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0 Chapter List 392 Words Exceede 5100
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The northern jungle, completely isolated from the outside world, is like a huge black cloud. Within the cloud, various monsters run rampant.

     Countless skeletons occupied the ground, and rotten skeletons crawled out of cracks in the surface.

     All the trees are alive, using branches as arms and trunks as thighs, walking around in the forest, catching the blood races who are still running for their lives.

     There were tens of thousands of kinsmen, and there were only less than a thousand people left at the moment, scattered everywhere to flee, and it seemed that they would not be able to escape for long.

     On a mountain that has not collapsed, Ye Shu stepped on the boulder and looked out at the black jungle.

     "Did you not chase me? She really looked at Aiqier."

     Ye Shu muttered to himself, he couldn't see where the witch was gone, so he couldn't help but relax.

     However, in the blink of an eye, an evil laugh came from somewhere, and went straight to Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was surprised, and quickly lay down to avoid being spotted.

     After the laughter, the witch did not appear. Ye Shu was puzzled, but was shocked to realize that the entire jungle was moving, and the jungle all around was surrounding him.

     The tree people had soil in their roots and walked towards Ye Shu. The skeleton army on the ground is also running, and some terrifying monsters are flying around in the sky and ground, all coming towards Ye Shu.

     This caused the entire jungle to "move". If you look at it from a high altitude, the place where Ye Shu is located seems to have turned into a whirlpool, sucking everything around.

     "She stared at me?"

     Ye Shu was inwardly cursed, and the jungle surrounded him. It must be the witch's instruction, and the witch was going to surround herself to death.The darkness in the air is also changing, squeezing it like an air wall, completely trapping Ye Shu to death.

     This is the witchcraft of the witch Sean Si, her strength is far better than Ye Shu, but Ye Shu has been running with Eastern Arcane, it is not convenient for her to catch Ye Shu, simply move the jungle directly to trap Ye Shu to death.

     "Hahaha, I caught you."

      The huge King Kong evil beast appeared, and the 100-meter-high body was completely white, and even the inner thigh was exposed.

      has to say, Witch Sean is really a beautiful loli, even if she is so huge.

     In the distance, the surviving kinsmen stared at the huge body of the witch in horror, watching her step by step towards a mountain, and they were all too scared to move.

     "She... what is she going to do? Who did she catch?"

     Daphne hid behind several elders and stayed with a large group of survivors.

     "It seems to be that Oriental, he is gone at what time?"

     The Wolf King said solemnly, there was blood all over him, and he didn't know how long he had been fighting.

     Daphne was surprised: "Yes, my little lover, where did he go?"

     Ye Shu at the time of departure did not tell everyone that Ai Qier was here, lest everyone lose one's head.

     At this moment, everyone speculated that Ye Shu was caught, and they all looked at the witch Xiensi in shock.

     "It is rumored that the witch Seansi is a curious woman. She will study all new things. That oriental person must have aroused her curiosity."

     "He is dead, and I hope the witch can let us go after satisfying her curiosity."Survivors here is heart alarmed, trembling in fear, and Ye Shu is also heart alarmed, trembling in fear. He found that he was almost imprisoned. No matter how far he was, he would go back to the mountains and surroundings. The shady scene formed a ghost hit the wall.

     Under the mountain, various monsters have climbed up, and there are countless treants, waving branches to entangle him.

     The space he can move is smaller and smaller, just like a turtle in a jar, unable to escape.

     Hines also walked to the front of the mountain. She was almost as high as the mountain, looking at the top of the mountain, with a wicked smile on her delicate face.

     Ye Shu saw her big eyeballs and long eyelashes. Her facial features were standard noble beauties. With a trace of evil, it was really strange.

     "Oh, kid, you can run so fast, but unfortunately you can't run away now."

     Seans laughed, and a sweet smell came out of her pink lips. Ye Shu even saw her pink tongue.

     But this loli is so huge that she can kill herself with a tongue.

     Ye Shu's mind turned sharply. He knew nowhere to go. He could only fight with the last hole cards to see if Dao Fa could have a miraculous effect.

     "Thunder come!"

     Ye Shu a loud shout, point one finger to the sky one finger to the Earth, and his body jumped into the sky.

     Beneath the sky, black mist filled the sky, and the medieval night sky was so deep and terrifying.

     A few pieces of talisman paper flew into the sky, turning into little pieces and dissipating in the air.

     There was a sudden blast of thunder, and a large number of skeletons fell over.

     Hines gave a surprised oh, and raised his head and looks at the sky.Ye Shuqing did his best, the Dao Fa ran to its limit, and the mysterious nine-day thundering technique was successfully used, breaking through the time and space restrictions of the Middle Ages, and cutting down a lot of lightning from the outside world.

     If someone was looking at the northern jungle from the road outside at this time, they would be able to see the clear sky billowing at noon, and the thick lightning of the bucket smashed into the black air that enveloped the entire jungle below.

     When the thunder and lightning came, the treants, skeletons and all monsters on the ground were affected. Can't help on the back side of the ground, that was afraid.

     Dao Fa is the perception of Chinese sages within Heaven and Earth. Thunder is the righteousness between heaven and earth. Medieval witchcraft is evil, and the monsters born of evil naturally fear righteousness.

     Seeing the monsters retreating, the survivors in the distance all showed shocked expressions. At this moment, Ye Shu was undoubtedly a shining knight and the savior of everyone.

     "He actually pushed back those monsters, the Eastern magic may have a miraculous effect on wizards!"

     "Oriental people call Daofa. I used to disdain it. I didn't expect it to be so powerful."

     Everyone ignited hope of survival and looked at Ye Shu very nervously and expectantly.

     Ye Shu stood high in the sky, countless lightning lingering at his side, forming a powerful defensive net.

     He also secretly heave a sigh of relief, watching the monsters retreat, and his heart felt calm.

     However, Sean suddenly raised his hand.

     She didn't want to grab Ye Shu, but put her palm into the clouds above.

     That palm extends infinitely, breaking through the limitations of time and space in the Middle Ages, and then pinches it in the clear sky outside.

     Ye Shu's body was shocked, and his eyes were shocked.The witch actually grabbed the Nine Heavens Thunder with her hands, and the tumbling clouds and countless lightnings were all caught by Sieng.

     "Oh, it's so numb."

     Hines smiled mischievously and retracted his hand. In his white palm was a large black cloud that was squashed, and the lightning inside was creaking like a poor mouse.

     Seeing this scene, everyone was completely dull and lost all hope.

     Ye Shu also sighed weakly, a wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

      go fuck yourself, how can this be fun? This witch does not belong to this World at all, just like a giant raging at the ant nest, Ye Shu and others are ants.

     "Oriental Arcane, it's fun, I want to dissect you right away, I want to study Oriental Arcane, I want to learn."

     Xiensi swallowed the thunder, and then grabbed Ye Shu in his hand.

     Ye Shu felt like he was caught by marshmallows, Sean's hands were soft, but it also restricted all his motion ability.

     "Come on, little cute, I will use the most exquisite scalpel to dissect you and see your secrets."

     Hines grabbed Ye Shu and walked towards the town, shaking the ground with every step.

      The survivors hurriedly hid far away, not daring to save Ye Shu at all.

     Ye Shu quickly thought about a way, and then shouted: "Hey, noble lady witch, do you want to learn Oriental Arcane? I can teach you."
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