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0 Chapter List 520 Five Participating Forces
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Master Fang's words really surprised Ye Shu. It seems that Abilities Technology cannot be underestimated.

     But don't worry too much, as long as the competition cultivator wins, everything will be reversed. Now Ye Shu is more concerned about Bai Ling.

     He stopped talking to Master Fang, and went to the headquarters of the Monster Alliance.

     The headquarters is very noisy. Due to the holding of the World Contest, the members of the entire alliance are active to cooperate with the government in handling various tasks.

     Ye Shu went directly to the Conference Center, where he met Bai Ling and the rest of the Alliance elite.

     Ye Shu was already an acquaintance, and his status was high, so naturally others would not stop him.

     Bai Bo and others told Ye Shu about the specific details of the match.

     But Ye Shu took Bai Ling and walked out and whispered.

     "What are you doing, I'm very busy."

     Bai Ling, whose face was covered by a veil, was somewhat shy and angry, and threw Ye Shu's hand away. In front of outsiders, she couldn't let Ye Shu pull naturally.

     Ye Shu rolled the eyes and said, "I heard that you were abused in Huadu Garden?"

     "What kind of abuse? I'm just too lazy to lift the seal, otherwise the group of supernaturalists will be dead."

     Bai Ling was coldly snorted and grabbed the hilt of the knife, murderous-looking.

     Ye Shu looked at she by no means and felt relieved when she was hit. Smiled said: "I brought Wu Miao to the capital. She is at Master Fang's house. You can meet her when you have time."

     "Miao Wu is here?"

     Bai Ling was immediately happy, if it weren't for her busy work, she would definitely go to see Wu Miao immediately.

     "Forget you did a good thing."Bai Ling snorted Ye Shu, feeling happy. Ye Shu put her shoulders on her shoulders, indifferent said: "Don't be too nervous, I will personally take a shot in the World Rivalry, and I will win."

     Ye Shu's plain tone contained strong self-confidence, and Bai Ling was inexplicably at ease, as if there was no trouble.

     "Don't be arrogant, the supernaturalists do have a set, just like the legendary magician, our monsters face the supernaturalists, and I feel a little bit unable to break through."

     Bai Ling said softly, and then opened Ye Shu's hand again: "I won't tell you anymore. It's time to arrange the competition. It also has other forces participating in the competition. If you don't arrange it well, it will be a mess."

     "What other forces?"

     "Blood, onmyoji, plus our monsters, cultivators, and those with supernatural powers, there are a total of Five Great Influences. We don't know at all how to arrange the event."

     The blood race competition was requested by Ye Shu. He was not at all surprised, but the Onmyoji came to make Ye Shu somewhat surprised. Can Yin Yang Liao have such a courage?

     "Where are the Blood Race and Onmyoji?"

     "Huaduyuan Monster Office, they are together."

     "I went to see."

     Ye Shu left the alliance headquarters and rushed to Huadu Garden.

     This is the largest monster office in the imperial capital. It covers an area almost the size of a university and can accommodate foreign guests.

     Ye Shu went inside and looked for it, and he found the blood family and the Onmyoji.

     These two groups of people are actually playing a basketball game, and you can come and go in the basketball court. It's so lively.Huaduyuan has also placed a lot of supernaturalists. At this moment, many supernaturalists are watching the basketball game, but their faces are very disdainful, and they completely look down on the blood and supernaturalists.

     Ye Shu saw a familiar figure on the edge of the basketball court, it was Mei.

     Ye Shu smiled and sat next to Yai in the past. When Mei Yi saw Ye Shu, she immediately called out, "Master!"

     "What are you doing to make a big fuss, how long have you not seen each other."

     Ye Shu said amusedly, and Yai blushed immediately and smiled embarrassedly.

     "Why are you here? Didn't the Yin Yang Liao obey the emperor's orders?"

     Ye Shu asked, Yai said with a sigh: "It was the president who had overcome all difficulties to send people to the competition. He said that the Yin and Yang Liao could not just fall away. On the one hand, we must let the world recognize onmyoji and support you on the other. , Can’t let the cultivator be alone.”

