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0 Chapter List 402 Abilities And Magic
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Murkawi tribe convened a kinship meeting, and the Duke Murkawi invited the American supernaturalists. 』

     These two things are extremely unusual, Ye Shu feels that the Murkawi family is in trouble and wants to completely reject Aqier.

      Cut to the chase, Toredo, Gange, Bruch Clan, Three Great Clans went to Murkawi Castle together. This time, Aqier did not come, so she could not give in.

     The main castle of the Murkawi family is also deep in the mountains, and the group took a arranged car and drove along the highway for a long time before getting off.

     After getting off the bus, each speeded up into the mountain. After half an hour, a towering huge castle appeared in front of everyone.

     Ye Shu raised his eyebrows and looked at it. This castle was very new, as if it had just been built, completely without the quaint appearance of the rest of the castle.

     The castle is in a large manor, and many helicopters can be seen inside.

     Generally speaking, it is very modern and it is really not reminiscent of old vampires.

     After the group arrived, the subordinates of the Murkawi came to greet them, and they were kind enough to bring the group into the castle for settlement.

     The other clans have not yet arrived, and the meeting has not yet begun.

     Ye Shu now represents the Torrido family, so he stopped running around and stayed with Daphne.

     "This Murkawi has extremely large assets in modern society and is also the family that accepts modern technology the most. I heard that they have also installed missiles in the castle. I don't know whether it is true or false."

     Chief Gunger said with contempt, and a group of accompanying vampires couldn't help but laugh.Strange creatures are biased against humans. After all, humans are too weak and can only rely on various tools.

     "Don't say that, human missiles can easily kill us, don't be arrogant and conceited."

     Daphne reproached and glanced at Ye Shu secretly, fearing that Ye Shu felt uncomfortable.

     Where did Ye Shu compare, and casually said: "What kind of existence is the supernatural being in America? Is it like Wolverine?"

     "We don't know clearly. They have only recently exhibited and they have not yet appeared in Europe. However, the governments of Europe and America have already communicated with each other, and they have also informed our kinship."

     Daphne explained, indicating that the national government intervened behind it.

     The Four Great Influences in the world are all inextricably linked with the government, such as the Monster Alliance and Yin Yang Liao. The Esper Association is also integrated with the American government. It can even be said that the American government created the supernatural powers and stimulated their potential.

     "The supernatural beings mainly come from the United States. The establishment of the United States was too short, and there's nothing about it accumulation in terms of strange creatures, so the supernatural beings were created."

      Chief Bruch Clan analyzed, "Moreover, the ability person cannot be underestimated. The final goal of the United States is to let the ability person be the king, so that it can occupy the first position in both technological and non-technological aspects."

     After Ye Shu listened to nodded, he would not be arrogant, lost the cultivator's Huaxia clan, and did not disregard the ability of the power.

     When several people were talking, there was noise and intensive footsteps outside, and a large group of vampires seemed to be running outside the castle.

     Daphne and others have been like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow recently, and they were taken aback at this moment, thinking that the plague had come in.But when everyone went out to take a look, the vampires of the Kawi were not panicked, but ran out with curiosity.

     When I asked, I realized that it was a supernatural person from America who had appeared, moving his muscles on the lawn of the manor.

     This activity is not just a few jumps like ordinary people, but a "fight".

     The supernaturalists and the blood are fighting amicably.

     Ye Shu and others were also curious, so naturally they ran over.

     Take a look at the lawn outside the castle. There are a dozen casually dressed Americans standing on the huge lawn, have males and have females, the male tall as a cow and big as a horse, the female is very fit, and the appearance is white. People make no difference.

     In addition, there's some left the kinsmen are talking to them. Although both sides are smiling, they seem to be fighting.

     Ye Shu looked at it carefully, and was stunned that there was no severity of the superpower.

     The body of the supernatural being is an ordinary person, and the breath is also an ordinary person. In addition to looking particularly dragging, it is no difference from ordinary people.

     Daphne and the others couldn't see any severity, they could only wait for the supernatural person to show her a hand.

     After thinking about it, the supernatural person had already fought with the blood race.

     A strong man with a yellow head took off his jacket and started a fight with a strong vampire.

     The two of them are about the same size, just like Mongolian wrestlers, staring at each other, then screaming, they fisted each other.

     This is the power of it is not fancy, and not how many ornamental. But everyone knows that blood-sucking demon power is more than a hundred times that of ordinary person's, and vampire's punch is enough to blast a mortal into scum.But in the field, the yellow-headed brawny man did not move a single jot, but the vampire flew out directly, and the yellow brawny man's strength was at least twice that of vampire's.

     The kinsmen onlookers immediately cheered and applauded, admiring the power of the supernatural being. The strong yellow man smiled calmly, not seeing how happy he was.

     Obviously, the powers of the general blood race and the supernatural beings are not symmetrical at all. These supernatural beings are just to give the Murkawi family a chance to practice, but in fact they have no interest at all.

     Ye Shu touched his chin and wondered, how did the supernatural person stimulate his own potential?

     They were originally mortals, but vampires with far-reaching power, fearing that the cells in their bodies had already been strengthened.

     "All power users have natural powers, and the power is what they have transformed. After the American Government has developed power users, it treats them favorably and uses technology to build them into adults."

     Daphne seemed to see Ye Shu's doubts and explained.

     Ye Shu suddenly realized that the ability was innate, and power was the result of technological changes.

     In this way, they will have supernatural powers, and they will be strong, just like human beings.

     At this time, the second fight in the field began.

     This time, I changed to a superpower, a woman who looked very low-key in a big black trench coat.

     It was a Vampire Count who was fighting against her.

      It should be noted, Vampire Count is generally the elite of the family and can take on important positions. The marquis above is a figure of the patriarch level, not to mention the duke.

     The earl looked about 40 years old, and he showed his fangs after talking to the woman in the trench coat.Everyone did not speak and looked at the court somewhat anxiously.

     The woman in the windbreaker was gently nodded, and the earl immediately rushed over, biting her fangs towards the woman in the windbreaker's neck.

     This earl has shown his true ability, and his speed can be said to be quite fast. The whole person is like a giant bat, making people not able to respond.

     The woman in the windbreaker did not hide. Ye Shu saw the windbreaker on her swell, and suddenly a strong wind blew up on the lawn.

     The woman in the windbreaker lifted her hands and manipulated the wind like a puppet, actually flying the earl.

     The earl rolled to the ground in embarrassment, looking embarrassed.

     He probably didn't understand what happened.

     Everyone was also dumbfounded, and only felt that there was wind flowing in the air, and the earl flew away.

     Ye Shu frowned, the woman in the windbreaker precisely manipulated a wisp of wind just now, forming a wind cage and swept the earl away.

     "It's kind of like Wind Magic in the novel. This is the ability of the supernatural person? Are there fire and earth elements?"
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