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0 Chapter List 489 Misfortune And Happiness
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The appearance of evil spirits in the world is fatal to humans.

     On the one hand, Ye Shu told Yin Yang Liao to protect humans as much as possible. On the other hand, he also asked the Oriental government to speed up the construction and transformation of the academy. Humans must learn Yin Yang, otherwise they can’t feel at ease.

     Of course, what Ye Shu worries most is the situation in China.

     China is the root of Taoism, and the imbalance between heaven and earth should have the greatest impact on China.

     Ye Shu became more worried as he thought about it, thinking about returning to China.

     When the sky was light, Ye Shu returned to the villa to say goodbye to Qiandai and the others, and the sisters of Luo Li were very surprised.

     "Hey, Lolicon, if you don't stay in Toyo, what should happen to the Toyo people? And we also need protection."

     Hines said with a grin, she was too weak now, a little bit scared.

     "The Yinsi leads the way in the East. Those evil spirits that can pose a threat to you must be cleaned up. As for other evil spirits, not worth mentioning."

     "You guessed it, what if we are in danger?"

     Ise-chan said with anger, she was relying on Ye Shu this time.

     Ye Shu looked at Yves: "Yves, call your brother back."

     "I do not!"

     Yves small mouth pouted, "Don't call him death"!

     That sister control is really miserable.

     Ye Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry, thought a bit then said: "I will stay for two more days and observe the situation. If there is no danger, I will return to China."

     Ye Shu has made up his mind, and several loli are also satisfied.

     So, for two days, Ye Shu walked around Dongyang, dealing with evil spirits, and also observing the situation.The Yinsi guide is indeed terrifying. Although Ye Shu never saw him again, he felt that he was everywhere. The whole Dongyang didn't know how many evil spirits had been taken care of by him.

     Very few human beings chaotically come under a surprise attack, and the impact of the imbalance between heaven and earth is rapidly diminishing.

     Ye Shu completely relieved, and after bidding farewell again, he hurried back to China.

     He Controlling Sword Flight, crossing the vast sea, arrived at the southern coast of China.

     When he set foot on the ground, Ye Shu trembled, he seemed to hear the ear-splitting dragon chant.

     It's not Yves's Western dragon's call, but the legendary Eastern dragon's call.

     I don't know where it came from, it was as vast as the sea and unmatched as thunder.

     Ye Shu's heartbeat speeded up unexpectedly, and his dantian also started running, shocked by Long Yin for an instant.

     But he looked around and found that there were only barren mountains and wild hills, not even a harbor. Where were dragons?

     No matter how Ye Shu listened carefully, he couldn't hear Long Yin.


     Ye Shu was surprised, his dantian was still running, as if he had been awakened by the blood qi, it stopped after a while.

     Ye Shu wandered around and found nothing, so he rushed to Tianleifeng suspiciously.

     On this flight, the cities and humans along the way are still peaceful, and life continues.

     It can be seen that China's ghost door has not been opened.

     Ye Shu stayed in a small city for a while, and asked about China's recent situation.

     "The government said that our country has monster protection and there will be no accidents.""The entire world is in turmoil, and our country is still very stable. There are indeed monsters protecting us."

     "I don't know what it will become, hey."

     The people who were asked by Ye Shu were somewhat scared and had no ideas. They didn't know what to do and could only listen to the government.

     Ye Shu is relaxed. Huaxia is very lucky. There are no monsters to eat people, so the society has not been messed up. Otherwise, how can it be managed?

     Ye Shu continued to rush to Tianlei Peak, all the way forward, he always feels that China has changed, the world of China has changed.

     Sometimes when he passed some mountain peaks, his dantian actually got fever.

     "Some places are full of aura, really inconceivable, the world is retro?"

     Ye Shu was very sure that in the past, Huaxia would never find a place with ample spiritual energy, except for those secret places.

     Today, most of the mountain peaks and valleys he passed by had ample spiritual energy for cultivators to cultivate.

     Ye Shu entered a canyon and observed for a long time, and found that aura came out of the ground.

     Just like a seed, it takes root and sprouts, and China Earth is providing aura.

