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    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Julie's cheeks were swollen so high, it was so painful that she tears flow directly, and she couldn't speak fluently. 』

     A group of supernaturalists were furious, but Ye Shu didn't expect to give face at all, and they scolded Ye Shu to kill.

     However, the big guy Lekia had a vicious eye, and he had already seen how extraordinary a thousand generations were.

     "let's go."

     Likiar picked up Julie and ordered the supernaturalist to leave with him. The people with supernatural powers stared at Ye Shu fiercely, and followed Liqia away.

     Chief Murkawi hurriedly led the way and took them to the best room to rest.

     The kinsmen also dispersed, looked at Ye Shu weirdly before leaving, and spoke in a low voice.

     Ye Shu also doesn't care, taking people back to the castle, waiting for the blood meeting.

     At this time, in the room to the west of the castle, the supernaturalists were foul-mouthed excitedly, and the big Liqia sat on the bed grimly, no longer maintaining his demeanor.

     "Julie, don't worry, this hatred brother will definitely help you repay, let's wait for the opportunity."

     "Yes, Julie, you are our little baby, and everyone will avenge you even if dying."

     The male supernaturalists expressed their opinions about whether they loved Julie. Julie rubbed her face and said bitterly: "But the woman with the knife is so strong, we can't beat it, should we ask for support?"

     "Haha, that woman is an oriental shikigami. I have studied shikigami in the research institute before, have you forgotten?"

     Everyone suddenly showed a smile that men knew, as if they were thinking of something good."It turned out to be Shiki. It just so happened. We haven't played Shiki for a long time. The Shiki that was studied at the beginning is really wonderful. It can be restored no matter how tortured. If she is not dissected for in-depth research, we can continue to play."

     The men were laughing heartily, the only three female supernatural beings looked a little unnatural, including Julie, they all left to rest.

     Li Kea nodded: "Julie, you stay, others can leave."

     The two female supernaturalists left quickly, and a wry smile flashed across Julie's swollen cheeks.

     Eleven male supernaturalists closed the door and approached Julie caringly.

     "Julie, I heard that you would be happy to be beaten, wasn't it cool just now?"

     "Being slapped in the face by a lowly Asian, the quick response should be stronger."

     The style of painting in the room changed suddenly. The supernatural person who was talking about business just now seemed to be a different person, and he was so skilled, obviously he often did it.

     Lygia on the bed took off his pants, and the huge genitals were exposed in front of everyone.

     Julie smiled, and went to hold it. The rest of the supernatural beings immediately tore her clothes apart and started a tyrannical movement that made women discolored.

     There was a ripple in the void, and no one appeared.

     In the east room of the castle, Ye Shu stood alone by the window thinking about the problem. After a while, a wave of fluctuations came from the side, and Qiandai appeared.

     "Shu Jun, I went to see them."

     Qiandai's expression disgusted, she was called by Ye Shu to observe the supernatural powers just now, but she didn't expect to come back so soon.

     "What is their situation, do they want revenge?"Ye Shu asked casually, Chiyo un'ed: "They do want revenge, and they are disgusting..."

     Qiandai stopped talking, but Ye Shu was curious: "Disgusting? What does it mean?"

     Chiyo turned around and said, "Julie is a plaything, and those men are abusers..."

     Qiandai said everything he saw, and Ye Shu couldn't help but smile: "This is quite interesting. It turned out to be a bunch of bad people. The supernatural beings have such a trend, no matter how powerful they are, no need to fear."

     Ye Shu made a judgment, and Chiyo said again: "They have studied Shijin, and they have abused Shijin before. It seems that there is a special way to deal with Shijin."

     "So formidable?"

     Ye Shu was slightly surprised, the supernatural person wouldn't have a way to deal with Chiyo.

     "Chiyo, you find Qingxing Deng, try to stay with her this period of time."

     "No, I'm not afraid."

     "I'm afraid, obedient."

     Chiyo had no choice but to be obedient and went to find Qingxingdeng.

     The next day, the werewolves came, and Dika Wolf King came with elite troops, and Chief Murkawi hurriedly greeted them.

     But Dika seemed to be upset with Mokawi, so he came to see Ye Shu in a polite manner.

     "Mr. Ye, didn't your majesty come? She should preside over the kinship meeting."

     Wolf King Dika admires Ye Shu very much, and he is relatively straightforward and recognizes Aiqier as the king.

     "Thank you for the Wolf King's care. This meeting is unusual. There is a Duke's figure behind it. The American supernaturalists have also intervened. We still have to see the opportunity and act."

     Wolf King is nodded, he is upright, not a fool, Ye Shu understands when he says it.After a while, the meeting began.

     The patriarchs of the thirteen clans were seated, and the wolf king also took his werewolf elders into the seat.

     Ye Shu and Daphne were arranged in the tail seat, inconspicuously, this was obviously intentional by the Murkawi.

     Daphne was half dead with anger, but Ye Shu was calm, smiling.

     Liqia the supernatural power was also there, he took Julie, and the two sat together.

     Ye Shu glanced at Julie. Julie's cheeks had been swollen, but she looked weak, as if she had worked all night, her mood was not high, even somewhat sad, she didn't stare at Ye Shu anymore.

     After a while, Chief Murkawi came.

     This guy put on a golden gown specially and looked like an emperor, which is ridiculous.

     Dika, the wolf king, couldn’t stand it anymore, patted the table and said, "Merkawi, what is this dress up? A mob?"

     There was a low laugh, and the fury on Patriarch Murkawi's face flashed.

     "My wife just asked me to wear it, so I put it on. Don't laugh at the wolf king."

     Patriarch Murkawi was unhappy and said, Dika sneered, and sat watching the play with Erlang's legs raised.

     No one spoke any more, and Chief Murkawi began his performance.

     "The plague in Alexander town, I have asked the psychic to investigate it clearly. The plague spread from the witch's cave. It is obvious that the witch Hines is creating the plague with the purpose of destroying our blood."

     There was a commotion in the crowd, and they started talking in a low voice.

     Ye Shu smiled and didn't say anything. These people didn't know that Hippo was dreaming again. Naturally, they felt that Hirns was playing a ghost, but Hirns had gone to Dongyang to accept Lolicon's worship."Don't be nervous, everyone, listen to me continue."

     Chief Murkawi raised his hand to let everyone listen.

     Everyone looked at him, and he continued: "The blood races that have been hit by the plague are running towards the witch’s cave. At this moment, the northern jungle is full of infected people, especially near the Alexander Basin, because Miss Julie has frozen the town, so The infected are hovering in the basin and cannot enter."

     As the Chief Murkawi said, he looked at Julie rather flatteringly.

     Julie didn't hear what he said at all, and Liqia said: "Yes, Julie blocked the pace of the infected person. We have three days to completely remove the infected person, and then enter the cave and kill the witch Hines. ."

     "Obviously, Sean thought used the infected to restore her own strength, but the infected was blocked, she no strategy left to try. And the ice and snow were not broken, indicating that Sean was so weak that it could not even break the ice. In a situation, her dragon is one with her, and she must be very weak. It is a good opportunity for soldiers at this moment, and you can each lead the elite into the town."

     After the chief of Murkawi said, fully content with one's achievements. Many clans nodded one after another, agreeing with his analysis.

     "As expected to be Chief Murkawi, your Excellency has already figured out the details of the plague while I waited for fear to take refuge."

     "The Murkawi is really a clan, this time thanks to the Murkawi and the supernatural beings, we admire it."

     The compliments were everywhere, Ye Shu was about to laugh to death, but his face was serious, yes, Bing.
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