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0 Chapter List 371 Top Demon King
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Bei Wang's IQ was in arrears, and he charged again.

     His subordinates naturally followed him to charge, and the other giant monsters looked at the Northern King fierce and unafraid of death and naturally screamed to catch the jade flute.

     Several powerful Demon Kings rushed to the top of the mountain in an instant, and at the same time stretched out their hands to catch the jade flute.

     Although these demon kings are not comparable to a thousand generations, they are also rare and powerful people in modern society. At the same time, they shot out, and the demon energy was surging, like a sea wave and a violent wind, which shook the nearby giant demon one after another.

     At the top of a huge mountain, Mountains Bursting and Ground Splitting, the rocks fell, and the demon kings grabbed the flute together.

     "I caught it first!"

     One demon king severely shouted, but the other demon kings also believed that they had caught it first. The northern king's kid was even more sinister, and instantly kicked a demon king.

     The demon king caught off guard, rolled out a long way, and then rushed towards the north king with an angry look.

     "North King, you are bully intolerably!"

     Seeing the war reopened, the jade flute caught by the demon kings trembled slightly again, making a crisp sound.

     As if someone was playing, the jade flute made a long sound, and countless notes turned into soft blades and pierced the chests of several demon kings.

     Bei Wang and others vomited blood at the same time and flew upside down, the jade flute converged the note, still drifting quietly.

     If it was said that the shock of the jade flute hitting the northern king just now was not enough to stop the demon kings, then at this moment the jade flute hit all the demon kings at the same time, and its shock had already scared the demon's legs weak.

     Several demon kings dropped on the ground embarrassedly, with blood spraying from their mouths, they had lost 50% of their combat power.

     The giant monsters under them hurried to check the injuries of the king, all shocked.The giant monsters on the mountain ran down quickly, where would they dare to go up the mountain?

     Bei Wang's face was pale, and he took a breath and cursed: "What are you afraid of? You rush to me!"

     His IQ continued to owe fees, but his subordinates were stunned and did not dare to rush.

     The other Demon King and his men also stared at the top of the mountain in shock, and did not dare to move rashly for a while.

     Ye Shu looked at it from a distance, equally shocked.

     This jade flute is too strong, but the jade flute doesn't seem to want to kill people, otherwise all the monsters here will have to die.

     Ye Shu glanced around and found the group of people from the Ape King. The orangutan king is the only one who has not rushed to the top of the mountain. He looks scared at the moment and retreats with his own hand.

     The scene calmed down, and all the giant monsters were caught in a dilemma, and they didn't want to leave or dared to charge.

     Ye Shu looked at Chiyo next to him: "Chiyo, what do you think of Yudi's strength?"

     "I don't know, it's too mysterious, it's better not to conflict."

     Ye Shu nodded, the jade flute may not be better than Qiandai, but no one can figure out the details of the jade flute, and he does not want to use force.

     Ye Shu and the two also watched quietly. Time passed by, and after a quarter of an hour, Yudi made a strange sound, flowing light and overflowing color, as if water waves were flowing in the air.

     And Yudi itself slowly lifted into the air, just like a missile about to be launched.

     "It's going to run!"

     I don't know who roared, and it tore the tranquility all at once, the giant monsters began to stir again, and the Northern King immediately charged.

     The other giant monsters looked at each other, and followed the Bei Wang behind to pick up the leak.However, a group of giant monsters had not rushed up the mountain. In the dense forest in the distance, a piebald white python stabbed like a silver needle.

     The white python is so big that two ordinary people may not be able to hug it together.

     He was fast and fierce, like a sharp arrow, traversing thousands of meters in the sky, penetrating all the monsters in front of him, and then reached the top of the mountain, bit the jade flute, and its huge snake body flew around. On the body of the jade flute, all the brilliance of the jade flute was actually suppressed.

     In mid-air, large holes appeared in the bodies of those charging monsters, which were penetrated by white pythons, dead but will not close the eyes and fell down.

     The demons were horrified, and the Northern King abruptly stopped, staring at the white python gravely.

     "Go away."

     The white python entangled the jade flute tightly, and said coldly. He spit out letters, his eyes ice cold like frost.

     Many giant monsters shuddered and retreated surrenderly.

     Several demon kings are very unwilling, but in the demon world, they have to give up the jade flute with strength for supreme.

     The demons retreated one after another, and the white python was coldly snorted, swept its tail, and crossed the void.

     His body turned into a phantom, hidden in the void, no one could see it.

     But the next moment, above the clouds in the sky, a crane rang through the sky.

     The billowing and crisp sound turned into the most terrifying bullet, smashing The Void Road where the white python was located.

     The white python appeared again, staring at high altitude bitterly.

     "King Crane? Do you want to die?"

     Three noble and graceful red-crowned cranes floated down. The tallest one is a male crane, whose strength is extremely strong. The two cranes behind him are female cranes, whose strength can only be regarded as the Little Demon King.The demons looked astonished, and even more dare not make any trouble. They quickly moved away from the battlefield, the North King's eyes turned, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

     The demons retreated, and the white python and the red-crowned crane were fighting for the jade flute.

     In the distance, Ye Shu and Chiyo watched the play quietly.

