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0 Chapter List 444 Cultivator Talent Training Base
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu stunned the four and successfully drove away the Water Broken Sect.

     Qingyunzong was naturally grateful to Ye Shu and hurriedly invited Ye Shu into the hall for tea and rest.

     Not long after, Ye Shu was already sitting in a palace drinking tea free and unconstrained.

     Chen Qingyun and a few old people were all smiles with Ye Shu, asking all sorts of questions, talking non-stop.

     Ye Shu came to understand the cultivator this time, so naturally he stopped lying and told the truth.

     "Don't hide the truth from Various Senior, the kid is actually a mundane person. Fortunately, my master has carefully cultivated him to achieve today's achievement."

     Ye Shu was very humble, and several seniors looked at each other and were quite surprised.

     "Xiaoyou Zhang is a worldly mortal? The old man thought you were the young master of which big family at first. Dare to ask Master Zhang Xiaoyou who is?"

     "My master is a Taoist priest. He should be the last Taoist in China. He inherited the two techniques of Yin and Yang."

     Ye Shu couldn't help but smile when he talked about the master, the kindness of real person Zishan to him is beyond the world.

     When hearing Ye Shu such a saying, several old people nodded in agreement.

     "It's no wonder that Zhang Xiaoyou's master inherited the two techniques of Yin and Yang. It must be the genuine Dao scholar. The genuine Dao scholar is also a highly respected existence in the cultivation world. After all, the root of cultivation is Taoism."

     Chen Qingyun sighed, not looking down on the Taoist priest.

     In fact, a powerful Taoist priest is better than many practitioners. The Yangshu of a Taoist priest can already be regarded as a cultivation technique, like the nine-day thundering technique, defeating the practitioner is nothing difficult.

     Another example is Yin Shu, which can freely enter and exit the underworld, almost leaving the Six Paths of Samsara. It is quite against the sky, and not even a few practitioners can do it.In a nutshell, Taoist priests are simplified versions of cultivators, but sometimes, the more simplified the stronger.

     "Xiaoyou Zhang, did the teacher let you come here? Can the teacher have any advice?"

     Chen Qingyun asked again, and Ye Shu considered: "Frankly, my worldly cultivation has come to an end. I am not a monster, and I can't cultivate with age like a monster, so I have the heart to cultivate, and then I found my way up the mountain. "

     "Xiaoyou Zhang wants to apprentice?"

     Chen Qingyun stopped/stood all of a sudden, and the other sect elders were also excited.

     If Ye Shubai enters the Azure Cloud Sect, then the Azure Cloud Sect will have a fortune.

     However, Chen Qingyun quickly calmed down and said with a wry smile: "Xiaoyou Zhang is far better than the old man. It must not be a teacher. The old man is excited. Dare to ask Zhang Xiaoyou why he has a purpose?"

     "Although I am not a teacher, I have a fate with Qingyun Sect. From now on, I will definitely regard myself as a Qingyun child, and I hope that the master will not dislike it."

     Ye Shu arched his hands and said, Chen Qingyun and several old people were excited again. Ye Shu was a big gift.

     "Where do you dare to dislike the old man, thank you Zhang Xiaoyou for not dismissing me Qingyunzong, haha."

     Chen Qingyun touched his beard and laughed and became more enthusiastic towards Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu didn't stop talking nonsense, just talk about the main point.

     "Sect Master, I heard that there is Penglai Immortal Island in the cultivation world, is that true?"

     Ye Shu mentioned Penglai Immortal Island, and the old people became serious.

     Chen Qingyun didn't conceal it, and said bluntly: "Xiaoyou Zhang shocking and stunning talent, presumably Penglai Immortal Island is also willing to accept you.""Penglai Immortal Island is the cultivator's holy land. It was built by ancient sages. It is rumored that the island is lush and lush. One year of cultivation on the island can beat the outside world for ten years. Moreover, there are ancient seniors on the island and countless powerful techniques. Dharma, magic weapons, and elixir, in short, that is the last holy land for cultivators, and a holy land for all cultivators."

     Chen Qingyun was quite excited. Although he is old, he still has a strong yearning for Penglai Immortal Island.

     "Penglai Immortal Island has existed for thousands of years. From ancient to present, it has received countless Chinese cultivators. In modern times, they will appear every ten years. Those who welcome the 6th cultivator and the talented can enter Penglai Immortal Island to practice. . Fairy Island is a treasure house left by ancient sages to future generations."

     Deputy Sovereign Chen Yun added, Ye Shu realisation, it turns out that Penglai Immortal Island appeared to welcome the sixth cultivator.

     According to the government's satellite surveillance image, Penglai Immortal Island did appear after a period of time, and now it also appears in the East China Sea. This is to accept the 6th cultivator again.

