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0 Chapter List 551 What Is The Experience Of Raising A Dragon?
    Chinese Name: 我的女儿是吸血鬼  Author: 42K纯二(42K chún èr, 42K Pure Dumb)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Above 10,000 meters above the sky, Ye Shu Controlling Sword Flight kept thinking about the Five-clawed Golden Dragon in his mind.

     Now that the world is facing a crisis of extinction, the birth of the Five-clawed Golden Dragon is very coincidental. It can perhaps deal with sea-eaters.

     "The Chinese Dragon is a god and should not lose to the sea-eater, but this Five-clawed Golden Dragon is still a child, I don't know whether it is strong or not."

     Ye Shu thought, full of speed, and then he grabbed Yu Pei and smiled bitterly: "The little guy was swallowed by Yu Pei, how can this be good?"

     Just as the egg was hurting, Yu Pei moved suddenly, and a beautiful figure floated out.

     "Ah, I was scared to death, so perverted, what did you pour into the jade pendant?"

     It was Xiao Leng, she was spitting anger, staring at Ye Shu fiercely with an undecided look on her face.

     Ye Shu was stunned: "Did you see the dragon too?"

     "What kind of dragon, it's water, golden water, it submerged my house and burned to death. Fortunately, I am not sleeping, otherwise it would have been burnt to death!"

     Xiao Leng shouted with arms akimbo, fearful.

     "That is the dragon vein, Yupei inhaled it by herself, and I can't figure out the situation."

     Xiao Leng is his own, and Ye Shu doesn't conceal it. He talked about Kunlun Mountain, and also focused on the Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

     Xiao Leng bewildered and uncertain said: "Dragon veins? No wonder the Yang Qi is so strong, after all, there are dragons, it will definitely occupy my house!"

     Xiao Leng stamp feet in anger, she is always thinking about own family.

     "Xiao Leng, how come your focus is so weird, stop the housekeeper, there are dragons, Five-clawed Golden Dragon, Chinese totem!"

     "It's none of my business, I just want my home!"Xiao Leng doesn't care about dragons. She is now obsessed with living in the jade pendant, either exploring in the white mist or sleeping at home.

     "Well, it's okay if you have this mentality, so you don't need to worry. But if you go in and see how things are going, I think Save the World depends on this dragon."

     Ye Shu smiled bitterly, little coldly snorted, and returned to the jade pendant.

     Ye Shu stood waiting for her, waiting for half an hour, she ran out howling.

     "Damn dragon, it wants to eat me. Fortunately, I am familiar with the jade pendant secret realm, so I fainted it."

     Xiao Leng rubbed his chest cutely, angry at the Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

     Ye Shu hurriedly asked what was going on inside. She was cold, but she was pleasantly surprised: "The dragon veins have formed a new river that nourishes my hometown. It's amazing. My hometown will become a hidden land of peace and prosperity. "

     your hometown?

     Ye Shu squinted his eyes: "Where is the dragon?"

     "It's so bad, I want to eat me, no, I have to get it out, I don't like it."

     Xiao Leng is a ghost, and the Five-clawed Golden Dragon likes to eat yin ghosts. Maybe he really wants to eat Xiao Leng.

     While Ye Shu thought about it, the jade pendant moved again, a streak of golden light burst out, and the Five-clawed Golden Dragon actually rushed out.

     "Ah! Dragon!"

     Xiao Leng was so scared that he turned around and ran away. Ye Shu was also dumbfounded. The Five-clawed Golden Dragon came out by himself? Worthy of being a Chinese god!

     And it has grown up again. When we first met, it was no more than half a meter in length with a baby's arm. Now it is two meters long. It also has the thickness of a bucket. The scales and dragon horns on its body are even more majestic.

     Ye Shu couldn't help but aroused his worship, as if facing an ancient sage.It's just that this sage is very naughty. It landed on Ye Shu's shoulder and stretched out his tongue to lick Ye Shu's cheek, looking very affectionate.

     It is estimated that ordinary people will be trampled to death by stepping on such a heavy dragon on their shoulders.

     Although Ye Shu ignored this weight, he was under great pressure in front of Five-clawed Golden Dragon. It was the awe inherited from the ancestors, the respect and fear of facing the gods.

     Ye Shu swallowed a sip of water, cautious and solemn reached out to the Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

     The little guy immediately raised his chin and let Ye Shu touch his chin like a cat.

     It has a beard on its chin and golden scales, which is very beautiful.

     Ye Shuchang heave a sigh of relief, wondering whether this dragon takes himself as a father?

     Imagine that this dragon may be a baby dragon left by Antiquity Divine Dragon in Kunlun Mountain.

