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    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xiaojing and Xiaoyu were hugged and touched by the emperor, completely unlike normal father and daughter.

     But Xiaojing and Xiaoyu did not resist, and seemed to think that as it should be by rights.

     Ye Shu hid under the bed and watched from a close distance, seeing be very clear about sth, the crotch under the emperor's big belly was already bulging.

     The queen grope wanted to take off the clothes of the two little girls. Xiaojing and Xiaoyu then resisted and expressed their dislike.

     The emperor had to gasp, touch the heads of the two of them kindly, and then left.

     Ye Shu was shocked and angry in his heart. This emperor without a doubt had an obscure desire for Xiaojing and Xiaoyu. This is a pedophile, which is completely different from Lolicon.

     "Who is he from you?"

     Ye Shu came out and asked if he didn't understand the situation, he would have killed the emperor just now.

     Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu babbled, not angry.

     Xinyu floated out and translated: "That's the person who awakened them. The Emperor has a special bloodline and can awaken the artifact. From a certain perspective, the Emperor is their father."

     It turned out that it was the Emperor's blood that gained the trust of Xiaojing and Xiaoyu.

     Ye Shu inwardly cursed and said softly: "The two little sisters, the Emperor is not a good person, for you engage in conspiratorial activities, you can go with me."

     Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu shook their heads, and they didn't understand Ye Shu's meaning.

     "They do not have a gender concept. Although they reject the Emperor from taking off their clothes, they do not feel that the Emperor engages in conspiratorial activities."

     Xinyu explained, "One of them is a mirror and the other is Gouyu, which is incomprehensible."This is troublesome. Sooner or later they will be succeeded by the emperor if they stay here.

     Ye Shu thought for a while and said, "Are you guys must stay here?"

     The two young girls nodded, and said that they would protect the emperor and would not leave unless they were going to the underworld.

     Ye Shudan hurts, two young girls guarding a pedophile, isn't this a death?

     "Xinyu, you tell them that you must beware of the emperor and will not allow the emperor to touch them in the future. This is my deal with them. If you don't agree to my request, I will not take them to the underworld."

     Ye Shu said strongly, as he said in his heart, the two little girls were ignorant, but they nodded obediently, promising not to let the Emperor touch them again.

     This is good.

     The Emperor is just one human. Although the royal family has masters, they are not worth mentioning compared to Xiaojing Xiaoyu. As long as Xiaojing Xiaoyu protects themselves, they will never get into trouble.

     It was late at this time, Ye Shu probably figured out the situation, so he didn't stay much, and said goodbye to the two young girls.

     The courtyard behind the imperial city returned to silence, and the night sky was filled with terrifying pressure, which was emitted from Xiaojing Xiaoyu.

     After leaving the imperial city, Ye Shu felt relaxed. The royal family's trump cards were Xiaojing and Xiaoyu, but now he knew Xiaojing Xiaoyu, so there was no need to be afraid of them.

     But it is a pity that Tian Congyun was left behind, and the two young girls were reluctant to return Tian Congyun and hid them by themselves.

     Ye Shu thought all the way, and soon arrived at Tsuchimikado Family.In the middle of the night, Tsuchimikado Family brightly lit, the elites of Yin and Yang Lao sat lifeless in the conference hall, and no one spoke.

     It wasn't until Ye Shu arrived that the dead silence was broken.

     "Vice President, is there anything?"

     "No one is willing to practice onmyoji anymore, they are all running to stimulate abilities."

     They negotiated from day to night, at a loss, waiting for Ye Shu to arrive.

     Ye Shu sat down and smiled relaxedly: "The situation is worse than you think. It is estimated that many onmyojis will have to stimulate abilities to escape from the Yin and Yang domination. The Emperor's ambition is not small."

     "What does it mean? Vice President, you mean..."

     Everyone complexion big change, Ye Shu nodded: "Yes, those with supernatural powers are willing to accept onmyojis. Think about it, how many onmyojis long for soars toward sky in a Leap. They have cultivated for so many years to achieve nothing, if they can be accepted by the supernaturalists. , Must rush like ducks, get out of yin and yang."

     After Ye Shu finished speaking, everyone's faces were deathly pale, and the ending of Yin Yang Liao was already expected.

     In today’s world, superhumans emerge as a new force to be reckoned with, relying on technology to become superman, it’s so tempting, not to mention onmyoji, even celestial magic cannot withstand the temptation of superhuman what.

     "It's over. Thousand-year Onmyoji is about to be destroyed. I am ashamed of my ancestors!"

     Gong Xiao cried directly. He already saw the ending of Yin Yang Liao. He must be assimilated by the supernatural person and abandoned by the government.

     Onmyojis are not comparable to blood races. Onmyojis are very dependent on human society, because they eat, drink, shit and piss birth, aging, illness and death are not much different from humans. If they are abandoned, they cannot go into hiding like blood races. May starve to death.Everyone was desperate and all lost their fighting spirit.

     Ye Shu raised his hand and patted a few times, and said calmly: "What are you anxious for? Not without countermeasures."

     "What countermeasures does the vice president have? Is it necessary to rebel?"

     Everyone stared at Ye Shu closely, and the worst case plan had been prepared.

     "The rebellion will not succeed. Instead, it gives the royal family an excuse to wipe out the Yin and Yang 寮. Hard work will not work, but the soft ones. The Yin Yang 寮 hand over the rights and let the emperor lead the emperor and recruit students together with the abilities. Some cannot Humans who inspire abilities will still choose Onmyoji."

     Ye Shu neither fast nor slow said, everyone have a surprise: "What? Let the Emperor lead? This is not...this is surrender!"

     "The current emperor is no longer the ancient emperor. The imperial family has nothing to do and will betray the country and seek glory. How can I surrender to the emperor?"

     "This matter will definitely not work!"

     They were very firm, and Ye Shu waited for them to finish talking before saying: "This is a slow strategy. If not, Dongyang will be the world of supernaturalists in a few years, and Dongyang's culture will collapse and fall apart. I have a second hand. It’s just that I can’t move it yet. It’s a done deal for the superpower to rule the world in a short time.

     "The vice president still have any room for maneuver?"

     Everyone ignited hope again, Ye Shu lightly smiled: "This is a secret, I will shoot when the time comes."Ye Shu's backs are naturally Xiaojing and Xiaoyu. The two young girls regard the Emperor as their father, so they can't fight the Emperor right now. But in the future, I took them to find Wei Ji, and Wei Ji came forward. Xiao Jing and Xiao Yu were his own people. At that time, killing the emperor was not a matter of minutes.

     Everyone saw that Ye Shu didn't say anything, he couldn't help half believing, half doubting, and couldn't make up his mind.

     Ye Shu glanced at everyone and said wisely: "Let's analyze the situation. Do you think the supernatural being is very powerful?"

     "Not powerful, most of them are inferior to powerful Shiki."

     Everyone has a very unified opinion and is not afraid of the supernatural beings.

     Ye Shu smiled: "If this is the case, why should you be afraid of it? The supernatural person can rely on technology to invade the world in a short time, but the rear power is insufficient and there is no room for improvement. Whether it is an onmyoji from Toyo or a comprehension from China, or even Western vampires have enough potential to rise. Time will tell whether Old Ancestor's treasure works or the technology of the supernatural being works."

     Everyone look at each other in dismay, and then realisation, it is really clear to see the dawn.

     "Okay, just according to the vice chairman, I will surrender to the emperor for the time being, and wait for the opportunity to exert my strength!"
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