     "There are thousands of cultivator families of the Big Six, hidden in various treasures. Every ten years, they will send their own talented disciples to Penglai Immortal Island. Unfortunately, those who can be selected by Penglai Immortal Island are in ten-thousand does not have one, often sent to thousands of children, only two or three can stay, and sometimes they are all driven back. Ten years ago, my Qingyun sect sent two children, but they were driven back without even entering the island It’s said that the immortal master ruled them out at first sight, hey."

     Chen Qingyun smiled bitterly and shook his head again and again.

     Ye Shu also understood that Penglai Immortal Island is somewhere, that is Cultivation World's talent training base.In today's world, technology and industry are in the lead, and the spiritual energy for comprehension has long been pitiful. Penglai Immortal Island, as a holy land left by the sages, naturally only the best disciples can be seen by ordinary people.

     After Ye Shu understood the cause and effects, he relaxed. It seems that the appearance of Penglai Immortal Island is just a matter of the cultivation world, and has nothing to do with the world. The worries of the monster alliance are unnecessary.

     But Ye Shu still asked more.

     "Sect Master, I would take the liberty to ask, in recent years, cultivators seem to have appeared frequently, have they been the same in the past?"

     Chen Qingyun and several people look at each other in dismay: "Xiaoyou Zhang, this is What does it mean? What does it mean frequently appear?"

     They were at a loss and did not understand what Ye Shu was asking.

     "I by no means offense, frankly, the secular monster alliance is very worried that you will be born again and cause chaos."

     Ye Shu explained, Chen Qingyun and the others were still a little confused, they didn't pay attention to secular matters at all.

     "My masters are old antiques, they don't understand, I'll explain to you."

     At this time, Yinling laughed outside the door. A young maiden of twenty-eight ages walked in with a little shame, not Chen Guoguo or someone.

     Chen Guoguo changed into a white dress and bowed her head. It could even be seen that she took a bath, and she was all watery and pearly.

     "You girl, who is usually dressed up, how can you dress up as a lady today."

     Chen Yun smiled and joked. Several masters looked at each other, and they all looked at Ye Shu intentionally or unintentionally.Chen Guoguo suddenly had a small face blushed, and said, "Second Master, do you have to laugh at me? I'm going to talk to Master Zhang on business."

     "Okay, don't laugh, you are concerned about the world, to explain Zhang Gongzi's question."

     Chen Guoguo walked in with a smile, walked in and sat down beside Ye Shu, her face straightened.

     "Master Zhang, I often go to mortal society secretly and understand what you mean. You said that cultivators appear frequently, but it’s actually a misunderstanding. The cultivators have always appeared. In the past, it was difficult to transmit information because of the inadequacy of technology. Naturally, what a monster alliance is It’s more difficult to grasp our movements, so I think we are vanish without trace. Now the mortal satellites are in the sky, and the information can be transmitted to beyond a thousand miles in one second, so the monster alliance can easily control our movements, so suspicious of gods and ghosts."

     Chen Guoguo explained, Ye Shu slapped his legs, yes, why is Lao Tzu so stupid?

     Then Penglai Immortal Island appeared every ten years, but before, the monster alliance was basically unable to appear. It was a satellite after the 21st century, but this does not mean that the cultivators suddenly appeared after the 21st century.

     "Haha, it's just that my mind can't turn around suddenly. Girl Guoguo understands the dunya well."

     Ye Shu boasted, and Chen Guoguo immediately embarrassedly said: "I don't know it very well. I just met friends who cultivated in the secular world. I will understand by more exchanges."

     Are there any cultivators in the dunya? It's really hidden in the world.

     Ye Shu was completely relieved, and he immediately got up to leave.

     "I have solved my has doubts. It's time to say goodbye. If I have time in the future, I will definitely visit again."Ye Shu direct and straightforward, he is going back to the capital.

     Several people were taken aback for a moment, and they said quickly: "Master Zhang is in such a hurry? Haven't eaten yet? Why not stay for a few more days."

     "Little friend Zhang, stay for a few more days. And if you want to go to Penglai Immortal Island, you can go with the Qingyunzong disciples. In the future, Guoguo will take three disciples to Penglai Immortal Island. You go with her, so you can take care of it. what."

     In the past ten years, Qingyun Sect still wants to send his disciples to Penglai Immortal Island to try his luck, and Chen Guoguo is among them.

     Ye Shu was actually a little moved, but he still refused, because he had an arrangement in the monster alliance, he wanted to lead the monster to visit Penglai Immortal Island.

     "Thank a few seniors for their kindness, but there are already arrangements underneath, and they really cannot be changed."

     Several people were quite disappointed, but they couldn't force it, so they had to send Ye Shu down the mountain.

     Chen Guoguo's smiling face disappeared. After Ye Shu came down the mountain, he stamped his feet depressed: "This wood is walking so easily, I told him to see it for nothing."

     "Guoguo, what are you talking about again? Get ready and go to Penglai Immortal Island the next day."

     "Know it!"
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