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0 Chapter List 455 Aster Fairy
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Zhang Wuji is invincible in this wave, and his golden core is shining, brightening blind people and dogs twice.

     Then, the string of bells rang, and the assessment was over.

     Only five people were standing, including Zhang Wuji and Chen Guoguo. Except for Zhang Wuji, the other four people were all exhausted and sat on the ground, panting, but everyone was shaking with excitement. They could enter the fairy island to practice.

     Some people on the court were happy and sad, laughed constantly, and wailed constantly.

     Thousands of people hanging one's head dispiritedly intend to leave. The assessment of Fairy Island is exactly like this simple and straightforward. If they fail, they will leave.

      Five fairy boys from Sky City flew down and recorded their rosters.

     When it was Zhang Wuji's turn, Chen Guoguo said politely: "Master Fairy, this is my friend Zhang Wuji. He is badly injured and cannot speak temporarily."

     Chen Guoguo's words made Fairy somewhat surprised, and the cultivators who had packed up and left around were shocked jaw drop.

     "He was seriously injured and passed the examination, I rely on!"

     "What kind of person is this, monster!"

     Zhang Wuji ignited everyone's discussion again, but as the protagonist, Zhang Wuji still stood stupidly, staring at the void.

     Naturally, the void was Ye Shu holding his hand.

     Ye Shu can't stand Zhang Wuji's eyes anymore. It's like a little kid haunting his father. The question is Zhang Wuji is himself, is he self-defeating?

     Ye Shuan bah'ed and flew to Sky City.

     The people here can't spot him, and the fairy in Sky City hasn't come out, Ye Shu feels that no one has spotted him yet.But he didn't dare to break into Sky City, he just floated to the door of Sky City and looked inside in surprise.

     The inside is very simple, just like the corridor floors and pavilions of ancient palaces.

     There were fairies walking around, but no real fairies were seen.

     These fairies are very strong, much stronger than Chen Guoguo. They have already been built, and they are definitely a region's Overlord outside.

     "If Chen Guoguo doesn't accomplish anything in the future, will he also be a fairy boy?"

     Ye Shu thought for a while, feeling that Xiandao's system was rather severe.

     At this moment, the fairies walked over with the five people who passed the assessment and were about to bring them into Sky City.

     "When you enter the Heavenly Palace, don't make a noise or walk around, just listen to my arrangements, otherwise the immortal masters who disturbed the cultivation will be punished."

     A fairy boy warned, everyone nodded quickly, and then followed the fairy boy in respectfully and lightly.

     Zhang Wuji was dragged by Chen Guoguo and also walked in.

     Then the gate of Tiangong was about to close, Ye Shu was a little hesitation and indecision, do you want to enter?

     "Isn't it offensive for me? I am my own soul, and the body is in. It doesn't matter if the soul enters, and I can still enter the jade pendant."

     Ye Shu thought for a while, and floated in when the door was about to close.

     As soon as he entered, his scalp was numb, because he actually felt a dozen sharp eyes staring at him.

     Ye Shu chuckles in his heart and smiles to himself.

     This is the Heavenly Palace after all, how can he escape the sight of the immortal.He stopped hurriedly, bent over to the surrounding, very respectful.

     "Masters, I am Zhang Wuji's soul, just the second stupid son in front."

     Ye Shu pointed to Zhang Wuji's back, cautious and solemn said.

     The surrounding doesn't have any fluctuations, only the towering cold walls, and after a while, the dozens of terrifying sights moved away.

     Ye Shu was relaxed, the fairy must have seen that he was soul and did not stop him.

     Good luck this time, if the fairy fires, Ye Shu probably has the soul flies away and scatters.

     He thanked him again and again, and then followed Zhang Wuji.

     At this time, at the highest point of the Tiangong, on an open-air gossip array, several immortals with divine poise and sagelike features are playing chess.

     At first glance, they seem to be ordinary old people, and they don't feel any pressure at all.

     But this is a sign of recover one's original simplicity, any one of them is enough to destroy half of the earth.

     "Which school does Zhang Wuji belong to?"

      An old man touched his beard and said, another hand is still playing chess.

     "Big brother, Zhang Wuji is Azure Clouds Sect's and should be a new disciple."

     "This Zhang Wuji has a golden core, which is much stronger than when I waited. Golden Core Formation is impossible without a hundred years of work. If he can do it, I am afraid that he has obtained the secret treasure of the sage."

