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0 Chapter List 435 The Way Of Fighting
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Ouyang Family Manor is extremely wide, except for many villas, most of them are open spaces.

     At this moment, in a clearing area, surrounded by densely packed people, everyone is looking forward to it, waiting for a big battle.

     "Sure enough, we still have to fight. Whoever wins will lead the team to Penglai Island. Afterwards, contact with cultivators can get the most benefit."

     "The son of the Ruilong family gave up. I heard that he was still eating skewers just now. It's really amazing."

     "You think, who is strong and who is weak Ye Shu and Young Master Ying?"

     The audience was full of excited discussions. Ye Shu, who has been famous for a long time, must fight the dragon wars, the tiger battles, against Yinghe, who is the most famous capital of moving.

     The audience was obviously more optimistic about Yinghe, and there were words that praised Yinghe and belittle Ye Shu.

     As the big men of various ethnic groups walked to the open space, Yinghe Shi Shiran also appeared.

     He wore a soft sword around his waist, and a jade pendant hung on the corner of his clothes. He looked like an ancient nobleman, and he attracted everyone's attention when he appeared.

     Especially those female elves, all peach-faced, guilty of nympho.

     Yinghe looks handsome and so powerful, I don't know how many young lady's dream lovers are.

     On the other hand, Ye Shu, nothing special, can only say that he looks good, completely without the appearance of the noble son, the ladies do not like him.

     In the eager gaze of everyone, Yinghe couldn't help being a little fluttering, standing in the middle of the ground, like a pine tree, straight and impressive looking.

     Subsequently, Ye Shu appeared.

     Ye Shu sloppy, scratching his head, appeared, unable to see any aura, like an ordinary person.

     A group of people looked sideways and started talking in a low voice."Ye Shu is just a mortal. Although he has learned Taoism, his physical limitations are there. He is not much stronger."

     "Yes, he relied on one hand, and his momentum was unable to withstand a single blow."

     Everyone had spoken too much and had already degraded Ye Shu worthless.

     Ye Shu sneered secretly in his ears. These little boys were really wall-wrenching. At the beginning, I didn't know how much flattering he had slapped on himself. At this moment, there was an Yinghe and his attitude changed drastically.

     He didn't pay much attention, and walked slowly in front of Yinghe.

     In order to show his magnanimity, Yinghe deliberately bowed to Ye Shu to salute, quite gentleman's elegance.

     Ye Shu curled his lips: "Stuff it, just bend it."

     Ye Shu Zuoyi, in accordance with the etiquette of the ancient Chinese.

     Yinghe complexion turned cold, everyone around began to accuse Ye Shu of being too vulgar and not being polite.

     In short, they were unhappy about what Ye Shu did.

     "Everyone, stop arguing, the competition begins, the rule is False Swipe, don't hurt others."

     Bai Bo said loudly, and a group of people finally shut up.

     "One more thing, you must rely on your own strength, and you can't rely on external forces, such as Shigami."

     The elder of the Kirin tribe said loudly, and immediately, a group of people responded: "Yes, you can't use external forces, otherwise it's unfair to the Eagle!"

     Ye Shu smiled secretly, it was still an old trick, these guys were very taboo against Demon Sword Fairy and directly defined Demon Sword Fairy as an external force.

     Baibo frowned, thinking about it: "Everyone, Ye Shu himself is an onmyoji, not altogether inexcusable.""Neither, nor, the Onmyoji is the trick of the East, and Ye Gongzi is my Chinese Taoist priest. He should use his own power to confront the enemy. It is not appropriate to rely on a side door."

     The old man of the Kylin tribe touched his beard and smiled, in the eye flickers gloomy.

     Bai Bo still wanted to fight for Ye Shu, but almost everyone supported the Qilin tribe's elders and forbid Ye Shu to summon the Demon Sword Fairy.

     Ye Shu shrugged and said faintly: "I didn't plan to use onmyoji at all. Don't bb."

     Everyone shut their mouths, but they were very upset, cursing Ye Shu's miserable defeat in their hearts.

