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0 Chapter List 481 Don't Be Afraid, Little Sister
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The Qiqi Great Snake is based on the Feiyichuan River and possesses vast and limitless power.

     As a water god, it occupies the river and represents invincibility.

     The pictures taken by drones conveyed all over the world, everyone to be very scared and on edge, although everyone did not know Ilya, dragons are better than snakes.

     "This thing can't be killed, brother, why don't you try it?"

     Ilya yelled at Ye Shu from a distance, he had already found Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu hurriedly waved his hand: "No, no, you should try it. This is a good opportunity to become a big star."

     Where did Ye Shu dared to go, he confronted the seven-pointed snake, it was a bug.

     Ilya's short hand scratched his neck, wiped a piece of blood, and then he refused to attack the seven-pointed snake.

     The seven-headed serpent stretched out its seven heads and stared at Ilya angrily. It missed a bit and could not defeat the dragon, but with the river as its foundation, it was enough and to spare to deal with the dragon.

     "Master, what should I do? That dragon can't beat Baqi, do you want to help him?"

      The gasping for air’s Yayi said worriedly, Ye Shu shook his head, “You can’t be tough, think of a way, I have to find out which one of its third divergence is, and whether the Tianzongyun sword is really back in its tail. ."

     Ye Shu stared at the dim underwater, Qiandai took a step forward: "Shu Jun, I'm going to the water..."

     "Stop, where are you going? Stay by my side."

     Ye Shu took hold of Qiandai, for fear that Qiandai would take risks.

     At this moment, Ilya turned around and flew back, with a look of bad luck: "I won't fight, that monster is too rascal, go fight it yourself."

     I rub?Ye Shu was anxious: "Brother, why are you so unconstrained? I'm thinking of a way to support you. Go and hold it."

     "Don't go... well, in order to save mankind and protect my sister, I am unceasingly willing even if I give my life!"

     Ilya suddenly changed his tone, a roar, rushing towards Qiqi like a chicken blood. The size of the wind and the red scales are so handsome.

     Ye Shu was stunned, and when he looked back, it was Hiensi and the others who came.

     Yves was among them, looking at his brother with a frown.

     No wonder Ilya was suddenly crazy. It turned out that Yves came, and he wanted to show his might.

     Ye Shu smiled, ignoring Ilya who was struggling desperately, and he began to think.

     "You must separate the third group, and get Kusanagi, or you can't kill the Qiqi."

     Ye Shu muttered, suddenly thinking of the little doll in the bamboo forest south of Shenxi Lake.

     "Her illusion is very strong. If she is here, I can figure out the underwater situation."

     As soon as my thoughts fell, there was the sound of a faint bamboo forest in the distance. This sound appeared out of thin air, as if a piece of bamboo was seen somewhere in Sudden Appearance, and the bamboo was swaying with the wind.

     "It's Kaguya Ji!"

     Ye Shu was overjoyed, what a coincidence, a godsend.

     "Chiyo, you are optimistic about these loli, don't mess around, I'll go to the rescuer."

     Ye Shu turned around and flew in the direction of the sound. His speed reached the limit, and he reached the destination within ten seconds, but it was Izumo City.

      Spectacle too horrible to endure Izumo City is full of blood, and the broken buildings are full of blood.The sound of the bamboo forest came from Izumo City, as if bamboo grew out of thin air in Izumo City.

     Ye Shu's hearing noise to distinguish position fell on a tall building that was still intact.

     Looking down from the upper floor, Ye Shu was surprised to find that the streets and alleys of Izumo City were covered with bamboo.

     It is not real bamboo, but illusory, like a painting that covers the entire city of Izumo.

     Ye Shu's anxious mind suddenly calmed down. He fell into the illusion and walked along the street. The ground was full of bamboo leaves. Ye Shu seemed to be walking in the forest in the mountains.

     "Kaguya Ji?"

     Ye Shurou opened her mouth, gazing across the top of streets, bottom of alleys, looking for Kaguya Ji.

