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0 Chapter List 484 This Feeling……
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The dust has settled, everyone in the Izumo Plain has evacuated, and the place still cannot be opened.

     After Ye Shu sent away Qiandai, he also planned to go back to Yinyangliao for a meeting.

     But he was still thinking about a little girl.

     Kaguya ran away by herself, she ran back to Izumo City to collect souls.

     Ye Shu went to look for her and saw that she was holding the bamboo tube very intently, muttering words as if she was saving.

     Ye Shu waited for a while and I found a chance to speak: "Hui Yeji, do you want to follow me?"

     "No, I'm very busy."

     Hui Ye Ji directly refused, Ye Shu smiled and said: "You can leave here when you are done. That big snake may not be dead yet, be careful."

     When Hui Yeji heard this, she became nervous immediately: "Don't leave, watch the guard for me."


     Ye Shu dumbfounded, nodded, said: "Okay, please feel relieved."

     Ye Shu sat on a building, protecting Hui Ye Ji.

     As a result, I sat until dark, and my butt hurts.

     But Hui Ye Ji finally got it done, holding the thick and big bamboo pipe and exhaling and leaving, she ignored Ye Shu, as if she had forgotten Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu secretly smiled and watched Kaguya leave the Izumo Plain before getting up to go to Tsuchimikado Family.

     The sky was dark, Ye Shu finally left Izumo Plain. So far, Izumo Plain doesn't have any people.

     The originally silent Feichuan River fluctuated suddenly, as if it was raining, and the surface of the water swayed back and forth, and then the fluctuations flew towards the north, rushing into the sea mouth of the Izumo Plain like a lightning.It faces the Korean Peninsula across the sea, and when you go out of the sea, you enter the sea, vast ocean, boundless, and no one can catch that "lightning".

      Tsuchimikado Family, brightly lit, when Ye Shu arrived, the elites of Yinyangliao were already anxious.

     They didn't feel relieved until Ye Shu appeared.

     "Vice President, why did you come back so long, we thought you..."

     "It's okay. Yamata no Orochi has disappeared. It must have been hit hard. I guess it will escape into the sea. It will be impossible to regain its strength for a while. Don’t be afraid. The main task now is to integrate Yin-Yang Lao into modern society, and society will change. Up."

     Ye Shu is calm, because he has Kusanagi, even if Yamata no Orochi recovers again, he can still kill again.

     Everyone was at ease, looking at Kusanagi curiously, and they wanted to touch it.

     Ye Shu is very generous, solving the clouds in the sky and satisfying everyone's curiosity.

     As a result, when someone touched it, it was the same as an electric shock, and he immediately withdrew his hand.

     "Sky Congyun is resisting us, it seems that only the vice president can touch it."

     "Congratulations to the vice-chairman for getting another magic weapon. The vice-chairman is really the lucky star of the East."

     Everyone said with joy and sincerely recognized Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu is also very happy. Now he has not only ghost cuts, but also sky clouds, two artifacts in his hand, it is invincible, of course, the ancient perverts like Ilya said otherwise.

     "You only need to send someone to monitor the Izumo Plain. The main focus is on maintaining social stability. I want to go back and let me know if something happens."Ye Shu gave orders and left. Everyone sent him enthusiastically, but when they arrived at the door, a wave of people came to face each other, all dressed in luxurious clothes and arrogant, completely unlike ordinary onmyojis.

     This is Tsuchimikado's enchantment, and ordinary people can't get in. The group of people who come in can't help but make everyone startled.

     "Royal family? What's the meaning of this?"

     Chairman Gong Xiao said, frowning.

     It was the royal family who came, and they broke into the Tsuchimikado Family with such care.

     Ye Shu brow raised, what is the cause of the royal family's arrogance? Haven't been cleaned up yet?

     "Tou Yumen Gongxiao, I'm waiting for the emperor's order to ask for the pheasant sword."

     A royal family spoke, his eyes proud and not afraid.

     Everyone was astonished and uttered.

     "Ask for a pheasant sword? Do you know what you are talking about?"

     "If something goes wrong, the ghost will come right away. It's really in line with the royal style."

     Everyone frigid irony and scorching satire, they no longer have the slightest respect for the royal family.

     All the royals were cold and scolded: "The pheasant sword is the emperor's thing, passed down from ancient to present. When Susanoo dedicated the pheasant sword to the emperor, the pheasant sword belongs to the emperors of the past. In this world, it should be returned!"

     The royal family scolded Onmyoji, but did not dare to scold Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu stood out from the crowd and handed the grass pheasant sword over: "If you have one, take it."

     With a slight smile, the gang of royals looked at each other, gritted their teeth and squeezed their fists, and finally waved their hands and said, "You are disrespectful to the emperor, sooner or later you will regret it, huh!"They shook their faces and left, not daring to take the Pheasant Sword from Ye Shu.

      Onmyouji laughing heartily, a good teaser.

     Ye Shu is looking thoughtful, public filial piety question: "Mr. Ye, what do you think?"