     Ye Shu had already perceived the scary Demon King in secret, but could not position lock. Now that the white python and the red-crowned crane appeared, it seemed that there was no Demon King in secret.

     But Ye Shu still felt uncomfortable. He looked around, slowly and carefully several times, only to see a colorful butterfly on a flower in the distance.

     "Chiyo, is there a Demon King in secret?"


     Ye Shu didn't look at it any more, it was time to take action, there were no hunters secretly.

     He and Chiyo were wordless and uncommunicative close to the mountain and mixed into the team of the Ape King.

     The Ape King whispered: "It is the Python King of Qinling Mountains. It is rumored that he is the King of Qinling Mountains, Unmatched Under the Heaven."

     "The red-crowned crane should be the demon king of the islands on the sea, perhaps from the South China Sea. It is very mysterious and rarely comes to six places."

     In Huaxia University 6, there are definitely more than these two demon kings bred, but these two are here, and these two can already make the emperor upright.

     At this time, on the top of the mountain, the red-crowned crane floated down and stepped on the soil.

     The white python still clings to the jade flute and prevents it from leaving.

     "King of the Pythons of Qinling, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Please return Yudi, this is my Ancestral Object."

     The red-crowned crane said softly, without a trace of evil spirit.The white python laughed wildly and opened his mouth: "You birds live on the island. How can the cultivator's artifact have something to do with you? Ancestral Object? I puck!"

     The white python naturally didn't believe it, and the crane king stopped saying much. He raised his claws and walked towards the white python.

     "Come well, my uncle is trying to eat a good meal to make up his body!"

     The white python opened bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, advances instead of retreating, and fight with the crane king together.

     These demon kings fight, Mountains Bursting and Ground Splitting, violent winds.

     Mountain top inch by inch broke apart, countless boulders rolled down, smoke and dust were everywhere, and the whole mountain was collapsing.

     The giant monsters fled frantically, and in the smoke and dust, the white python and the crane king flew up into the sky, a bird and a snake, in the most primitive fight at high altitude.

     Their moves are very simple, they are animal fights, but when they raise their hands and feet, the void bursts, and the powerful demon energy shocks the little demon's skin opened and flesh split.

     Ye Shu was also really shocked. These demon kings seemed to be fighting on the streets, but if they were caught in the battlefield, the demon spirit would be enough to tear him apart.

     He has only seen such a powerful aura in Ibaraki, and these two demon kings have almost caught up with Ibaraki-douji.

     Everyone stared at the sky in shock, a snake and a bird fighting desperately, and the other two red-crowned cranes were great masters and did not besiege the white pythons.

     The white python is very strong, but he is wrapped around the jade flute, his body can not stretch to the full, and his strength a great decline.

     Not long after, he was pecked by the crane king, and suddenly he was badly mangled or mutilated. He also loosened the snake body in pain, and the jade flute fell down.

     Different colors flashed in the eyes of the demons, and the Northern King once again became the vanguard."Chong, I also have a Peerless Demon King in Kunlun Mountain, but they haven't come, don't be afraid of them!"

     "Yes, I also have a peerless Demon King as a backing in Tianshan Mountain, and the artifact cannot bow and give way!"

     Watching the white python and the red-crowned crane fighting, the gang immediately had a crooked idea and wanted to take advantage of the chaos.

     Several demon kings roared, and the demons really rushed forward.

     A large swarm of giant monsters rushed into the sky again.

     Crane King and White Python had no time to get distracted, and the two small Crane Kings called to stop them.

     "Who dares to act rashly?"

     King Crane is both a female, and his strength is not stronger than that of the Northern King. Although he sternly rebuked, it could not form a deterrent.

     "Kill them!"

     The North King roared again, hundreds of powerful giant monsters rushed over.

     Ye Shu squinted at the Northern King. The Northern King was not a pioneer this time. He hung behind the team and kept shouting.

     "The North King is clever, he should be stunned, hehe."

     Ye Shu sneered twice, and the King of the Apes said: "The Northern King has always been treacherous and cunning, and now that he is not strong enough, he intends to use treacherous tricks. Aren't we going to do it? Missed the opportunity, White Python and Crane King exactly we can deal with. "

     "Don't join in, I just go to join in."

     Ye Shu said lightly, looking at Chiyo.

     "Chiyo, are you going to come here for an upper body?"

     Chiyo seems to secretly rolled the eyes, lightly nodded.

     The Dao Fa spell was read from Ye Shu's mouth, Qiandai turned into a light and sank into Ye Shu's body.Ye Shu's body trembled tremendously, the upper body of the ghost and the upper body of Ji, his powerful strength was more than a hundred times. The orangutan king was stunned. Ye Shu was so frightened that he yelled at this moment, and the other monsters were also frightened, so they hurried away from Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu holds a ghost cut, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) on display, catching up with the charging monster.

     The Northern King was right in front of him, bewitching everyone to rush.

     "North King, you are clever, but you are too noisy, shut up."

     Ye Shu Leng suddenly spoke, the Northern King looked back in shock, and then his eyes fell apart.

     Ye Shu snapped the ghost into its sheath and continued up the mountain, looking doesn't look Bei Wang.

     Bei Wang stood silently for a while, a blood line slowly appeared on his neck, and then his head slid suddenly, and blood spurted from his neck three feet high.
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