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0 Chapter List 533 Wan Jian Gui Yi
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Bruno challenged Ye Shu in front of the entire worlds and realms'.

     Both the live audience and the audience watching the live broadcast are all boiling. They don't think about the overall situation, only hope that Bruno will kill Ye Shu.

      There was no way to stop the Esper Association. All the abilities in the audience were chanting Bruno's name, and the atmosphere was extremely warm.

     Ye Shu lightly smiled, flashed onto the ring, and stood in front of Bruno.

     Bruno's expression was indifferent, he was not interested in anything, even if he knew that Ye Shu was very strong, he didn't raise his energy.

     As if killing Ye Shu was just a small gesture of his hand.

     The judges on the ring look at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do. Ye Shu waved his hand: "The monster game will be suspended. Bruno and I will have an exhibition match."

     Naturally, the two referees would not object, and ended up obediently.

     The battle could happen at any moment. Although Ye Shu said it was an exhibition match, it was actually a life and death battle. Bruno only wanted to kill Ye Shu.


     Without a word of nonsense, Ye Shu arched his hand towards Bruno. Bruno patted his neck and moved his waist slowly, and suddenly his body made the sound of crackle rattle bones, as if a large piece of metal had awakened.

     The New Bird's Nest was quiet, and the powerful King of Metal played against the mysterious Ye Shu, which attracted much attention.

     "My fight with you is not limited by the rules, so when you surrender, I will not stop."

     Bruno finished his activity and walked closer to Ye Shu, speaking extremely plain and proud words.

     The audience immediately applauded, overwhelmed by Bruno's confidence.Ye Shu nodded: "Me too."

     The smiling Ye Shu revealed murderous intent. After so long, he wanted to kill for the first time.

     Bruno un'ed, the man had already walked up to Ye Shu, and then slammed a punch.

     There was golden light on his fist, and the whole fist became a piece of metal.

     This golden light is different from the monk's golden light, it is completely metal gloss. Bruno's body has been modified and he is no longer alone.

     This punch was fast and fierce, two points faster than a bullet, and if someone else was unable to avoid it.

     But Ye Shu is extraordinary, he can not only avoid, but also fight back.

     Ye Shu kicked a kick suddenly, ordinary and mediocre's kick, just blessed with the power of golden core.

     The sole of the feet Answerer: That Which Comes Later Cuts First, kicked Bruno in the chest just before Bruno's fist was about to hit Ye Shu.

     Bruno a groan, backed three steps, his chest was completely sunken.

     Ye Shu felt a slight tingling in the soles of his feet, and he secretly sighed that he deserves to be the body of a god, so hard.

     The audience was unable to take one's eyes off, but no one could see what happened. Because Bruno and Ye Shu were too fast, they had already played against each other within 10% of a second.

     Everyone just saw Bruno fall back, his chest collapsed.

     The audience was suddenly shocked, hard to believe Bruno was knocked back.

     Bruno's face remained calm, he tore his clothes apart, revealing his collapsed chest.

     If it was someone else, his chest collapsed and would not die, but Bruno was different, he was metal collapse, he was completely without pain, and the metal muscles in his chest quickly returned to its original shape.God's body, Undying Body.

     Ye Shu was slightly surprised. He was a fairy cultivator, and he couldn't kick Bruno's body with one kick. How powerful is the opponent's body.

     In thought, Bruno approached again. This time he did not attack with fists and feet, but stared at Ye Shu indifferently, raising his left hand.

     Ye Shuzheng was surprised, Bruno's left hand changed in vain, turning into a peculiar gun like a Transformer.

     It was as if a laser gun was tied to Bruno's arm.

     The audience also exclaimed again and again, many people shouted: "It is a weapon with supernatural ability, and it is a weapon in itself. Bruno is indeed the crystallization of high technology in the United States!"

     The Perfect Integration of technology and abilities is embodied in Bruno.

     Looking at Ye Shu full of interest, Bruno aimed his gun at Ye Shu very ordinary.

     Ye Shu was alert, and flashed to the side in advance, almost at the same time, a laser shot came out, and its speed was so fast that even Ye Shu had no time to react.

      If this is not the case, he evaded in advance, he has been penetrated by the laser.

