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0 Chapter List 359 Simply Unsightly
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu's crotch bulged after being rubbed by the Qingxing lamp. 』』

     Although Ye Shu thought he was not a gentleman, he was not so hungry and thirsty. Obviously, his body was abnormal, and the sequelae of the loss of the spirit of the ghost appeared.

     "Chiyo, you can definitely understand me, I'm not that kind of person."

     Ye Shu said helplessly, the Demon Blade Fairy looked away, and whispered softly: "What will you do in the future? Can't you even touch a woman?"

     "It's not that I can't take it, it's that my brother can't take it."

     Ye Shudan hurts, bending over to block the crotch, too embarrassing. Ise-chan still looked down on her hips and despised: "Don't quibble, take advantage of losing the ghost, you will find a chance to spring, Sister Chiyo, don't believe him."

     Oh, what a Flat Little Girl, the tiger doesn’t pretend to treat you like a sick cat.

     Ye Shu rolled the eyes and jumped in front of Ise-chan: "Look, elephant!"

     Ise-chan immediately covered her face in shame and ran away.

     "Pervert! Sister Chiyo, look at him, even a child like me will not let go."

     "Are you too good at pretending? You keep saying that you are almost a hundred years old, and now you are pretending to be tender again, you old woman."

     Ye Shu shows no mercy to strike, where Ise-chan is his opponent, holding the demon sword Ji whine.

     "Okay, okay, stop arguing, we won't show up, lest you... calm down."

     The Demon Sword Fairy somewhat grudgingly disappeared with Ise-chan and Ao Xing Lan, to avoid stimulating Ye Shu again.

      has to say, Ye Shu really started to swell as soon as they left.The long legs of the Demon Sword Fairy and Qing Xing Deng are really attractive, Ye Shu is already "coveting" unconsciously, this stimulation is not small.

     After a long while, Ye Shu left the jungle and ran to Gui Congcheng.

     His swelling has disappeared, but he feels hot in his heart, and he wants to vent his excess Yang Qi.

     At this time, the sky was also dark, Ye Shu planned to stay in Guicong City for one night and return to Tianlei Peak tomorrow.

     Staying in Guicong City, Ye Shu couldn't stay idle. He was still struggling with the Holy Spirit's leader.

     After booking the hotel, Ye Shu went to find Innkeeper Niang Zizi.

     Zizi is more beautiful now. Because of the destruction of the Holy Spirit Cult, his power withdrew from Guicong City, and Zizi's power in Guicong City gradually grew stronger, secretly being a sister.

     Ye Shu suddenly visited, but Zi Zi Le was broken, he quickly invited him into the inner room, and several female fairies were also found.

     Ye Shu is very relaxed. Now he is not going to fight, just recounting the past.

     "Zizi, is there any news of the Holy Spirit teaching in the past six months?"

     Ye Shu asked while drinking, and Zi Zi and the fairy squeezed his legs and waited on him very well.

     "No, as soon as the law enforcement officer of the imperial capital comes out, the magician of Nanyang flee at the mere sight of, the border is very stable."

     Ye Shu nodded, a little hesitant said, "Where is the leader of the Holy Spirit? He is not dead."

     Zizi was taken aback: "The leader is not dead? I don't know, I have never heard of it."

     It seems that the leader has not come back for revenge, where did he go?

     Ye Shu remembered how he taught his master to look at himself at the time. He could kill himself, but he didn't do anything.After two glasses of wine, Ye Shu didn't ask much, but Zi Zi took the initiative: "The master of Gui Congcheng has changed. Yinghe went to the Imperial Capital to study. I heard that he has entered the Kylin Academy. It's amazing."

     Ye Shu was startled, Yinghe went to the Kylin Academy?

     This Kylin Academy may be not so simple, it is the exclusive college of the Kylin Family. The three top families in the imperial capital, the Lark, Qilin, and Ruilong, these three dominate the entire monster alliance.

