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0 Chapter List 457 You Are Abuse!
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The towering palace, the sea of clouds churning, a huge palace, quiet and noiseless. 』

     Only the disordered and in a mess sound of the piano came from the pavilion in the lake.

     Aster fairy sit upright and still, plucking the strings with both hands, playing a few blindly.

     Ye Shu squatted aside, blocking his ears and shouted, "Master, what are you doing? Stop playing!"

     Before Ye Shu worshipped his teacher, he thought he could enjoy his pampering, but as a result, he started to play the piano and he was not allowed to leave.

     "I'm helping you cultivate your soul. From now on, you have to listen to me for three months until you are immune to my piano sound."

     "Are you sure it's good for me? You play too badly. I will die in three hours after listening."

     Ye Shu looked bitter and wanted to run all the time.

     Aster put on a fake smile: "Does it sound bad?"

     "Yes, he is obviously a fairy, but he doesn't know how to play the piano. It's too bad for his identity."


     Aster struck the strings abruptly, and a harsher sound came out.

     Ye Shu howled and rolled around in the pavilion.

     The sound of the piano turned into a magic sound, blocking the entire pavilion, only Ye Shu could hear it, but he had to hear it.

     He was in an astral state, and the sound of the piano ravaged him vigorously, directly causing him to spat and twitch.

     "Does it sound good?"

     Aster smiled softly, shaking his hands constantly, the sound of the piano was like howling wind and torrential rain, fiercely hitting Ye Shu.

     "listen well……"

     Ye Shu's consciousness is blurred, and he speaks stammeringly, but aster is coldly snorted, not the slightest start off leniently.The entire pavilion was enveloped by the harsh sound of the piano, and Ye Shu was up and down like a flat boat in it, almost dying.

     In the air not far away, a few old people looked at the pavilion with a wry smile, all sighed saying.

     "Little Junior Sister is too rough, if it weren't for this powerful spirit, she would have tortured to death."

     "Should we take care of it? The younger sister is too playful and may not be able to teach Zhang Wuji well."

     "Don't worry, Zhang Wuji's temperament is a bit wild, just let the younger junior sister train him, let's go see Zhang Wuji's body, teach both sides at the same time, maybe it will work wonders."

     Several old people walked away, and the bells in the heavenly palace rang.

     It seemed to be the end of class bell. After the ringing, human figures appeared everywhere in the palace.

     They are all previous cultivators, that is, the immortal masters who practiced in the mouth of Fairy Tong.

     The fairy teachers are over. Most of them went to the martial arts field behind the Tiangong for actual combat practice. Many people went straight to eat. Of course, there's some left couples who are shyly visiting the mountains and water. Tiangong is like a large park with too many beautiful views. Up.

     In the pavilion in the lake, the aster stopped playing, and said with a smile: "You are the soul, doesn't need to eat rest, right here, just stay, I will play the piano for you again tomorrow, good apprentice."

     The aster disappeared directly, and disappeared with the piano.

     Ye Shu was still spitting foam, and it took a long time to woke up, feeling the pain all over his body. This is the pain of the soul, far more uncomfortable than physical pain.

     "I rely on... lunatic, female lunatic, I have to run for my life..."Ye Shu got up with difficulty and walked outside the pavilion, but couldn't get out at all. The pavilion was covered by an invisible membrane. If Ye Shu collided, he would be bounced back.

     "Your uncle!"

     Ye Shu cursed and gave up running away.

     He slumped feebly, gasping for breath, not knowing how long it would take him to relax.

     By the lake, many young men and women appeared, and they were very happy to swim in the mountains.

     Ye Shu was trapped in the pavilion in the lake, naturally they found out. These Half-Step Immortal are very surprised, talk in whispers.

     "Looking at him like that, he should be a newcomer. He has violated the rules of the sky and is locked here and punished."

     "It's really horrible, it's not convenient for a tryst here."

     "Hey, lady come here."

     These people did not want to see Ye Shu, and left one after another, and the lake fell into dead silence again.

     Ye Shu sighing voice, wailing breath, thinking that he is really unlucky, not only to be tortured, but also to be seen as a monkey.

     Nothing happened all night, Ye Shu rested for one night, and he recovered some energy the next day, but his soul was still very painful and couldn't lift his energy.

     Moreover, aster is here again.

     She flew into the pavilion gracefully, with a mother-like smile.

     "Disciple, do you miss me?"

     "No, thank you."

     Ye Shu leaned in the corner, his old face black.

     The aster giggled twice, and the guqin appeared with the palm of his hand.

     Ye Shu immediately freaked out: "Master, do you want to play?"

     "Of course, you have to play for three months. You are a special person, and you can't use the common law to teach you, obedient and good apprentice."Aster sat down with a very graceful posture.

     Ye Shu shuddered, yesterday’s painful memory emerged, and he immediately rushed to stop it, but with a stroke of Aster's hand, the sound of the piano suddenly rose.

     Ye Shu suddenly hugged his head and trembled, and began to twitch on the sky and the ground again.

     "Ahahaha, okay? I heard you cry? My good apprentice, I am a teacher but rarely plays piano for others. You should be honored."

     Madman, female lunatic!

     Ye Shu foamed at her mouth, talking with just like epilepsy.

     He was convulsing throughout the day, and until the evening, after Zi Yu left with a smile, Ye Shu was paralyzed for a long time before woke up.

     Of course he has to run again, but where can he run? Aster is an immortal who has lived for thousands of years. To imprison Ye Shu is as simple as pinching an ant to death.

     Ye Shu had no chance to escape.

     So, day after day, for three months, Ye Shu suffered every day.

     He already numb, and even began to doubt life, is it sin for me to live?

     On the other side, the four new cultivators have "entered" and become immortal masters, and follow the brothers to practice daily.

     As for Zhang Wuji, he was taken to the open-air gossip array at the highest point of the Tiangong Palace, and watched a few old men play chess every day.

     The elders raised their hands, and there was a wonderful spiritual agitation in them, which contained World's Truth.

     It's a pity that Zhang Wuji can only watch dim-wittedly, he can't understand it.

     "Big brother, is this really useful? The ghost is thoughtless, Zhang Wuji is a corpse.""In no hurry, he can see with his eyes, hear with his ears, remember with his brain, and see fate in cultivating immortals. Zhang Wuji can't go the old way. When the ghost is written down, Zhang Wuji also writes it down."

     The chess piece fell, Zhang Wuji's spiritless eyes seemed to reflect the world and the whole world.

     But Zhang Wuji's true body, Ye Shu, was still suffering.

     He leaned against the pavilion pillars melancholy, scratching his messy head while scratching his own Mimi, completely turning into a beggar.

     Aster looked at him excitedly, with her cherry mouth bent, her hands still playing the piano.

     Ye Shu took out his ears, weakly and without strength said: "It's hard to hear, can you stop playing?"

     It has been three months, Ye Shu is bathed in the sound of the piano every day, currently already completely numb, but he still feels bad to hear, hard to hear the explosion, and he is about to vomit.

     "Hahaha, good apprentice, you are so awesome, only three months, you are immune to my beautiful piano sound, if you play for another three years, you might be able to..."


     Ye Shu one shivers stopped/stood, "Are you going to play for three years? Believe it or not, I smashed your piano"!

     "Hey, how do you talk to Master? I'm kidding you, sit down, I'm going to teach you how to cultivate immortals, and now you are officially cultivating immortals."

     "Can you let me go after teaching?"

     "No, I haven't played enough... ah no, I've devoted myself to you as a teacher, I can't give up halfway."
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