     It was even just an egg, which broke out recently, wandering curiously in the middle of Kunlun Mountain.

     And Ye Shu was the first primate creature it saw, and he kindly fed it to the ghosts.

     "The Five-clawed Golden Dragon may really treat me as a father."

     Ye Shu felt strange in his heart, but he was also surprised.

     "Good boy, baby."

     Ye Shu whispered and summoned the ghost again.

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon wailed happily, and gorge oneself got up.

     Xiao Leng who was hiding in the distance asked in surprise, "The dragon you raised?"

     "It may treat me as a father, don't be afraid, come and meet him."

     Ye Shu smiled, Xiao Leng cautious and solemn floated over, Jin Long immediately stared at her, tilted his head and whispered.Long seemed to be interested in Xiao Leng, and he could tell if Xiao Leng was a ghost.

     "Little baby, this is my woman Su Xiaolen, don't hurt her."

     Ye Shu introduced, Xiao Leng stagnated, and flew over: "Go to death!"


      a dragon roar, Xiao Leng was directly roared away, beaten in embarrassment several times, and his hair was messed up.

      The Five-clawed Golden Dragon hovered in front of Ye Shu, staring at Xiao Leng majesticly.

     Xiao Leng was taken aback, and Ye Shu laughed heartily: "It really treats me as a father, Xiao Lengjiang, you will be safe in the future, and you can't bully me."


     Xiao Leng is shy and annoyed, this disobedient Lori dare not be disobedient.

     Ye Shu Nse is endless, he has a dragon child, this one is simply exploding.

     "Ma Ma..."

     Ye Shuzheng, the Five-clawed Golden Dragon suddenly looked at him and spoke.

     Ye Shu sprayed directly, Xiao Leng dazed for a moment, and then laughed wildly.

     "Ma Ma..."

     Little Jinlong cried out affectionately, he heard Ye Shu and Xiao Leng say a lot, and it turned on the language talent.

     Calling Mama is just the first step.

     "Call Dad."

     Ye Shugan laughed and summoned a few ghosts to feed Xiao Jinlong. Little Jinlong ate happily, and opened his mouth after eating, "Ma Ma."

     Ye Shu pressed his forehead while Xiao Leng was still laughing.

     Ye Shu dumbstruck and unable to reply for a while, do intelligent beings like to call mother?

     "Broken Jue... Ma Ma..."

     The little golden dragon spoke again, yawned, and flew into the jade pendant.Little sneer couldn't make it out, she said angrily: "That's my home!"

     "It won't hurt you, so go in."

     Ye Shu shook the head with a smile, Xiao Leng snorted his face, flew back to Yupei, and she wanted to retake her own family township.

     Ye Shu was in a good mood. These days, he was made to be very scared and on edge by the sea-eating beast. Now that there is a dragon, he feels that things have turned for the better.

     Ye Shu lightly let out a breath, set off again, and soon he returned to the imperial capital.

     The alliance center of the imperial capital was in a mess, and all the officials were arranging the people below to do things, and the whole Huaxia started to be chaotic.

      To be more precise, the entire world is in chaos, whether it is a bustling European city or the backward African savannah, wherever there is a human society, it is chaotic.

     Sea-eaters shocked the world, and now the U.S. has been raged to spectacle too horrible to endure. People in other countries are also tremble with fear, not knowing when it will be their turn.

     Some global billionaires are even tossing spacecraft, hoping to escape the earth, but with today's technology, even if they escape to the moon, there is only a dead end.

     Leaders of various countries are in meetings all day to discuss how to avoid End of the World. However, the completely without method, because the sea beast is invincible, it is OP.

     Ye Shu stared at the big screen in the Alliance Center, where the sea-eater was playing.

     Sea-eaters have completely landed in the United States.

     Its no end in sight blood-red intestines were exposed to the sea. According to analysis, it was six kilometers long. I really don't know how it drags the intestines.A cruel scene on the west coast of the United States, the sea-eating animal has a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and every time it crawls a certain distance, it will cause a gust of wind and suck everything into its intestines.

     Hundreds of millions of people in the United States have no time to evacuate. It can be said that except for the rich, everyone else has no chance to escape because the resources are taken up by the rich.

     People can only flee by car, but there are traffic jams everywhere. The wind disaster caused by sea-eating animals has spread to the east coast. The United States is completely an End of the World scene.

     "The sea-eating animal is very slow on the shore. Although it can suck up ten cities in one bite, it is impossible to eat the entire country in two or three years. This gives us the opportunity. Countries are studying countermeasures. panic."

     The reporters on TV are still reporting in a good direction, giving the people of the world hope as much as possible.

     But where is the hope? If the sea-eaters cannot be stopped, the world will perish sooner or later.
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