     Ye Shu came into contact with the Lark family because of Bai Ling, but only touched the tip of the iceberg. As for the other two, he has hardly heard anyone talk about it in the imperial capital, which shows the degree of mystery.

     Na Yinghe entered the Kylin Academy, afraid that he would soars toward sky in a Leap.

     But Ye Shu also doesn't care, Yinghe is far behind him, and the two are not one level people.

     Ye Shu drank a few more glasses of wine and planned to leave. As a result, several female elves were hiding their mouths and giggling, looking at Ye Shu's crotch full of tender feelings.

     Zi Ziye expression was strange, her tone charming: "My lord, you must be lonely outside, don't be shy, you can enjoy the fairies here, including me, we are all clean."


     Ye Shu looked down at his crotch, and as expected, it was so loud!

     After being hooked by the fairy's body fragrance, the body automatically reacted.

     This Yang Qi is too strong, right?

     Ye Shu had a headache and left quickly.

     "You misunderstood, this is my short knife, I'm leaving now."

     Ye Shu "run away" caused the female elves to giggle, and they all thought he was shy.Ye Shu sighed and went back to the hotel, punched his crotch, and then he burst into tears in pain, and didn't dare to beat him again.

     "It's not good, I've been on the road before, nothing else feels, now it's stable, the yang energy is beginning to explode, the yin and yang are out of balance."

     Ye Shu ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower, and moved his hands down. It was time to solve it by himself.

     But he in the end still didn't solve it by himself, because... there are three shikigami secretly, maybe they just look at themselves!

     So Ye Shu suffered all night, he tossed and turned, it was difficult to fall asleep, always to support the sky as a single pillar.

     He fell asleep in the middle of the night, and then he had a spring dream, and he was crazy in the dream. First he slapped Youyou, then Yangyi, then slapped Demon Sword Ji, and finally even slapped Ai Qier.

     This pop was really deranged, and the evil in the deepest part of the man completely exploded.

     At dawn, Ye Shu unexpectedly dreamed of popping Ise sauce. Fortunately, he slapped himself in his dream and woke up suddenly.

     As soon as he sat up, the sheets were wet.

     Ye Shu wants to vomit blood, why is Lao Tzu so sick?

     Then he raised the head to look, and the three demon swordsmen stood by the bed and looked at him weirdly.

     Ye Shu really vomited blood, stammeringly couldn't speak.

     Ise-chan curse without restraint: "You disgusting uncle, what disgusting dreams are you doing? You even think about me... a bad guy!"

     Ise-chan hid behind Demon Dao Ji, Ye Shu stunned: "What? What did you say?"

     Does Ise know her dream?

     The green light on the side cannot help but laugh: "I'm sorry, I saw your dream and told them."Qingxingdeng is a very peculiar monster. She can absorb souls and has the means to dream.

     Ye Shu's dream of spring was completely unconcealed.

      "Damn it, you... Qingxingdeng, go back to Dongyang quickly!"

     Ye Shu was embarrassed. Ise-chan wrinkled her nose and pulled the Demon Swordsman: "Sister Chiyo, let me just say, he is very lustful, licking your legs in a dream, if you are not a little bit fierce, he will Licking your leg."

     Ye Shu wanted to find a hole in the ground. He never thought that he would have this day. No matter how thick his skin was, he couldn't hold it.

     Demon Sword Fairy silent, pursing her lips lightly, pulling Ise-chan and Ao Xing Lan to disappear.

     Ye Shu let out a long sigh, he couldn't clean it, and he couldn't clean it when he jumped into the Yellow River.

     He left the hotel, hurried back to Tianlei Peak, and then went to his home in the Garden of Eden.

     This is what he bought for Yang Yi, his daughter, and Mi Ya Zi Mi'er.

     Three women and a girl, all lived in a villa in the Garden of Eden.