     "10% speed of light, legendary Final Weapon, the United States has successfully developed it!"

     The visionary screamed, shocked by the legendary weapon.

      What is the concept of 10% speed of light? This is simply an alien black technology, after violating Ye Shu's to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology).

     Ye Shu was taken aback and disappeared into the air instantly.

     Based on the new bird's nest, he constructed the Big Dipper starry sky map, and the whole person was completely hidden.

     Bruno turned his head and looked around, the laser gun in his hand glowing with blue light.As long as he locks on Ye Shu, Ye Shu will definitely be hit as soon as the laser comes out, because the speed of light is too terrifying.

     This is an asymmetric strategy, Bruno can suppress Ye Shu with a laser gun.

     Ye Shu held Guiqi in his hand, considering whether to do it, he wanted to cut Bruno's palm so that he could not use the laser gun.

     But if you fail, you will also be exposed, and you may be inevitable at that time.

     While he was thinking about it, Bruno suddenly takes a deep breath and raised his hands high.

     Suddenly, the whole new bird's nest made gā zhī gā zhī's sounds, as if it was about to collapse.

     Everyone had a surprise and looked around in horror.

     I saw the huge Full Metal Jacket that formed the bird's nest twisted and fell off, and then turned into tiny but deadly bullets as if being cut.

     The Full Metal Jacket of the Bird's Nest is so huge that it was completely controlled by Bruno at this moment and completely destroyed.

     In the high altitude, densely packed are all metal bullets, occupying almost all the high altitude.

     Although Ye Shu was hidden, his side was also surrounded by metal bullets.

     The audience looked up in horror, shaking like a leaf in shock.

     The new bird's nest has truly become open air.

     Bruno gave a low laugh, waved his hand, and the bullets in the sky began to fly indiscriminately.

     It is like countless locusts, cross shooting, blocking every space.

     Ye Shu's pressure increased greatly, and he needed space to hide, but now all the space was blocked by bullets.


     Seeing that the bullet was about to lock himself, Ye Shu growled, and the ghost cut out of his hand.He himself remains hidden, relying on to worship the astral deities (idiom, refers to Daoist astrology) to avoid bullets.

     On the other hand, Guiqie stabbed in the other direction, smashing bullets along the way.

     Everyone looked at Guiche, Bruno also squinted at Guiche.

     Just in this brief moment, Ye Shu Jindan turned around and gave out five successes.

     The ghost cutter trembled, and in midair suddenly turned into countless phantoms. There are more and more phantoms, and the sound of ghost flying whirling, like a fighter plane.

     But for a moment, the entire sky was full of ghostly phantoms, and the phantom collided with the bullets, crushing the bullets one after another.

     The audience was dumbfounded, looking stupidly at glint and flash of daggers and swords.

     This is the attack form of Imperial Swordsmanship, Ye Shu has never used it, but he can use it.

     Royal swordsmanship, one sword transforms into myriad swords, covered the sky.

     Although Bruno’s bullet is terrifying, the material is only the shell of the bird’s nest after all, which cannot be compared with the ghost cut, unable to withstand a single blow.

     After the bullets were crushed one after another, Bruno finally revealed a grave expression, then he gently raised his hand, and aimed the laser gun at Guichi.

     Ye Shu's heart condensed, his hands were imprinted, and the golden core spun like a high-speed top.

     He emitted a dazzling golden light, instantly making everyone out of sight.

     "Myriad Swords Returns To One!"

     Ye Shu yelled, taking advantage of Bruno's blindness, the ten levels of skill were displayed.

      The densely packed ghost cut phantoms instantly melted into one, and then fell like lightning.

     The moment Bruno opened his eyes, Guiqie had already cut his left arm.With a boom, Bruno's body of god trembles violently, like an atomic bomb.

     The gods guarding the world carried the thunder power, coupled with Ye Shu's ten-percent cultivator skill, cut off Bruno's left hand forcibly.

     Bruno let out a world-shaking scream, the white blood in his arm sprayed continuously, the laser gun fell on the ground, and there was no ample scope for abilities.

     Until this time, everyone saw the situation clearly, the dark ghost flew back to Ye Shu's hands, Ye Shu put the knife into its sheath, and calmly landed on the ring.

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