     But in a moment, he discovered a young girl about five or six years old.

     The young girl wrapped a big blue bamboo tube with the coat that Ye Shu gave her originally, but she rolled up the coat and looked funny and cute.

     "Kaguya Ji."

     Ye Shu spoke softly, unwilling to disturb the silence.

     Hui Ye Ji didn't pay attention to Ye Shu. She was working attentively, not to hear, not to question to the outside world, so she bowed her head towards Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu didn't say anything, and looked at her curiously.

     She stopped when she took a few steps, then opened the bamboo tube and muttered something, her expression distressed and sad.

     In the illusion, what thing seems to have entered the bamboo pipe, and the sound of bamboo sounded in the air.

     Ye Shu watched for several minutes, and Hui Ye Ji also walked to Ye Shu, and then jumped up in fright, just like a rabbit.

     "It's me."Ye Shu smiled, Hui Ye Ji was in shock, she looked at Ye Shu for a few times before saying: "Why are you here? Do you want me to return the clothes?"

     Hui Ye Ji said that she was really going to take off her clothes. She only had one coat of Ye Shu. Wouldn't it be slick after taking it off?

     "No no, dress you up, I want to ask you for help."

     "I'm very busy. There are too many poor people here. I want to put their dead souls into bamboo. Every soul is a bamboo. They are going to die."

     Is this a degree method?

     Ye Shu didn't understand this and didn't ask much. Instead, he said, "You are so kind, but if the wicked are not punished first, the good ones will die more."

     "Where is the wicked?"

     The kind-hearted young girl puffed up her mouth, and Ye Shu pointed at Feichuanhe: "It's over there, I'm looking for your help to clean it up. You have seen it, that big snake."

     When Kaguya heard this, she was frightened: "Is that it? It's very powerful, I can't beat it."

     "It's okay, there is a powerful big brother fighting it over there, we just need to hit it, you come with me."

     Ye Shu stretched out his hand, Hui Yeji hesitated for a moment still held Ye Shu's hand.

     Ye Shu immediately took her back to Chiyo.

     Several people looked at Kaguya Ji in surprise, after all, Kaguya Ji looks only five or six years old, what is a young girl doing here?

     "Wow, disgusting, you have hooked up with a loli again as a pervert, no, it's a young girl, even more disgusting!"Ise-chan, who will die if you don’t talk about it, strongly despises, and Hiensi hums with her arms on her hips: "Hey, Lolicon, there are already a lot of loli at home, okay? I am the cutest in the world, why are you looking for others, And so small, your bottom line really surprised me."

     "As far as you do, this is a helper. Kaguyaji, can you show me the bottom of the river clearly?"

     Ye Shu looked at Hui Ye Ji, who was already staring at the battlefield in the distance, with a scared face.

     "Ah, how come there are seven? Didn't you say one? I dare not help you."

     Kaguya Ji actually retreated, she was too timid.

     Ye Shu squatted down and touched her head: "Don't be afraid, you just need to create illusions, and the dragon will hold the snake."

     Ye Shu is very gentle, Hui Yeji nodded her head, and nervously grabbed Ye Shu's finger.

     Sean's and several loli curl their lips, seemingly upset that Ye Shu coaxes the little girl.

     Ye Shu ignored them and exhorted: "You are here to meet, and Hui Yeji and I will go ahead."

     He took Kaguya Ji and flew to Qiqi, close enough for several kilometers.

      The ear-splitting roar was close in front of her, and Kaguya turned her face pale in fright.

     Ye Shu called to the front: "Irya, your sister said that if you win, she will sleep with you tonight."

     When Yielya was beaten with chicken blood, she immediately swung her short claws as if she was beaten with dragon blood, knocking to death with Qiqi.

     But Ye Shu brought Hui Yeji to the ground.

     This is the bank of the Feichuan River, with green grasslands on both sides."Kaguya Ji, create an illusion with this as the center, and the target is under the seven-pointed snake, is it okay?"

     "Yes, but if it rushes over, I will run right away."
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