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0 Chapter List 483 The First Person To Eat Crabs
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The third tail of the seven-pointed snake was broken open by Ye Shu, and even the heart split into two petals.

     With the sky Congyun in hand, Qiqi Da snake unable to withstand a single blow. Of course, it is mainly because of Ilya Well done, otherwise Ye Shu is basically impossible to succeed.

     At this moment, humans all over the world are relaxed, looking at Ye Shu in amazement through the on-the-spot live broadcast of the drone.

     Ye Shu held two magic soldiers and stared down at the river.

     The muddy river surface finally stopped, and the Behemoth(s) inside seemed to disappear.

     The Qiqi Orochi may be dead, or it may have been severely injured, and cannot be taken lightly.

     Ye Shu walked down and disappeared when he lifted his foot.

     He came to the side of Kaguya Ji, who was standing on the bank of the river in the distance, looking scared.

     "Kaguya Ji, how is the situation with Orochi?"

     Ye Shu asked, Hui Yeji shook her head nervously: "I don't know."

     "Look at it with your illusion."

     Ye Shu pointed to the place where the Seven Qi Big Snake had fallen, and signaled Hui Ye Ji one more time.

     Kaguya Ji still shook her head: "I'm so tired, I'm not coming."

     Ye Shu saw that her face was indeed a little pale, probably because she had consumed too much energy. This time, the bamboo forest illusion was not small-scale, and Kaguya could not support it either.

     "You go to the big sister, don't stay here."

     Ye Shu smiled gently and asked Hui Yeji to go to Qiandai. Kaguya lifted her feet and ran, she was really afraid that Qiqi would not die.

     Ye Shu pulled out the sky cluster clouds again and plunged into the river bottom.

     He tried his best to see what happened.According to Ye Shu's analysis, even if the Qiqi big snake is not dead or disabled, it is unlikely to pose a threat to itself.

     However, Ye Shu was still very cautious, opening his eyes in the water, cautious and solemn deep.

     However, the Feichuan River, which was more than a hundred meters away, swam to the bottom, without even seeing the shadow of Qiqi.

     The bottom of the river is very wide and calm, without a single fish.

     "Where did it go? It's such a big snake, it's impossible to disappear all at once, right?"

     Ye Shu went back and forth several times, even looking for a while toward the north estuary, but still hairless found one.

     The outside world has already begun to boil. Everyone is celebrating the victory and asking about Ye Shu's identity. Ye Shu has become the savior of the earth.

     Ye Shu himself was worried. At the beginning, Susanoo killed Yamata no Orochi, but Yaki was resurrected. Now that he killed Yaki himself, it might be resurrected.

     "Damn Ye Shu, Come out here!"

     Ye Shu, who was meditating under the water, suddenly heard the roar from the sky. It was Ilya's roar.

     Ye Shu was startled, what the hell?

     He flew up into the sky and just happened to collide with Ilya.

     Ilya was a person at the moment, and when he rolled up his sleeves, he caught Ye Shu and started fighting.

     Ye Shu was beaten by him splitting the head and covering the face, and forced him to fight back for a while.

     "You are crazy, come again?"

     Both of them are powerful people in the world, but they fought in the sky like hooligans, grabbing their heads and kicking their crotches, shocking the human mouth watching the live broadcast."You're just crazy, you stole my limelight, and I did it for nothing. My sister also said that she would rather sleep with you than me. You dare to hit my sister's idea!"

     Ilya slobbered wildly and pinched Ye Shu's neck vigorously. Ye Shu grabbed his horn with his backhand and gave in at all: "none of my business, who makes you less handsome than me!"

     "Oh, your uncle, I'm not as handsome as you? Let me tell you, the three handsome in Longdao, I'm Ranked Fourth, you can't even compare to a dragon hair!"

     Ilya exploded, and he felt that Ye Shu had taken Yves away.

     The two fought for a long time, and finally Chiyo they came over.

     "Illya, idiot, stop!"

     Yves exclaimed with a sullen face, annoyed by his brother.

