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0 Chapter List 415 Power Of Heaven And Earth
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Thousand generations of upper body, Ye Shu instantly became the world's top powerhouse. 』

     And now his body is able to resist the power of Shijin, it's almost the same as opening up.

     Coupled with Xiao Leng's Strength of Ghosts and Gods, Ye Shu is undoubtedly standing at the top of the entire world at this moment.

     Its mighty power, even the violent wind was avoided during the journey. The four strong men who were fighting seemed to feel a little bit, and they all looked at Ye Shu, and even the Qingxing Lantern showed a surprised look.

     On the remote mountain peak below, the surviving kinsmen have been paying close attention to the battle, and they are staring at Ye Shu at this moment.

     "It's Mr. Ye, he escaped from the cave, and he wants to fight Duke Murkawi?"

     "Mr. Ye wants to avenge the dead blood family? But how can it be to defeat Duke Murkawi?"

     The embarrassed survivors heart alarmed, trembling in fear, all of them were very anxious, only the Murkawi family sneered to themselves.

     "We should listen to Duke-sama. This oriental guy came out halfway to make trouble. He still does not know where to move the rescuers. Obviously engage in conspiratorial activities!"

     Chief Murkawi touched his dirty beard and said, and the people next to him immediately retorted: "Patriarch Murkawi, how did you explain the sacrifice just now? Eight hundred people, all turned into blood!"

     Patriarch Murkawi's cheek twitched, and there was no sound. Everyone snorted coldly and looked at Ye Shu in the distance with concern.

     Ye Shu had already walked in front of Duke Murkawi, Duke Murkawi was still in shock. He took off his black robe, revealing his thin body and dark crimson eyes.His dark red eyes are different from those of Ai Qier. The ones of Ai Qier know that they have only evolved soon, but Duke Morkawi's eyes are deep and unmeasurable, and they are about to transform into purple eyes.

     There are only two ways to evolve into a purple golden eye. One is to live for thousands of years. vampire's strength increases with age. As long as the world is immortal and the vampire does not die, it will evolve into a purple golden eye sooner or later.

     Secondly, he is born an emperor and prince, once he reaches adulthood, he may evolve a purple eye and become a supreme king.

     These elder hanging on to life dukes are obviously the first kind, they want to live longer than the heavens and the earth, and they will not die.

     "Oriental people, you are really surprised. Is this Oriental Yin Yang technique?"

     Duke Murkawi said hoarsely, with grave expressions on his shriveled cheeks.

     Ye Shu lightly smiled: "Your Excellency deserves to be a thousand-year-old... an old vampire, experienced and knowledgeable."

     After hearing this, Duke Murkawi moved his throat and his tone softened.

     "In this world, the situation has changed drastically. You and I can both be kings. Why massacre one another? Mr. Ye should not be too old. Why waste energy on me and other old guys? It’s better to join my Mokawi and take power. What is it? Your Majesty is just your plaything."

     Duke Murkawi persuaded Ye Shu to make people laugh.

     Ye Shu sneered, why don't you speak classical Chinese?

     "Oh, Duke Murkawi, this statement is wrong, I currently have what I want, what do I want, what Murkawi is. And you are wrong about a key point, I am a Chinese, not a blood family, and my majesty is me Daughter, you actually see her as a plaything, aren't you mad at me?"Ye Shu smiled, and then suddenly reduced his smile, took out the yellow talisman and threw it, and thunder raged.

     Ye Shu didn't play with Duke Murkawi, and directly crushed it with the strongest spell.

     Nine days of thunderstorms gathered, Ye Shu is unimaginably powerful at the moment, and the nine days of thunderstorm grandiose that can be mobilized covers the sky of the entire northern jungle.

     The tops of everyone's heads were plunged into darkness, and the faces of the survivors in the distance were startled and shivering.

      The world's prestige, shocking all races, this is the power of immortals.

     Duke Murkawi's face changed again, and the other two dukes were also shocked and tried to come over to join forces with Duke Murkawi.

     However, Qingxingdeng and Yves blocked them, and they did not dare to move.

     "Mr. Ye, really don't listen to my advice?"

     Duke Murkawi said with a dark face, Ye Shu waved his palm, and several thunders fell.

     "Old guy, stop bb, I just want to kill you."

     "Okay, I'd like to see, how do you kill me!"

     Duke Murkawi looked furious, his body jumped vigorously, his clothes torn apart, revealing his swarthy skinny muscles.

     There are countless black runes on his skin, like ancient spells, engraved all over his body.

     "This duke has lived from the Middle Ages to the present. He has even studied witchcraft. I'm afraid of your Taoism?"

     Duke Mokawi doesn't dodge or evade, facing the thunder.

     Five or six terrifying thunders blasted on Duke Morkawi.

     The runes on his body flickered, as if expanding, completely offsetting the thunder."Little baby, arrogant and conceited, when this Duke killed your Chinese ancestor, you still do not know where!"

     The Duke of Murkawi resisted the thunder, but he did not hurt. He stepped out and crossed the void, transforming into Divine Weapon and heading straight to Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu was a little surprised. The duke is not a duke. It is too difficult to crush him, and he must be played.

     "it is good!"

     Ye Shu had a ghost in his hand, and called thunder as armor to fight Duke Murkawi head-on.

