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0 Chapter List 519 Gu King Awakens
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The southwestern land is in turmoil, and the imperial capital is the whip cannot reach, it is indeed unsafe.

     The Yokai Office doesn't have any strength advantages anymore, because the supernaturalists intervened and they just wanted to mess up the Southwest.

     "You pack up and go to the imperial capital with me. Major things happen in the imperial capital, so you can ignore it in the southwest."

     Ye Shu decided to take away Wu Miao, otherwise she might be in danger.

     "Just take your wife and children away, I'm not afraid of any danger."

     Wu Miao cut and raised Erlang's legs, not afraid of the unrest in the southwest.

     Ye Shu touched her head: "Take you to the imperial capital also has other reasons. Nowadays, the supernatural powers are gathered in the imperial capital. Bai Ling must be under great pressure. You have to stay with her."

     Speaking of Bai Ling, Wu Meow finally moved, and coldly snorted said: "I am not going with you, I am going to see Bai Ling!"

     "Yes, yes, pack things, Tsundere Cat."

     "You are proud!"

     Wu Miao was going crazy again, Ye Shu ran away quickly and returned to the Garden of Eden.

     When he arrived in the Garden of Eden, he was surprised, because there were more people marching in the Garden of Eden, and the entire Garden of Eden was almost filled with people.

     Ye Shu hurried in across the collapsed iron gate, and heard the people yelling to knock down capitalism.

     Looking at the surrounding villas, many villas were forcibly broken into, and many people robbed them open and aboveboard.

     This is the consequence of the turmoil, smashing, looting and looting. Those people who have evil plans have found excuses to gain profits and encourage the people to rob the local tyrants. The government has been unable to stop them anyway.In the entire Garden of Eden, except for the local tyrants with strong security forces, the rest of the local tyrants were robbed, and some who resisted were beaten to death.

     Ye Shu was surprised and angry, and hurried to his own family's villa.

     His big villa is the most luxurious here, and it is also the most eye-catching, and the people will definitely look at it.

     Sure enough, when I went to the villa, I saw that the surrounding area was full of people, whether it was over the wall or the door. The people who used to be harmless to human and animals became villains.

     "This family is full of women, and the bastard boss has raised so many women. It's not a thing. He threw it away!"

     "It's these rich people who made us so miserable, everyone!"

     The villain outside yelled and cursed, and inside, many maids were holding brooms or kitchen knives to protect the mistress heart alarmed, trembling in fear.

     There are many maids in Ye Shu's house, at least more than 30 people, all invited by Yang Yi and them.

     Now it has become an excuse for the evildoers to make trouble.

     Ye Shu's face was cold. From the situation in the Garden of Eden, it can be seen that the southwestern land is indeed dangerous, and there must be Western forces commanding behind it.

     Ye Shu was coldly snorted and turned into a wind into the villa.

     In the lobby of the villa, more than a dozen maids surrounded the door as security guards, all complexion blanches shiver coldly.

     In the room, Yang Yi and the others were looking anxious and thinking about countermeasures, while Little Lori Weiyang was frightened and kept shrinking in Yang Yi's arms.

     Ye Shu felt angry and appeared in front of several people.

     "I'm back, don't be afraid."

     Ye Shu smiled gently, the women crying tears of joy all of a sudden, Xiao Weiyang even rushed over: "Sir!"Ye Shu hugged her and kissed her. Little Lolita grew taller again, with a pair of ponytails, and her blue eyes became more beautiful.

     Yang Yi wiped his tears and said, "What to do? Humans suddenly rioted."

     "Where is your Gu technique?"

     Ye Shu asked, Yang Yi for a while, then hesitated: "I haven't used Gu technique for a long time, and they are mortals. I'm afraid you will be upset if I hurt them."

     "How can I be upset? Use it, lest I to do the job oneself, rivers of blood."

     Ye Shu said as he sat down, holding Xiao Weiyang in his arms, his anger gradually disappeared.

     Seeing what he said, Yang Yi gritted his teeth and summoned his own Golden Silkworm Gu.

     Since it has not been used for too long, the Golden Silkworm Gu fell into a hibernation-like state. At this moment, awake leisurely accepted Yang Yi's order and immediately flew out.

     Suddenly, the worms in Fang Shili seemed to be under control, crazily crawling towards the Garden of Eden.

     Ye Shu nodded with satisfaction, and Yang Yi smiled and said, "I have released Jincan's child back to Dashan. Hey, it was really..."

