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0 Chapter List 416 Immortal?
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Duke of Murkawi was defeated, without a doubt. Tian Lai Novels

     Ye Shu was not even injured. The heat flow in his pubic area was a steady flow, repairing his wounds, but within a few minutes, he was already intact.

     Everyone was stunned. Almost everyone believed that Ye Shu would definitely lose. In the end, Ye Shu won, and there was almost no injury.

     In the distance on the mountain, a group of blood survivors looked at each other in dismay, and then cheered.

     The Torrido family was happiest and couldn't help laughing. The complexion of the Murkawi tribe changed drastically, and they were confused.

     Above the sky, the other two dukes were extremely pale. They knew that Duke Murkawi was tough, and if Duke Murkawi was defeated, they must not be Ye Shu's opponent.

     For a time, the two dukes no longer wanted to fight.

     Ye Shu put the knife into its sheath, he did not move, and looked down at Mokawi who was lying in the huge pit.

     Duke Murkawi is motionless like a statue, just like dead. The rune on his body has been broken, but his aura is rising.

     An old tortoise that has lived for a thousand years is impossible without a hole card.

     The others also looked at Duke Murkawi, realizing that he was on the rise.

     After a while, Duke Murkawi finally moved. He stood up calmly, his skinny body a little rickets, and then everyone was shocked to see that blood was bleeding from his pores.

     It was not the blood produced by injury, but was forced out by Duke Murkawi himself.

     "Blood is the foundation of vampire's. Duke Murkawi burns the foundation. He wants to Perish Together with Mr. Ye!"

     When Duke Murkawi flew up, the patriarchs in the distance also saw something was wrong.Duke Murkawi was bleeding all over, he drained his blood and burned away his life, which increased his combat power several times in a short time.

     "Hahaha, Dongfang kid, you underestimate me. Although I don't have an Undying Body yet, you can't kill me. Even if I am Blood Combustion, the consequences will only be dormant for a hundred years of cultivation, no one can kill me!"

     Duke Murkawi laughed wildly, even the pores of his lips were bleeding.

     The other two dukes screamed: "Duke Murkawi, you are so tough? Are you really not going to die?"

     These two dukes are usually hostile to Duke Murkawi, so I can't help but ask.

     Duke Murkawi sneered: "You two trash, where do you know me? Get out!"

     The two dukes shut up and dared not ask any more.

     Ye Shu frowns, he sensed threats.

     Duke Murkawi is at least three times stronger, he can deal with one duke, it is difficult to deal with two, and it is absolutely impossible to deal with three.


     Duke Murkawi rush forward with all his blood, shocking.

     Qingxingdeng and Yves tried to help Ye Shu, but the other two dukes glanced at each other and intercepted them.

     Ye Shu to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), hide in the air.

     He already knew the fighting power of Duke Murkawi, and he definitely couldn't go head-to-head, he needed to wait for the fighting power of Duke Murkawi to be exhausted.

     "Why? Didn't you dare to fight? Still want to consume me? Dongfang child, let me tell you, thousands of years of blood burned, enough to support me for ten days, can you consume me for ten days without dying?"

     Duke Murkawi sneered again and again, and suddenly he caught up with Ye Shu.His speed is also three times faster, and he is already above to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology).

     If the opponent is too fast, the Big Dipper sky in the square inch of the land is useless, and it can only be kept for death.

     Ye Shu made prompt decisions, took the air out to build a bigger map of the Big Dipper.

     "This old tortoise is too fast, as long as he succeeds, I'm afraid I will be immortal and disabled."

     Ye Shufei thought about countermeasures quickly, and then took a volley turn. Duke Murkawi's inertia was huge, he rushed over, and then had to look back and chase Ye Shu again.

     "To worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) Ignore inertia, I can deal with it for a while."

     Ye Shu turned a few steps later, and threw Duke Murkawi away time and time again.

     Duke Murkawi realized that the sky he was in was unusual.

     "Tao Fa? It's really extraordinary, but what can it be? In ten days, I see how long you can last!"

     Duke Murkawi continued to chase him wildly, Ye Shu avoided time and time again, and had to construct a new Beidou map to avoid the Duke Murkawi who was getting faster and faster.

