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0 Chapter List 421 First Embrace
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Two hours later, Ye Shu walked out of Her Majesty’s palace perfectly contented, and Emily lay on the bed gasping for air, with white liquid on the corner of her mouth and watermelon.

     Inside the castle, the banquet has already begun.

     This banquet was for her Majesty the Queen to invite elderly people of all races to express her reliance on it, which can be said to be very strong.

     Ye Shu couldn't go to this kind of banquet, otherwise the atmosphere must be strange. It was an internal banquet of the blood clan.

     Ye Shu was also interested, and did not go to participate, but went to the lawn outside and found the new wolf king Byrne.

     Byrne met Ye Shu first, but Byrne lost to H Bi and left in embarrassment.

     Goodbye at this time, Byrne is quite respectful and bows to salute: "I have seen Mr. Ye."

     Ye Shu faintly smiled, please sit down.

     "Prince Byrne, I'm telling you a business matter. Think about it."

     "Mr. Ye, please speak."

     Ye Shu took a sip of the wine and thought about it: "Do you know Hippo?"

     Byrne was taken aback, and then angrily said: "That bastard who spread the rumors? Everything happened because of him. If Mr. Ye had not forgiven him, we would have killed him!"

     "He didn't spread rumors. There is indeed Corvinus' silver sword in Alexander town. Not only Corvinus gave him a dream, but even Mutu gave him a dream."


     Byrne stopped/stood with an inconceivable look, "Ancestor Mutu gave him a dream too"?

     Ye Shu raised his hand and motioned to don't be impatient.Byrne had to sit down and looked at Ye Shu anxiously. Ye Shu neither fast nor slow said: "Xibo is not an ordinary wolf person. No one knows his life experience. You have to bring him back to the werewolf clan and find out his life experience. He can perhaps help the werewolf clan rise."

     Byrne's expression changed, and then he looked at Ye Shu solemnly and said, "Mr. Ye wants the werewolf tribe to rise?"

     Byrne is a clever man and has grasped the point.

     Ye Shu mysterious smile: "Your Majesty's blood is unified, and the thirteen clans are united as one. They are extremely powerful. The werewolves cannot contend and need to rise."

     Byrne was silent for a long time, and finally sighed: "Mr. Ye is really extraordinary, please rest assured, Mr. Ye, my werewolf clan is willing to compete against the vampire clan, and ensure that your majesty's rule is worry-free."

     Yes, very smart.

     Ye Shu nodded secretly, this Byrne was not as reckless as his father, but a talent.

     Ye Shu's idea is simple, to support the werewolf clan and let it rise, so that the blood clan will have two great powers, which will form a balance. Only when the courtiers are balanced can the ruler be peaceful, otherwise the family will be the leader and the ruler will be dangerous.

     "Very well, Hippo is in the castle. Go find him and bring back the werewolves."


     After the account was over, Ye Shu drank another glass of wine and returned to his own room slowly.

     "Next is Aiqier's father's match. After the father's match, I will go to Penglai Immortal Island to find a cultivator."

     Ye Shu thought, already had a general plan in his heart.

     The sky gradually darkened outside, and the noise in the castle gradually diminished.

     The coronation ceremony lasted one day period, the sky was getting dark, and the people of all clans should also leave.The people of Toredo enthusiastically saw off the guests, and there were farewell words outside the castle.

     At night, the castle was finally quiet.

     Ye Shu yawned, going to bed.

     As a result, the door was pushed open, and Ai Qier in full costume ran in.

     "Dad, the banquet is finally over, I'm dying of exhaustion."

     Ai Qier has no royal demeanor in front of Ye Shu, the crown is crooked, cute and naughty.

     Ye Shu I'm extending this pair of hands, Ai Qier rushed over and hugged Ye Shu.

     "Hehe, Mr. Ye, I didn't wear any underwear at the banquet. Don't believe me, touch it."

     "Don't touch it, you naughty ghost."

     Ye Shu pinched her nose, she opened her mouth and bit, like a puppy.

     The two men fought on the bed, and it took a long time to calm down.

     "Dad, I will be worthy of your father in twenty-eight days, and now you are about to embrace it for the first time."

     "First embrace? Become a vampire?"

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and Ai Qier as it should be by rights nodded: "Yes, didn't mom tell you? You must become a blood clan, otherwise you will definitely die."

     Ye Shu couldn't help smiling bitterly. Daphne did mention it at the beginning, but when things come to a head, Ye Shu still resisted a little.

     "I don't want to become a vampire, there is no other way?"

     "Dad, what does it matter? Look at Duke Nicolas, he is also a Chinese and also a vampire."

     Ye Shu pondered, he didn't care about his identity, he just became a vampire, can he cultivate immortality?"Don't talk about this, I will discuss with your mother. You are also tired, go to rest, starting tomorrow, we will deal with the blood family government affairs."

     "I'll call my mother over now, you can discuss it with her."

     Achille ran off again with the skirt in her hands, desperately waiting.

     Ye Shu was amused, waiting for a while, Daphne rushed over.

     "My little lover, don't you want to embrace it for the first time?"

     Daphne climbed onto the bed, frowns looked at Ye Shu. Ye Shu lifted Erlang's legs and said: "I still have major things to do. Becoming a vampire may affect my future practice. I still want to maintain my identity as a Chinese mortal."

     Daphne suddenly became distressed and turned over in one's mind before she said: "You first embrace for fatherhood, and then you will'go to the first embrace' and become a mortal."

     "Go to the first embrace? Can it be like this?"

     "Yes, the first embrace is actually to infect the blood and let your daughter infect you. When your daughter evolves into purple eyes, she will be able to help you go to the first embrace."

     Ye Shu stroked his chin and pondered: "How long will it take for Qi'er to evolve her purple eyes?"

     "As long as the father is successful, she will be able to evolve the purple golden eyes immediately. This is the gift of the emperor and the gift of the ancestors."

     So you can give it a try.

     Ye Shu nodded: "All right, for the sake of my daughter, I can't hold back."

     Daphne smiled happily and rushed over to suppress Ye Shu: "My little lover, after the father's match is successful, I will let you taste the mother-daughter flower. My daughter is still shy in heart. I will personally teach her how to serve you."

     Ahem, it's a moral degeneration. public morals are degenerating with each passing day, don't talk about it.When Ye Shu drove people away, Daphne snickered: "I won't pester you for now. After a few days have finished dealing with the blood family affairs, I will take you to the first embrace."

     Daphne smiled and left, Ye Shu didn't think about it anymore, and fell asleep.

     In the next few days, Her Majesty the Queen was very busy, because of the rebuilding of the parliamentary system, clan officials came every day to meet one after another.

     Ye Shu was also happy and leisurely, and deliberately took Chiyo to stroll around the city.

      Mortal World is still beautiful and comfortable.

     Ye Shu has the beauty, and specially asked Chiyo to put on silk stockings and become the best senior sister. It is really beautiful.

     Qiandai groaned, but did not refuse. She always face blushed red. Listening to Ye Shu's words, Ye Shu's yin and yang are often out of balance.

     It took a full week before the blood family's internal affairs were on the right track.

     Daphne also went to Ye Shu again.

     "My little lover, I'm really sorry, I didn't expect that there will be so many things. You come with me, my daughter has already bathed, waiting for your first embrace."
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