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0 Chapter List 544 Swallow
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The sea-eater speeds up!

     As a cleaner in the sea, the sea-eating beast walked on an empty stomach for a long time, ate a lot of food along the way, and finally recovered some strength and began to run wildly towards the west coast.

     Through the image returned by the drone, it can be clearly seen that the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl of the sea-eating beast is no longer open. The ugly head is like a mountain of meat, dragging the bottomlessly deep one. The intestines swim quickly.

     The appearance of the sea-eating beast is really indescribable, because there is no such monster in this world. If you must describe it, it can only be said to be a skinless pig head without a nose.

     The pig’s head dragged the pig’s intestines, breaking through the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

     At first glance, it looks a little funny, but after a few more glances, I can't help but feel trembling, and I can feel the horror of the sea-eater through the screen.

     Humans all over the world shuddered, and many people stayed up day and night, staring at the screen.

     The waters of Cadoran became active, and the navies of various countries began to deploy their ships in accordance with the requirements of the United States to intercept the sea-eating beasts rushing at high speed.

     The soldiers guarding Ye Shu didn't bother to guard him, and ran to do other things.

     Ye Shu sat idle in the cabin. Bai Bo had already returned to the aircraft carrier. He obeyed Ye Shu's arrangement and wanted to set up troops and try his best to line up the Chinese Navy in the rear.

     Waves Surging Forth in the waters of Cadoran, I don't know when the wind started, the missile base on the island has "opened the gate", and many soldiers are bustle around.

     The dispatch and arrangement of hundreds of thousands of soldiers is not a get there in one step, two days are quite hurried.Fortunately, at the beginning, the navies of various countries occupied a reasonable position according to the requirements of the United States. At this time, there is no need to change the position of warships too much.

     Ye Shushan flew high into the sky, looking down at the Cadoran Sea.

     It can be seen that more than ten aircraft carriers of the United States are located in the center of the sea, occupying the largest area, various warships are also reasonably lined up, and countless fighter planes and helicopters are flying in the sky.

     The navies of the other countries are centered on the U.S. Navy and spread along both sides to form a long snake formation.

     Of course, this long snake formation is relatively wide. The Chinese navy is at the back and the Scottish navy is in front.

     In general, United Fleet is divided into three echelons. The United States is in the second echelon in the center and China is in the third echelon, which is also the safest place.

     And the first echelon, as the vanguard of the Eastern Navy, took the lead, and the navies of South Korea and India, as well as other navies of average strength, took care of each other with the East.

     From the helicopter, the reporters also filmed the three-echelon naval pattern at high altitude, reporting frantically.

     "As you can see, the European and American navies, as the main force, are located in Second Echelon. They can advance and retreat, and can display all their strength."

     "The first echelon is dominated by the East and India, and under the protection of the firepower of the US Navy, it can also play its greatest role."

     "As for the third echelon, they are all developing countries and mainly provide firepower supplements. You see, Huaxia is also in Third Echelon. It is said that China has requested it by itself. They proposed to withdraw troops before, and now they are shrinking in Third Echelon."The reporters focused on the Huaxia Navy, intentionally or unintentionally mocking.

     The global human beings watching the live broadcast are naturally led by the nose and are very dissatisfied and disdainful of China.

     Ye Shu was high in Airborne Flight, shook his head secretly.

     The three-echelon layout has no retreat. Once it fails, there is almost no retreat. Even if the third echelon gave way in time, First Echelon's navy could not escape.

     "The distance between each echelon is only a few thousand meters. From the overall point of view, a group of ants stick together back and forth, which is really bad."

     Ye Shu didn't know the navy very well, but looking at the layout, he knew that the Americans were too arrogant, and they believed that they would not lose.

     The squally wind was blowing, and the layout was nearing its end, and at this time, two days passed by noiselessly.

     The eyes of human beings all over the world are focused on the Cadoran Sea, and almost no one sleeps.

     Ye Shu returned to the China Aircraft Carrier, which was far from the front line, and the fleet of First Echelon could not be seen with the naked eye.

     The Chinese soldiers are very serious, and all kinds of weapons are ready.

      Admiral is also waiting for the battle.

     Ye Shu found Bai Bo, who was covered in cold sweat, and said: "Now prepare a lifeboat immediately, and abandon the fleet when you escape, otherwise you will definitely be overtaken."

     "Isn't this unkind? The reporters are still staring at us?"

     "Don't worry, let's prepare first, as long as the first echelon is destroyed, immediately abandon the ship and run away. With Second Echelon supporting, we have a chance to run away."

     "it is good."

     The senior officials of Huaxia believed in Ye Shu, and quietly went to prepare to escape.Ye Shu then flew over the first echelon and waited in the air at a height of 10,000 meters.

     Now most reporters have come to the first echelon, reporting the navy members of the first echelon from helicopters, complimenting the East and India, and by the way, belittle China who is hiding behind.