     This is an exciting thing, but Ye Shu didn't understand the principle, so he was not too happy.

     Soon, he returned to the Garden of Eden and saw his wife and children.

     The whole family is safe, and Yang Yi themselves are not ordinary humans, so they are easy to accept changes in the world.

     Ye Shu was in a hurry, and when he came back, he immediately left when they were safe, causing Yang Yi and the others to mourn and her daughter wrinkled her nose.Ye Shu touched Wei Young's little head, soothed and left for a while.

     He went straight back to Congcheng Research Institute and found the real Zishan.

     The real person Zishan was not as relaxed as before. He stood with his hand holding his hand and kept staring at the Big Dipper starry sky map on the wall. It was drawn by himself and helped Ye Shu a lot back then.

     "Master, what happened to China?"

     Ye Shu doesn't talk nonsense, the real Zishan doesn't look back, faintly sighed.

     "The stars have shifted, and the Big Dipper is no more.

     Ye Shu was taken aback: "Master meant that the Big Dipper sky has changed?"

     "I watched the stars at night a few days ago and saw stars fallen. Although it is not a Big Dipper, it is from the Big Dipper starry sky. The yin and yang of the world are out of balance."

     The real Zishan was talking about the meteor that Ye Shu saw that night.

     Seeing that Master was so worried, Ye Shu couldn't help but worry, and he thought about it: "China is still very peaceful, I will go to the imperial capital to ask the situation."

     "What do monsters know? They were born in the mountains and have no civilization. They only entered society in modern times. Where do they know astrology."

     It’s not that Zhen Zishan looks down on monsters, but monsters indeed so.

     "Then I will go to the cultivator, they should know."

     Ye Shu thought of the cultivator of Tianleifeng, the nodded man of Zishan: "Go ahead and take precautions."

     Ye Shu turned around and left, arriving at Tianlei Peak within a few minutes.

     On Tianlei Peak, Mr. Tree was closing eye meditation. Ye Shu greeted him and went to Qingyunbaodi.

     Qingyunzong is hidden in the sea of clouds on the mountain, exuding a vigorous aura.Ye Shu takes a deep breath, feels clear thinking, and feels comfortable.

     "What a strong aura, I'm about to catch up with Penglai Immortal Island!"

     Ye Shu was amazed and sank into the sea of clouds.

     As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the pavilions below.

     However, everywhere is quiet, it does not have one person shadow.

     Ye Shu was thumped in his heart. Could something happen?

     He hurriedly went down and searched along the hall, and finally found people in a temple of cultivation, still a group of people.

     Hundreds of cultivators were sitting in the huge palace, accompanied by a faint burning incense, focusing on cultivating, just like entering concentration.

     Ye Shu found Sect Master Chen in it, so busy (to move or do sth) softly and quietly went over to wake him up.

     Sect Master Chen opened his eyes and looked at Ye Shu, was immediately surprised, and immediately pulled Ye Shu into the side hall.

     "Master Zhang, why did you come? Didn't you enter the fairy island to practice?"

     Sect Master Chen was very surprised and looked at Ye Shu very fiercely.

     Ye Shu smiled: "I have learned to go down the mountain, and Guoguo is still cultivating. She is very talented and will definitely achieve something."

     Sect Master Chen smiled relievedly, and said: "The disciples are all enamored in cultivation, and it is not convenient to entertain Master Zhang. Later, the old man will cook himself..."

     "It's okay, Sovereign, I want to ask, why is the aura of Qingyunbaodi so abundant?"

     When Ye Shu went up the mountain, it was difficult to absorb even a trace of aura, but now it is covering the mountains and the plains, which is almost like no money.

     Sect Master Chen laughed heartily up, his tone was extremely excited: "The pattern of heaven and earth has changed, the dragon veins have revived, and the cultivator's prosperity has finally arrived!""Dragon veins recover? What does that mean?"

     "China’s Jiuzhou has countless dragon veins, Great Xing'An Mountain, Qinling, Kunlun...the dragon veins have all recovered. This is the shelter of the sages. The imbalance of Yin and Yang affects the way of heaven. It is no longer so difficult to act against the sky. This is a great blessing. and also."
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