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0 Chapter List 436 Who Doesn't Know The Power Of Cultivation?
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Under the dark clouds, lightning flashes and thunder rolls, thick lightning blasted down continuously.

     Yinghe turns into a streak of golden light, going up against the thunder, constantly struck by lightning.

     His strength is unimaginable, allowing countless lightning strikes to be undamaged, and the stronger his aura, the golden light glittering of his entire body.

     Ye Shu couldn't feel a trace of demon, Yinghe was already a cultivator.

     In the early stage, the cultivator will practice skin and bones to lay the physical foundation and escape from the mortal womb.

     Yinghe was clearly at this stage, and this stage was an introduction to cultivation, and even Ye Shu hadn't even set foot in it.

     However, Ye Shu's physique has become a vampire, he is an alternative shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones, and his physique is extremely powerful.

     "Good job!"

     Ye Shu loudly shouted, carrying tens of thousands of thunder, and bombarded down.

     In the sky of lightning, two fleshy bodies slammed together fiercely, two fists blasted through the void, fiercely dueling.

      A loud boom resounded, the sound of Jin Ge was produced by the physical strike. Under the dark clouds, countless lightning dissipated, and even the dark clouds in the sky drifted, frightened by their aura.

     In the shocking eyes of everyone, Ye Shu vomited blood and flew upside down, bounced as high as a broken kite, and then fell down high in the sky, planted into the jungle outside the manor, and stirred up countless dust.

     Yinghe retreated again and again, and finally stepped firmly on the ground, stepping out of a pit again.

      he by no means vomiting blood, but chest pain, unsatisfactory airflow, messy head, looking quite embarrassed.

     But he was already much better than Ye Shu.

     "The Eagle has won! a single move to decide victory or defeat, this is the demeanor of a master!""Ye Shu is afraid that he is dead. He was vomiting blood just now, and obviously suffered a heavy injury."

     The crowd onlookers were nervous and excited, and many of them clapped, of course, for Yinghe.

     Yinghe covered his chest, gasped for breath, adjusted the heat in his body, and showed a trace of a sneer at the corner of his mouth. He also believed that he had won.

     In the forest outside the manor, Ye Shu lay in the pit and coughed for a good while before getting up.

     He vomited a lot of blood, but the pubic area was hot and hot, like the endless water of the Yangtze River, quickly regulating every acupuncture point of his.

     Coupled with vampire's strong physique, Ye Shu almost immediately recovered his combat power.

     "Yinghe can already mobilize energy of heaven and earth. My physical strength is almost the same as that of his physical body, except that his golden light is like opening up."

     The golden light that Yinghe exudes is his self-cultivation performance, which implies energy of heaven and earth, which Ye Shu cannot match.

     "But my dantian is obviously better than him, but I have realized that Dayu controls the water and the Big Dipper starry sky. This is the real cultivation."

     Ye Shu stopped/stood, already spirit trembling with excitement.

     In this duel, Ye Shu already had judgment in his heart.

     Yinghe's exposed strength is stronger than Ye Shu, but his foundation is far inferior to Ye Shu. Not to mention Dantian, Yinghe doesn't have vampire's terror physique alone.

     "Come again!"

     Ye Shu jumps up suddenly, although he was covered with blood and dust, but the grandeur like rainbow, the more he fought.

     In the manor, everyone was applauding Ying He, but Ye Shu Leng unexpectedly flew back, and immediately asked everyone to look at each other in dismay, bewildered.

     Ying He raised his head suddenly, with an inconceivable expression on his face.He was confronting Ye Shu just now, and he obviously injured Ye Shu seriously, but now it seems that Ye Shu is more energetic than him.

     "Are you okay?"

     Ying He Ning said, staring at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shufei went over him and snapped a finger.

     The dark clouds circling in the sky gathered again, and even more terrifying lightning flashed across the sky.

     "Of course I'm okay. I'll add something to you this time. You can try the eight-strength thundering technique."

     Ye Shu smiled brightly, Yinghe's eyes shrank: "You didn't use your full strength just now?"

     "How can you use your full strength when you come up? What if you don't know what to do and kill you?"

     Ye Shu's ridicule was quite adequate, and Yinghe immediately exploded.

     "Good, you have guts, I think you can hold me a few punches!"

     The golden light on Yinghe's body was prosperous, once again gathered invincible combat power, blasted towards Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu still doesn't avoid it, he is just now honing his physique and proficient in vampire's recovery ability.

     In countless lightning, the two banged together again.

     The golden light burst, and the lightning dissipated.

     The power of the terrifying cultivator blasted on Ye Shu, he vomited blood again, this time he flew farther, and slammed into the jungle mountain.

