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0 Chapter List 485 Work Better Than Practice
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ye Shu was chased out by the loli, and she was in trouble with Chiyo's plan to eat crabs. 』

     With the anger in his heart and the stuffy in his chest, he wanted to run to the beach to roar.

     But he is still tied up hard, so he dare not run out.

     Only the green lantern and the little clam spirit remained in the hall, and the little clam spirit peeked at Ye Shu weirdly, always full of spring water in his big beautiful eyes.

     Qing Xing Deng pretends to be a big sister, and teaches Ye Shu: "Human reproduction is a science. You can't be so anxious. Qiandai is not ready yet."

     Ye Shu rolled the eyes: "Yes, my virgin Sister Lantern."

     "What did you say !"

     "I said Sister Virgo Lamp, you are the most elegant and charming goddess in 12 constellations."

     Ye Shu sneaks a smile, this blue lamp, obviously doesn't even enter a single aperture for human reproduction, and always likes grandiloquent, she probably has never seen Ding Ding.

     "12 constellations is also a profound knowledge, I want to study more."

     Qingxing Lantern dangled his beautiful legs, lost in thought.

     Ye Shu yawned casually found a clean room to sleep, only to lie down, and the little clam came in shyly.

     The little clam is very watery and seductive, but Ye Shu has no thoughts about her, and she just thinks she is cute when she is shy.

     "Xiao Xi, what's the matter do you?"

     Ye Shu questioned, the little Clam said timidly: "That...human brother, can I have sex with you?"

     Ye Shu choked himself with a mouthful of blood, coughing constantly.

     "You... what did you say?""I have already bred, in the sea, I can have children, humans call this love. I am thinking, what if I can't find a home in the sea? I cannot be without offspring."

     Little Clam Jing is deeply worried and sick at heart, Ye Shushao came over, fucking, scared to death.

     "You are a seafood, and you are indeed obsessed with reproduction, but I am a human being, not a mussel, not a shell, or even a crab. We estimate that there is segregation and cannot give birth to children."

     Ye Shu smiled, Xiao Mujing squeezed his small fist: "What should I do? Who should I have a baby with? Is it a shark? Or a dolphin?"

     Don't be so heavy, okay?

     "How old are you?"

     "Eight years old."

     Puff, Ye Shu sprayed again: "Are you only eight years old?"

     "Yeah, I am eight years old."

     Surprisingly, this is the authentic young girl! Who dares to have a baby with you?

     "How old can you live?"

     "I don't know, maybe hundreds of years old."

     That anxious fart!

     Ye Shu was speechless, this little clam essence was too natural, fortunately, it didn't fall into the hands of others, otherwise it would have been miserable.

     "You don't have to worry, Ilya's dragon is very familiar with the sea. When he comes back, we ask him to help you find a home."

     Ye Shu comforted and said, Xiao Mujing repeatedly nodded, she seemed to admire dragons very much.

     However, the neurotic dragon Irya didn't know where he was going, and he didn't know at what time before he came back. The little clam can only wait.

     Ye Shu sent away the little clam essence and fell asleep.

     But only after a while, he felt uncomfortable all over, and as soon as he perceived, he jumped up.A cyan shadow floated in front of his bed, staring straight at him.

     "Qingxingdeng, what the hell are you? Scared me!"

     Ye Shu was about to collapse, so he sent away the little clam, and Qingxingdeng came to pretend to be a ghost again.

     "Given your age, what is the reaction? I'm just thinking about one thing."

     "You think about things, come to my room and stare at what am I doing!"

     "Because I'm thinking about having children, even Mussel wants to have children. I also think, if you and Chiyo succeed, then you can take me? I want to be a mother."

     Hey, are your brains caught in the door? Is it so frivolous to treat love? Is giving birth a game?

     "You go, go now, I have to sleep, and I will talk to you slowly when I wake up."

     Ye Shu pulled the quilt over his head, and the Qingxing Lantern made a cut: "Even if I'm not happy, I'm nothing serious anyway."

     She finally left, Ye Shu was finally at ease, snoring in deep sleep.

     Ye Shu just woke up in the sun. He has been in a state of high tension these days. It is rare to relax at this moment. He has slept several times after returning to the cage.

     After waking up, Ye Shu went to see Chiyo and the others. They were dancing on the beach in dance clothes. The beautiful scenery line was simply coveted.

     Ye Shu stared at Chiyo's beautiful legs for a few minutes, then turned on the computer and wanted to know more about the world.

      The entire world has changed, because the Roaring Across the Horizon of the Blood Race and Yin Yang Liao has changed the inherent world view.

     Almost all mankind are discussing how to become a blood race or an onmyoji, and even the supernatural beings in America have become a hot topic.Tiny human beings are eager for strength and get rid of Mortal's Strength.

     The influence of this kind of thinking is very bad, because everyone knows that there are "humans" in the world, and that they exist above all human beings, so humans also want to become "humans."

     Ye Shu browsed many websites, and now many people are discussing how to become a vampire. According to rumors, bitten by a blood clan can become a vampire and become a servant of Her Majesty.

      Western World's human beings are all looking for kinsmen, they are crazy in love with Ai Qier, just like getting lost in the heart.

     On the other hand, people in the East studied onmyoji and wanted to learn onmyoji, but they all had no intention of working.

     "It's not good, humans subconsciously feel that work is useless. Anyway, there are people, no matter how good the job is, they can't hope to attain. It's better to become a human."

     "How do you feel that someone on the Internet is spreading the method of becoming a blood clan, and how to practice onmyoji, making humans mess up."

     Ye Shu frowned and thought, the human heart is in a mess, and society must be unable to stabilize.

     In deep thought, his shoulders weighed heavily, and a pair of small hands pinched Ye Shu's shoulders.

     "Shu Jun, what are you looking at?"

     It was Chiyo who came in, and there was still a touch of shame on her face, which was left over from last night.

     Ye Shu grabbed her jade hand and kissed it: "Humans want to become humans, they are not reconciled to being mortals."

     "I can't do it if I'm not reconciled, they can't practice."

     "Cultivation methods are spreading everywhere on the Internet, and all mankind have no intention of working. The operation of the whole society has stopped. This is very troublesome."Ye Shu smiled bitterly. He thought he could live in peace. Unexpectedly, the human heart was in a mess. This was the real big trouble.

     Chiyo thought for a while and said softly: "Then let them practice and wait for them to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat."

     Ye Shu was stunned, yes, retreat in order to advance, which is the same as the selection of Penglai Immortal Island. The talented person enters the island to practice, and the talented person gets out of the way, so that humans will give up.

     "Thousands of you are so smart, come, Shu Jun will give you one."

     Ye Shu laughed and hugged Chiyo and kissed him.

     Chidai suddenly face blushing, look outside, lower the voice and said: "Shu Jun, I'm sorry last night, they were so naughty."

     "It's okay, let's secretly, at three o'clock in the middle of the night, go to the top of the building, okay?"

     Ye Shu felt hot in his heart, and pressed his voice.

     Chiyo pinched his clothes with shame: "So ashamed..."

     She agreed, Ye Shudun felt hot in his heart, and kissed Qiandai again, and then went straight to Yin and Yang with spirit trembling with excitement.
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