     Ilya immediately stopped, kicked Ye Shu away, and rolled to Yves gracefully, bloody nose and swollen face smiled: "Sister, I was playing with him, the monster has been cleaned up. , It’s time for us to return to Long Island, the revival of the dragon clan will be initiated by us, our husband and children..."

     "Go to hell, go back to Long Island immediately, I don't want to see you!"

     It's rare for Yves to have such a violent mood swing, and Xiao Meng's face puffed up.

     Seans laughed heartily up: "You perverted sister can't get Yves. Yves are not brothers."

     "Why sister controls brother? Sister, let's go home."

     Ilya didn't understand, and wanted to take Yves away forcibly, but was stared at by Yves and immediately persuaded.

     Ye Shu sorted out the type, smiled, said: "Irya, your sister is already a semi-human, you want to reconcile with her, first go to understand humans, there is a saying that you are not good at it. It's far."Ilya was coldly snorted and didn’t listen to Ye Shu, but Yves stared at him again. Ilya immediately said, “This lolicon makes sense. I have to understand humans first. My cute little sister, wait. When I come back, you will fall in love with me!"

     Ilya slipped away. When facing Yves, his IQ was zero, and he was caught in a circle by Ye Shu.

     After he left, Yves was satisfied. He glanced at Ye Shu and said, "Bad guy."


     Ye Shu was confused again, what's wrong with me? I am a crowd.

     Ye Shu was about to question, Yayi brought the onmyoji and supernatural powers over.

     "Master, is Yamata no Orochi dead?"

     Yayi said excitedly, Onmyouji also looked at Ye Shu adoringly, and regarded Ye Shu as a god.

     Those with supernatural powers looked a little embarrassed, and they were full of awe for Ye Shu, where they dare to be arrogant.

     "Yamata no Orochi is gone. Don't take it lightly. Izumo Plain still needs to be monitored, but the overall situation is stable. Let the government stabilize the society."

     Ye Shu warned, a group of onmyojis nodded, but Ye Shu ordered to follow.

     They quickly went to do it to restore the stability of the East.

     The group of supernatural beings was waste of energy, and the nuclear bomb could not be fired, and it took a while to disperse.

     Before leaving, Julie bowed to Ye Shu and said nothing.

     Ye Shu understands her thoughts, it is nothing more than gratitude.

     But Ise-chan's loli stared at Ye Shu immediately.

     "Tsk tsk, even Westerners hook up, it's amazing."

     "People in America, I have studied, the descendants of Indians, there is nothing good to see.""Bad guy."

     The cute Yves said another badass.

     Ye Shu had a headache, so he hurriedly told them to go home, they hummed dissatisfiedly, and went home holding hands.

     In the end, only Chiyo was left.

     Chiyo is the gentlest and quietest, Ye Shu hugged her and kissed her: "I have nothing to do with Julie, you know."

     "Shu Jun doesn't need to explain, Julie is a beauty, go after it if you like it."

     Chiyo's smile is beautiful, everything depends on Ye Shu. Ye Shu was about to be moved, and suddenly it was discovered that Qiandai was holding the handle of the demon knife, revealing a hint of murderous intent.

     "Tsk, what did you say? Am I that kind of person? What Julie Harlequin? I don't like it at all. Chiyo doesn't know how much more beautiful than her!"

     Ye Shu righteousnessly said, Chiyo smiled and released the demon knife, and took Ye Shu's hand: "Shu Jun, you are so kind."

     "Of course it's good, you should go back first. I'll go to the Yin-Yang Lao, and go back later, and then let's go back."

     Ye Shu chuckled, Qiandai blushed immediately, and tweaked: "Shu Jun, don't be impulsive, I'm a shikigami..."

     "Have you heard of the first Japanese crab, ah, is that right? Anyone who eats crabs? Everyone thinks that crabs can't be eaten, but that person has eaten them so that he has all kinds of crab meals. I am the number one. A crab-eater, I want to eat Shiki tonight."

     Ye Shu said seriously, Chiyo lowered his head, his voice was very nervous: "Chiyo is waiting for you..."
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