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0 Chapter List 356 Pure Parting
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hey, men are really bitter.

     Ye Shu walked in the academy and sighed. He is quite depressed now, because the green lantern Nima has followed.

     It's impossible for Qingxingdeng, a curious baby, to let him go, and the experiment must continue.

     It seems that I can't run away, Amen, Buddha bless.

     Ye Shu no longer struggled, and after leaving Liu Youyou's wooden house, he went to meet his senior brothers.

     The seniors are still studying in Taoism and don't know how many years they will need to study. Seeing Ye Shu come back, they be pleased beyond one's expectations, not to mention being more enthusiastic.

     And Ye Shu's previous exclusive wooden house is still there. For an outstanding student like him, the academy will keep everything for him.

     After meeting the seniors, Ye Shu went back to his wooden house. In fact, he hadn't lived much before, after all, they all lived in Taoyuan.

     At this moment, he only plans to stay one night when he comes back. He will return to Tianleifeng after seeing Liu Youyou away tomorrow.

     There is mountain spring water in the wooden house that leads directly to the bathroom. Ye Shushuang is crooked, planning to have a good rest. After all, he was almost sucked to death by Liu Youyou just now. He still feels very tired at the moment.

     As a result, after soaking in the wooden barrel for a while, Ye Shu felt uncomfortable, and when he turned his head, he was startled.

     A mirror was erected behind him at some point, reflecting the way he was taking a bath.

     "Hahaha, I brought the mirror for you, like it, do the experiment right away, I haven't done it today."

     The void broke open, and the green lantern floated out.

     Ye Shu relaxed, it turned out that it was this guy's mirror, which scared me to death.

     "Miss Qingxingdeng, you really are the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, do you want to force it so tight?"Ye Shu had no choice but to bury his head in the barrel and hide. Qing Xingdeng snorted: "You secretly ran away. I haven't said you yet. As a Datang person, you have broken your promise and abandoned your agreement. It is too shameful for Datang."

     "Stop talking, I'm going to take a shower first, if you don't leave, please rub me."

     Ye Shu sighed and was paralyzed, really uncomfortable.

     The green lantern floated around the barrel, looking at Ye Shu's body with full of interest.

     "You have a good figure, very burly, but not as rough as Jiu Tun, it looks much pleasing to the eye."

     Qing Xing Deng Xiao Yi doesn't know at all Shy, Ye Shu sprawled out on one's back paralyzed: "Why, Chunxin is surging, you have lived so long, have you had children with a man?"

     "Giving birth? Why have children? I only like to hear ghost stories."

     Qingxing Deng obviously has no concept of live and multiply, and Ye Shu is to play the lute to a cow.

     "You are so pure, don't look at it, just go play."

     Ye Shu closed his eyes and yawned, getting sleepy, the charm of the vixen seemed to have sequelae, Ye Shu was tired physically and mentally.

     When the green light was silent, Ye Shu was about to fall asleep. As a result, his crotch was tight, and his scalp was numb.

     I opened my eyes and saw that the Qingxing Lantern was lying beside the wooden barrel, and the snow-white jade hand was pulling what thing in the water.

     "What are you doing?"

     "You have a little loach, so funny."

     "Let go."

     "Just play, what does it matter."

     Ye Shu's scalp continued to numb, and the little bug with spirit weary, strength exhausted was gripped by the green light.

     "You will regret it. You have never seen a ghost king like you.""Why do you regret it? Hey, it's bigger..."

     "Let it go!"

     Not only did Ye Shu's scalp numb, but also the scalp was numb, and at this embarrassing moment, the void broke open again.

     Ise-chan jumped out, and her mouth opened wide when she saw the situation.

     The Demon Sword Princess behind her was also stunned, and hurriedly covered Ise-chan's eyes.

     Ye Shu was about to cry, Qing Xing Deng let go and shook the waterway: "Haha, do you know? The man's thing was so small, it's not as big as my little finger."

     Ye Shu's self-esteem took a heavy blow. He lamented: "That's because I was squeezed dry by my wife..."

     Demon Sword Princess silent, Ise-chan cursed: "Shameless, are you embarrassed to say it? It's shameless, Sister Chiyo, let's go back to the East and live a good life in the forest. Don't follow him, this pervert!"

     Ise-chan pulled the Demon Sword Fairy and left, and a drop fell from the corner of Ye Shu's eyes: "Anyone with a discerning eye can see, who is it shameless, my pure body has been tainted by the blue lantern."

     "Huh? What did you say nonsense? Believe it or not, I suck your soul away!"

     Qing Xing Lan was not happy anymore, Yao Dao Ji said softly: "You take a bath, I know you are doing an experiment, we need to study it, things are really weird."

     After Demon Sword Girl finished speaking, she took Ise-chan and left, Ye Shu's heart was hot, such a well-behaved and sensible little Chiyo, okay.

     He came to his spirits, washed white, changed clothes, and let Qingxing Deng carry the mirror into the hall.

     Qingxingdeng was very excited, carrying the mirror and heading to the hall.The Demon Sword Princess and Ise-chan are already waiting, Ise-chan has an unhappy face, but the Demon Sword Princess has a solemn expression, obviously thinking about the mirror.

     Qing Xing Deng put the mirror in the hall, then closed the window and said: "Datang, let's do the experiment, 22nd day."

     Ye Shu looked at Demon Sword Fairy, Demon Sword Fairy nodded: "I know, you do it, I'll watch."

     Ah, so gentle.

     Ye Shu is very happy at heart, and then concentrate on doing experiments.

