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0 Chapter List 426 Another Evolution
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu agreed without the slightest hesitation Chiyo's idea of joining the girl idol group.

     This is a good thing, it can relieve Chiyo's boredom, otherwise she will always hide in the dark and get bored every day.

     "Thousand generations, go, I'm strong now, I don't need your protection, even if there is a mortal danger, I just call you, anyway, you can cross the void, right?"

     Ye Shu was wrapped in a robe, haha happily, his heart also itchy, looking forward to seeing Chiyo become a girl idol.

     Chiyo is shy and joyful, she obviously wants to have fun too.

     The Qingxing Lantern on the side was surprised: "Datang people, girl idols are equivalent to ancient buskers, so many mortals are staring at them, staring at them all day, and drooling. Can you bear it?"

     Qingxingdeng has been in the WTO for a while, and has already understood certain things about modern society.

     Ye Shu smiled and said, "You are still very backward in thinking. It is not the Heian Period or the Warring States Period. The women who perform art are popular, singing and dancing, and there are countless fans, plus you are so beautiful. capable of causing the downfall of a city or state, that would not sweep the world."

     "Then let's go quickly. When the time comes, we will sweep the world and find a good man for Qiandai Sister, lest this pervert stares all day long!"

     Ise-chan was akimbo again, no matter what Ye Shu did, she was upset.

     Ye Shu pouted, you little loli is really under-trained."Ise-chan, I don’t care about you, but you have to remember that Chiyo is an introverted girl who can only use knives and is not good at words. When you go to the human world, you must protect your Chiyo elder sister without chaos. If you kill, you can’t do anything in disorder, lest you taint your identity."

     "You have tainted your identity, Sister Chiyo, let's go."

     Ise-chan hummed Ye Shu's face and pulled Chiyo to run away.

     Chiyo smiled softly, and touched Ise-chan's head and said: "Ise-chan, you and Aoyingdan will go first, and I will say goodbye to Shu Jun."

     "Farewell, this pervert is strange, don't care about him."

     "Be obedient, go first."

     With a smile on his cheek, Chiyo persuaded Ise-chan and Aoyukito to leave.

     Ye Shu looked around at no one, and hugged Qiandai's waist.

     "Chiyo, when I come back from Penglai Island, I will go to Dongyang to accompany you and be your agent. Secretly tell you that I am more and more envious of mortals now, there will come a day I want to be a mortal."

     Ye Shu sighed, thinking about his journey all the way over the years, it was really like a dream. Who would have thought that a salted fish in the past had reached where it is today.

     "Shu Jun, you cherish it, Qiandaihui... will learn more about the way of a human female servant..."

     Chiyo said, face blushed red lowered his head.

     Ye Shu's heart trembled. Qiandai's words were elegant, but they were actually very dirty words.

     "Cough cough, don't deliberately learn, I am not that kind of person, frankly, I am a gentleman, a citizen of the Tang and Han dynasties, and a prosperous age. If it is not for the imbalance of yin and yang, treating you like a sister will never offend you."Ye Shu devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence said, Chiyo pinched the corners of his clothes biting the lips: "Shu Jun, you are standing up again."

     Ye Shu lowered his head to see, Mom grinned, why is it so hard.

     "This... As it is said that a gentle lady is a gentleman, I am a gentleman but not a hypocrite. Miss Qiandai is capable of causing the downfall of a city or state, which I love, Unable to Restrain Emotions."

     "Puff, Shu Jun, do you now treat me like a sister or your beloved one?"

     Chiyo raised his beautiful face and looked at Ye Shu, with two provocative meanings. The blush on his face was a bit more charming than Yue Huashang.

     "Sister Chiyo, my beloved one!"

     Where did Ye Shu have seen Qiandai look like this, he couldn't hold it immediately, and with a tiger-wolf drink, he picked up Qiandai and flew onto the dome of the castle.

     Chiyo was even more shy and nervous.

     Ye Shu hugged her and sat on the edge of the dome, bowing his head to kiss.

