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0 Chapter List 517 This Is Not A Great Deal
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After leaving Qingyunzong, Ye Shu returned to his hometown.

     His real hometown, where he lived more than twenty years.

     This is a small southern city with a moderate level of prosperity. Except for the Garden of Eden, all other places are nothing special.

     Ye Shu originally planned to go to see his wife and children in the Garden of Eden, but was blocked halfway through the road, and there were many parades in his hometown, as if young people from the whole city ran out to parade.

     But after all, this place is different from Guicongcheng. The local government and the monster office showed up, calmed the crowd on the street and asked everyone to go home.

     But the effect is not good, they have become the target of a multitude of arrows instead.

     After Ye Shu walked through two streets, he saw a conflict broke out in one region/place. There were hundreds of young people surrounded by government officials and some monsters. They were pushing and foul-mouthed, and they were about to do it.

     In the crowd, there were several Westerners who were shooting with their cameras.

      Westerners who are tall as a cow and big as a horse are shooting parade conflicts. This is unusual. They want to make big news.

     At that time, post the video on the Internet, and then take the title "The Chinese government suppressed the people and triggered violent resistance from the people" wouldn't it be beautiful?

     Ye Shu coldly snorted and strode over.

     Those western guys are all supernatural beings, and the street parade seems to respect them very much, centering on them.

     The sound of taking pictures continued, and hundreds of young people surrounded government officials and monsters not one drop can trickle through.

     Ye Shu approached and saw a familiar figure, Wu Miao.

     Wu Meow was wearing a black uniform and a red armband, obviously to stop the crowd, but was surrounded.She is in a rage right now, and her claws are revealed.

     "What are you doing? Is it mentally handicapped? Listen to these ghosts whistling? They have an ulterior motive, just to mess up our country!"

     Wu Miao yelled at the crowd, and pointed at the Westerners.

     The Westerner looked indifferent, pointing his middle finger while shooting, and explaining it in English, obviously to be recorded in the video.

     Ye Shu can already imagine that a few hours later, the entire worlds and realms' network is circulating videos taken by Westerners, and its belittle and slander against China are tons.

      has to say, Westerners are very familiar with this set, even in the Superman era, they still use public opinion offensive in the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy).

     On the other hand, Wu Miao and his party, completely without the power of parry, became the target of everyone.

     Especially Wu Meow, she is so glamorous, the Westerner has been staring at her, bewitching the young man to do something to catch Wu Meow.

     This is already illegal, and China’s laws have suffered severe damage.

     But Wu Miao's mentality burst directly, and a paw drew towards the camera. Her speed is very fast, but the photographer is a superpower, and stronger than Wu Miao.

     He moved his hand and avoided it, and then shouted in Chinese: "She hit someone, the government hit someone, we want freedom! We want supernatural powers!"

     In an instant, people all over the street responded, and the youth surrounding Wu Miao immediately started to catch Wu Miao. With the help of Westerners, Wu Miao couldn't escape at all and was carried like a pig.Ye Shu's eyes narrowed, his vision is very high now. It can be said that he is standing in the Summit of World, and there is rarely any mood swings, but at this time, seeing Wu Miao eyes red being carried on the street is still furious.

     Lifting his steps and falling, Ye Shu plunged into the crazy crowd like a sharp sword, and his powerful aura overturned everyone around him.

     In the countless screams, everyone covered their eyes and couldn't stand the wind brought by Ye Shu's aura.

     When the wind subsided, Ye Shu held Wu Miao in one hand, pinched the photographer's neck with the other, and lifted him up high.

     The parade crowd stared at Ye Shu in amazement, and did not react for a while.

     Those western guys reacted quickly and shouted, "Who are you? Let go!"

     Ye Shu put down the stunned Wu Miao and continued to pinch the photographer's neck.

     The photographer of this power has flushed cheeks, and his hands and feet are struggling weakly.

     Ye Shu simply slapped him twice, seeing that he was going to be suffocated before throwing it away.

     He coughed on the ground for a while, then stood up, grabbed the camera and pointed at Ye Shu: "You must be a member of the government, what do you want to do? So many people are here, do you want to use force?"

     The Westerner looked fierce and once again bewitched the people.

     The people got caught easily, staring at Ye Shu fiercely, and constantly approaching.

     Ye Shu stood with his hand and said to the camera: "Hello, I am Huaxia's comprehensionist. The world competition is about to begin. I believe that all confident abilities have arrived in Huaxia. In order to prevent you from losing carelessly. , I'm here to show you the cultivator's magic."Ye Shu's voice is very penetrating. Facing the camera, he speaks frankly with assurance. Now that the Westerner wants to shoot, then shoot.

     The people calmed down, and several Westerners looked at each other, all showing fierce energy: "What do you want to do?"

     Ye Shu gently pulled out Guiqie, and as soon as the swordsmanship was used, Guiqie flashed a cold light and flew high in the sky.

     Everyone looked at the high altitude, and saw the ghost flying like a lightning, fast inconceivable, then passed the low altitude, flashed, and returned to Ye Shu's scabbard.

     No one could see what Guichee did, and the Westerners laughed heartily: "This is cultivator's magic? Sword dance? Acrobatics? Hahaha!"

     "Hua Xia's immortality is just like Tai Chi, it's useless at all. This Mister has been brainwashed very thoroughly, thinking that China's acrobatics can outperform superpowers, it's ridiculous!"

