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0 Chapter List 361 Please Enter The Imperial Capital
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xiao Leng didn't know where to find a solution. The crucial moment helped Ye Shu reduce the swelling. Tian Lai Novels

     Ye Shu finally relaxed, Xiao Leng also a look of disgust and flew away.

     Wei Young in the back row was still silent, she thought Ye Shu didn't like her.

     Ye Shu stopped the car on the side of the road, turned his head and smiled: "Come ahead, Dad will talk to you."

     Wei Young was stunned, raised his head in surprise, and then climbed to the front like a kitten.

     With a smile, Ye Shu fastened her seat belt and squeezed her little face.

     "You are so beautiful, especially your eyes. In the future you will definitely become a great beauty."

     Ye Shu praised generously, Wei Young was very shy, but his tone was very lively: "Sir, are blue eyes beautiful?"

     "Pretty. If your classmates are hostile to you, it must be because they don't have beautiful blue eyes."

     Ye Shu drove the car to the school, Wei Yang looked at him sideways, as if there was the deepest sea in his eyes, which made people fascinated.

     Ye Shuke suppressed the yang energy, and was very calm, talking to his daughter along the way, the father and daughter finally had a real exchange.

     Soon, the car approached the school, and many students appeared on the road. There were also many cars driving into the Aristocratic School.

     Ye Shu didn't pay attention to his car, but passers-by did. His luxury car may not be so simple in this small city.

     "Sir, right here stop, I want to walk into school."

     Wei Young looked at the students outside somewhat uncomfortable, Ye Shu puzzled: "Why?"

     "If you take this car, the students will always stare at me."Ye Shu couldn't help but smile, and the children also showed off their wealth. When this car drove in, Wei Young would immediately become a Star Figure(s).

     Others are eager to show off their wealth, but Wei Young is afraid to show off.

     "Okay, get off, let's walk in."

     Ye Shu parked the car, got out of the car with Wei Yang, and walked towards the school with her hand.

     Wei Young is very excited. She doesn't show off the car, but wants to show off her father.

     Once she met a classmate, she would have liked to be seen.

     In fact, wherever Wei Young goes, there will be eyes.

     In the eyes of ordinary people, Wei Young is a mixed-race, blue eyes are too eye-catching.

     On the way to school, Wei Young finally satisfied her showing off her father's vanity.

     "Sir, I can enter the school by myself, you can go back."

     Wei Young was carrying a small schoolbag, holding a small face, and laughing with two dimples, blue eyes shining brightly, very cute.

     Ye Shu leaned over and kissed her and watched her run into school.

     Ye Shu has never been so relaxed as today. He seems to be a father, and the corners of his mouth can't help being raised slightly.

     Back in the car, Ye Shu hummed a song, and then Xiao Leng appeared again.

     "Do you like your daughter very much? Since you are a father, don't be so lustful."

     Xiao Leng sat in the passenger seat holding his hands, despising Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu doesn't refute, Xiao Leng is a arrogant jealous jar, and often speaking, he doesn't really mean something.

     "Xiao Lengjiang, how do you know can help me reduce the swelling? That's amazing."Ye Shu smiled and praised, Xiao Leng hummed: "I asked an old grandmother, and she said that yin can eliminate men, so I tried."

     The grandmother in the little cold mouth must be a certain ghost, and Ye Shu can be considered a noble person.

     "Now it's okay, as long as I lose control of my Yang Qi, you can help me to reduce the swelling, and then I can go out with peace of mind."

     Ye Shuxuan's heart was let go, Xiao Cooling blushed, and said angrily: "Don't win an inch, want a foot, I have given you a lot of face after helping you once!"


     "Why are you angry? Did I do something bad?"

     Ye Shu was puzzled, Xiao Leng became even more angry, gritted his teeth with anger.

     "Reducing swelling and swelling, I have to hold you there every day and fill you with Yin Qi? It's disgusting!"

     This is the reason.

     Ye Shu smiled profoundly mystery, and burst into a commotion.

     "Xiao Lengchan, you have been arguing about falling in love a long time ago. Now that you are free, what are your plans?"

     "None of your business, silly!"

     Xiao Leng hugged his chest and turned to look out the window.

     Not to mention, she is really cute, a cute and adorable girl.

      This past half year, Ye Shu has been running around and tired, and Xiao Leng is only a tool for the upper body of a ghost. They have not had a wave for a long time.

     "Hey, to be honest, you can fall in love, but you are very strong now. The average ghost king is not worthy of you. I think there is only one person worthy of you."

     Ye Shu held back a smile, Xiao Leng still looked out the window: "Who?"

     "Ye Shu, Zibi, a person from Tianleifeng in the southwest..."

      "Scram!"Xiao Leng kicked over, and Ye Shu quickly grabbed her white feet with one hand.

     "I'm driving, don't kick it. Think about it, Ye Shu is really good."