     The scene calmed down, and the competition finally began.

     Yinghe chilling smile, stretched out a hand: "Please."

     He did not act first, pretending to be full, let Ye Shu act first.

     Ye Shu is a well-known genius. His thunder-thundering skills and to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) are well known, and Yinghe naturally knows too. But Ye Shu didn't know the details of Yinghe, this was a point of restlessness.

     Ye Shu didn't dare to ask for it, after all, Yinghe might have already cultivated.

     Ye Shu stepped out and jumped into the sky, in a flash, the Big Dipper starry sky map has been constructed.

     When everyone saw him fast as lightning, they were secretly surprised and watched nervously.

     Yinghe looked up calmly, as if seeing through Ye Shu's trick, smiled and said nothing.

     Ye Shu didn't hesitate, throwing a yellow talisman in his arms, and the sky entered the dark night for a moment.

     Many people are cried out in surprise. Although they have heard of Ye Shu's nine-day thundering technique, it is the first time they have seen it with their own eyes.

     A group of elders in Baibo began to make everyone retreat, retreating the farther the better.

     Everyone retreated and discussed."The real person Bi used thundering technique when he came up. This is his trump card. He doesn't seem to know other Dao techniques anymore."

     "Hehe, he is afraid of Young Master Eagle, he is undoubtedly sure lose before he fights."

     Amidst the discussion, lightning flashes and thunder rolls in the sky, the terrifying Tianwei has been raging in the sky.

     Ye Shu didn't give his full strength, he only used five layers of strength, otherwise the manor would be destroyed.

     The Yinghe below still looked like Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters, he even smiled with his hands behind him: "I heard that Young Master Ye has Unmatched Under the Heaven, I just saw this today."

     Yinghe wasn't afraid at all, Ye Shu didn't say a word, waved his hand, several thunders thundered.

     Such thunders implied energy of heaven and earth, although only Ye Shu's five-layer ability, it was not something ordinary people could resist.

     Everyone in the distance changed their colors in amazement, but Yinghe in the field remained calm.

     He raised a hand, and a golden light flashed between his five fingers.

     Ye Shu sensed a wonderful breath, it was definitely not a monster.

     The golden light was strong, and the moment the lightning fell, Yinghe grabbed the lightning.

      The crackle rattle made a loud noise, and Yinghe tugged as if pinching a person's throat.

     Those thunders suddenly dissipated, as if a person's neck was chopped off.

     Looking at Yinghe again, he shook his hand and stood with his hand back, as if the matter of pinching the lightning had never happened before.

     The golden light in his hand also disappeared, and the wonderful breath disappeared.

     Ye Shu felt that his dantian was hot, and was drawn by the wonderful breath."Sure enough, he is a cultivator, he is no longer a demon, he must also have his dantian, and he can use the power of the dantian initially, but I can't."

     Ye Shu analyzed inside, and the expression grave started.

     Yinghe is already cultivating. Although he is very basic, he is also considered a cultivator. The cultivator can use energy of heaven and earth, not a common chord.

     "My God, Young Master Eagle extinguished the lightning with one hand. What kind of magic is that?"

     "It's not magic, it's... the magic, a god-given magic!"

     "Looking at Ye Shu's bitter face, he can no longer be arrogant."

     The people in the distance were shocked and mocked Ye Shu by the way.

     Yinghe held his head high, arrogant and indifferent.

     "Ye Shu, it's my turn to shoot."

     As soon as he finished speaking, his whole body was golden light erupted, and the power of Dantian enveloped his whole body. His whole body seemed to have turned into an iron plate. He stepped on the ground and blasted Ye Shu like a cannonball.

     And there was a big hole on the ground, which was stepped out by Yinghe.

     Ye Shu was coldly snorted, with both hands down, his strength increased.

     There was thunder in the sky, and countless lightning leaned down like a waterfall.

     Yinghe doesn't dodge or evade, with the flesh to resist, it is like a devil, and it is against Ye Shu!
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