason.

     "It's the big tengu who is attacking here, don't worry about fraud, he has indeed retreated."

     Ye Shu smiled and said, has understood clearly in the mind.Patriarch He Mao questioned: "Vice President, how do you know it is a big tengu? Why did he retreat?"

     Ye Shu talked about the Qingxingdeng casually, and Chief He Mao suddenly sighed in relief, and he was also grateful to Ye Shu.

     "Now there is still a contracted land for the sacred stone in Hokkaido. Do you know who is the leader of the ghosts in Hokkaido?"

     Ye Shu asked, and Chief He Mao hurriedly said: "When the war just started, our Four Great Clans exchanged information. The Huakaiyuan defended Hokkaido. The patriarch of the Huakaiyuan said that Hokkaido’s goblin collar is a man with bat wings. A petite girl with sharp ears, she looks like a vampire."


     Although there are similar vampire's legends in all over the world, vampire's does not exist among the shikigami.

     Ye Shu was puzzled. Gu Huuciao, who had been silent next to him, said, "It's the Vampire, originally a human girl. She became a vampire demon after being infected by Vampire Bat. She is very strange. I might be able to kill with a single sword. She, but she might also bite me to death."

     Ye Shu was startled: "She is so strong?"

     "Vampire's lethality is extremely terrifying, if I can't kill her first, then she will kill me in one bite."

     Even Gu Huiniao said so, Ye Shu immediately did not dare to take it lightly. This Hokkaido party should be careful.

     After bidding farewell to He Mao's house, Ye Shu and Gu Huouniao headed north for Hokkaido.

     Along the way, the two are discussing how to defeat the Vampire, but they have no idea.

     According to Gu Hu Niao, the more injured the Vampire Girl is, the stronger the explosion's lethality.

     This has to do with her blood, her blood can boil.If Ye Shu and Gu Huouniao failed to kill the Vampire with the first move, then the Vampire's counterattack would definitely kill both of them in seconds.

     "You can't take risks, you have to be smart. Since she was originally a human, she should have feelings for humans."

     Ye Shu said, Gu Huo Niao nodded, but both of them had some to have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it.

      At this time, the Ise dagger in Ye Shu's arms suddenly moved, and Ise-chan flew out.

     "Listen to you LMAO, you can't even deal with the vampire, you are not ashamed!"

     Ise-chan laughed strongly at Ye Shu, and Ye Shu corner of the mouth twitch: "Dare to ask this little loli, what's your strategy?"

     Ise-chan somewhat feared glanced at Gu Shuniao, and then laughed with arms akimbo: "The Ise craftsman who built me back then told me a lot of interesting things about Shikigami, among which is the vampire. It is very, very simple to deal with her, hum , But I just won’t tell you."

     Ise sauce is joyfully satisfied. She is afraid of catching birds, but not afraid of Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu squinted to himself, and then smiled harmless to human and animals: "Ise-chan, my dear, you are so cute and beautiful, you want to be a good boy."


     Ise sauce still got a horse, Ye Shu helplessly said: "Then what do you want? Let's talk about the conditions."

     Ise-chan waited for this moment, excitedly said: "I want to be with Chiyo Sister, you can't restrict my freedom, I will follow Chiyo Sister all my life."

     what? That's it?

     "I limit your freedom at what time? You want to be with Chiyo."

     "Sister Chiyo let me be your weapon, she doesn't want me to be with her, you have to help me persuade her."Oops, what a childish temprament.

     "Okay, no problem, after the trouble is resolved this time, I will let Chiyo take you with you."

      What is this condition, not worth mentioning.

     But Ise-chan was so happy that she finally agreed to say how to deal with the vampire.

     "Grandpa Craftsman said that Vampire is a poor human daughter. She likes to eat perilla beef, but in her era, fire of war everywhere, the poor couldn't afford it. One day, her father finally made a meal for her. She was so happy about the perilla beef. But she was bitten by her father before she ate it."

     Ise-chan recalled carefully, "It turns out that her father was infected, and make every effort came back to make perilla beef for his daughter, but unfortunately bit her daughter. The vampire became a monster like this, and she could no longer eat perilla beef. I can only make a living by sucking blood. The stench of blood will not make her vomit, and the perilla beef will keep her vomiting."

     Ye Shu hasn't spoken for a long time after listening, this vampire is too miserable.

     "Then how to make her retreat?"

     Ye Shu said solemnly, Ise sauce rolled the eyes: "You are stupid, just ask her to eat perilla beef. Your blood can be mixed with perilla beef, so she will definitely not vomit."

     Ise-chan sniffed, as if smelling Ye Shu's blood.

     Gu Huouniao nodded in agreement: "Yes, your blood is very strange. Vampire can perhaps eat perilla beef through your blood."

     In this case, Ye Shu didn't hesitate.

     He and Gu Huiniao went to the big city first to buy basil beef, packed it in a lunch box, and took it with them as a bento.

     Ise-chan ran away in a hurry, and she was going to find Chiyo.When it was dark, Ye Shu and the two went to the contract sacred stone in Hokkaido.

     Sure enough, here is spectacle too horrible to endure, the vampire is too strong, one move of instant kill, the Huakaiyuan family dare not show up at all, they can only let ghosts attack Contract Formation Law.

     Ye Shu opened his eyes, looked down at the top of the mountain from high above, and locked a girl with wings.

     Her wings are small, just like decorations, and she looks pretty cute.

     And her ears are very pointed, like an elf, with two small fangs at the corners of her mouth, without the Western vampire's gloomy feeling.

      in short, this is a 16-17 years old human girl, maintaining the beauty of a human being, as well as mutated characteristics.

     After observing the Vampire, Ye Shu looked at Contract Formation Law, Contract Formation Law had been on the verge of collapse, and there were countless casualties inside. Young Master Xiang seemed to have suffered serious injuries and was struggling to support.

     Ye Shu landed directly on the top of the mountain without ink.

     Gushu Bird also shot at the same time, a cold light smashed down, splitting the top of the mountain, and the many ghosts who attacked the formation frightened Desperate runaway, looking at Gushu Bird from a distance.

     The fighting stopped immediately, and the two groups looked at the bird in amazement.

     The vampire girl raised her head, her blood-red eyes were very calm, she seemed to be unable to speak, and stood in place quietly.

     Ye Shu landed directly in front of Vampire, he was holding a bento, the bento was perilla beef, which had mixed his blood.

     "Vampire girl, I am the vice-chairman of Yinyangliao. I'm here this time. Please retreat and offer perilla beef."

     Ye Shu handed it over, the stagnant water in Vampire Ji’s eyes fluctuated, but she by no means took the lunch.The evil spirit next to him yelled, "Are you a fool as Vampire Lady? What basil beef, get out!"

     I was coldly snorted, and the evil spirits stepped back immediately, not dare to scold them.

     Ye Shu didn't say much, and opened the lunch.

     Suddenly a scent of beef mixed with blood floated out.

     Vampire Ji's red eyes shrank, and her throat immediately moved.

     The other ghosts also smelled, and they were also swallowing saliva.

     Ye Shu's blood is so strange that any ghost wants to take a breath.

     "Please accept it."

     Ye Shu handed over the lunch again, Vampire Ji took it without a word, and then left silently.

     Seeing her walk away, the ghosts reacted, and they were all shocked.

     "Master Vampire, why are you? That's just a piece of perilla beef, we can make it for you if you want to eat it!"

     "Master Vampire, come back soon, just a lunch box!"

     The ghosts were dumbfounded, and they didn't expect the vampire to be bought by a lunch box.

     Ye Shu coldly snorted and said to the surroundings: "Don't you get out of here?"
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