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0 Chapter List 549 Xiaolonglong
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

There are dragon veins everywhere in Kunlun Mountain, the aura is as vast as the sea, and the air is WWW..lā

     If it breaks, it will definitely cause an unimaginable disaster. Once the ancestor of ten thousand mountains breaks, the land of China will change drastically.

     Therefore, Ye Shu was very flustered. He was a cultivator and knew the advantages and disadvantages of the dragon veins, and the dragon veins of Kunlun Mountain must not be broken.

     Ye Shu speed is surprisingly quick, and quickly sank into the forest of Kunlun Mountain.

     Stepping on the earth as if stepping on a blood vessel, Ye Shu could feel the pulse of the earth.

     The dragon veins here are very unstable, as if a blood vessel in the human body had burst.

     "What's going on?"

     Ye Shu muttered to himself in a deep voice, squatting and reaching out to press on the ground.

     The ground is full of rotting leaves, and there is nothing strange. Ye Shu Jindan automatically runs, from head to toe overflowing with golden light.

     His fingers touched the earth lightly as if they were crossing gold.

     In the depths of the earth, there seemed to be dragons and tigers roaring, and the rushing dragon veins roared in the earth.

     "This is... broken, the dragon vein is broken?"

     Ye Shu frowned tightly, he got up and looked around, looking for the entrance to the underground.

     After a while, Ye Shu found a narrow cave on the cliff hundreds of meters away.

     The cave is only accessible, and the road inside extends downwards. Looking at the rock wall, there are obvious gnawing marks. These marks are all very much, and it is hard to see that it is caused by what thing.

     "This cave was bitten out with teeth by what thing?"

     Ye Shu was taken aback, and immediately stepped into the cave.He almost moved forward next to the cave, and the air became hotter as he went inside. The cave was like a slope, bringing Ye Shu to the depths of the earth.

     After a while, the front suddenly opens up to a wide panorama, the cave is no longer narrow, but a space with flowing light and overflowing color.

     Ye Shu's body trembled, and he felt that another time and space had come, this kind of feeling was like the first time he entered the lark secret realm.

     "This is not the real bottom of Kunlun Mountain, but the'secret realm' in Kunlun Mountain."

     Ye Shu guessed, his expression became alert.

     He caught Guiqie and moved forward slowly.

      The underground space is vast and boundless, with meteoric stones everywhere, and the air is very hot and stuffy, just like the inside of a volcano.

     When Ye Shu walked to Extremities of Space, he couldn't help being stunned.

     Because there is a river ahead.

     The fiery red river was rushing fast, rushing into the distant darkness.

     This is not an underground river, nor a volcanic magma flow, but a dragon vein!

     Really tangible and illusory dragon veins.

     Ye Shu's golden pill was running at an unprecedented speed, and the entire Dantian was so hot that it was about to explode.

     Every inch of his skin glowed with golden light, and the meridians and acupoints in his body were cheering.

     The aura of the dragon veins poured in fiercely, dyeing Ye Shu's golden cores golden.

     Ye Shu couldn't restrain himself, and quickly sat down cross-legged.

     He knew that he had encountered a great opportunity, what a mysterious thing the dragon veins were. The cultivators knew that the dragon veins were underground, but no one had seen it before.

     Because this "underground" is not the other "underground".By coincidence, Ye Shu came to the side of the Dragon Vein. If he had cultivated here for decades, he would be invincible in the world.

     But Ye Shu had no plans to cultivate. He was even very anxious. Jin Dan's self-cultivation made him lose control of his body. He is unable to move, and may really have to practice here for decades.

     "It's over. When I go out, I'm afraid the entire world is gone."

     Ye Shu's body was red, cold sweat kept running, and he was sensed in danger.

     The entrance was bitten out, and there are monsters here. Ye Shu is unable to move at this moment, if he is stared at by that monster, he will undoubtedly die.

     Ye Shu moved his fingers and grasped Guiqie with difficulty, but he couldn't get enough energy.

     And at this time, the Sudden Appearance in the center of the river below had bubbles, and something like flaming magma kept coming up.

     A terrifying aura rush out comparable to Tianwei.

