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0 Chapter List 503 Age Of Abilities?
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

All things in China have been decided, and then start the prosperous cultivation world.

     Ye Shu didn't stay in the imperial capital for a long time. He Controlling Sword Flight rushed back to the East.

     Ye Shu still worried that Toyo would be messed up in his heart, after all, Yamata no Orochi might not die, and the Toyo Ghost Gate opened again, and everything went wrong.

     He doesn't care about the Orientals, but the Chiyos. That group of girl idols had an accident.

     Soon, Ye Shu arrived at the coast of Chiba County, retracted his spells, and walked forward.

     Along the way, Ye Shu observed the Dongyang society and found that it was unexpectedly stable, completely different from the mess before.

     There are still pedestrians on the street discussing cultivation, and they seem very happy.

     "Yin Yang Liao is still very good at doing things. It stabilizes people's hearts so soon, Dong Yang is about to start the flourishing age of Yin Yang."

     Ye Shu thought to himself, he was about to go back to the villa, not wanting to see a row of soldiers walking across the street, tall and strong, patrolling with special weapons.

     Ye Shu was stunned when he saw it, because it was not an Oriental soldier but a U.S. soldier.

     There are American troops stationed in the East, but they are basically in Okinawa. They don't usually appear at all. Now they have come to Chiba Prefecture. This is the area of the national capital.

     Looking at the Oriental people on both sides of the street, they stood up and watched, one by one, they were extremely enthusiastic, even more enthusiastic than the soldiers who saw their own country.

      this is what is going on?

     Ye Shu was really shocked. He knew that someone with supernatural powers had come to the East, but the superpower didn't play a role, and he shouldn't be worshipped by the Oriental.

     Good now, even American soldiers are worshipped, what happened?Ye Shu stood by and watched, and after the soldiers passed by, he asked a young man next to him.

     "Why are American soldiers patrolling here?"

     The young man looked at Ye Shu like a countryman: "You don't know at all? The emperor has announced that he will cooperate with the United States in depth. Their superpowers and troops have come to arouse our strangeness. Yes, it will be Chiba Prefecture's turn next month."

     "Arousing power? This is What does it mean?"

     "The United States has advanced science and technology and has mastered the technology to transform humans. According to research, every human has the opportunity to stimulate supernatural powers. The United States has mastered this technology. This is a technology for the benefit of all mankind, entire worlds and realms' people. They are all looking forward to it."

     The young man exclaimed, and the people on the side rushed around and said, "The country of America is so powerful, it deserves to be the number one on the earth. It is great that they are willing to help us inspire abilities, and we will all be superhumans in the future."

     Everyone was excited, but Ye Shu frowned tightly.

     The U.S. is really powerful. They can actually inspire ordinary person's abilities? This sounds like a fantasy story, but the United States did such.

     "Where is Yin and Yang? Didn't you say that you want to build an academy to teach Yin and Yang?"

     Ye Shu asked, and everyone laughed.

     "The Yin Yang Liao has a fart, and the emperor ignored them. There were monsters in Kyoto before, and the Yin Yang Liao did not dare to approach. It was the supernatural powers of the United States who killed the monsters. Moreover, the onmyoji technique needs to be practiced for decades to stimulate It only takes a few minutes for the supernatural powers to practice onmyoji.""That's right, and the Yin Yang Liao is in the hands of the Hua Xia people. Everyone is saying that Ye Shu is clearly a Hua Xia, so why do you control the Yin Yang Liao? Even the Emperor is furious."

     Everyone condemned Ye Shu. If Ye Shu hadn't changed his appearance, he might have been beaten.

     Ye Shu didn't think it was right, why was this public opinion field suddenly lost? It seems that everyone believes in the emperor, and his identity is confidential. It is impossible for the Yin Yang Liao to leak it. It is estimated that the emperor's group is doing a ghost.

     Ye Shu didn't stay much, and hurried to Tsuchimikado Family.

      Tsuchimikado Family is lifeless. Although there are people inside, there is no sound. Everyone is very low.

     But when Ye Shu came back, Onmyouji finally raised the spirits.

     It happened that the leaders of the other families were all here, and they immediately surrounded Ye Shu in the meeting.

     Ye Shu didn't talk nonsense, and let Gongxiao talk about the situation.

     "The situation is very bad. First of all, the royal family suddenly acted, prompting the country to change the prime minister. The government turned to the emperor and accepted the United States."

     "The government completely without informing us that it fell to the emperor overnight, as if under control. I guess the emperor's subordinates have far more strength than ours."

     "Vice President Don’t come forward. Public opinion is now condemning you and accusing you of taking the Oriental artifacts Guiqie and Tian Congyun. If you show up, you will definitely be persecuted. Fortunately, your appearance has changed drastically, and no one will recognize you. you."

     Everyone in Yinyangliao spoke seriously, and their faces were very worried.

     Ye Shu frowned and said: "What happened to the royal family? How can they rise overnight?""I don't know, the emperor has taken control of Dongyang, completely without taking care of us, just throwing us aside, we already have no right to speak."

     Ye Shu walked a few steps, remembering that a group of royal family came to ask for the sky.

     Ye Shu felt weird at that time. How could the royal family have the courage to ask for the clouds? Now it seems that they have been planning something.

     "The news of my return must be kept secret. I am not afraid of the emperor, but if I am forced by Orientals to be also very helpless, I don't want to kill mortals."

     Ye Shu warned, everyone nodded to express their understanding.

     Ye Shu left immediately, this time he was a lot more careful, and turned into a phantom directly to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), so that no one should even want to find him.

     He went straight to the villa by the sea and soon approached the villa.

     Ye Shu paused here because he noticed that there were a lot of sight lines near the villa and the villa was under surveillance.

     Ye Shu coldly snorted, to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology), just like lightning, with no difficulty avoiding those sights and entering the villa.

     The villa is still the same, the small clams are soaking in the swimming pool, and the others are dancing live. At this time, they still have extremely high popularity.

     Ye Shu came back to be wordless and uncommunicative, even Qiandai did not find it.

     Ye Shu didn't say a word, he paid attention to the surrounding movement and closed some curtains.

     After he showed up, Chiyo overjoyed at unexpected good news and ran over and hugged Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu immediately buried his chest.

     Chiyo was much taller than him, and he went into the chest of the building.Ye Shuman's nose is full of fragrance, and his cheeks feel soft. Chiyo's chest is really big.

      Little Lolis turned off the live broadcast and looked at Ye Shu and Chiyo sideways one by one.

     Chiyo reacted, his cheeks flushed, and he pushed Ye Shu away quickly: "Shu Jun is really abnormal."

     Ye Shu said he was innocent, what did I do?

     "Xiao Shu, you are back."

     Yves take the initiative to speak up. This cute Lori with short silver hair and short legs holds her head up and looks at Ye Shu. She looks cute and wants to hug her.

     Ye Shu naturally also couldn't bear, and hugged Yves, love sth too much to part with it.

     Hines on the side was jealous again: "Why do you only hold her every time? Am I not cute?"

     "Then come, I will hold you."

     Ye Shu stretched out his hand, Xiensi bah'ed, Ye Shu's hug is rare.

     The group was very happy and gave up after a lot of tossing.

     Ye Shu got up seriously and took Qiandai to speak alone.

     Chiyo blushed again, and twisted: "Shu Jun, don't have children in broad daylight."

     "If you don't have children, I'll tell you the business."

     Ye Shu is very serious, Qiandai relaxed, and a little lost.

     "Shu Jun, What happened?"

     "We are being watched, something not going well, I want you to take them back to China."
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