     "go to hell!"

     Xiao Leng withdrew his foot and ran away. Ye Shu laughing heartily, it's so cool, it's so cool to molest the tsundere girl.

     He sang folk songs all the way back to the villa, and then became unhappy, because the three "ladies" at home were waiting for him.

     As soon as Ye Shu entered the hall, Yang Yi, Mi Yazi, and Mi'er were all sitting on the sand. They were all quiet and silent.

     Ye Shu felt a little bit in his heart, hey, it's time to come.

     He straightened out his suit and walked over.

     The three girls are very embarrassed. Although they are not normal human beings, they also have human feelings.

     The three girls were all fucked by Ye Shu overnight, and they still went together. It was impossible not to be embarrassed, and it was impossible to become happy.

     Ye Shu can only step down for them now.

     "Ahem, long time no see, are you doing fine?"

     Ye Shu asked dryly, and the three of them looked away. They were quite relaxed and rubbed each other's breasts. They were all embarrassed.

     Ye Shu had to continue: "Cut to the chase is hypocritical. Let's vote. You are all my wives. Raise your hands if you agree."

     The three women looked at each other, pinching their fingers, looking cowering.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly to himself, when things got to this point, he could only be the head of the family.

     He hulled and raised his hand: "I agree that you will all be my wives."

     The three girls looked at him with a strange expression.Then Yang Yi cautious and solemn raised her hand, and her face blushed when she raised her hand.

     Mi Meako is also quite shy, but she is the eldest sister after all, so she can live in the same place.

     "Young Master Ye, I said before, you save me out of the fire, I am willing to be your slave girl, you don't have to struggle, and you don't need to marry me, I will be satisfied if I can live here."

     Wow, big sister, don't talk like that, this is a serious novel!

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly: "Don't mention the slave girl, I won't play this set... Saint Mi'er, please raise your hand."

     Ye Shu looked at Mi'er, Mi'er pffft, and raised his hand.

     "Okay, Protector."

     The atmosphere is finally harmonious. Everyone has stepped down, and the absurd things of last night can be ignored.

     Ye Shu felt relieved, and got up to go to the kitchen.

     "I will live here for a period of time. Today I will cook by myself so that you can taste my craft."

     Ye Shu feels a little guilty for Yang Yi, and now he can make up for it. Cooking is one of the means of compensation.

     The three women didn't speak, Ye Shu thought they were moved, but when they looked back, they all stared at oneself crotch strangely.

     Ye Shu directly vomited blood, go fuck yourself, come again?

     He knew it without even looking, and it must have been swollen again.

     Mi Yazi and Mi'er covered their mouths and laughed, Yang Yi said softly: "It doesn't matter, they also know that you have a king in your body, that... we are waiting for you in the bedroom, but you can't be so rude, Mi It's the first time Meako and Mi'er..."Yang Yi blushed, and then ran into the bedroom with Mi Ya Zi Mi'er, and closed the door.

     Digging, you guys were so embarrassed just now, are you now sentiment same as sisters?

      However... The charm of a woman is really alluring, Ye Shu exhaled a sigh of breath, nothing more, one person does things and the other person, one person sculpts three to taste, so be it.

     He came in with a gun, and soon, the maids in the villa heard suppressed moans and could not help but face blushed red and ran out.

     Ye Shu completely let go. When it was convenient, he would have sex with the third girl to release his yang energy, and when it was inconvenient, he would let Xiao Leng help.

     Don't look at Xiao Leng always saying disgusting, but every time he helps with shame, he touches Ye Shu a dozen times a day.

     This kind of life is also comfortable. When I am bored at home, I take my wife and children out to go shopping, or visit the old dryad of Tianleifeng, or send cat biscuits to Wu Miao to eat.

     Ye Shu enjoyed this peaceful day, but unfortunately it didn't last long, and a letter broke the tranquility.

     It was noon, and Ye Shuzheng and his wife and children were dog-grabbing in the hot spring. A big bird suddenly appeared in the sky, hovering and landing.

     Ye Shu raised the head to look and frowned.

     It was a falcon, and it was a spear falcon, which was not right with him.

     He let his wife and children return to the villa, put on his own clothes and waited for the bird to land.

     The big bird was very well-behaved and fell in front of the door, turning into a young man.

     "I have met Mr. Bi. I am the messenger of the Ouyang family. On the order of Family Head Ouyang, I invite Mr. Bi to Beijing."Big bird handed the letter inlaid with gold, and Ye Shu opened it and saw that there were more than ten signatures of big families. In addition to the Ouyang family, there were also the Nangong family and even the Liaodong Blue Carving family.

     The big family of the imperial capital came together with an invitation letter.

     Look at the text again, a few words.

     "The families of the imperial capital respectfully invite True Man Bi to enter Beijing as guests, and hope to be fulfilled."
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