     Duke Murkawi had no weapons, but his body was a magic weapon, and he bombarded Guichi with both hands.

     How sharp is the ghost cut, coupled with Ye Shu's terrifying fighting power, cross-cut Duke Murkawi, should have cleared all obstacles.

     However, this is not the case, the sound of Jin Ge burst, and Duke Murkawi grabbed the ghost cutting blade with both hands.

     The runes were flying on his palm, and the ghost cut an inch deep into his skin and couldn't penetrate it anymore.

     Duke Murkawi's palm was bleeding, but he also grasped Guichi forcefully.

     "A good weapon, it can make me bleed!"

     Duke Murkawi laughed wildly, grabbing Guiqi's hands and flicking abruptly.

     He actually used the ghost cutting blade as the fulcrum to throw Ye Shu away.

     Such a wild battle style is like a battle of knights handed down from the Middle Ages, which is shocking.

     Ye Shu in midair has nowhere to take advantage, he grasps the ghost cut, forcibly rotates to take advantage of the force, and constructs the Big Dipper starry sky map.

     Duke Murkawi, like a ghost, arrived in a flash.

     Ye Shu heard the call of the bats, and in the blink of an eye, he was surrounded by a large group of blood bats, and countless bats gnawed his flesh and blood frantically.This is one of the rare spells used by vampires, and it was also used in the beginning.

     But hBina brat unable to withstand a single blow, at the moment Duke Kavi used it, Ye Shu was shocked and felt that he was about to be sucked into a corpse by the blood bat.

     "Thunder come!"

     Ye Shu yelled, countless thunders fell, bombarding countless bats.

      The world's prestige, as mighty as the universe, even the blood bat incarnate of Duke Murkawi had to avoid it.

     Ye Shu seized the opportunity, and the ghost cut whirled across, and a half-moon ring burst out, centering on Ye Shu, cutting towards all around.

     The magic weapon sword aura tore through the entire void, and all the bats turned into powder.

     Ye Shu took a breath and stood in the void, with many blood holes on his body, bitten out by blood bats.

     Not far away, Duke Murkawi appeared, he was covered in blood. Just now, he turned into a bat and attacked Ye Shu, but he was wounded by a ghost.

     "If you didn't have this magic weapon, you would already be a corpse."

     "This is not necessarily true. I could invite you to play in the underworld just now, but this is not very good. I still want to beat you head-on."

     Ye Shu shook the blood on his hand and smiled confidently.

     Duke Murkawi is coldly snorted and attacked again.

     Strong against strong, his thin big hands also turned into magic weapons, matching the ancient runes, and head-on head-on with Guiqie.

     Guiqie actually had a hint of wailing. Medieval witchcraft obviously caused great damage to Guiqie.

     The Duke of Murkawi knows how to do sorcery, which Ye Shu did not expect, otherwise the body of the old bastard is basically impossible to resist the frontal attack of the ghost.Under the dark clouds, the light dissipated, countless lightning smashed down, sword energy raged in the darkness, there was also the sound of howling, Duke Murkawi was bloody and roaring constantly.

     Everyone stared blankly, and the other two dukes had already stopped, waiting nervously for the result.

     The blood races in the distance all clenched their fists and stared at the glint and flash of daggers and swords in the black area.

     The void has long been broken, there are violent winds everywhere, Ye Shudu is fast, and the entire airspace is his Big Dipper starry sky map.

     The battle has become fierce, and no one is unable to deal with anyone.

     However, during this time, Ye Shu's Dantian gradually boiled, his meridians flowed with endless heat, and a vein of ancestor glory.

     Ye Shu seemed to realize something, and the calmer.

      to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) is a treasure left by the sages, Ye Shuci used to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) after "cultivating immortals", and gradually became better.

     This is a very mysterious feeling, Ye Shu thinks of the mural, Dayu's water control and the Big Dipper starry sky.

     When he closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to hear the roar of Dayu, China Kyushu, the technique of water control, and the cosmic avenue merge together.

     Although Ye Shu fought harder and harder, the more he fought, the calmer.

     Finally, he was no longer cruel, with a faint smile on his mouth.

     When Duke Murkawi rushed forward again, Ye Shu took a step, one after the other, one yang and one yin, in the Big Dipper starry sky map, with the power of Taoism, blasted a punch.

     He didn't use ghost cutting, but averaged and ordinary punches.

     Duke Murkawi was taken aback, then sneered and bombarded with Ye Shu.In his eyes, Ye Shuruo had no ghosts and had already lost. At this time, he didn't need ghosts to use brute force to follow the path to one's own doom.

     However, with a punch, the rune on Duke Murkawi was shattered every inch, like a leaf of duckweed, he planted one end, and even the internal organs were turned into fragments, and the blood came out.

     Ye Shu stood up with his hands closed, lightly smiled.

     This is energy of heaven and earth, and the mystery of comprehension is to break through the limitations of the human body and borrow energy of heaven and earth.

     This will make the cultivator above any race, because no race can fight the heaven and the earth!

     The dark cloud dissipated, Ye Shu waved back the thunder and stood quietly.

     Everyone could see the situation clearly, Duke Murkawi planted to the ground, Ye Shu stood with his sword, a touch of sunlight reflected him shiny.
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