     Yinghe also fell to the ground, knelt down on one knee.

     He was scorched and skin opened and flesh splited in many places, and he was obviously at a loss for the thunder technique.

     But he still has the upper hand.

     In the distance, everyone saw Ye Shu fly upside down again, and couldn't help but relax, thinking that Yinghe would definitely win this time.

     "Then Ye Shu has a good face, but he has to come to die, unable to tell good from bad!""He seems to have vomited out the debris from his internal organs. This time I am afraid that he absolutely cannot come back."

     During the discussion, Yinghe also smiled. This time he spared no effort, he was sure that he had injured Ye Shu's internal organs and bones, and Ye Shu was not dead or disabled.

     However, in a short while, Ye Shu actually flew back lively dragon and animated tiger.

     "Yo, Master Eagle, what are you doing on your knees? Flatten your body."

     Ye Shu was covered in blood, but his eyes were clear and calm, and there was a trace of decadence.

     Yinghe stood up in shock, ashen face said: "Are you okay?"

     "You asked it a second time, of course I'm fine."

     Ye Shu tidied his head, and everyone in the distance was dumbfounded. It was hard to understand Ye Shu's recovery ability like a small strong.

     Ye Shu was very happy at the moment, the heat in his body was rushing like a tsunami, and his dantian transformed into a vast ocean, which contained his injured body.

     Coupled with vampire's horrible recovery ability, Ye Shu felt that his whole body was crunching, and it was so refreshing, it was simply the best chicken popcorn!

     Yinghe's face has become extremely solemn, he can be sure that Ye Shu hasn't cultivated his comprehension, and he should have been beaten to death by himself, but both times, the lively dragon and animated tiger flew back, which was incredible.

     "Pick me again!"

     The unwilling Yinghe rallied to attack again.

     Ye Shu takes a deep breath, he has a vast ocean in his body and a river is rushing, and he desperately needs a vent.

     At the moment Yinghe rushed up, Ye Shu seemed to feel something. With a thought, he shouted, "Get your ass out!"With a punch, the heat billowed out of his body, and the brilliant golden light suddenly appeared, just like the sun, making everyone closes the eyes in an instant.

     Yinghe also squinted in amazement, not daring to look directly at the golden light on Ye Shu's fist. In comparison, the golden light on his body was almost like a candle.


      A loud sound, as the golden light bursts, Ye Shu's body is wide and smooth, as if a river enters the sea, every joint of his body is shaking with joy.

     In this instant, he actually self-taught, using the power of his dantian, that is, the power of a monk!


     Yinghe's blood spurted and fell to the ground like a failed rocket, and hit the ground with one head, spectacle too horrible to endure.

     When the golden light disappeared and the dust dissipated, everyone in the distance could clearly see the battlefield situation.

     Ye Shu stood safe and sound in the air, with a faint golden light surging around his body, and even his shape was sorted out.

     Yinghe hit the ground with his head, and half of his body was planted on the ground, like planting rice seedlings upside down.

     "Accepted, Young Master Yinghe, don't plant seedlings upside down, please get up soon."

     Ye Shu laughed, with a mean face.

     Yinghe moved, stretched out his hand to grab the soft sword at his waist, but slowly let go.

     "you win."

     He got up with difficulty, and sat decadently, the insidiousness in his eyes flashed away, and no one appeared.

     Everyone was shocked, they didn't understand how Ye Shu won.

     In the distant villa, in front of a window, a white-clothed female wearing a veil loosened her hand holding the hilt of the sword tightly, and her palm was full of sweat.

     Behind her, a woman in a gray robe cannot help laughing and said: "Look at what you are scared, you will be scared of urine."Sister Ling is not allowed to make fun of!"

     Bai Ling turned around and said in embarrassment, her teeth were bitten.

     Sister Ling flipped a supercillious look towards her and said: "If you care, let him know. Why are you hiding here to peek?"

     "I don't care about him, but... he is the representative of the lark family, I hope he wins."

     Bai Ling stomped her feet, and she rarely showed her little daughter's shame in front of Ling Feier's close big sister.

     Sister Ling rolled her eyes again, and then sighed: "You...Forget it, I won't say anything, go and warn Ye Shu to let him not take it lightly. Yinghe is not that small, he is wrapped around his waist He’s soft sword is probably the cultivator’s magic weapon. He doesn’t use it now, and I’m afraid I’ll save Ye Shu’s life in the future. This eagle is vicious, and I would rather fail miserably than use it. I just want Ye Shu to be happy and go to Penglai Island. Ye Shu is very dangerous."
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