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    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After making an appointment with Chiyo for a tryst in the middle of the night, Ye Shuxing rushed to the Yin and Yang Liao. 』

     At the Yinyangliao headquarters, the atmosphere is tense. Many onmyojis are bustle around, making non-stop phone calls, and people from the government are walking around here, not knowing what the hell.

     Ye Shu found Chairman Gongxiao and asked him what's wrong.

     "Mr. Ye, human society cannot be restored to its original state. They are whimsical and try to become our kind of person. They don't want to study and work at all."

     Sure enough, it was not bad.

     Ye Shu not at all surprised, nodded and said; "I understand, this kind of thing is inevitable, so I can only let nature take its course."

     "Let nature take its course? What does it mean?"

     "Yinyangliao opened a special academy to accept students and teach them onmyoji. Those who are gifted will accept them, and those who are not gifted will go back to be mortals."

     Ye Shu said straightforwardly, and Gong Xiao was taken aback: "How can this be? Onmyoji has always been passed down by the family, how can mortals learn? And there are so many human beings. If a college is opened, I am afraid that within a few years, human society will be stuck. and not moving forward ."

     "Stuck and not moving forward is better than turbulent. The cultivation method is already spreading on the Internet, but it is still real. It can be seen that there are people in the dark, we can't block, we can only sparse."

     Ye Shu said calmly, Gong Xiao was surprised again: "Who is doing the ghost?"

     "It's hard to say, End of the World, supernatural monsters have all jumped out. If we don't teach mortals, mortals will become believers of supernatural monsters, and they will be in trouble."

     "I understand, do it now!"

     Public filial piety is also a sensible person, No More Hesitation.Thus, a grandiose mortal practice movement kicked off.

     Mortals who desire strength will test their talents under the guidance of the government and Yin Yang Liao, and then enter the academy to practice.

     This sport will last a long time, and it may take a year or two to complete the test alone.

     But Ye Shu didn't care, he was just the person who gave the order, he was more concerned about the tryst with Qiandai.

     Therefore, after giving the order, Ye Shu went back to the villa.

     In the villa, only the green lights are reading, the title of the book is "Sow Breeding and Fertility".

     There is a little clam floating in the swimming pool. She has nothing to do, and she spit out a few bubbles from time to time.

     Ye Shu looked for a moment everywhere, but no one else.

     "Where is Chiyo?"

     Ye Shu asked Qingxing Lantern, but Qingxing Lantern didn't lift its head: "I've taken a shower. I have washed it several times. I guess I will have sex with you again tonight."

     "Don't talk nonsense, we are pure."

     Ye Shu smiled to himself and said: "Where are the three loli?"

     "Research in the basement."

     And the basement?

     Ye Shu didn't pay much attention, and couldn't help but said, "Is Siense doing some medicine again?"

     "Where do I know."

     Qing Xing Deng gave Ye Shu a white look, disliked him.

     Ye Shu doesn't want to play melons and dishes

     The Internet has exploded again. This time, everyone is discussing the government's decision.

     The decision to set up an academy professor in Yin Yang Liao has actually been promulgated, which is really amazing.As long as the humans who pass the talent assessment can practice onmyoji.

     This decision directly detonated the enthusiasm of mankind, and the turmoil in the East became a pot of porridge. Almost all mankind is looking forward to being evaluated and becoming a holy person.

     "The East side should be stable, I don't know how the West is doing."

     Ye Shu went to find out about the situation in the West. The West did not make similar decisions, because becoming a kinship is not a joke, and it will be done as soon as it is exposed to the sun. There are not many people in the West, so this should not be done.

     But there are still countless people secretly looking forward to becoming a blood clan, and even people on the Internet say where there are vampire's. Ye Shu feels that under the dark shadow of the West, there is an evil force surging. They mislead the public with rumors on the Internet and don't know why.

     "Aqier must be under a lot of pressure. Others are obsessed with her, and they want to become a kindred."

     Ye Shu felt sorry for his daughter, and was thinking about finding time to visit her.

     After that, Ye Shu looked at China's situation again.

     China is also in chaos. After all, the world is one. There have been "people" in the West, East and America, and it is impossible for the human beings in China to remain calm.

     The government also notified the existence of Huaxia, but did not give a specific introduction. It is estimated that it may cause mortals to yearn for.

     "A monster has not appeared in China, so there is no chaos, but sooner or later a monster will appear. I have to return to China."

     Ye Shu analyzed the situation and sat in front of the computer for a whole day.

     He turned off the computer only after nightfall, and then went to dinner with joy.

     The royal sister and loli of the family are all big beauties, and it's not too comfortable to have a meal together.Ye Shu peeped at the opposite Chiyo and gave her a wink. Chiyo hurriedly lowered his head and ate without a word.

