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0 Chapter List 522 They Can Win And I Lose
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The lively and noisy cafeteria, because of the appearance of Demon Sword Fairy, once again reached the top.

     All the Onmyojis are full of respect for Demon Sword Fairy, because Demon Sword Fairy is one of the cream of the crop's shikigami, and is also full of legendary shikigami.

     "Miss Chiyo, you should know about the World Competition, right? I hope you can help Onmyoji and help them win."

     Ye Shu said solemnly, he knew that Chiyo was shy, and he couldn't talk about it in front of outsiders, lest Chiyo was embarrassed.

     Chiyo has actually been paying attention to the international situation recently. After all, Ye Shu is paying attention, and she likes to pay attention to it, hoping to help Ye Shu.

     "I understand, I know what to do."

     Chiyo nodded very simply, Onmyouji was overjoyed again and thanked them all.

     Chiyo shook his head: "Don't care, I'll leave if there is nothing wrong."

     Chiyo doesn't like crowded places, and doesn't say anything extra. Ye Shu got up to see her off, and the two quickly walked out of the canteen.

     When he came to a place where no one was there, Chiyo immediately stomped angrily: "Shu Jun! You big villain!"

     The gloomy high-cold girl suddenly acted like a baby, and she was so cute that she would get a nosebleed if someone saw it.

     Ye Shu took her little hand and kissed: "Where did I know you dress like that, it's okay, so pretty and not shy."

     "Too shame, I will never wear stockings again!"

     Chiyo was still shy, Ye Shu looked at no one on the left and right, and pressed her against the wall and kissed her.

     "Can you just wear it in front of me?"

     Ye Shu laughed and said, Qiandai was un'ed shyly, where there was still a gloomy look."I'll find other ghost kings to help, Shu Jun, wait for me to come back."

     At last Chiyo ran away happily, as if his heart was about to jump out.

     Ye Shu felt hot in his heart and loved this demon sword girl to death.

     After that, he bid farewell to the blood clan and Onmyoji, and returned to the alliance headquarters.

     The leaders are still meeting to discuss how to arrange the event.

     Ye Shu directly said his thoughts.

     "Cultivators, monsters, kinsmen, and onmyojis. These Four Great Influences are independent contestants. They take turns to compete against the superpowers."

     The leaders were shocked when they heard it.

     "What is this rule? Will the blood and the Onmyoji agree? If this is the case, wouldn't Four Great Influences attack the supernatural beings at the same time? The whole world will see the jokes."

     "Four Great Influences all have an ancient history of civilization, and it is excusable to jointly deal with new forces, but except for those who cultivate, the strength of the other forces is relatively weak. To deal with those with supernatural powers is to bring disgrace to oneself. I suggest Four Great Influences unite Selecting masters, as a whole, as a result, even if you lose, you won't make a certain force too embarrassing."

     The leaders have many worries and are very unconfident, afraid of this and that.

     Bai Bo also solemnly said: "Although the old antiques of Four Great Influences are very powerful, the superpowers are basically young people. If our old predecessors come out to face them, even if they win, it will be embarrassing. This time, we can only Among young people, there are too few capable young people, even Bai Ling has lost once."Everyone was discussing endlessly. Ye Shu waited for them to finish talking before saying: "No, Four Great Influences must take turns, so as to demonstrate the superiority of ancient civilization. I want Four Great Influences to sling all the abilities and let the abilities understand what That's the gap!"

     The entire conference room fell into dead silence, and everyone opened their mouths, thinking that Ye Shu was mentally ill.

     "Ye Shu, What are you thinking!? Except for the cultivators, the rest of the forces are almost tortured. How to win doesn't know at all, let alone what slings?"

     "I have a good hand, why should I be afraid of it? So be it, you can report to the three top families to show what I mean and ask them to support."

     Ye Shu got up and left. The leaders looked at each other in dismay, and couldn't figure out the situation for a while.

     Ye Shu left the Alliance Headquarters, the sky was already a little dark, he walked on the night, and came to Ouyang's house.

     As the Number One Great Clan on the surface of the imperial capital, Ouyang's family is powerful and well-informed. Ye Shu is here to find out something.

     He came to visit and was quickly invited in, and Lord Ouyang Ling met him personally.

     "Young Master Ye's visit, Pengxun is brilliant."

     Ouyang Ling's mouth was slippery, more like a businessman.

     Ye Shu smiled, and naturally put his shoulders on his shoulders and said: "Young Master Ouyang, don't be polite, I ask you, how many monsters does the emperor have furtively mixed with the supernatural beings?"

     Ouyang Ling was startled, his face hesitated.

     Ye Shu sighed: "Let's talk, after the victory in the match, I want to clean up the cancer."

     "Well, please follow me."Ouyang Ling took Ye Shu into the secret room. There were confidential documents on the wall. There was a World Map on the wall, but it was a special map covered with densely packed red dots.

     Ouyang Ling handed a document to Ye Shu: "So far, a total of 23 monsters have rebelled, as far as I know. They are waiting for the superpower to win. At that time, China must collapse and the people must rebel. Foreign forces will control China’s lifeline, and those monsters who rebelled will become puppets and become kings and emperors."

     As long as the person with the ability wins, Huaxia will lose all advantages, and one billion people will feel that they are really cheated, and all of them will pursue the ability, and the United States will benefit from others' dispute. Take control of China.

     Those monsters who defected are the new generation of emperors and puppets of the United States.

     Ye Shu put away the file and pointed to the map on the wall: "What is this?"

     Ouyang Ling said solemnly: "The map of the power expansion of the powers, in just five months, they already occupied most of the world's cities. These red dots are the offices of the powers. You can see that the entire West is almost filled with red dots. Now, these red dots are spreading to villages and towns. The more developed countries are, the more they spread. Within two years, even rural areas will have offices for supernatural powers."

     Ye Shu stared at the map and found that America and Europe, as well as the East and the Korean Peninsula, were the worst.

     In addition, South Asia is also very serious, and Russia in North China cannot be underestimated.

     From an intuitive point of view, the entire Huaxia land is almost surrounded by red dots, and people shock the eye, astonishes the heart."This world competition is a risky move. If it wins, Huaxia can counterattack. If it loses, the red dots will flood in and swallow us all."

     Ouyang Ling said gravely, his pressure is also very great.

     Ye Shu looked at it with his hands, and smiled after a long time: "Young Master Ouyang, you are really a talent. After you win, you are responsible for the construction of the overseas immortal cultivation site, and go out with the Eagle and Falcon Air Force and squeeze the superpowers to death. "


     Ouyang Ling was stunned, Ye Shu gave him a confident smile: "Don't worry, the supernatural person can't win."

     Ye Shu left with the papers, Ouyang Ling sent him out and watched him disappear into the night before recovering his wits.
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