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0 Chapter List 369 Artifact Out
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The deterrence of the three top families is very strong.

     There are hundreds of giant monsters here, most of which are frowned, apparently realizing that they are not an opponent of Three Great Clans.

     However, monsters like the King of the Apes are not false, they already are not ordinary monsters, they have the same capital as the Three Great Clans.

     "Don't worry about it, then Three Great Clans wants to scare us away. Where is it so easy? Everyone keeps an eye on the miracle and keeps a step back!"

     A powerful Demon King said loudly, and all the demon yelled: "I'm afraid it will be an egg! If you dare to come and kill it!"

     The giant monsters are powerful, fierce and unafraid of death, in stark contrast with the family monsters.

     But after the clamor, the three totems did nothing. They hovered high in the sky, like kites.

      The people of Three Great Clans did not show up.

     Ye Shu thought to himself and probably guessed the idea of Three Great Clans.

     "The giant monsters also allocated a lot of allocations, not anger against a common enemy, the Three Great Clans must be waiting for them to massacre one another. The release of the totem is only a demonstration of force, and they can’t intervene in a short time."

     Ye Shu thought well. Three Great Clans is an old fritters. It is not worth fighting hard with giant monsters. After all, there are extremely powerful guys in giant monsters.

     At this time, in a secret realm, three old men with all white beards were drinking tea, sipping, neither fast nor slow.

     After having a cup of tea, an old man chuckled softly: "The three of us, at least two of us must take action, otherwise the demon kings will take away the artifact."

     "Don't be in a hurry. If there is an accident among the three of us, the blood race will soon invade the east. This time none of us can make a move."All three were smiling, but they were talking about extremely serious matters.

     "Let the demon kings fight each other, if there are really artifacts born, we don't want to."

     After speaking, the three of them continued to drink tea, and then somebody said: "The little Taoist is very strong with the Demon Sword Fairy. I am afraid that he will be stupid to snatch the artifact and cause a murder."

     "Don't worry, the little Taoist priest is smoother than anyone else. He won't die if the Demon King is dead."

     At the exit of the Fifth Ring Secret Realm, more and more monsters gathered, and gradually formed a temporary group of wave after wave.

     In addition to the hundreds of allies of the Ape King, there are more than a dozen large groups, all of which are very strong, and even their commander is not much weaker than the Ape King.

     Ye Shu is somewhat astonished. Although these monster kings are not the cream of the crop's monsters, they are already peak powers. If they are all working for the alliance, why should the alliance fear the blood?

     There are too many powerful people in China's Dashan Dragon Vein. It is a pity that not everyone is willing to live with humans. This resource is really a pity.

     Ye Shu sighed with emotion, but the subordinates of the orangutan king looked ugly and stared at one direction.

     Ye Shu looked over, but saw a group of dozens of people walking upright, all of them drunk, and even smelled of rouge, apparently coming from brothel.

     The dozen or so groups here are quite in awe of them, and even some giant monsters are still smiling.

     The dozens of people were dragged, and drove away the two groups directly, occupied their territory, and then laughed at the side of the Ape King.

     "Hey, monkeys in the south, are you here too?"There was a monster sneered with alcohol, he was not strong, and the Ape King could slap him to death.

     But the Orangutan King didn't do anything, just coldly scolded: "North King, you'll enjoy it, you go to the world to find a woman?"

     The Ape King ignored the giant monster who mocked him, but stared at the person in the middle of the group of monsters.

     The man was dressed and dressed, sitting lazily on the grass, like an ancient son.

     The monsters in the mountains are relatively rough and crazy, but this Young Master Nianqing is quite exquisite, and according to the monsters, he is a sissy.

     "Yeah, human women don't have a taste. My brothers like them very much. They killed a few last night and were almost caught by the human police. It's terrible. They have pistols, hahaha."

     The son of the North King is laughing heartily, and his subordinates also laugh arrogantly, whether they are mocking the Ape King or humans.

     All the four wild demons were silent, and even walked a little farther, so that the North King and the Ape King scolded each other.

     Ye Shu heard Bei Wang's words, frowned, and secretly resented.

     The King of the Apes didn't say much, taking his own people to exercise restraint and didn't want to conflict with the Northern King.

     A demon next to Ye Shu whispered: "Brother Ye, the northern king is the king of the north of Kunlun Mountain. There are many monsters under him, and his strength is very strong. He has always wanted to annex the south and has been in constant conflict with us."

     Ye Shu said that he understood, and he guessed that the Northern King was better than the Ape King, otherwise the Ape King would not restrain it.