     This saint remembered what happened back then and looked with a smile with Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu also remembered a lot of past events, and then looked at Wei Young in his arms, looking thoughtful and said: "That beauty Gu uses Wei Young's body as her home, and it seems that there has been no movement...Huh? Wei Young, What happened to you? "

     Xiao Weiyang blushed suddenly, his body was hot, and there was sea water in his blue eyes.

     Several people looked at it in amazement, Ye Shu startled and then realized that his own body was also hot.

     this is……

     Ye Shu complexion changed, and Yang Yi said in shock: "No, Beauty Gu and King \wake up!"Ye Shu not say a word, put Wei Young down, and disappear without trace.

     He flew twenty kilometers before he stopped, and patted himself on the chest fiercely on top of a mountain.

     "\Wang, you fucking dare to try it? Beauty Gu is in my daughter's body, you can figure out the situation for Lao Tzu!"

     Ye Shu's body was uncomfortably hot, and he was shocked in a cold sweat.

     Just now it was Beauty Gu and the \Wang Hearts of One Mind who wanted to mate, and Xiao Weiyang and Ye Shu were their masters, so they were infected. If Ye Shu didn’t run, the same thing as Yang Yi’s crazy sex would happen. Up.

     "Sleep for Lao Tzu!"

     Ye Shu scolded. After a while, his body finally recovered. \Wang could no longer control Ye Shu forcibly.

     Ye Shu relaxed and then returned to the Garden of Eden.

     At this time, the Garden of Eden was full of insects. The ground was densely packed with all kinds of weird poisonous insects, and there were many venomous snakes spitting and wriggling.

     Summoned by Golden Silkworm Gu's, the bugs came to protect Yang Yi.

     The people were naturally frightened, and hurriedly ran out of the Garden of Eden, where they dared to make trouble.

     Ye Shu cautious and solemn returned to the villa, Yang Yi and the others were waiting anxiously.

     "What happened to Wei Young?"

     Ye Shu worried, Yang Yi relaxed and said: "Beauty Gu is quiet, and Wei Young fell asleep. It's all my fault, my Golden Silkworm Gu awakens the King and Beauty Gu."

     Yang Yi blamed himself very much, and Ye Shu shook his head: "It has nothing to do with you, but I have ignored it. I have forgotten that we still have the Gu King."Ye Shu smiled, "Pack your things, I'll take you to settle down in the imperial capital. Now the southwest is not peaceful."

     "Huh? Going to the imperial capital?"

     The three of Yang Yi were very surprised. Ye Shu nodded: "Your husband, I am a person with a face in the imperial capital. How can you continue to suffer in the southwest?"

     The three women looked at each other, and they all agreed with joy, and then looked at Ye Shu shamefully.

      Without a doubt, a battle of four is about to begin again. Affected by the Gu King, Ye Shu's lust was high at the moment, and it happened to be a big fight.

     One night of spring, in this turbulent southwestern land, Ye Shu's family was contented.

     Two days later, Ye Shu took his wife and children, as well as the unhappy Wu Miao on the northbound train.

     There are many cities along the way north, and the cities in the south are basically in chaos. This train can still run safely because the monster alliance has sent a lot of troops to protect it. The country must ensure that the high-speed rail is not destroyed.

     Ye Shu even saw the air force of Ouyang's family, row after row of eagles flying along the high-speed rail line, full of deterrence, ordinary people with abilities dare not cause trouble.

     After the train passed through the central part, the situation improved. The cities in the north were basically stable. Although there were more and more Western supernaturalists, the power of the government and the alliance grew more and more powerful, and the society was still chaotic does not raise.

     When it comes to the imperial capital, assaults the senses are full of martial law, with soldiers and monsters in almost every corner, strictly guarding the social order.

     Ye Shu took his wife and children to Fang's house and let Master Fang settle them.Master Fang naturally wouldn’t refuse, but he was somewhat concerned about the country’s affairs. He pulled Ye Shu and whispered: "Master Ye, things are very bad. Some monster families are treason, because monsters can also stimulate supernatural powers. , They colluded with foreign forces, obtained supernatural powers, and improved a lot of strength."

     "Youkai can also stimulate abilities?"

     Ye Shu was surprised, this was really beyond his expectation.

     "Yes, don't you know, the supernaturalists in the Imperial City are too terrifying. They impatiently provoked. They made trouble in Huadu Garden not long ago. Miss Bai Ling went to deal with it and was defeated. After that, some monster families were shaken. I am hungry for abilities."
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