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0 Chapter List 538 Sea Animal
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Bai Ling is very stubborn, and she scratched her out for ten years as soon as she gritted her teeth. la

     Ye Shu, the owner of Taoyuan, was not worried, because he could let Bai Ling come out at any time.

     "Bai Ling is indeed too weak and small. She is a lark, and there is still a lot of room for development."

     Ye Shu murmured, the green girl glared at him: "You don't understand anything, you know to hook up with women everywhere."

     what? Why are you angry too?

     Ye Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry, the young girl flew away coldly snorted and went back to Fang’s house to announce that she hadn’t counted the marriage contract with Ye Shu.

     It is said that on the same day, the threshold of Fang's family was crossed, and the sons of the entire imperial capital came to propose marriage.

     Of course, this is something.

     It was still early in the morning, Ye Shu went to eat breakfast, and then went to New Bird's Nest.

     The New Bird's Nest has long since been ruined, and after overnight treatment, it merely set up a new ring, and even the auditorium has not been restored.

     So Ye Shu saw the audience squatting or sitting on the ground, just like La Xiang.

     There are a lot of supernaturalists and mortals, so come early to wait for the final round of the game.

     However, the supernaturalists all seem to be a little broken, either paralyzed to watch the sky or boringly playing on the mobile phone. They are no longer proud of the previous few days.

     Ye Shu smiled secretly and sat on the stone steps and waited to see if the Esper Association was bold enough.

     It didn't take long for the audience to make a noise. Ye Shu thought it was a contestant coming, and looked up, but saw the audience staring at the phone and exclaiming.

     What's up?

     Ye Shu doesn't have the habit of bringing a mobile phone, and doesn't like the Internet. Naturally, he is confused now.He walked to a group of people and looked at the phone.

     Several people’s mobile phones were playing a video. It was a blue ocean. On the sea, a huge black hole was floating. According to the video, the black hole was at least one kilometer long and wide.

      what is this concept? Is there anything more weird about a thousand-meter-long black hole floating on the sea?

     The video was shot by a drone, and there is an English introduction on the video. The thing is not a real black hole, but a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

     Sure enough, in a short while, the black hole slowly closed, the thousand-meter-long mouth closed, and for a moment I didn't know how much sea water had been swallowed.

     After the black hole closed, a huge monster head was revealed. It was a monster without eyes, just like some kind of ugly fish in the deep sea, with only one mouth.

     Everyone felt cold all over when they saw it, and the monster caused a terrifying effect through the screen.

     Ye Shu also have a surprise, what is this monster? I don’t know how much he is bigger than Yamata no Orochi. You can swallow ten Yamata no Orochi with just one mouth.

     "Photographed by the U.S. Navy, the huge monster in the Pacific is slowly swimming towards the west coast of the U.S. It is expected to arrive at the west coast in a month."

     "An aircraft carrier frigate has been swallowed, and the other ships are retreating, afraid to approach."

     "All the abilities in the U.S. have gone into action, and they are going to sea to defend against monsters."

     Everyone discuss spiritedly, where is anyone concerned about the world match.

     Ye Shu is looking thoughtful, the U.S. government actually released the video, are you afraid of causing turmoil?Just thinking about it, Bai Bo rushed over. He took the stage and announced that the World Cup is over and the Esper Association has set off to return home.

     The reporters present hurriedly reported, but currently already not how many people are paying attention.

     The audience also left, and everyone's mind was on the Pacific monster.

     Ye Shu frowns walked to Bai Bo, and Bai Bo said with a heavy tone: "It was the US government that made the Esper Association abandon the competition. They shifted human attention to the Pacific monsters."

     "Interesting, worthy of a hegemonic power. I guess they have a way to deal with monsters, but they hype about the horror of monsters. This is to show the military capabilities of the United States and save the face of the world competition."

     "Yes, now the world's eyes are shifted to the monsters, and the United States will kill the monsters again, and its military strength will shock the world, and the face lost in the world competition can be restored."

     Bai Bo said uncomfortably, "This monster really came in time. We haven't awarded the prize yet. The audience has already left."

     Indeed, Huaxia was going to Monarch overlooking the world under the Heavens, but it was stole the limelight by a monster.

     Ye Shu hesitated for a moment, and then overtly measured: "Isn't it the United States to pretend to be compelling? Then let's pretend to be compelling, and let the cultivators go to sea to grab the limelight of the country."

     "No, the United States has issued a warning that no country is allowed to intervene in this matter. The reason is that they are afraid of disrupting their military plans. We will send cultivators to the people."

     Wow, the American guy is so witty?

     "Then we send a warship to observe? Anyway, take the cultivator out of the sea, what if there is a chance?"Ye Shu is not happy to see the American guys pretending to be forceful, and those who comprehend must show their hands, otherwise the plan of opening sect and establishing school of the Kingdom of Butterfly will be over.

     Bai Bo gaze turned cold: "Okay, now the world is so chaotic, and everything can't give in. If the cultivator beheads the monster, then our Huaxia will really Monarch overlooking the world under the Heavens."

     Bai Bo immediately notified the government and dispatched aircraft carriers and warships to the Pacific Ocean with cultivators.

     This is a major event. The terrifying sea monster has attracted the attention of seven billion people around the world.

     Ye Shu didn't sit back and watch. After the cultivator went out to sea, he told his wife and children to go out to sea.

     A group of Western politicians are having a meeting in the White House of the United States.

     "Mr. President, all aircraft carriers are already set off, and nuclear bombs are also ready, ready to attack."

     "The sea monster Action Speed is very slow. We can intercept it near the island of Cadoron, where even nuclear bombs will not affect the west coast."

     "Are you sure you can kill the monster?"

     In the presidential position, a slightly funny white man with yellow hair and fat looks asked.

     An officer wearing an Admiral uniform replied: "Yes, and our assassin has already come out of the institute. He is there, surefire."

     Everyone couldn't help being surprised when they heard the killer's trick.


     "Successful. The killer can kill the three kings in ten seconds. This is the result of computer simulation. We even entered the data of the Easterner Ye Shu, and it turned out to kill him in fifteen seconds."

     "Okay! Just do it on Cadoron Island, how many days are there?""About twelve days."

     "For the twelve days, the whole process of the navy's actions was broadcast live. In addition, the plan was changed to allow the rest of the forces to come in. First, order the Dongyang to send the Onmyoji, so that the Onmyoji will die without a place to die! There are also Western blood races, ask them to help, Let them die."

     The president said with a black face, taking troubles to heart for the failure of the world match.

     "Where are those Chinese guys?"

     "They will come by themselves. The cultivators have no chance to take action. They are definitely not reconciled. Haha, let them see the true strength of our country and die to challenge our hegemony!"

     The White House meeting ended, and an unknown conspiracy began.

     In the Pacific ocean breeze, many warships rushed towards the sea monster.

     Ye Shu's Controlling Sword Flight has gone deep into the Pacific Ocean.

     Here he can perceive the power of the monster, it seems to be the power of the sea, which gives people unmatched fear.

     Of course, only he can feel it, others cannot feel it.

     "The Americans still want to pretend? This monster is absolutely not afraid of nuclear bombs. Tsk tsk, they are finished."

     Ye Shu quickly analyzed the results, the United States overestimate one's capabilities.

     They are too confident in their own technology and do not understand the horror of sea monsters.

     This is definitely an ancient resurrected one!
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