     But the Ape King restrained, but the Northern King did not. Their people kept clamoring, and after clamoring for a while, they focused on Ye Shu.Ye Shu raised his eyebrows, and this group of people also found themselves the same as those in the miracle?

     "My lord, you see there are humans!"

     "Look at that damn human, the ape Wang Ming knows that you hate humans, you have to find humans to come over. Obviously, you are deliberately angry!"

     "Kill him!"

     The demon in the north stood up and shouted, but Ye Shu laughed. These idiots didn't care who they were at all, they only cared that they were human.

     The North King also stared at Ye Shu, and then a wide grin, staring at Ye Shu like the prey.

     The subordinates of the orangutan king were angry, and the orangutan king even stood in front of Ye Shu.

     "North King, don't you want to be okay, do you really think I am afraid of you?"

     Bei Wang was still grinning, his tone was soft, making people goosebumps straight.

     "You old monkey, you are so sensible. I specially found someone to give me as an appetizer. Throw it over."

     Bei Wang's words were bare naked provocation, and he regarded the Ape King as his courtier.

     The King of the Apes was short-tempered and immediately furious: "Fuck you!"

     As soon as the King of the Apes scolded, the scene immediately became unable to control.

     The people of the Northern King are all approaching, murderous-looking one by one. Bei Wang also smiled and approached: "You say it again?"

     The Orangutan King was about to say it again, Ye Shu pulled him away and turned to the North King a wide grin: "Fuck you."

     Everyone was stunned, thinking they were wrong.

     Ye Shu stood with his hand holding his hand, his expression indifferent: "Do you want me to say it?"

     Bei Wang seemed to sober up, his face immediately turned into an angry pig liver color.

     "you wanna die!"The Northern King slammed on the ground. He was obviously a young young man with oily flour, but howled like a wild boar, and then rush forward instantly.

     So fast!

     Ye Shu's heart jumped, thinking that he was worthy of the Demon King, far better than him in terms of single-body strength.

     But Ye Shu wasn't slow, he drew his sword in an instant, and the ghost cut was in front of him.

     Only in an instant, the ghost cut sensed that the master was in danger, and a black light burst suddenly.

      a Sword Qi, like a cruise missile, passes through the air and hits Beiwang head-on.

     Although the Northern King was furious, he was not mentally retarded, his body stopped abruptly, dodged in the air, and escaped his sword energy.

     Ye Shu held knives in both hands, and the jade pendant on his chest lit up. Xiao Leng had already taken the initiative to upper body, his strength increased dozens of times.

     In fact, Ye Shu is still not the opponent of the Northern King, and the Northern King only needs to avoid the sword energy to kill Ye Shu.

     But the Ghost Cutter was so weird, all the demons looked confused.

     Anyone will be afraid of things they don't understand.

     The North King didn't dare to attack rashly, but stared at Guiqi in surprise, in the eye flickers greedy expression.

     He didn't know Guiqie, but he was already greedy and wanted to take Guiqie away.

     Ye Shuyan waited, and the North King took a few steps, then sneered: "Interesting, human beings are good at relying on foreign objects, yes, but unfortunately it is useless."

     The Northern King approached step by step, his aura gradually rising, assaults the senses like a tsunami.

     Guiqie doesn't have any reaction, but Ye Shu couldn't hold it anymore, his hands and feet were shaking.

     "Come on, I will let you three tricks."Bei Wang laughed and said, he had already seen Ye Shu's strength, Ye Shu just relied on a knife.

     Ye Shu complexion changes, the Demon King is too powerful, his current ability is not able to control Guiqie to defeat the Demon King, this time Qiandai does not have Ji upper body.

     So Ye Shu confessed very simply, he jumped back, hid in the crowd, and said casually: "Chidai, you can show your hand."

     Chiyo has been watching Ye Shu silently, ready to do it at any time.

     At this time, Ye Shu ordered that Qiandai leaped into the air, and the huge monster sword appeared in his hand, turning into a half-moon wheel, rolling down like a crescent moon.

     The sky suddenly went dark, and the black air of the Demon Blade filled the fields.

     The Northern King had a surprise, retreated quickly, and escaped thousands of demon swords.

     All the monsters looked at Qiandai in shock, but at this brief moment, the miracle was a light crack, and the illusory scene of brilliant colors was turned into fragments.

     "The miracle is shattered!"

     Someone yelled, and all eyes were on the miracle, only to see pieces of scene fragments disappear, that hill collapse and fall apart, endless radiance.

     In the light, a flute with a completely dark green body can be seen floating in the air.

     "The artifact is born!"

      Crash sound, many giant monsters rushed over crazy, and no one paid any attention to the fight between Bei Wang and Ye Shu.
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