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0 Chapter List 494 It Is Impossible To Build A Nation
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Young Master Ye, don't come here without problems."

     The woman in Caiyi greeted everyone, making everyone confused.

     Bai Ling squinted at the corner of her mouth and couldn't help but glared at Ye Shu. Ye Shu was very innocent, and asked in doubt: "Girl, who are you?"

     The woman in colorful clothes lightly smiled: "I saw you in the north back then. You stunned the demons and won the secret artifact."

     What about Yudi?

     Ye Shu recalled, and looked at the woman in colored clothes, but still cannot remember that she had seen it at that time.

     "I am that butterfly."

     The woman in Caiyi saw that Ye Shu couldn't guess, so she stopped playing dumb puzzles.

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and then said in amazement: "It's you, colorful butterfly, you really are not a butterfly of nature!"

     Ye Shu to think of it, back then, a group of monsters competed for artifacts, not only the cranes of the South China Sea, but also the King Python of Qinling Mountains, and a strange butterfly.

      That butterfly always appeared intentionally or unintentionally, but flew away at the last minute, letting Ye Shu dispel his worries. I didn't expect that when I saw it today, I was actually a cultivator.

     "Young Master Ye to think of it, it's such an honor."

     The woman in Caiyi has a faint smile, neither arrogant nor flattering, much like a mature and stable authority.

     "Who you are?"

     Ye Shu questioned, the woman in Caiyi said: "The little girl is named You Caixuan, she is the eldest princess of the Butterfly Kingdom, and the monarch is my brother."

     It was the eldest princess!

     A group of people saluted, the eldest princess was so polite, Ye Shu and the others naturally also wanted to be polite.The two parties set off for a while, and Yu Caixuan took everyone to another hall. This is the hall of hospitality, where there are tables and chairs, food and drink, and maids serving.

     Ye Shu thought about it secretly, the monarch did not show up, but let the princess show up, probably because he didn't want to make the atmosphere so rigid.

     The eldest princess also not to mention the establishment of China, just eat, drink, and talk about interesting things.

     The vigilance of everyone in the alliance was put down, and they were all conquered by the charm of the princess.

      has to say, Yu Caixuan has a great charm, she is afraid that she is an experienced and seasoned lobbyist, which makes people hate does not raise.

     Ye Shu didn't talk about business matters, he should eat and drink, anyway, the princess would definitely make matters by herself.

     After thirty years of drinking, the eldest princess raised a glass to congratulate Ye Shu: "Master Ye is extraordinary. He came out less than a year after entering Penglai Immortal Island. He must have been recognized by the immortal, which is really enviable."

     Ye Shu brow raised, what a princess, she seems to be staring at oneself all the time.

     She is so polite to everyone, she is probably in awe of Ye Shu's strength.

     Ye Shudan smiled and said, "My master didn't think I was obedient, so he threw me out. It's no recognition."

     The princess' eyes flashed, and she received a very important message that Ye Shu's master was Xianzun.

     "Young Master Ye joked, please."

     The princess has a glass of wine into her belly, alcohol capacity very good. Ye Shu also drank in one sip, chic and heroic.

     On the other side, Bai Ling sits and eats meat, glances at Ye Shu and Princess Chang from time to time.Ling Feier poked her and whispered: "The long princess has her hair crossed. This is a sign of marriage. Don't be jealous, Xiao Ling."

     "Why am I jealous? I but... just look at it!"

     Bai Ling was coldly snorted and smacked Lingfeier secretly, just like a baby, causing Lingfeier to cover up and snorted.

     Soon after the meat and wine were eaten, everyone was full, the atmosphere reached its peak, and both sides were very polite.

     The people in the alliance wanted to take the initiative to bring up business, but Ye Shu coughed and stopped.

     He is not a word or movement, so he has to wait for the princess to mention it herself.

     After a stalemate for most of the time, the princess finally mentioned it.

     "Everyone, are you full? I wonder what Huaxia's views on our country's requirements?"