     Ye Shu stepped into the Garden of Eden, still very happy, this is his own family, there is still one biological daughter Ye Weiyang.

     Ye Shuxing rushed to his villa, his ears were very good, he heard the woman's laughter and the sound of water.

     This villa is as luxurious as it is, and it has its own swimming pool. The weather is very good today. Yang Yi and the others are probably swimming.

     Ye Shu smiled, and went straight over the wall.

     As soon as she entered, she saw the beauty over the swimming pool.

     Mi Yazi and Mi'er were sitting on the bank, rubbing their breasts, making them relatively small.

     Yang Yi is teaching Weiyang to swim. Both mother and daughter are wearing swimsuits, nothing more beautiful can be imagined.And there's some left maid near the pool, preparing to eat.

     This villa has already been renovated, Ye Shu left a lot of money, and the servants are also looking for it. It is like the home of one human rich.

     Ye Shu smiled warmly and walked over quickly, but after a few steps, he looked down and looked so hard again!

     He couldn't wait to slap it off, but it was his own little brother anyhow, and it was himself who had the pain.

     He can only walk to the villa with hatred, and he can never see his daughter in this state.

      figure flashes, he already entered the villa. There was a maid cleaning the villa. Ye Shu suddenly broke in and they screamed in fright.

     "I am Miss Yang Yi's husband. You can ask her to come in. Only her one person can come in."

     Ye Shu blocked the following command, and the maids lost one's head out of fear and ran out.

     Ye Shu wiped his sweat and hid in a very cozy bedroom.

     There is the breath of Yang Yi here, it must be Yang Yi's room.

     Ye Shu scolded himself a few times, then waited for Yang Yi.

     Soon, Yang Yi rushed in and her one person came in.

     Ye Shu opened the door and called her. She overjoyed at unexpected good news and her eyes turned red all of a sudden.

     "Ye... Ye Shu, are you really back?"

     Yang Yi somewhat uncertain, Ye Shu couldn't help but feel guilty. He and Yang Yi were actually enemies, but after they had a daughter, Yang Yi was obviously attached to him, but he was still busy everywhere and didn't have time to get along with Yang Yi.

     "I'm back, I am embarrassed now, I hope you Help me for a bit."Ye Shu said in embarrassment, Yang Yi walked in, looked him up and down, and then stared at his crotch.

     With this stare, Yang Yi's face turned red all of a sudden, he was busy closing the door, and some blamed: "You don't need to be so embarrassed, I know it's Wang Qing, and I will help you."

     No No

     "You are so smart, that damn \The king killed me, I hope I don't mind it, I need you very much now."

     Ye Shuqiang smiled, Yang Yi was a little uncomfortable with the sudden incident, but did not refuse.

     She closed the curtains, pulled Ye Shu to bed again, covered the quilt, and then began to help Ye Shu to relax.

     With \Wang as a shield, Yang Yi is more natural, and Ye Shu is finally comfortable.

     But Yang Qi burst can not be solved so easily. In two hours, Ye Shu became more and more fierce, his face flushed, his blood was rising, and Yang Qi was still exploding wildly.

     Yang Yi was frightened and let Ye Shu calm down, but Ye Shu couldn't calm down at all, he didn't even know what he was doing, he just wanted to vent.

     In the end, Yang Yi couldn't stand it anymore, she burst into tears and blood flowed out.

     And Mi Yazi and Mi'er break the door down and enter at this time. They waited outside for a long time. The more they waited, the more worried they became, and they couldn't help kicking the door open.

     So the sight of unbearable to look at was greet the eye, and both of them covered their mouths, and then quickly closed the door so that Wei Young would not see it.

     A few more hours later, Ye Shu woke up in a dizzy mood, only to see the three jade bodies on the bed panting weakly, the snow-white skin dazzled people, the tangy smell of meat made people fascinated, and the red on the bedsheets It caused a tenfold crit on Ye Shu.Done……
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