     Ye Shu nodded said: "Also, onmyoji is worth learning, this time you also have to fight against the supernaturalists."

     "Well, we must defeat the supernatural player!"

     During the conversation between the two, the first half of the basketball game was over. The onlookers booed and some Westerners threw their middle fingers.

     "What kind of rubbish, kinsman and onmyoji? Playing basketball is like playing in the mud with a child, so I don't have much energy to watch."

     "How many goals did you score after playing for so long? Go away!"

     Those with supernatural powers directly enter the arena to rush people, and ask the blood race and the Onmyoji to clear the ground.

     The kinsmen and the Onmyoji were naturally angry, but they were weak and submitted to humiliation.Amidst the ridicule of the supernatural beings, the blood race and the Onmyoji reluctantly gave up the field, unable to even fight in the second half.

     Ye Shu frowned, and Yayi stood up with anger, "Master, we can't submit to humiliation!"

     Petite Mei actually ran into the basketball court and shouted: "You are too much! We still haven't played in the second half!"

     The group of supernaturalists were dumbfounded, and then laughing heartily: "Little sister, what did you say?"

     The kinsmen and onmyojis outside the field didn't expect Yayi such domineering, and they became worried.

     Ya Yi gritted her teeth and cursed: "This is Huadu Garden, how dare you be so rude?"

     The ability players laughed so much that tears came out. The ability player holding the basketball suddenly threw the basketball towards Mei: "Okay, let you play."

     The basketball spins, wrapped in strong wind, tearing the air like a sledgehammer.

     If Ya Yi was hit, his head would burst.

     Out of the court exclaimed again and again, letting Yai dodge quickly, but the basketball was too fast, and it was too late for Yai to use the power of Shishi.

     Seeing that the basketball was about to hit Yai's face, a big hand suddenly appeared, blocking the basketball with no difficulty.

     The owner of the big hand is naturally Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu's face was cold, he stood wordless and uncommunicative in front of Yai, a finger turned the basketball, and the terrifying power of the supernatural power had been resolved by him.

     Both on and off the court, Ye Shu's hand was too strong.

     "Who are you?"The supernaturalists were surprised and angry, and asked Ye Shu. Ye Shu continued to spin the basketball, saying word by word: "I am the marshal of Huaduyuan. You openly attacked our distinguished guests and violated the law. I want to deport you."

     The whole scene crow and peacock make no sound, and then the supernaturalists laughed more exaggeratedly, looking at Ye Shu like a clown.

     "What did you say? Drive us out of our situation? Boy, do you know who we are? We are supernaturalists in New York. We are here to give you face. You drive us out of the country?"

     "It sounds like you don't want to roll?"

     Ye Shu's smile receded, and the supernaturalists were all disdainful, wondering how many middle fingers were thrown at Ye Shu.

     Ye Shu's wrist moved, and the basketball on his fingers flew out lightly.

     Basketball seems to be powerless, but there is golden light shining during the spinning, but most people cannot catch this golden light.

     The magicians laughed even more arrogantly, thinking that Ye Shu was scared and would return the basketball.

     The leader of the ability directly reached out to receive the basketball, and at that moment of touching, he flew upside down, knocking all the ability behind him into flight.

     That piece of abilities all flew out strangely, no matter how powerful their physique and how powerful their abilities were, they were just a piece of paper in front of the basketball at this moment, and it broke directly.

     The sound of fractures is endless, basketball indiscriminate attack, these abilities have all broken their bones, and they are unable to move a single step in a short time.

     The breath of horror spread out, and those with supernatural powers outside the scene were all in a cold sweat, and they didn't dare to make a sound anymore.Amidst the screams all over the floor, Ye Shu said calmly: "This is the land of China, which cannot tolerate your tyrannical abuse. Those who dare to commit crimes have today."

     Ye Shu is very cold, these supernatural beings in China are arrogant, and he is just to let them know whose land this is.
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