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0 Chapter List 378 Two Harem Alliance
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The elder house pass like thunder and move like the wind, not bother about trifles, and finalized the extremely important secret of the monster alliance.

     Without the knowledge of outside monsters, Ye Shu already entered the alliance core and launched the Penglai Immortal Island exploration plan.

     Of course, this plan can only be implemented after Ye Shu has settled the father's match.

     Ye Shu didn't have any ink, and he was also full of expectations for Penglai Immortal Island. That might be the beginning of Xianlu.

     After leaving the office building, Ye Shu returned to Fang's house, said goodbye to Master Fang, and then took Chiyo to Tianleifeng.

     Chiyo wears a kimono and walks like the wind on clogs, noble and elegant.

     "Shu Jun, why are you suddenly so anxious?"

     "I plan to go to the West immediately. I can't wait for half a year. I want to strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term)."

     "I have been listening to you saying that I want to go to the West, what is the matter with Shu Jun going to the West?"

     Chiyo's problem made Ye Shu paused, and then he was embarrassed.

     I can't say I'm going to fuck my daughter.

     But it's useless to conceal, because Chiyo is inseparable as form and shadow with himself, and sooner or later he will witness that he and Ai Qier's father are matched.

     Ye Shu scratched his head and said as he walked: "I tell you a story. When I was a mortal, I found a box with a little loli in it..."

     Ye Shu talked all the way, and then the two of them sat on the top of the speeding train and continued speaking in the wind.

     "My daughter is the imperial majesty of the blood clan. She was raised with my blood. The way they reproduce the blood clan is a bit weird. I can only do that."

     Ye Shu looked at the blue sky and entangled in the purpose of going to the West.Chiyo blinked her pale yellow eyes with a strange expression, but she was silent.

     Ye Shugan smiled and said, "I and Ai Qier are not biological..."

     "Hmph, don't explain, you are a pervert!"

      Tenderly shouted, the void next to it split open, and Ise-chan and the blue lantern pop up.

     Ye Shu's old face twitched: "You at what time did you come here?"

     "I've been here long ago, and I've been listening to you, you are really shameless and dirty!"

     Ise-chan stood on the top of the train with arms akimbo and scolded with contempt.

     Ye Shu froze and was powerless to resist, well, I was perverted.

     Qing Xing Deng smiled full of interest: "So, the more taboo, the more exciting it is. In order to be more exciting, Shu Jun will try the 31st day."

     I bother!

     "Qingxingdeng, didn't you catch someone else to do the experiment? Why did it come out again?"

     Ye Shu squinted, and the green lamp sighed saying: "That person was scared to death. He was too timid. He was scared to death after less than ten days of experimentation. But he deserves it. He is a scumbag. ."

     Qingxingdeng itself is scary enough, and it is strange that mortals are not scared to death if they experiment under her supervision.

     "Don't do the experiment. Go back to Dongyang. I have no time to take care of you."

     "Huh, you want you to take care of us? You ask Chiyo to protect you every day, so you are ashamed to say!"

     Ise-chan seized the opportunity to taunt Ye Shu, not to mention it. If it weren't for the presence of Chiyo and Qingxingdeng, Ye Shuzhen wanted to manipulate her with heartfelt words to cure this naughty loli.As the train traveled south, a group of people sitting on the roof of the car quarreled with each other, and it was a good time.

     That night, Ye Shu returned to the Garden of Eden.

     He didn't want Chiyo to hide in the dark, so he planned to take Chiyo to meet his wife and children.

     Ise-chan and Qingxingdeng are going to join in the fun, they have to follow Ye Shu in human shape.

     So Ye Shu returned to the villa with two peerless beauties and a little loli.

     The three of them are not ordinary people, their looks are amazing, and they are the focus wherever they go.

     After entering the villa, all the servants were dumbfounded.

     Ye Shu didn't think too much, thinking about it just to bring three friends as guests.

     As a result, after Yang Yi and the others came out, the atmosphere immediately became weird.

     Yang Yi, Mi Yazi, and Mi'er all looked at Chiyo, Aoyukideng, and even Ise-chan weirdly.

     And the three women here are also looking at each other.

     Ye Shu smelled a subtle smell of gunpowder.

     His heart burst, what choice

     "Hahaha, Yangyi, let me introduce to you, this is Miss Chiyo..."

     "Chiyo, this Is my wife Yang Yi..."

     Ye Shu was sandwiched between them and introduced each other, and Yang Yi's three daughters all said hello with fake smiles.

     Chiyo is a little nodded in response, she is very uncomfortable with dealing with strangers.

     Ise-chan simply held a bird in her hands, looking like an old woman World's First.

     But the green lantern is very lively, rolled the eyes just giggled up.

     "Oh, there are six women, Shu Jun, you are going to be exhausted tonight, I want to be the first one."Ye Shu vomits blood, you, Qing Xing Lan, just like to be ok for excitement, right?

     Qingxing Deng has nothing to do with Ye Shumao, but he likes to joke the most. It is undoubtedly pour oil on the fire.

     The expressions of the three of Yang Yi changed slightly, and it was impossible for any woman to accept and share the bed with a strange woman who suddenly appeared to serve her husband.