     There were even reporters who went on the ship to interview the soldiers of the Toyos, and the Toyos also felt that they had a lot of face, grandiloquent.

     The atmosphere that should have been tense became very relaxed, and everyone seemed to feel certain to win.

     Finally, when the night of darkness passed and the red sun in the east jumped out of the sea horizon, the sea-eater came.

     The huge and ugly pig's head slides on the sea horizon, zooming in little by little.

     All the shots were aimed at the sea-eater, and everyone finally became nervous.

     The U.S. Supreme Commander directly ordered: "Attack!"

     Modern long-range weapons locked the sea-eating beasts, and the warships of the first echelon burst into flames.

     All kinds of missiles rushed toward the sea-eating beasts on the sea horizon, boiling up on the sea and the bottom of the sea, like fireworks, reflecting the entire sky red.

     With such a powerful firepower, Ye Shu's expression changed. If he was attacked, he would definitely die.

     The sea-eating beast had a huge head, basically unable to evade, and was hit directly.

     Countless missiles hit the head of the sea-eating beast, and a tragic wailing sound was heard in the fire explosion.

     A head of that size was directly blown to pieces, red flesh and blood flew around, and the entire sea area was stained with blood.

     Ye Shu's eyes narrowed, the fire is too dazzling.The ocean was shaking, countless warships were shaking, and huge waves were stirred up on the sea.

      The second wave of attacks continued, and Second Echelon's warships were also launched. More powerful firepower blasted the past, and the terror of the modern military was fully revealed.

     Even the screams disappeared on the horizon, and the sea-eaters were completely vanish from sight.

      The soldiers of United Fleet all laughed and shouted from the deck to celebrate the victory.

     They personally see the flesh and blood of the sea-eating beasts flying around.

     The reporters were also very excited, directly saying that the sea-eater might have been blown to pieces.

     People all over the world are relaxed and won!

     However, Ye Shu in the sky was still very dignified. He opened his sky eyes and stared at the sea level, and he could see a dark shadow sinking.

     The sea-eater looked dead, but after sinking for a while, it suddenly sneaked under the water and rushed towards the first echelon.

     The sea-eater was indeed blown up, but it didn't mean it was weak, it was just afraid of pain.

     "Found the target, the submarine is ready!"

     U.S. warships locked their targets again, and sea-eaters sneaked under the sea.

     Like a swimming fish, dragging a long scarlet tail, rushing to the first echelon.

     The submarine fired torpedoes and missiles, and the third wave of attacks began.

     But this time, the sea-eater was not beaten anymore, it opened its mouth greatly, as if to Devouring Heaven and Earth.

     All the torpedoes and missiles entered the intestines of the sea-eater, and then exploded, but only to bulge the intestines.

     Ye Shu couldn't see clearly the underwater situation, the underwater was too chaotic.The reporters couldn't see it either. They could only report that the sea-eaters were living under the water in deathbed struggle.

     After a few minutes, none of the ships could lock onto the sea-eating beasts. The sea-eating beasts seemed to send out strange sound waves that interfered with the radar.

     There was a sudden silence, and the sea-eater seemed to disappear at this moment.

     The silt on the bottom of the sea rolled up, and the entire surface of the sea became muddy.

     "Where is the sea-eater?"

     The soldiers bewildered and uncertain, the wind can be heard at this moment, and no one knows whether the sea-eater is dead.

     Just as a helicopter passed in front of the first echelon, the water suddenly broke open, and a huge beast that was badly mangled or mutilated rushed out of the water.

     It opened its huge mouth and swallowed the helicopter directly, just like swallowing a bug.

     Ye Shu had a surprise, and the soldiers of the first echelon screamed in fright. Due to the large waves on the water, some small assault ships were overturned directly.

     The sea-eater was already in front of the first echelon, no more than a hundred meters away from the ship.

     Toyo’s helicopter carrier wavering, this huge modern ship is in front of the sea-eater.

     The sunlight cast the shadow of the sea-eater on the helicopter carrier, and countless soldiers were covered in darkness.

     What kind of situation is that?

     The hundred-meter-diameter intestines of the sea-eating beasts support the huge ugly head and block the sunlight.

     The Toyo Izumo-class helicopter carrier was covered in shadow, and the soldiers were dumbfounded.

     The Izumo-class aircraft carrier is the largest combat ship built by Toyo since the beginning of history. It is actually a helicopter destroyer, but its layout is the layout of an aircraft carrier.The ship is 248 meters long, the flight deck is 38 meters wide, and has a displacement of 19,500 tons. It is equipped with 14 helicopters and it is not an exaggeration to call it an aircraft carrier.

     But at this time, this so-called aircraft carrier looked extremely small in front of the sea-eater.

     The sea-eating beast propped up high, and its head reached 300 meters above the water.

     Then there was a roar from its be badly mangled or mutilated head, and its neck bent down.

     Like a tree bent over, the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl opened, carrying a terrifying power and hanging down, and then swallowed the Izumo-class aircraft carrier in one bite!
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