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0 Chapter List 363 The Precursor To The Birth Of A Cultivator
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Ye Shu's heart shook, and he seemed to understand.

     The miracle was just like Mirage, and my own image was in it, too inconceivable.

     After Ye Shu broke through the three levels that year, he lingered in the third level. The murals of Dayu's control of the water and the Big Dipper starry sky gave him too much shock.

     At that time, he even felt that the pubic area was hot, and he seemed to want Ascending Flying Immortal.

     It is a pity that in the end there is no way to get in, nothing at all get.

     Now that miracles appear, they definitely have something to do with the cultivator. Cultivators used to be the overlords of the world. After they disappeared, the monsters were able to enter the masters and opened up a splendid monster civilization.

     "Young Master Ye, what happened when you passed the three-pass audit?"

     Master Fang couldn't hide his excitement. The civilization of a cultivator is a supreme treasure. If you can get a glimpse of it, the benefits are unimaginable, and Master Fang naturally wants to get the benefits.

     "Master Fang, don't even think about using me. You have to understand that life sometimes must be there, but life is always necessary."

     Ye Shu said calmly, Master Fang was taken aback, and he quickly apologized: "I'm sorry, I made Ye Gongzi laugh. The treasure left by the cultivator is too tempting, and the old man is also unable to break away from convention. I want to fight for our Fang family. ."

     Ye Shu nodded, saying it's OK. By now, Ye Shu understood why the imperial capital family invited him to Beijing.

     Everyone is coveting the cultivator's treasure, always staring at the miracle. As an extremely important figure, Ye Shu is an object that every family wants to win. Master Fang has a natural advantage and wants Ye Shu to help him seek benefits."You are too anxious, it's just a piece of Mirage. I haven't figured it out yet."

     Ye Shu was very calm, and Master Fang apologized again: "It's too old to be too old, and we won't talk about it anymore. Come, prepare meals, and entertain Ye Gongzi."

     The manor became active, early in the morning, the people were tossing Manchu-Han Imperial Feast.

     Ye Shu was so happy, he was a little hungry when he ran a long distance, and sweat out, he had to take a bath.

     Master Fang arranged for the most sensible maid to wait for Ye Shu to take a bath. Ye Shu was very happy to enjoy it, but considering the imbalance of his yin and yang, he didn't dare to enjoy it in the end, so he was solitary and impoverished.

     Halfway through, someone knocked on the door.

     "Young Master Ye, is it convenient to talk?"

     It was the voice of the young girl.

     The young girl has failed evolution and is going to the plateau for re-cultivation, but she has not yet gone.

     "Come in, there's no need for excessive courtesy."

     Ye Shu smiled and continued to take a bath. The young girl pushed in and stood outside the screen.

     "Young Master Ye, just now my grandfather lost his temper, please don't blame it."

     She came to apologize for Master Fang, Master Fang was very worried that Ye Shu was dissatisfied with him.

     "It's okay... Are you still staying at home? Don't you want to evolve again?"

     "Well, I had already planned to go to Tibetan areas, but the larks secret Sudden Appearance had a miracle. Grandpa asked me to stay for a few more days, maybe I can get it..."

     The young girl was a little embarrassed, Ye Shu understood what she meant, Master Fang asked her to stay for the benefit.Ye Shu still said that it was okay. The young girl hesitated for a moment then said: "Master Ye, Bai Ling went to Dongyang to find you. Did you mention me?"

     "No, she talks very little, she won't tell me about her girlfriends."

     Ye Shu responded, Qing Girl sighed saying, and said in a low voice: "Did Bai Ling keep you away from me? She buried everything in her heart."

     what? Stop, wait, what's the situation?

     "What are you trying to say? I don't understand."

     Ye Shu scratched her head, and the green girl was a little guilty and said: "I am engaged to you, and Bai Ling didn't say anything, and she didn't say anything about being alone with you. She must be sad, but she didn't say anything.

     Meow meow meow? What the hell?

     "Little Princess Qianxun, do you girls have so many inner dramas? My engagement with you is just acting. Bai Ling knows what is so sad about her? And why is she sad?"

     Ye Shu really didn't understand what these girls were thinking, the young girl stopped talking, and finally floated away.

     "Young Master Ye, you will understand sooner or later."

     What is it?

     Ye Shu draws his mouth, forget it, bury your head and hang.