     The two of them had already crossed each other, and they were flirting with each other, but it was the first time they kissed.

     The sweet breath continued to flow into Ye Shu's mouth, making him short of breath.

     Chiyo was sluggish, letting Ye Shu ask for it softly.

     After a long time, Ye Shu's evil big hands had touched Qiandai's beautiful legs, and he kept touching the mysterious valley above.

     "Shu Jun, no, Chiyo is a shikigami, please give Chiyo a little bit time."

     Chiyo tremblingly grabbed Ye Shu's big hand that made the monster, Ye Shu takes a deep breath and retracted his hand.

     "Okay, when we figure out what segregation is, Shu Jun wants you to give birth to a small thousand generations."

     Ye Shu laughed and forced him down.Chiyo un'ed, show flying in the night breeze, too embarrassed.

      "All right, Chiyo, let's go. Girls should play more and enjoy their fifteen-year-old youth. How about being a knife all day? Go."

     Ye Shu waved his hand and said goodbye.

     Chiyo nodded obediently, and looked for a moment Ye Shu still bulging crotch, softly said: "Shu Jun, please enjoy..."


     Ye Shu was puzzled, but Chiyo bent over and took off the clogs, revealing her white and delicate feet. Then she gently pulled the kimono up, revealing her own as a result again. Chiyo's two beautiful legs are perfectly exposed. In the moonlight, there is no flaw, fit and slender, from the toes to the base of the legs, everything is amazing.

     Ye Shu took a sip of water unconvincingly, and then looked at the appearance of Qiandai sitting against the wind, wanting to refuse and greet him, it was absolutely fascinating.

     "Slim lady, gentleman loves her, Chiyo, I will never forget your legs in this life."

     The night breeze screamed and the moon was radiant, Ye Shu was completely plunged into a gentle town, sinking into two beautiful legs.

     Although the two did not have sex, they were no different from having sex. After a while, Chiyo wiped off the liquid on his legs shyly, and gave Ye Shu a blank look like angrily.

     "Shu Jun, you are really perverted, and Qiandai is also nasty. If I were in the Warring States Period, I would have to be scolded to death."

     "It's okay, let's dip the pig cage together."


     Chiyo arranged his kimono and put on clogs. Finally, he glanced at Ye Shu and left gracefully.

     Ye Shu waved towards the void, his heart gentle.Then she was smashed in the head by the shoes, and Daphne took off her shoes under the castle and threw them up.

     "Well, Ye Shu, your daughter is so weak, you ignore it, cheating on others, and reluctant to part?"

     Daphne didn't know how long she peeked, she didn't give Ye Shu any face.

     Ye Shu was immediately embarrassed and jumped down quickly.

     "Daphne, why did you come? That's my shikigami, I'm going to part with her, just say something."

     "Do you need to pick up the skirt? Need to take off the clogs, her lower body is soaked by you playing, so disgusting."

     "Okay, my fault, daughter How is it going?"

     Ye Shu had a headache and stopped arguing with Daphne. Daphne was also anxious and pulled Ye Shu into the castle.

     Achille had been cleaned and was carried to the bed by the maid.

     Ye Shu went over and saw that Ai Qier was completely red, and she had passed out in a coma.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and touched Ai Qi'er's head and said, "What's going on? It's still good when I bathe."

     "My daughter is evolving. I don't know how long it will last. You have to stay with her to avoid accidents."

     Daphne told her that she was worried that Ai Qier would have an accident.

     "Yes, you go to deal with the blood family government affairs, I will accompany my daughter."

     Ye Shu responded, and Daphne finally calmed down seeing him care about his daughter so much.

     "My daughter gave you everything, but you went to play with Shijin's legs in a blink of an eye. It was really irritating. Fortunately, my daughter fainted, otherwise it would be strange not to cry."

     Daphne complained, Ye Shu apologized again, genuine and sincere confessed."All right, my daughter is going to evolve for a while. You can stay with her right here. I'm going to deal with the clans. I'm busy forming a cabinet now."
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