     Long princess such a saying, the atmosphere immediately cooled down, everyone did not say anything, and looked at Ye Shu.

     In fact, Hua Xia's reply was in Bai Ling's hands, but Bai Ling was still too tender. She looked at Ye Shu herself, and Ye Shu handled everything.

     Ye Shu didn't write any ink, and said bluntly: "The founding of the country is not allowed, but materials can be provided, and everything can be discussed slowly."

     Ye Shu rejected Jianguo's request, but left room.

     The eldest princess had obviously expected it, and was not angry.

     "I don't know what the senior executives of Huaxia said specifically?"

     "Bai Ling, come and talk."

     Ye Shu handed over the right to speak to Bai Ling, because he didn't understand what the senior officials said.Bai Ling's face was cold, and she returned to her previous temperament. She was rather rude: "Lingnan is a vast country, and it is impossible for a cultivator to occupy it. The cultivator is a Chinese. Why must we build a country? Wouldn't it be better to integrate into the Chinese society? "

     Bai Ling repeated the words of the high-level Huaxia, and the princess smiled away. She neither servile nor overbearing said: "The nation of butterflies has been cut off from the rest of the world since the Warring States period. How can we adapt to modern society now? The founding of the country was not about relocating the people to Lingnan, but establishing a school in Lingnan. Now that the dragon veins are revived, the outside world is also abundant and cannot be wasted."

     The long princess meant that the Kingdom of Butterfly should establish a base in the entire Lingnan, so that the cultivators could cultivate immortality, instead of everyone crowding in the Kingdom of Butterfly, so the resources were not enough.

     The Lingnan is mountainous and has many dragon veins. It is indeed a rare treasure. The cultivator is forgiven for this idea.

     Bai Ling was silent, and everyone was silent, looking at Ye Shu again.

     Ye Shu held a glass of wine and said, "The vision of the kingdom of butterflies is a bit short."

     "What does Ye Gongzi mean?"

     The princess was a little unhappy, Ye Shu smiled and said: "North to Great Xing'An Mountain, south to the ends of the earth, east to the top of Mount Tai, west to the ancestor of Wanshan, and in the middle there is the Qinling Mountains and the Chinese dragon vein too. Many to count, any one is enough to open sect and establishing school. How can a mere Lingnan stand?"

     "Ye Gongzi means that Huaxia is willing to give us all the dragon veins?"

     The princess showed a rare excited look and stared straight at Ye Shu.Ye Shu nodded: "Yes, all the dragon veins can be given to you. Huaxia Earth from ancient to present is Huaxian's, which belongs to Yan-Huang Descendant. The nationality of butterflies is also Yan-Huang Descendant. Dragon veins belong to you."

     Ye Shu's words stunned the people in the alliance, and everyone sweat profusely coughing and letting Ye Shu stop talking.

     The eldest princess is more excited, but Ye Shu's tone changed, smiled, said: "Everyone has the same clan and robes, there is no difference. The country of troubled butterflies is opening sect and establishing school, recruiting modern disciples, and opening the curtain for the nation's cultivation of immortals in China."


     The princess stopped/stood directly, and the complexion fluctuates were uncertain.

     The people in the alliance also understood Ye Shu's pains after being stunned. This was to dig a hole for the cultivator to jump.

     Nowadays, the West, the East and the Americas are all carrying out reconstruction plans with great fanfare. Only the China Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters is not appropriate.

      you can say so, today's world is undergoing a radical change. This time it is not about changing technology, but creating "magic".

     If Huaxia were to fall, it might be at a loss for countless Supermen in the future.

     "The cultivator is based on the sect family, and there is no tradition of recruiting mortals."

     The eldest princess shook her head and said, she knew she had been misled by Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu still smiled, standing with his hands holding hands, with a bold tone.

     "Princess, I ask you, did the Chinese ancestors want to see a closed country of cultivation or a prosperous world of cultivation? One million of you, can’t find a set foot on the Immortal Path, why not try 1.3 billion people?"
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