     Now that things are weird, let's finish them, or else I will think about it for the rest of my life, and I won't be able to live in peace.

     All three of Qingxingdeng hid in the corner, and Ye Shu seemed to be the only one in the wooden house.

     Ye Shu stared at himself in the mirror and started the experiment again.

     "Who are you, who are you..."

     After asking who are you ten times, Ye Shu in the mirror didn't react at all.

     But Ye Shu got hairier the more he looked, and he didn't know it was not because of psychological reasons.

     Demon Dao Ji and the others were observing in secret, and they came out after more than ten minutes.

     Ye Shu also moved away from the mirror, and the self in the mirror disappeared.

     "It's strange, you in the mirror don't seem to be illusory, but real."

     Demon Blade Fairy said in deep thought, how powerful she is, she said that it must be strange that it is strange.

     Ye Shu walked a few steps, and said with a little alarm: "Isn't it my another individual has become a reality?"

     The so-called manifestation means that the second personality of fantasy becomes a real person, and there is an additional "I" in this world.

     This thing is very profound, Ye Shu didn't understand it, just guessing.Qingxingdeng suppressed his excitement and said, "It's amazing. This is definitely the most important phenomenon in thousands of years. I finally don't have to be bored."

     Ye Shu bah'ed, this damn blue lantern, just thinking about playing.

     "I want to express my opinion, I am also an adult."

     Ise-chan interrupted, and all three of them looked at her: "You said."

     "I still think this man is too shameless, we should leave him, otherwise Chiyo Sister will be taken by him too, look at his dirty thing."

     The three of them choked, your thinking is so peculiar, is it the time to discuss this?

     There is nothing to discuss for the time being, and a few people can only give up and continue to wait for the experiment.

     And Ye Shu also went to do his own business.

     The next day Liu Youyou is about to leave. She will go to another secret place of the Lark Family for further study. She doesn't know how long it will take to return.

     When Ye Shu went to see him off, a large group of teachers and students gathered outside Liu Youyou's house, all of them came to see off.

     Many boys picked flowers and confessed at the last opportunity.

     However, none of them can get into the wooden house, so they can only pester outside.

     Ye Shu went in directly, and Liu Youyou opened the door to greet him. There were Liu Youyou's best friend and mentor in the room. Seeing Ye Shu came, they all went out witty.

     Naturally, Ye Shu immediately kissed Liu Youyou strongly, picked it up and threw it on the bed.

     Liu Youyou hammered him embarrassedly: "No, what about that many people outside, I only cleaned you yesterday, and now I'm not honest."

     "You are honest, who deliberately broke my leg to tempt me yesterday? Yesterday I didn't dare to wave, and today I am lively dragon and animated tiger again, try breaking it off again."Ye Shu smirked, Liu Youyou blushed suddenly, clamping his legs wherever he would break apart.

     "Okay, stop making trouble, I'm packing up."

     Ye Shu let go of her, feeling very reluctant, but didn't keep her. This is Liu Youyou's good fortune, so he can wait for Nine-Tailed Monster Fox Monarch overlooking the world under the Heavens.

     Liu Youyou packed up his luggage, kissed Ye Shu specially, and said in a strange way: "You seem to have a bad complexion. It seems that your vitality was badly injured yesterday, and you are all to blame.

     Ye Shu feels guilty, his complexion is not because of being sucked by a fox yesterday.

     "It's okay, I don't have to rest seven times a night, and it will be better soon. I’ll wait for you. I’m back. I must let you suck once in this life."

     Ye Shusao smiled, Liu Youyou flipped a supercillious look towards him, bit his lip gently, then looked outside the house, and then knelt in front of Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was taken aback: "What are you doing?"

     Liu Youyou raised his head to look at him, with a shy smile on his face.

     "Suck you once, so as not to pick the flowers and trample the grass."

     She knelt down and looked at Ye Shu, with a shy face, the spring tide in her eyes, her temperament changed drastically.

     Ye Shu shook, oh my god, the crotch burst suddenly.

     The charm of the vixen without omen exploded, changing from a jade girl to a charming girl. A pair of show hands and two cherry lips brought Ye Shu into the whirlpool of inability to feel as soon as possible.

     It happened that there was a boiling cauldron of voices outside, which made Ye Shu nervous and irritating, so he handed over the gun in a short while and was a waste.

     Liu Youyou was all red, and ran to the toilet with her mouth in her mouth.Half an hour later, Liu Youyou took the luggage out with an elegant and indifferent expression, and walked away under the escort of the tutor and surrounded by the students.

     Ye Shu stood by the window and watched her go away. He sighed softly. He really didn't know how long it would take to meet again.

     He was inevitably sad, not sad for two seconds, and was kicked in the back.

     "Oh, you perverted uncle, so... disgusting!"

     Ye Shu looked back, was it Ise-chan or who?

     He suddenly had a headache: "Are you peeping?"

     "Yes, can't it? Sister Chiyo and Qingxingdeng have seen it too!"

     I rub!

     Ye Shu was immediately embarrassed and looked around quickly, hoping that Ise-chan was lying.

     Then Yao Dao Ji and Qing Xing Deng really appeared.

     "You Datang is really open. Your mouth can also be used to give birth to children. It's a little nauseous."

     Qing Xingdeng looked thoughtful, Ye Shu looked bitter, and looked at Demon Sword Fairy.

     The Demon Sword Fairy's voice was soft, and the gentle eldest lady was full of style.

     "Go do the experiment, it's the 23rd day, there is still one week."
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