     "She's nonsense, let's go into the house and talk slowly."

     Ye Shu's heart hurts, please come in.

     Chiyo shook the head: "I have something wrong, let's go first."

     She just disappeared, Ise-chan laughed, glanced at Ye Shu triumphantly, and ran away.

     The Qingxing Deng made two chuckles, like a smile yet not a smile, gave Ye Shu a kiss, and then disappeared.

     The three Yang Yi were confused, and Ye Shu scratched his head, almost crying.

     Why shouldn't I bring thousands of them as guests, six women how can it be live in harmony?

     Ye Shu entered the house alone, and the three females of Yang Yi looked at him with a solemn expression. This was a "rebellion".

     "Mr. Ye, I know you have a lot of lovers, but you brought back three at once, and a child, don't you think it's too much?"

     Yang Yi took the lead. She was Ye Shu's eldest wife, and she gave Ye Shu a daughter. It is impossible not to be angry at this moment.

     Mi Yazi and Mi Er also looked difficult, but they did not speak.


     Ye Shu sighed and explained it in a long way, and the explanation was dry.

     The three goddesses finally eased, but the atmosphere was not so good that Ye Shu was embarrassed to ask for sex.Fortunately, after eating, Yang Yi still gave a bit of face. Seeing that Ye Shu was a little restless, he pursed his mouth and took him to sex.

     In the middle of the night, Ye Shu vented his yang energy, full of vitality, full of vitality.

     He was holding back these days too uncomfortably, tonight can be considered comfortable.

     As a result, it settled down, and a ghost floated over.

     "It's over? Very comfortable, right?"

     It's Xiao Leng.

     This guy didn't know at what time and left Yu Pei, and now he came back to mock Ye Shu.

     "Xiao Lengjiang, you know my troubles, let's save face."

     "Of course I give you face, and I specially helped you comfort your Shishen harem. They are all living in the Chengnan Apartment. In the future, you will have two harems and you can run on both sides. After doing this, go over there. "

     Xiao Leng looked cold and looked down at Ye Shu, not to mention much contempt.

     Ye Shu blinked: "I'm going, you are going to divide? What two harems, you want to play me to death."

     "Let me help you, you have a wife and children here, so sweet, but you can't eat enough, so you need a harem. The harem of Chengnan Apartment is your eldest wife, and Qingxingdeng is your little wife. If you like it, you can take that one-hundred-year-old Lolita and let you do everything. When Sister Youyou returns in the future, you can lead your two harems and have a showdown with her."

     I wiped it, right?

     Ye Shu pumped his forehead: "Xiao Leng, don't do this, you can go find a ghost friend to play if you are bored."

     Xiao Leng's chin raised: "It's not boring, I just like to play with you."The fifteen-year-old cute girl exploded in jealousy and forcibly created a double harem, which was later revealed by Liu Youyou, Ye Shu died so much that there would be no skin left.

     "By the way, you have to go to match with Aiqier's father and her maid, Emily. The two of them should also go to the harem of Chengnan Apartment. After all, I know them better."

     Xiao Lengjia added a word, full of jealousy.

     Ye Shu blinked and stretched out his hand, forcibly pulling Xiao Leng in front of him.

     "Yes, the two harems bring out the best in each other, but I don’t know which side of Xiao Lengjiang you like? To be honest, I have coveted you for a long time. Go back to your body and choose a harem. I will be fortunate tonight. you."

     Ye Shu suddenly came to this trick, Xiao Leng was stunned, and then angrily said: "You must be dreaming, I am not your harem!"

     She raised her hand to beat Ye Shu, but now she can only be regarded as a salted fish in Ye Shu's hand.

     Ye Shu pressed her against the wall with one hand, full of smiles.

     "My yin and yang have been out of balance recently, and my mentality has also been out of balance. There is a good saying, what is wrong with a man being perverted? I am already so perverted, don't mind if you pervert again, Su Xiao Leng, you can't escape."

     Ye Shu looked straight at Xiao Leng's eyes, touched down with a big hand, and pressed it directly on Xiao Leng's thigh.

     Xiao Leng shuddered, his cheeks flushed.

     "You... don't mess around, I don't like you, let go!"

     Where Xiao Leng is Ye Shu's opponent, has already begun to panic, restless in his heart.

     Ye Shu chuckled, squeezing her slender and smooth legs heartily."If it's not convenient for you tonight, I won't force you. If you kiss me, I will let you go."

     Ye Shu said domineeringly, his bottom was already tied hard, and his yang energy was rising.

      has to say, Ye Shu's mentality is indeed different after losing the spirit of the ghost. This is a change from internal into external, and it is also a legendary slogan.

     "You... don't be so overbearing, I... I..."

     Where does Xiao Leng look cold, blushing pretty face, eyes drooping.

     "Dear or not?"

     Ye Shu gave a smirk, put his hand into Xiao Leng's uniform and touched her lovely belly button.

     Xiao Leng shook again, and then quickly kissed Ye Shu on the cheek.

     Ye Shu complied with Xinnuo and let her go.

     She flew with a kick: "Dead pervert!"
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