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0 Chapter List 515 Follower Of The Witch
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The small town of Toridoo fell into tranquility late at night.

     There were no figures in the town, and occasionally dark creatures flew past, stunned by the moonlight.

     In one of the most remote and narrow alleys, a man and a woman are walking furtively, like thieves.

     "Dad, there is no one here, we can start."

     Aiqier with her pregnant belly suppressed her breath, cheeks blushed a slice. She is magnificently dressed in a gown and a crown. If it weren't for her big belly, she would be a perfect majestic queen.

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly, he had nothing to do with this girl, he could only agree to all her requirements.

     Playing field, backyard flowers.

     Seeing that there was no one at the top of streets, bottom of alleys, and dark creatures flew past, Ye Shu pressed Aqier against the wall, and was careful not to touch her belly.

     Aiqier chuckled, obediently cocked her ass, her fingers trembling.

     "You're so shy. If you find out, you'll be over, Mr. Ye, hurry up."

     The charming girl is tender and soft as water, and the iron man is as hard as steel.

     Already inevitable, Ye Shu felt everything around him and started a deranged one.

     "A little bit above, oh, it hurts..."

     "Where is the lubricant? Don't move..."

     "Slow down, it hurts..."

     There was a subtle breath in the alley, and dark creatures passed by in the distance. Fortunately, the two lost people hiding in the darkness were not found.

     I don't know how long it took, and Ai Qier finally let out a low whistle, clenching her teeth and moving her ass.Ye Shu took a breath, and his soul was about to be sucked away.

     Time passed, and when Ai Qier knelt down softly, Ye Shu also put away the tools of the crime, sweating profusely.

     "Okay, okay, go back."

     Ye Shu hugged Ai Qier, and Ai Qier clamped him with her legs, weakly saying: "No, I have to come again..."

     "Enough, strangers have arrived in the town."

     Ye Shu said in a low voice, very serious. Achille regained her sense of sanity, and then hummed: "I don't believe it, dad, don't want to lie to me, hurry up, I just didn't feel well, only pain."

     "Someone is coming, I'll take you back first."

     Ye Shu had a headache, and Ai Qier twisted her body and kissed Ye Shu's lips.

     "Bad things...hurry up one more time..."

     A muttering sound came from Aiqier's mouth, her desires were so high that she didn't believe Ye Shu's words.

     Ye Shu kissed her and flew away, fast as lightning, and soon returned to the castle in the deep mountain, and put Aiqier on the bed.

     "Emily, take care of the emperor and see if she is injured."

     Ye Shu pushed away the drunken Aiqier, and said to Emily at the window.

     Emily smiled weirdly, came over shyly, and began to examine the back of Azil.

     Ye Shu lifted his foot and left, secretly relaxed, and finally got rid of his daughter.

     He left the castle and returned to the town again.

     What Ye Shu said just now was not to deceive Ai Qier, he really found that strangers had come in the town, and like ghosts, wordless and uncommunicative, ordinary people really couldn't find it.Ye Shu walked along the street, hiding himself in the dark. His eyes swept across the streets and alleys, and finally locked the backyard of a house.

     It was a ruined house with weeds in the backyard. I don't know how many years it has been uninhabited.

     At this moment, there were a few humans wrapped in black robes sitting in the backyard. They seemed to be in a meeting, talking in a whisper.

     Ye Shu hummed secretly, and appeared behind them in one step, floating like a dragonfly.

     Several black-robed humans were basically unable to find Ye Shu, still talking to themselves.

     "According to the latest news, the emperor is likely to be in the small town of Tuorido. We must investigate clearly."

     "William's family was slaughtered. Perhaps the emperor did it. Her maid was arrested here, and she must be here."

     "Great witch, please point us in the right direction."

     A few people were talking about the witch, and they even talked about the witch.

     Ye Shu brow raised, looked at them again, and suddenly remembered the wizard.

     Yes, it is the wizard.

     At the beginning, in the small town of Alexander, a group of modern wizards laid out and even resurrected the witch Sean.

     After the witch's defeat, the wizard disappeared, and now it appeared in here.

     Ye Shu was surprised. He knew that modern wizards are very weak and basically impossible. Not to mention the emergence of abilities, wizards are not worth mentioning.

     "What the hell do they want?"

     Ye Shu was surprised and continued to eavesdrop.

     "We must take back Corvinus' silver sword so that the witch will return to us and lead us to heaven."

      Corvinus' silver sword?Ye Shu was stunned, aren't you wizards? Don’t you believe in a witch? Why is it related to Yinjian again?

     The silver sword is in the hands of Ai Qier, these people want to find Ai Qier to get back the silver sword?

     Ye Shu always feels something is wrong. He has been staring at the U.S. supernatural powers recently, but has ignored other enemies, such as the resurrected Corvinus.

     These wizards may be related to the resurrected.

     Ye Shu boldly guessed, but didn't beat the grass to scare the snake.

     Afterwards, these wizards began to walk around the town. Although they were very weak and small, they had special witchcraft. They escaped the detection of dark creatures and finally entered the Castle of Toredo.

     Ye Shu deliberately dismissed the security of the castle, and asked Daphne to pretend that she didn't find it, and asked the wizard to search the entire castle.

     At dawn, the wizards hurriedly left. They sank into the jungle and had a meeting again.

     "There are vampires and dark creatures here, but they are both weak and small. If the emperor is here, Defensive Power could not be so weak."

     "You mean the emperor is not here?"

     "We can't stay here for a long time. We have to go to the south and meet other wizards, otherwise the strength is too weak."

     Several people discussed for a while, and immediately rushed to the south.

     Ye Shu stroked his chin in thought for a while, followed at a moderate pace. He wanted to see whose power these people were.

     However, what horrified Ye Shu was that after he followed for a few kilometers, a white fog appeared in front of him. The wizards didn't seem to notice, so they just walked in.

     But Ye Shu changed his complexion, afraid to enter the white mist.This white mist gave him a familiar feeling, that was... the atmosphere in the little town of Alexander!

     Ye Shu stared at Bai Wu from a distance, watching the wizards disappear.

     "Something's wrong, the wizards didn't find the white mist, this white mist specifically blocked me!"

     Ye Shu was shocked secretly, and stepped back.

     In the white mist, there seemed to be an evil beast, staring at Ye Shu indifferently, forcing him to give up tracking.

     In today's West, only those ancient resurrectors can put such a strong pressure on Ye Shu.

     "Is it you Corvinus? Do you want to do what?"

     Ye Shu whispered, and the white mist disappeared after a while, and the wizards were gone.

     Ye Shu looked around for a while, and then quickly left. With his current strength, he couldn't be tough with the resurrected.

     But he left an extra eye. In today's world, in addition to the arrogant supernatural beings, there are also low-key resurgents. They are the real scourge of the world.

     And now, they seem to be laying out.
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