     "No matter how courage the emperor is, he will not dare to come in front of me to be arrogant. He sent someone to play a prestige. I'm afraid there is some hole card secretly. Just now he was making an excuse to clean up me in the future."

     "If you want to condemn someone, don't worry about the pretext? What else can the royal family have?"

     Everyone expressed their disdain, Ye Shu shrugged: "See the opportunity and act, I'm leaving."

     Ye Shu was already impatient, waved goodbye, and walked away.

     When he returned to Chiba Prefecture, it was already night.

     The lights in the villa are brilliant, and a group of royal sisters Lori are watching TV in the hall, lying in disorder, without a trace of beauty, even the little clam is lying on the ground, shaking two white legs.

     The story of Yamata no Orochi is being shown on TV. What girl idol kills the Fuji mountain snake, what dragon fights the seven-headed snake, and of course Ye Shu kills the seven-headed snake.

     All TV channels are broadcasting these things and the government and Yin-Yang Liao maintaining stability, and Oriental society has gradually stabilized.

     Ye Shu lost interest after a glance, secretly glanced at Chiyo, then went to bath with a smirk.

     All the girls glanced at him without saying a word, as if he didn't exist.

     Tonight was the first time Ye Shu stayed here, and he was going to eat crabs with Qiandai, and he was inevitably excited.

     When taking a bath, Ye Shu was already very excited.Going out to take a look, Chiyo has disappeared, there is only one Yujie Qingxingdeng in the hall, and a bunch of loli.

     "Where is Chiyo?"

     "Go to bed."

     "Where is her room?"

     Ye Shu a thought flashed through the mind, Chiyo was still shy and had already hid.

     A few loli did not see through Ye Shu's sullen thoughts, but Qingxing Deng was a fascinating old driver, like a smile yet not a smile and said: "Are you going to have love tonight?"


     Ye Shu spit out a mouthful of blood, several loli all stared wide-eyed looked towards this side, even the little clam was staring at Ye Shu.

     "What are you talking nonsense? I asked Chiyo to have official duties to do. I really don't know how to talk nonsense. I'm so angry!"

     Ye Shu complained very solemnly, and Qingxing Deng turned his mouth upstairs, "The third room."

     Ye Shu didn't talk nonsense, and went straight upstairs to find the third room.

     As soon as he went upstairs, a bunch of loli were all stopped/stood, looked inexplicably angry, and walked quietly on tiptoe on the stairs to touch them.

     Upstairs, Ye Shu directly opened the third door.

     Inside it was pitch black, but Ye Shu felt Chiyo, Chiyo was very hot, like a flame.

     Ye Shu gently closed the door and threw on the bed.

     "Chiyo-chan, here I am."

     Fragrant, warm and soft, Chiyo called out in alarm lowly, pushing Ye Shu hard.

     "Shu Jun, I want to sleep!"

     Chiyo's voice was shaking, where he was sleeping, he was obviously embarrassed to see Ye Shu.Ye Shu got into the quilt, breathing quickly. Chiyo was the second woman who really moved him, and one of the women he was most obsessed with.

     "I'm going to bed too, go to bed together, be good."

     Ye Shu hugged Chiyo, Chiyo soft, his cold body was already extremely hot.

     She turned around shyly and turned her back to Ye Shu.

     And Ye Shu to support the sky as a single pillar, directly against her ass, making her stagnate.

     "Shu Jun..."

     "Don't get me wrong, this is ghost cut, not that."

     Ye Shu smiled, Qiandai actually believed it to be true, and grabbed it backhand: "Why are you still carrying the ghost? Untie it."

     She caught Ye Shu's lifeblood immediately.

     A bird is in hand across the thin pajamas.

     Ye Shu trembled, this kind of feeling...The world is full of flowers in April, and the peach blossoms in the mountain temple begin to bloom!

     Ye Shu took a breath, and Qiandai grabbed it a few times: "Why is Guiqie so hot...Ah, Shu Jun, you are abnormal!"

     Chiyo withdrew his hand quickly, too embarrassed, almost crying.

     Ye Shu swallowed, and slowly unzipped Chiyo's clothes with his palm.

     A big battle was unavoidably, but Ye Shu, who was soaring, ignored the loli at home.

     When his big evil hand touched Chiyo's chest, the door was suddenly kicked open, and then the light came on, and a few loli eyes narrowing stared at the two people on the bed.

     "Sleep, Chiyo sister hug me."

     "I'm sleepy, it's time to go to bed, hey, Lolicon, what are you doing here? Go to the floor!"

     "metamorphosis."Several loli leaped on the big bed, kicked Ye Shu away directly and straightforwardly, and slept with their arms around Qiandai.

     Ye Shu was dumbfounded, and Qiandai spoke like a mosquito: "Shu Jun, they are sleepy, I want to put them to sleep, every night."

     I go!

     You are raising a child!

     Ye Shu opened his mouth, wants to cry but doesn't have tears, you did it on purpose, you definitely did it on purpose!

     He walked out unwillingly, the door snapped shut, and the loli didn't show any face.
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