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0 Chapter List 498 The Plan Of The Old Family
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

If Ye Shu thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, the whole hall seems to be echoing his voice.

     The expressions of the ministers changed in shock and anger exhibited one's feelings in one's speech, even the monarch could not sit still.

     "Ye Shu, don't be bully intolerably."

     The monarch warned, for the first time showing a touch of majesty. The courtiers saw that the monarch was angry, and immediately scolded Ye Shu.

     "Do you think we are afraid? I am still afraid of mortals when I wait for the cultivators?"

     "The land of Huaxia left by the sages has never belonged to any government. You are so arrogant!"

     "Unreasonable! Presumptuous!"

     The ministers were about to explode. Ye Shu shrugged and raised his foot to leave. "Then to wipe one's eyes and wait, see if the cultivator is strong or the missile is strong."

     He walked away, leaving behind a group of angry ministers.

     The monarch watched Ye Shuyuan go and sighed secretly: "Retreat."

     The ministers left in anger. Soon, the old generations, major families and sects all knew about Ye Shu, and they were so angry on the spot that they wanted to kill Ye Shu alive.

     At this time, Ye Shu had already returned to the rest room, and was talking to Bai Ling and his group about the early morning.

     After he finished speaking, the alliance officials were nervous and blamed: "Ye Gongzi, how are you such domineering? The other party is a cultivator, how do you end up annoying them?"

     "If you don't agree, talk slowly, or if you don't, there is no need to anger them."

     Facing all the accusations, Ye Shu smiled relaxedly: "Don't worry, the cultivators will not go to war. They have such a personality. I am just giving them a stick today. The next thing is the highlight.""What else can we talk about next? They can’t drive us away?"

     Ling Feier questioned, and Ye Shu nodded: "You It should be noted, the current cultivators are no longer ancient cultivators. They don't have any advantages, and they will talk to us after they calm down. "

     Everyone half believing, half doubting, can only pray that Ye Shu will not be bad.

     Nothing happened for a day, but in the afternoon, the monarch went to court again. This time he did not meet with Ye Shu, but with the head of the old clan.

     In a big hall, there are only more than ten advanced in age people, all of whom have a calm atmosphere, smile without saying anything, and think about things looking thoughtfully.

     The monarch is sitting in the dragon chair, no sloppy, but very serious.

     "Senior Chu, what do you think?"

     The monarch asked an old man standing in the front. This old man was wrinkled, dressed in a white robe, and several jade rings on his fingers, with a very strong breath.

     He is the leader of the Chu family among the old generations and the leader of the old generations.

      The wrinkles on Senior Chu's face loosened, and he said relaxedly, "What do you think about your Lord?"

      Senior Chu stared deeply at the monarch, as if he could see through the monarch.

     The monarch raised his little hand and made a helpless face: "What can I think? The foreign minister is too arrogant, so I should teach you a lesson!"

      Senior Chu smiled and looked away, and asked the senior officials, "Do you think you can fight?"

     "No, where am I waiting for a reason to fight against mortals? Speaking of which, mortals are descendants of Qin and Han, but they didn't follow us.""If there is a war, slaughtering mortals doesn't have any difficulty, mortal technology can't touch us. However, when I waited for the cultivator to become an executioner, I was ashamed of my ancestors, and lost my heart."

     "Senior Chu, make up your mind, the old people will listen to you."

     Everyone looked at Senior Chu, and the monarch became a decoration.

      Senior Chu touched his jade ring ring, indifferent said: "This matter can make a difference. I am waiting to occupy the dragon vein treasure land as the most important thing, but we must not recruit mortal children and waste our energy. This requires a reason to let China The government understands that mortal cultivating immortals is a waste of time and ask them to give up this plan."

      After Senior Chu finished speaking, everyone was overjoyed, all showing their approval.

     "As expected to be Senior Chu, this is a great idea. Moreover, modern mortals have difficulty in cultivating immortals. They want to waste time, why are they bothering us?"