     After a lot of scrubbing, Ye Shu's washing was white and comfortable. And the more crowded the manor, there seemed to be guests coming.

     Ye Shu put on his clothes to catch a person and asked, and learned that a large group of guests were turning up without being invited. At the moment, he was drinking tea with Master Fang in the living room.

     Ye Shu smiled secretly, all the big families are here? Their intelligence is so good that they knew that they were at Fang's house so soon.

     Sure enough, after a while, Master Fang asked the butler to invite Ye Shu to meet the guests.Master Fang was also helpless, he wanted furtively to eat with Ye Shu, but the rest of the family didn't to be trifled with, and all came.

     Ye Shu combed his head and strode to meet the guests.

     He is now the son-in-law of the Fang family, and he is considered half the master.

     When we arrived in the living room, Master Fang was talking and laugh cheerfully with the elders of various families, and the young lady was also quite mature to entertain the guests, which attracted Young Master Nianqing to peep at her.

     Ye Shu glanced around and found that there were a lot of guests, such as Ouyang’s Nangong family, and the elders and elders came a lot, and also brought a young master.

     Ouyang Ling was among them, but Ouyang Ling looked pig liver-colored at this time, smiled very embarrassingly, did not dare to look at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu's status is now enough to be equal to that of the major families, because he is not only protected by the lark family, but also the king of the Yin Yang Liao, and the overall strength is far from these families.

     "Young Master Ye, after a long time no see, you are getting more and more heroic."

     "Yeah, Ye Gongzi fought in Dongying and shocked the government and the public. It is really the glory of China."

     When everyone saw Ye Shu come out, they all got up and politely. Lord Ouyang was coldly trying to kill Ye Shu, but now he is amiable and approachable, just like a good buddy.

     Ye Shu laughed, and bowed his hand in return: "Much praised me, please sit down."

     Everyone took their seats again, and it took a long time to get into the subject.

     "Young Master Ye, you must already know about the miracle, and we won't talk nonsense. The figure of Young Master Ye appears in the miracle. I wonder what is the relationship between Young Master Ye and the miracle?"

      As soon as Lord Ouyang said this, everyone fell silent for an instant, staring at Ye Shu intentionally or unintentionally.Ye Shu lightly smiled, shaking Tai Chi.

     "The three levels of the Lark Secret Realm are very strange and wonderful, left by the cultivator, and their formation can record images but not at all surprising. I may have been recorded by the formation when I broke through the three levels, so it revealed In Mirage, not at all surprising."

     Ye Shu first set aside the relationship to avoid being glare like a tiger watching his prey by the major clans.

     However, the major families are not easy to fool, obviously they don't believe it, but they are not easy to embarrass Ye Shu and did not refute.

     Ye Shu smiled again: "You are too anxious. None of the three top families invited me to discuss it. The Lark family hasn't moved at all. They are not in a hurry. What are you anxious about?"

     This is more convincing. If Ye Shuzhen is related to miracles, the three top families have already taken action.

     Everyone temporarily "let go" Ye Shu, and began to discuss the miracle.

     And Ye Shu also left, and he wanted to return to the Lark Secret Realm to take a look.

     Of course, he went to the secret exit outside the Fifth Ring first.

     At the exit of the Secret Realm, the ghosts in this barren mountain do not have one, but there are many big birds in the sky. It is the air force of the Monster Alliance.

     Ye Shu greeted him and approached the hill.

     It's normal here, but Ye Shu sensed a mysterious aura, as if he first came into contact with to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), magical and charming.

     Ye Shu stared at the top of the mountain and opened his eyes.

     As soon as the sky's eyes were opened, the formation of hidden miracles became invalid.

     The brilliant colors in Ye Shu's pupils suddenly reflected fascinating colors.A big sky, towering palaces, pavilions, towers and pavilions too many to count, during which fairies fly and play musical instruments, the sound of fairy music is heard.

     But most places of the miracles are covered with mist, and the sky is so immortal that it is difficult to see the human face.

     The only thing that can be seen is Ye Shu in the miraculous corner.

     Na Ye Shu walked around in the miracle, staring at the sky on both sides with respect.

     "Sure enough, it was the image of me when I was browsing the murals. The miracle must be related to the murals. Is it true that the cultivator is about to be born?"

     Ye Shu recalled the murals of Dayu's water control and the Big Dipper starry sky, and then stared at this wonderful miracle, a vast air rose in his chest, as if the honor of his ancestors was poured on him.
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