     "The current China is just like the Qing Dynasty. Believe oneself infallible, the heavenly kingdom, the center of the world, everyone knows that they are laughed at by the whole world, and their people are opposed to the government."

     A few western guys used the title to play, bb crazy at the camera.

     The people also shouted slogans again, insulting Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu sighed saying: "Save some saliva and wipe the blood from your neck."

     Ye Shu's voice was like a sharp sword, piercing everyone's eardrums, making the scene quiet instantly.

     Then countless eyes looked at the necks of several Westerners, a puddle of blood had flowed out of their necks, and a small opening appeared in their throats.

     Several Westerners covered their necks in horror, their faces pale.Without a doubt, this was done by the flying sword just now. If the flying sword goes an inch deeper, they already be decapitated.

     "you you……"

     The Westerner stammered in surprise, Ye Shu raised(s) middle finger with a smile: "I am China Ye Shu, today I declare war with the entire worlds and realms' ability. I know that many people want to mess up China, I will put You are pulled out by one, and then killed. I also know that many white-skinned pigs are in the China Tyrannical abuse. You are not here to participate in the competition, but to show your superiority. I will also pull you out one by one and let them fly The sword cuts your necks."

     Ye Shu’s smile gradually turned cold: “From today on, all Chinese people who gather to make trouble and disturb social order will also be punished. Ignorance and low self-esteem are not your shields for trouble. How weak and pathetic."

     Ye Shu pierced the sky with his words, and the people all over the street felt ear-splitting, as if the plains thundered.

     The silence spread, and many people bowed their heads with guilty conscience.

     The western guys had been completely shocked by Ye Shu, and they ran away holding the camera with a look of resentment.

     Ye Shu looked at him coldly. He was not worried that Westerners would not post the video on the Internet. He was so arrogantly provoking supernatural powers all over the world that they happened to be used by them, and they would definitely post the video on the Internet.

     The Westerner ran away, and the people parading the street lost their hearts, not knowing what to do.

     Ye Shu glanced at the crowd and said coldly: "Go home and wait for the Live TV Broadcast of the World Rivalry to go, don't mess around. Look out for yourself, end here, I don't want to kill."The people complexion was complex, in the end still is gone.

      This time Wu Mao just jumped over: "Wow, you are a pervert, why are you so young?"

     Wu Miao's focus is different from that of others, and he complains about Ye Shu becoming tender.

     Ye Shu felt hot in his heart, but he was still familiar with Wu Miao.

     "You are taller, yo, these big legs are really charming."

     Ye Shu is a veteran molester, and Wu Miao's face was blushed on the spot.

     "You shameless, I won't tell you, I'm going back!"

     Wu Miao greeted her companions and rushed to the monster office, but she was exhausted these days.

     Ye Shu naturally followed and followed Wu Miao into her office.

     Wu Meow was very upset, whispering said: "What are you doing? Be careful I call Bai Ling to clean up you!"

     "Bai Ling is the deputy leader in the imperial capital, but I don't have time to clean up."

     Ye Shu relaxed and sat down on the chair. Wu Miao patted the table: "Hey, this is my office chair. Get out of the way. I want to keep up and report on the situation."

     Wu Miao turned on the computer, but there was no place to sit.

     Ye Shu patted his thigh: "Sit up and move by yourself."

     Wu Miao gritted her teeth and hammered her fist straight: "Shameless!"

     Ye Shu was sharp-eyed and deft-handed, easily grabbing Wu Miao's fist, and then pulling hard, Wu Miao sat on his thigh.

     "Don't be arrogant, good."

     Ye Shu feels refreshed in his heart, and teasing Wu Miao is really warms the heart and delights the eye.

     Wu Miao's face flushed red, and when she turned her head to bite Ye Shu, she was really biting, biting like a cat angry.Ye Shu's face was all her saliva.

     "You are really a cat, well, I will flash."

     Ye Shu smiled and walked away. Wu Meow was coldly snorted and occupied the entire chair, and then continued to report to the leader.

     The leader even videotaped her, asking her to talk about what happened before.

     Wu Miao said about Ye Shu's power in a serious manner.

     Ye Shu didn't show up. He walked around the office and saw a lot of cat biscuit boxes, the one he bought for Wu Miao.

     "Really greedy, you little cat."

     Ye Shu smiled, grabbed a box and threw it to Wu Miao. Wu Miao ignored him, but stared at the screen.

     "What happened?"

     Ye Shu asked in the past, Wu Meow complexion was ugly, clenched his fist and said: "That video has already exploded. Look at the comments. Those supernaturalists are all insulting you and saying that they will kill you if they caught you. dog."

     "Really, they are still so arrogant and ignorant, don't bother. Wu Miao, come with me to the imperial capital, the government in the southwest is weak, I'm afraid you will have an accident."

     Ye Shu didn't watch the video, but watched Wu Miao with a smile.

     Wu Miao was taken aback, she couldn't help lowering her eyelashes, and whispered: "Don't worry, I won't have any trouble..."

     "Guard against the unexpected, besides, I didn't bring you alone, and Yangyi and the others, my three wives and one daughter, they all took to the Imperial Capital."

     "You! You perverted pervert, flower heart ghost, go to death!"

     Wu Meow cursed angrily, kicked Ye Shu and let him go.

     Ye Shu helpless, why did you suddenly explode?
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