     "The billions of modern mortals are just a bunch of rubbish. They want to cultivate immortality is really whimsical. There are so many people in the kingdom of butterflies who cannot cultivate immortality, let alone outsiders?"

     Everyone seemed to have negotiated, and they all showed disdain.

      Senior Chu looked at the monarch again: "My lord, do you think so good?"

     The light in the eyes of the monarch was concealed, and he waved his hand at will: "I listen to Chu old gentleman's, and widows are not good at diplomacy."

     The ministers suddenly laughed, and Senior Chu glanced at Guojundao profoundly: "Since the monarch agrees, then do so. Tonight, invite the Chinese envoy to the Chengxi Martial Arts Stadium to watch the show. The old minister will arrange the most powerful cultivation in the country. The performer performed and challenged Ye Shu so that he could not get off the stage.""how so?"

     The monarch was puzzled. Senior Chu touched his beard and said: "The old minister has heard of Ye Shu's performance in the early dynasty. It is indeed extraordinary that this person can have such strength in the outside world. If the old minister expected it well, his youthful appearance is a special technique. It may actually be several hundred years old, otherwise it would be impossible to frighten Meng Yun by his aura alone."

     "That's right, Ye Shu is so old that he can't walk. He changed his appearance to frighten us. He thinks how powerful he is. I don't know the cultivator who can frighten Meng Yun. My kingdom of butterflies has no ten thousand but eight thousand! "

     "Let him see the power of the Kingdom of Butterflies, suppress his arrogance, and tell him that mortals can't cultivate immortals, he will definitely roll back in despair."

     More than a dozen veterans were very confident, and the monarch nodded in response: "So far so good, I really bother you elders."

     The veterans waved their hands at will, indicating that they were part of their own affairs, and then left.

     The monarch saw them walking out of the main hall, his face became cold.

     The curtain of the side hall opened, and the princess walked out frowning.

     "Brother, I understand your sadness. These old people don't think you are king at all."

     "It's okay. Tonight's show is extremely important. If Ye Shu fails, their Chinese government will lose their momentum. Comprehensions pay attention to strength, and relying on nuclear bombs can't truly allow comprehensions to compromise."

     The monarch deeply worried and sick at heart said, "Cai Xuan, you saw Ye Shu compete for the jade flute, what is his strength?""He was not strong back then, but he entered Penglai Immortal Island and came out again in less than a year. It is almost inconceivable. Even if he is not strong enough now, his talent is definitely the cream of the crop's."

     Caixuan is not stingy with her words of praise, the monarch lightly let out a breath: "Now we can't talk about talent, only strength."

     Both of them were silent, not how many confident in Ye Shu, after all, he had to face the strongest cultivator in the capital.

     In the upper room, Ye Shu was eating and drinking lightly and easily, sitting beside Bai Ling with an unhappy expression.

     "Ye Shu, there is no movement from the monarch, is this putting us under house arrest?"

     "The monarch of course is not moving. It is the old clan that has the movement. Let me tell you that the old clan of the Kingdom of Butterfly is the same as the old clan of the pre-Qin Dynasty. Shang Yang of 2.000 years ago could not completely kill the old. Shizu, I can’t kill them now, I can only wait for the opportunity."

     "What did you say, I don't understand it, don't eat it, it's annoying to look at it, and it doesn't matter to me at all."

     Bai Ling rolled her eyes, Ye Shu chuckled: "I'm irritable, uncle will help you reduce stress."

     Ye Shu slid into the table, hugged Bai Ling's thigh and touched it, then ran away.

     Bai Ling stared for a while and she reacted, and shouted in shame, "You... crazy, stop for me!"

     Ye Shu stopped at the door and snapped a finger: "Here."

     Bai Ling chased after him and was about to cut Ye Shu, but saw two "little eunuchs" hurriedly in the corridor.

     "The emperor has an edict, please go to the Chengxi Martial Arts Field to watch the performance, to show the Dao of Hospitality, the kingdom of butterflies."
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