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    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The kinsmen all agree with the analysis of Chief Murkawi, after all, everyone hates the witch. 』』

     The matter was so finalized, the various races sent elites to enter the town, first killed all the infected, and then killed the witch Seansi.

     After the meeting, all ethnic groups notified their families to send elites to Murkawi Castle, and for a while, the air was filled with tension.

     Daphne also informed the Torrido family to send elites to join forces. Of course, this was requested by Ye Shu.

     "My little lover, didn't you say that the plague was caused by Corvinus? Why should we participate?"

     Daphne was puzzled, she didn't understand what Ye Shu was thinking.

     Ye Shu smiled sinisterly: "The Murkawi wants to be the boss, let's obey him. Then everyone will find that he is completely wrong and have fun. How can such a beautiful thing be ruinous?"

     "But if we act rashly like this, will we suffer heavy losses?"

     "There is nothing we can do, we can't stop it, just watch it."

     Daphne didn't say much any more, everything obeyed Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu is still the old idea, fish in troubled water.

     The kinsmen attacked the town again to kill the witch Hines. However, the source of the plague was Corvinus. This time, Corvinus' silver sword might be revealed, and then a big fish can be touched.

     Of course, this is only a rough idea, and the detailed circumstances are still to be known.

     In the afternoon, the elites of the various races were almost ready, and the Chief Murkawi distributed tasks. The 13 clans plus the werewolves totaled 14 clans, and the three clans were divided into four directions to attack.

     The Torrido attacked from the south, along with the Gange and Bruch Clan.But those dozens of supernatural beings are very relaxed, they run around blindly, going wherever there is danger, just like a protector.

     Before going out, Ye Shu specifically called Chiyo, who also appeared with Chiyo and Isechan.

     After a quarrel be unavoidable, Ye Shu also recognized it. After being scolded for some perversion, he told them to be together, and the supernatural person can't underestimate.

     Chiyo nodded obediently and promised not to take it lightly.

     After that, there was a large army. There were hundreds of elites from all races, and there were thousands of people in total. Although the lineup was not large, all of them were elites, armed with special anti-virus tools, and entered the northern jungle.

     As soon as you enter the northern jungle, it is as if you have come to the end of the world. There are too many infected people here.

     The plague that floated to the outside world infected many blood races, and these blood races came to the northern jungle and rushed to the small town.

     All races are infected with the courageous massacre. This time they are well prepared, and they are all elites, almost a one-sided massacre.

     Ye Shu and Daphne led the team into the mountain to the south, and they kept killing along the way.

     But Ye Shu didn't think about the zombies. He looked around in the jungle and sneered to himself.

     Those with abilities who want revenge will definitely do it at this time, because if you kill yourself at this time, you can throw the pot to the zombies.

     The team is advancing quickly, and there are infected corpses all the way.

     Soon, the team entered the forested mountain, where there were many trees and narrow vision. From time to time, one or two infected people jumped out, killing the blood.

     What is surprising is that the forest fogged up at some point.It is sunset, the air is warm, and the moisture in the jungle is not strong, but it is foggy this time.

     Everyone was shocked, all cautious and solemn rely on together.

     Ye Shu brow raised, here comes.

     This is obviously the mist controlled by the superpower, just like magic. Soon, everyone's sight dropped to the limit, and they couldn't even see the situation ten centimeters away.

     "It's over, is the witch doing the trick? What we do? What about Mr. Ye?"

     Everyone was confused, Ye Shu listened and heard a faint sneer.

     The abilities have gathered nearby.

     Ye Shu wasn't afraid, but Daphne and her team couldn't beat the supernatural person, and they were afraid they would be involved.

     "You are on standby, I'll go ahead and check it out."

     Ye Shu called out loudly, told the blood clan, and also told the supernatural person.

     He opened his heavenly eyes and rushed forward.

     The white mist behind suddenly moved, and followed Ye Shu, always trapping him.

     This was exactly what Ye Shu wanted, he didn't want to harm the innocent.

     After walking for a few minutes, Ye Shu stopped because he was surrounded.

     I don't know when a row of trees was erected in the front, densely packed like the city wall, blocking the way.

     In the rear, countless vines twisted and stretched towards Ye Shu.

     These trees are not tree people, they are not wise, but are controlled by supernatural powers.

     Ye Shu sneered, looked around and said: "Come out."

     "Haha, Mr. Ye, really in the dangerous moment is not chaotic."A strong big man appeared clapping his hands, and there were abilities in the other directions, all smiling coldly.

     Julie followed Lijia and stared at Ye Shu fiercely.

     Ye Shu glanced around, looked at Julie and laughed: "You Americans are really open, Miss Julie is unhappy every day?"

     The supernaturalists complexion changed, and Julie paled even more: "What did you say? Shut up!"

     She went crazy directly, as if her lowest secrets were exposed open and aboveboard.

     Ye Shu a wide grin: "You like Harley Quinn, the clown girl so much. It seems that you are longing for a free and willful life. It's a pity, nightfall, you are just a toy, played by your brothers."

     "To shut up!"

     Julie yelled, her eyes red, and her scars were bloodied.

     Li Gea pushed her away: "All right, stop calling, go aside, I'll take revenge for you."

     Julie was pushed to the ground, and the anger in her eyes became apathetic.

     Ye Shu ignored her and stared at Liqia.

     Liqia and the rest of the powers surrounded them, their faces were very upset, they didn't understand how Ye Shu knew their secrets.

     "Your Excellency is a high-handed man, I have to take it. It seems that your spirit has spied on us. But it doesn't matter, you are about to die."

     Ligia twisted his neck, his muscles creaked, and there was a sound like a broken bone.

     Ye Shu was still calm, summoning Qiandai silently in his heart.

     But after a while, Chiyo did not appear. Ye Shu's eyes shrank, something happened to Qiandai?"Haha, what? Isn't impossible to summon Shijin? Boy, let me show you the weapon of our research."

     A scorpion-headed monster laughed wildly, holding a compass-like thing in his hand, and there were pointers spinning wildly inside.

     "This is a Magnetic Field Disturbance device specially developed for Onmyoji. The Summoning Contract of Onmyoji and Shiki cannot be separated from the magnetic field, but we have removed the Magnetic Field Disturbance. Your Shiki can no longer perceive you. This is the modern technology. Charm is something you can never understand."

     Lijiya said with a faint smile, looking down at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was relaxed, it turned out that it wasn't Chiyo who had an accident, but Chiyo couldn't feel himself anymore.

     That's good, don't panic.

     "Your hand is quite powerful, so I won't accompany you."

     Ye Shu runs without the slightest hesitation.

     Xiao Leng's upper body, Strength of Ghosts and Gods burst, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) instantly displayed.

     He flew up like a lightning, and disappeared all at once.

     The supernaturalists were taken aback: "So fast!"

     "I'm going to chase, you guys keep up."

     The ability person holding the Magnetic Field Disturbance machine cried, and then the wind on the soles of his feet flew like a human.

     "He ran east, the tracker locked him, he couldn't run away!"

     The people with supernatural powers ran to the east one after another, only one person could fly, and the others all performed supernatural powers on their way.

     Suddenly, the wind was strong, and there were vines carrying people galloping. The Ligia was surrounded by lightning. He didn't know where to get the power. It ran like a missile, so fast that the naked eye could not see it.
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