     Ye Shu trembled, he was sensed in extreme danger.

     "The Five Ghosts Summon..."

     Ye Shumo recites the spell, and the Yin technique is activated. At the edge of this dragon vein, he summons the ghost of the underworld.

     Dragon veins are the most yang thing between heaven and earth. As soon as the ghosts come out, they howl miserably and melt quickly under the rays of dragon veins.

     But there were also powerful ghosts who did not melt, but hid behind Ye Shu in horror.

     Ye Shu wanted the ghost to protect himself, but unexpectedly the ghost hid behind him.


     Ye Shu's heart moved and quickly pressed down, he could not summon Chiyo, otherwise Chiyo might die together.Ye Shu can only continue to summon the ghosts. With the support of the golden core, his Yin technique is extremely powerful, and he continuously summons one after another ghosts, filling the surroundings.

     Ye Shu hoped that the ghost could attract the monster's eyes, so he could find a chance to get out.

     Facts proved that this trick worked. After Ye Shu summoned dozens of ghosts, the dragon veins broke open and a streak of golden light flew out.

     Jin Guang went straight to the ghost, so fast that Ye Shu couldn't see it clearly.

     The ghosts are unavoidable, screaming and being swallowed by golden light.

     The golden light only has Ye Shu's arm thickness, but its aura is comparable to Tianwei. Ye Shu is deterred by its power, and his heart seems to have stopped beating.

     In Ye Shu's horrified gaze, golden light flew around in the rock space, devouring the ghost one and all.

     Ye Shu turned his eyes to lock the position of the golden light, but couldn't catch it at all.

     When the ghosts were all eaten, the golden light disappeared.

      There is only the sound of the dragon's veins boiling, which is even more deadly.

     Ye Shu's face was cold and sweaty, his eyes rolled, and he suddenly dropped, looking in front of his eyes.

     Just before he meditated, a golden snake-shaped creature with five claws raised its head and looked at him.

     Ye Shu's pupils shrank, dully looking at the creature.

     Snake-shaped creature, but the baby's arms are thin and no more than half a meter long, with five claws supporting the ground and holding his head slightly.

     There are two horns on its head, and its body is covered with scales, golden light glittering's scales.

     "Dragon... Dragon?"

     Ye Shu was shocked, almost looking silly.

      golden light glittering's dragon!

     "Oh..."Long suddenly screamed and tilted the head, looking at Ye Shu curiously, there seemed to be a trace of demand in those beautiful eyes.

     Ye Shu forced himself to calm down, he was a little confused now.


     The dragon was screamed again, his tail swayed, as if angry.

     Ye Shu divine light flashes, chanting the spell silently again.

     The ghosts of hell pop up, one after the other, all of them are big ones.


     Long snarled squeamishly, and then Divine Dragon Tail Swipe, fly into the sky, chasing the ghost, sucking the ghost into his stomach in one mouthful.

     It was obviously very happy, flying around the top of Ye Shu's head, treating the ghost as candy.

     Ye Shu secretly relaxed, and then continued to summon the ghost.

     He doesn't know at all how many he has summoned. When the Five-clawed Golden Dragon had a round belly, Ye Shu was already spirit weary, strength exhausted, and even the golden core was in pain. This was over-consuming.

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon burped in the air, then flew to Ye Shu's lap, tilting his head to look at him.

     "Oh oh oh..."

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon seems to be grateful, its belly is already stretched out.

     Ye Shu still couldn't move, and the golden core was practicing frantically.

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon saw that Ye Shu did not respond, and suddenly flew behind him, and then began to push him with his paws.

     Ye Shu was scared to pee. In front of him was the Longmai River, sitting on the edge of the cliff.

     Like magma, the hot dragon veins below can definitely burn itself into slag.

     "do not!"Ye Shu yelled inwardly, but he couldn't make a sound, so he could only help the Five-clawed Golden Dragon push himself into the dragon veins.

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon cried happily. It wanted to repay Ye Shu and let Ye Shu enjoy the dragon veins.

     Ye Shu's face turned blue, and then his body collapsed and was pushed into the dragon vein by the Five-clawed Golden Dragon.
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