     Several little loli's eyes were moving, and they looked at each other, seeming to be smiling.

     Ye Shu didn't care, eating and drinking enough, took a bath and pretended to sleep.

     The villa became quiet, Ye Shu tossed and turned on the bed until three o'clock in the morning, and then furtively went up to the roof.

     Facing the evening breeze, Ye Shu was very angry, and he was going to have a sex with Qiandai tonight.

     He waited for a few minutes, and a familiar shadow came up, it was Chiyo.

     Ye Shu hugged, and the two sat on the roof.

     Chiyo was very nervous and shy, always trying to push Ye Shu away.

     "Shu Jun, don't want it anymore, I'm a little scared."

     What Chiyo is afraid of is the segregation of humans and Shiki. Ye Shu was not afraid, and squeezed her little hand against his face.

     "You have an entity, I can touch it, you have a temperature, you are a living person, what are you afraid of? I didn't have a child with a knife."

     Ye Shu joked, Chiyo bit his lip, shyly and said: "But, what if something happens?"

     "Don't try how to know? Don't panic, it's me."

     Ye Shu felt hot, and after making sure that there was no one around him, he began to undress for Qiandai.

     Chiyo was wearing pajamas, and his snow-white skin was faintly discernible and fascinating in the moonlight.

     Chiyo squeezed for a while, and simply closed his eyes and did not move, letting Ye Shushi do it.

     Ye Shu took off her pajamas, saw the cute white underwear, and at the same time a wonderful fragrance came over.This is not Chiyo's deodorant, Chiyo's deodorant Yeshu has always been smelled, but this abrupt and wonderful fragrance is extraordinary.

     Ye Shu dull for a moment after smelled for a moment, shaking his head to react.

     "What thing is so fragrant? Chiyo, there is a fragrant smell on your underwear."

     Ye Shu was surprised, but Qiandai thought he was looking for an excuse to take advantage, so he quickly covered his chest, his face flushed with shame.

     "Shu Jun, I feel weird, is it really okay to have a baby like this?"

     "It's all to blame Seans and the others for always making trouble, so that we can't have children romantically...Well, let's go to a human hotel and open a room now. Humans do this."

     Ye Shu also thinks some sorry Chiyo, who would have sex on the roof.

     Qiandai gently un'ed, Ye Shu hugged her, planning to fly to find the hotel.

     As a result, in this hug, he immediately felt uncoordinated limbs, as if his hands did not belong to oneself.

     And Chiyo was also surprised: "Shu Jun, you... who are you?"


     Ye Shu felt a little bit in his heart, he felt his body completely changed.

     As soon as he opened his eyes and looked down, Ye Shu peeed in shock.

     Because his hands and feet have become smaller, his bones have become thinner, his skin has become tender, and his height has also shortened. He can even feel the hairs of a faint circle on his mouth.

     This is a little boy who smells of mother's milk not yet dried!

     Damn it!

     Ye Shu rolled back to the villa with a carp and found the mirror look. At this look, he almost both eyes went black.The self in the mirror is a 15-16 years old kid, not to mention his strong muscles, he doesn't even have much fat.

     The faintly discernible facial features resemble adult Ye Shu, but they are much younger.

     "What the hell? am I dreaming ma?"

     Ye Shu patted his face, shocked.

     Qiandai also followed, looking at Ye Shu stupidly, unable to say a word.

     Just when the two of them were Big eye stared at small eye, a few wild laughs sounded.

     "Hahaha, damn Lolicon, I knew you were going to steal the fishy, did you get the trick? The wizard's potion has restored you to youth, and you can turn into a little white face to your heart's content!"

     "Tsk tusk, it's so funny, you turned out to be like this when you were sixteen, you're a kid."


     The last Yves spoke a fair word, staring at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu corner of the mouth twitches, rolled up his sleeves fiercely.

     "Hearns, I killed you!"

     "Hey, why are you so fierce? I'm helping you. Chiyo said you want to go to school with us. You were so old and everyone knew you. How did you go to school? Now you are a pure high school student. Oh."

     Seans defended, looking as it should be. Ye Shu still looked fierce: "Turn me back!"

     "Do you think potions are candy? It's difficult to study a bottle. If you want to study ageing potions, it will take at least three years. You should wait for the natural recovery, maybe you will recover in a few months."Xinsi laughed loudly, Ye Shu shook his arms and legs, "I have to beat you up!"

     Ye Shu's strength still there, that is, he turned into a sixteen-year-old appearance, and packed up Hines enough and to spare.

     Hines saw him rushing over and ran away quickly.

     And Yves stretched out his hand to stop Ye Shu, and said with affection: "Xiao Shu, cute."

     Cute fart!
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