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0 Chapter List 375 So Many Beautiful Legs
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Chiyo, listen to me to explain."""

     In the room, Ye Shu looked at Chiyo sadly, and Chiyo looked at Ye Shu calmly.

     Ise-chan ran away after visiting Qiandai. Before running, she gave Ye Shu a fierce look.

     "I just want to test how powerful the artifact is, absolutely no crooked mind, I'm a good man, I won't bully Ise-chan."

     Ye Shu swears to the sky, Qiandai pursed his lips and thought, suddenly approaching step by step, his beautiful face was cold.

     "There’s no problem, do you want to use me to experiment?"

     Chiyo gently judo, as if there is light from the night sky in his pale yellow eyes.

     Ye Shu's heart jumped: "Use you to test?"

     "Well, Ise-chan is still a child, and nothing can be tested. We should understand the capabilities of the artifact."

     Chiyo is very serious and looks calm.

     The Big Dipper in Ye Shu's mind, is Chiyo suggesting something? Why the atmosphere is a bit subtle and ambiguous.

     Ye Shu swallowed his saliva. Recently, his Yin and Yang were out of balance. The more he became obsessed with female sex, the more he took the initiative to hook up with Chiyo and trick Chiyo into wearing stockings.

     At this moment, Chiyo volunteered to be an experimenter, which made Ye Shu feel a rush of excitement.

     "Well, I really need to experiment again to see how strong Xinyu Flute is."

     Ye Shu rolled up his sleeves, Chiyo looked at the flute, and then sat on the bed.

     "let's start."

     Ye Shu grabbed the flute and played it.

     His order had been conveyed to Xinyu, and the sound of the yoyo flute floated out, wrapping Qiandai around.As the cream of the crop's ghost king, Chiyo is strong against the sky, and the sound of the flute entangled her around her body. She just wrinkled her delicate eyebrows.

     "She wants to control me, but she can't suppress my thoughts."

     This is a contest of minds. Ise-chan is too weak and is immediately controlled by Xinyu, but unlike Chiyo, Xinyu cannot easily succeed.

     Ye Shu continued to play, Xinyu also strengthened the control of the flute.

     As an artifact handed down by ancient sages, as a jade flute that can control the soul of a person, Xinyu is not a common chord.

      In modern society, strange creatures from the East and the West hardly rely on weapons or use weapons.

     Yudi, a god-level weapon, is even more unheard-of. Outsiders don't know anything at all to her.

     With the power of the ghost king, Chiyo was hardened and his brows became deeper and deeper.

     After more than ten minutes, Chiyo's eyes gradually began to loosen up.

     Ye Shu sighed secretly, the sage's artifacts were really unusual, and even thousands of generations could control it.

     But the next moment, Chiyo's pupils shrank suddenly, and his wrists turned, the demon sword slashed through the void, knocking away all the notes around him.

     The notes were as real as they were, hit by the demon knife, banged through the window with a hula, and floated outside.

     A magic sound suddenly sounded in the manor.

     Ye Shu stopped playing, Qiandai collected the demon sword, and solemnly said: "It's really amazing, I almost got under control."

     Ye Shu was sweating on his back, he was already sweat profusely unconsciously, and he was half-dead.

     "Chiyo you are too strong, I'm exhausted, ah, it seems to be overstretched, my heart has a colic, no, I am going to die!"Ye Shu clutched his heart and fell on the bed, Chiyo was startled: "Is the note back?"

     "Surely, ah, I'm not saved, Chiyo, please give me your beautiful legs, or I will be dead but will not close the eyes."


     Chiyo turned around and ignored Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu still wanted to confuse his tongue, and Yudi suddenly turned into a human form and said anxiously: "It's not good, the notes got out of control and hit someone outside."


     Ye Shu sat up, Chiyo also turned his head, puzzled.

     "This girl is too strong and knocked my notes into the air. I could not control. The notes have already flown into the crowd."

     Xinyu looked at the broken window, her body was shining brightly, and she was anxious to speak.

     "What are the consequences?"

     Ye Shu looked anxious at Xinyu, so he was serious.

     Xinyu hesitated and said: "If you want to control this girl, that thought will transfer to others, the person who was hit by the note..."

     Before I finished speaking, a woman's voice of abandon all restraint suddenly came from the manor outside.

     There was a lot of footsteps, and many people rushed here.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and quickly went out to check.

     He was frightened at this look.

     I saw dozens of people running here like Zhengsao. They were all aunts in the kitchen. They were just cooking dinner and invited guests who came to see Ye Shu to see the artifact.

     Dozens of aunts, with their hands full of lard, and wearing aprons all over their faces, rushed over with a charming smile.

     "Master, please look at Nuer's beautiful legs."

     "Master, do you want to see the stockings? It will satisfy you.""Master, please lick as much as you want, and lick your leg hair too."

     The aunts blushed and rushed towards Ye Shu with the smell of lard.

     Ye Shu paled with fright, and quickly closed the door, and then stood firm.

     The aunts pushed the door hard, rubbing the door with their thick black thighs, trying to serve Ye Shu, the master.

     "Your consciousness is on them, you have complete control over them, and I need a little bit time to release control."

     Xinyu said, turned into a flute and flew out of the house.

     Ye Shu break out in cold sweats, Qiandai raised his hand to help him block the door, and said softly: "Shu Jun, are you satisfied now? Many women outside are willing to wear stockings to lick your legs."

     Chiyo was actually teasing and seemed to be still laughing.

     Ye Shu is really going to cry, why am I so unlucky!

     "Chiyo-chan, it is reasonable, I just appreciate your beauty, unexpectedly the notes run wild, it has nothing to do with me, this artifact is too weird!"

     "Yes, I know, Shu Jun doesn't need to explain, you are not a pervert, you don't want to look at my legs at all, so don't ask to see stockings anymore."

     "Eh, no, although I am not a pervert, I am a man. Men like legs. You have to understand this objective fact. Do you know that?"

     Ye Shu blocked the swaying door, grandiloquent. Chiyo turned his face to his side, with a smile hidden in the corner of his mouth.

     "Shu Jun, you have to work harder. If you are stronger, you can control me with your flute."

     Ok? The unspoken implication of this is...Ye Shu's heartbeat quickened suddenly, and Chiyo seemed to feel too ashamed to say that, and disappeared a little embarrassed.

     As soon as she disappeared, she lost most of the strength to block the door.

     With a bang, dozens of aunts pushed the door open and clamped Ye Shu like a hungry wolf.

     "Master, touch my leg to satisfy you."

     "The stockings are here. My legs are very black, with a black silk effect, which will definitely satisfy the master."

     "Please lick it to your heart's content!"

     Ye Shuman's nose smelled of lard, and his eyes were all thick legs like elephants.

     He diedbed struggle and jumped on the roof where Xinyu was. His clothes had been torn apart, revealing two mimi.

     He took a breath and heard Yudi's voice in his ears.

     Like clear water dingdong, reverberates around the rafters for three days.

     The aunts finally woke up and all looked at each other in confusion.

     Some aunts hurriedly put their pants on, blocking the elephant's legs.

     Ye Shu was uncomfortable, and the thieves were uncomfortable. He took the jade flute back and ran away quickly.

     In the house, the people are gone and the place is empty.

     Qiandai quietly appeared in the house. She stood behind the window, watching Ye Shu's embarrassed back, there was a touch of warmth in her pale yellow eyes.

     Then she looked down at her legs and waved her hand to put on the black stockings, setting off a pair of beautiful legs.
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