     "Zhang Wuji has only one soul. This time the test is only a corpse, which is interesting."

     Several old people playing chess talked, all with a smile and some subtle calculations.

     "Since it is a corpse, it must have no future. My junior apprentice will tackle a difficult job and help the apprentice to accept this apprentice.""Hey, the younger brother has always worked hard. You take care of everything on the island. It's time to rest. I'll take this corpse."

     "Second elder brother, you are not at ease, the fairy island monster is rioting all year round, you have to stare at it, this Zhang Wuji should follow me."

     Several people smiled and bickered, neither giving way to the other.

     The big brother settled the chess piece and coughed slightly: "You are still young, the old man has been alive for 1800 years, I am afraid not how many days are passed, I have to find a Legacy Disciple yes or no?"

     The big brother spoke, and the others nodded dullly, not grabbing Zhang Wuji.

     The big brother smiled satisfied, but he stopped smiling halfway because a blue figure rushed over not far away.

     "Brother Brother, Xian Jiawei told me just now that a soul has entered the Heavenly Palace. It's really reckless. I'm going to clean him up!"

     The person here is the younger sister of the elders. It looks like a fish sink, goose alights hiding the moon, shaming the flowers. It should be Fairy Elder Sister, but the personality is careless. He likes to play tricks, which makes people headache. hide.

     "Aster, go back and cultivate properly, don't interfere with the affairs of the palace."

     The big brother sullenly scolded, and the fairy named Zixuan suddenly pouted.

     "Huh! I don't want to practice, I'm better than you guys, I will fight if I refuse to accept it!"

     Aster sticks in his waist, awe-inspiring presence, his big eyes are full of war spirits, and a beautiful face is also bulging, very spoiled.

     Several seniors have a headache. Although they are not weaker than aster, they are only two armies have equivalent banners and drums. This aster fights endlessly, like monsters and beasts, and the Heavenly Palace must be demolished."Aster, obedient, go back."

     The big brother smiled bitterly, and Aster's eyes twitched: "I will clean up the ghost and go back to practice, and I promise that it won't come out within three days."

     "You girl...hey."

     All of them shook their heads helplessly. Aster laughed and disappeared as soon as he turned around.

     In the corridor of Tiangong, the fairies walked around with five people who passed the examination, and quickly walked to a palace.

     "You guys are resting here for now, waiting for arrangements."

     Fairy Tong threw the five people in the bedroom and left. As soon as he left, Chen Guoguo and the others no longer suppressed their excitement, and jumped and jumped in the bedroom.

     "Haha, it's great here, are you sensed aura? So big bedroom, each bed has aura formation, you can absorb it when you sleep."

     "From now on, we will be the cultivators of Immortal Island, follow the sages, set foot on the Immortal Path, and explore the mystery of the starry sky!"

     A few people were crazy about it, but Zhang Wuji stood stupidly like a wood.

     Of course he was still looking at Ye Shu, Ye Shu rubbed his head, I really took you second.

     Ye Shu turned around and left, otherwise he would be overwhelmed by the ghost.

     The corridor outside was very long. After Ye Shu remembered the location, he walked along the corridor curiously.

     The Temple of Heaven is very large, but the layout is similar to the Royal Palace, which can be said to be an enlarged version of the Forbidden City.

     After Ye Shu floated to the end of the corridor, a huge lake appeared. There was also a pavilion on the lake. Upon closer inspection, there was a blue clothed woman in the pavilion.

      The blue clothed woman is melancholy and elegant, sitting and stroking the guqin, obviously about to play.Ye Shu looked at it, thinking that the fairy is not a common chord. Playing the piano under the sun in broad daylight is kind of a bit.

     In order not to offend the fairy, Ye Shu didn't go over, and continued to walk elsewhere.

     But the fairy played the guqin abruptly, and Ye Shu felt that his body was tightened, and was actually imprisoned by the invisible sound of the piano.

     The fairy stroked the strings, and the sound of the piano bounced around like a bean, and Ye Shu also bounced around, just like a monkey.

     No matter how stupid Ye Shu was, he knew that he was spotted, and the blue-clothed Fairy deliberately tossed him.

     "Master, I have no intention of offending, please start off leniently."

     Ye Shu shouted loudly, and the fairy pulled the strings, and Ye Shu was dragged over.

     "Zhang Wuji, you are the first person who dared to walk around in the heavenly palace, so courageous."
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