     Everyone was dazzled. They could only see the two silhouettes flying high in the sky. Sometimes the two silhouettes had clearly collided together but nothing happened.

     "Duke Murkawi burned his blood. That is the secret of the blood family. At this time, he is already Unmatched Under the Heaven. Mr. Ye has been running for his life, but it will not last long."

     Someone analyzed and said, arousing concern.

     The Murkawi family finally laughed again, and the Murkawi patriarch snorted coldly: "My clan Duke has lived for more than ten centuries, how old is he Ye Shu? In an attempt to defeat the Murkawi Duke, be carried away by one's wishful thinking !"

     When the words fell, Ye Shu's painful cry came from a distance.Everyone looked and saw that Ye Shu was shot down to the ground and his back was bent.

     Duke Murkawi laughing heartily: "Boy, what are you thinking about ne? You stay at the moment of death?"

     Ye Shu lay on the ground, dantian heat flow repaired the wound, but his back was almost broken and it was difficult to repair it for a while.

     Just now he thought of Corvinus' silver sword. If you use it, you can perhaps kill Duke Morkawi.

     As a result, he was caught and shot down by Duke Murkawi.

     "You are already dead, it's a pity."

     Duke Murkawi landed, looking down at Ye Shu, coldly and disdainfully.

     "Boy, I have long advised you to join my Mokawi, enjoy glory, splendor, wealth and rank, you don't listen, follow the path to one's own doom!"

     Duke Murkawi was bloody and kicked Ye Shu like trash.

     The survivors in the distance lamented, Ye Shu still lost.

     The two dukes in the sky stopped and fell behind Duke Murkawi.

     "Duke Murkawi, kill him as soon as possible, we have to find Silver Sword."

     As soon as the words came out, the survivors suddenly discolored.

     "They really did it for Corvinus' silver sword, and killed eight hundred elites of my blood family, how can this be so?!"

     "Mr. Ye must not be allowed to die. Otherwise, the result will be unimaginable. My kin will not be so afraid of things. Everyone rushed over!"

     A patriarch shouted, and a large group of survivors rushed towards Ye Shu.

     The three dukes looked over at the same time, and their faces were cold.

     Duke Murkawi sneered: "Okay, you are the people of my blood, but you want to resist this Duke for a Gentile?"The Duke of Murkawi was quite frightening at this time, and a group of kinsmen stopped abruptly, surprised and angry.

     Duke Murkawi squinted his eyes: "Those who are not satisfied can come forward. This Duke just needs fresh blood to heal his wounds."

     The kinsmen look at each other in dismay, don’t know if they should resist.

     Ye Shu took a breath on the ground, his back injury healed, but it was still impossible to defeat the heartbroken Duke Murkawi.

     Seeing that the kinsmen did not say anything, Duke Murkawi looked down at Ye Shu again, then raised his foot and stepped on Ye Shu's neck.

     "This Duke killed you first, ignorant Dongfang boy, hahaha!"

     Duke Murkawi laughed wildly, and his big foot was about to step on him. At this moment, above the sky, a touch of silver light flashes was approaching the extreme.

     It was a silver knight sword, and I didn't know what power it was driving it, and it stabbed straight down.

     Everyone had a surprise, and the two dukes who watched the play changed their colors in horror and were deterred to be unable to move.

     Duke Murkawi realized what, he trembled heart alarmed, trembling in fear, can't help.

     It was a deterrence like the mighty sky, a knight's sword, imprisoned all the blood races.

     The next moment, when Duke Murkawi looked up hard, the silver sword pierced his head.

     Just like cutting a melon, it pierced his head without resistance, then drilled into his neck, deep into his internal organs.

     In the end, the knight's long sword penetrated the entire Duke Murkawi and nailed it to the ground, leaving only the hilt outside.

     The scene was silent, Duke Murkawi convulsed, eyes opened wide fell to the ground and died.From high above, there was a flustered and exasperated curse of the witch Hines: "It makes you laugh, it makes you so noisy, you can't sleep peacefully, you are shit!"

     (There is still a chapter late, about nine o'clock, not less)
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