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0 Chapter List 410 The Dead House Is Disgusting
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The matter is basically clear, that is, the three dukes Teaming up compete for the silver sword. 』

     However, the silver sword has been contaminated by the plague, so it must be purified by sacrifice first, probably by using ancient medieval magic.

     Ye Shu has no hatred with the Duke, but the Duke rejects Aiqier, and he has to send Aiqier to the supernatural person for research. This touches his back scale. The three dukes in his heart are already corpses.

     Chiyo was also murderous, calling both Ise-chan and Aoyukideng over.

     These two guys waved everywhere, not playing enough, always want to run.

     "Qingxingdeng, I will do something big tomorrow. After I finish it, I will do the experiment for 31st days."

     Ye Shu walked towards the green lantern, and the green lantern was naturally excited, so he agreed not saying anything further.

     In this way, Ye Shu would have two top shikigami, who could deal with the two dukes.

     "It's still not safe. They have three dukes. I can't deal with an extra duke."

     Ye Shu paced with his hands, in order to annihilate the Duke in one fell swoop, he needed more powerful combat power.

     "Nicolas? Duke Zhao Si didn't know where he was. If he knew this, he would be on my side."

     Ye Shu pondered, trying to search for the reinforcements in his mind.

     "I shouldn't have let Yves go back before, she can help me ba first and then go back to be a girl idol."

     Ye Shu regrets a bit, but Yves’s cute loli is fighting against the sky, but she ran to be a girl idol. It was too wasteful. It would be much more useful here.

     Being depressed, the sound of flapping wings came from the distant night sky.

     It was the sound of some kind of large animal flying.Ye Shu stared at the past, under the eyes of the sky, he saw a red dragon flying.

     "It's Yves, she's back!"

     Ye Shu was surprised and happy, good luck came.

     "Chiyo, you wait here, I'll be right back."

     Ye Shu displayed to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), reaching the extreme, and flew to the dragon in two seconds.

     Yves looked down at him, folded his wings and landed. He was sitting on her back.

     Siengs wears a pink sweater and a red hat, which is exactly the same as Little Red Riding Hood.

     "Hey, what are you doing to stop us? Do you want to die?"

     Xinsi shouted grinningly, Ye Shu jumps up suddenly and stood on Yves's back.

     "Wow, Hines, why are you so cute? Who gave you the clothes?"

     Ye Shu generously praised, Seans laughed, not to mention being too happy.

     "I bought it myself. Yves and I grabbed a few million dollars. That's awesome."


     Ye Shu squinted, "Didn't you ask you to find the Onmyoji? Is it necessary to grab money?"

     "I'm going to look for Onmyoji, but Yves said, my grave has mutated. What are you bastards doing around my grave? You want to go."

     Oops, Hines knows modern vocabulary again, it's incredible.

     "It turns out that you came back to see the head of the grave. I will tell you that under your grave is the silver sword of Corvinus. The silver sword is infected with the plague..."

     Ye Shu spoke in detail, and said everything about the vampire duke.After hearing this, Seans slapped the leader's head: "how can this be so?, they have frozen my grave head. They will definitely ruin my research room for that broken sword, my treasure!"

     Hines flustered and exasperated, Ye Shu sneaks a smile, well, reinforcements are coming.

     "So we want to Teaming up and kill the three vampire dukes, don't you say roar?"

     "Roar, roar, but I'm weak, I can't beat the Duke."

     Seans was a little bit distressed, her sequelae had not yet recovered, and she was weaker than Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu knew this. He rubbed his fingers and pointed at the dragon under his feet: "Ive is here, what are you afraid of? The medieval dragon roar can kill the Duke."

     At the mention of Yves, Seans became even more angry: "You still have a face to say? Yves are so stupid that they gave you the horns. She should eat them by herself so that she won't lose too much strength. Knowing how much strength I lost, I'm so angry!"

     Ciensi squeezed his small fist, wishing to beat Ye Shu to death.

     Ye Shu was taken aback: "What the hell? Yves is also weak?"

     "Can you not be weak after eating the dragon's horns? It will take at least a hundred years for her to become True Dragon! She is so stupid that she doesn't know how to eat by herself!"


     This is a bit cheating.

     Yves screamed and screamed, seeming to say that he is not stupid.

     Hines jumped off the dragon's back, still very angry: "What should I do now, my grave is going to be ruined, these weak garbage is too annoying, I will kill them off sooner or later!"

     Hines looked at the distant basin and fell into distress.Yves transformed into a human form, this little white-haired loli, who was less than 1.5 meters away, touched her head aggrievedly, as if she was touching her lost horn.

     Ye Shu suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He didn't know the importance of horns to the dragon, so he just ate it.

     "Sister Yves, I'm sorry, I will repay you in the future."

     Ye Shu squatted down to apologize, Yves shook his head dumbly, "It's okay, the horns are not tasty, I don't want to eat."

     So cute and cute.

     Ye Shu loved this loli to death, and couldn't help holding her head and touching her head: "Yves, I'll be your brother."

     Yves did not resist, she seemed to be unable to tell right from wrong, and Ye Shu liked her and she felt very happy.

     Shinsi on the side was unhappy, and said with his arms akimbo: "Hey, do you ignore me? Isn't I less cute than Yves?"

     This witch is still jealous.

     Ye Shu was amused, and said casually: "You are also very cute."

     He was obviously perfunctory, Hines gnashing one's teeth: "Then why don't you hug me, you just want to hug the stupid dragon Yves."


     The brain circuit of your witch is really unique.

     "Come on, don't be jealous, uncle hug."

     Ye Shu opened his arms and Xiensi snorted: "The dead house is really disgusting!"

     Ye Shu sprayed: "What did you say?"

     "I said the dead house is really disgusting, sloppy Lolicon, I feel like vomiting when I smell your body."

     What is your brain circuit?

     "Hey, Hines, do you want me to hold you?"Ye Shu was a little speechless, and Hines put on a set up on high appearance: "I am cuter than Yves, so you should hug me, but I don't want to be held by Loli, so I can only let you lick me Feet."

     She really stretched out her little feet for Ye Shu to lick them.

     Ye Shu corner of the mouth twitch, Ya'er, this little lady went to the East, what did she experience? Has her mind been so dirty?

     "Lick, when I was shopping in Dongyang, many dead houses followed me, just to talk to me, they didn't dare to look at me, they kept looking at my feet, they wanted to lick them."

     "Enough, enough, I won't talk to you anymore, how much power does Yves have now, can he defeat a vampire duke?"

     "Almost all right, but what's the use? They have three dukes."

     "Hey, little witch, I'm not to be trifled with. Act, I want to change my strategy, this time it's steady."

     Ye Shu is stable, and with Yves, his own strength can crush the Duke, and kill them properly.

     "Wait a minute, why should I help you?"

     Xiensi suddenly said arrogantly, Ye Shu's mouth slanted, why do you have any benefits?

     "This is your grave. Can they stand it?"

     "I can bear it. This was originally Corvinus's grave. I took his grave and repaired my own. He is even more angry."

     I'll go, you are so strange.

     "Then you want anything good?""I asked, we need an agent to make our debut as a girl idol. You will be our agent to help us pave the way. I don't want to join complicated things. I just want the loli control dead houses to kneel down. Shout out Long live Sir Hines! the faster the better!"
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